Hey all. A note of apology regarding "Urgents" and my failure
to send out a few recently. I will get true urgents into the next
issue, but can't always send them out as soon as they come
in, in other words, last minute forwards are rare. Sorry.

Also, you have about 12 hours to submit your birthday greetings
to George. I sent mine via Shirlie earlier today, but I still plan
to e George all yours tomorrow. Due to curcumstances beyond
my control, I MUST enforce the 10am EST deadline.

*************************** (Urs) writes:

I was just wondering what happened to the plans for a
weekend meeting in L.A. in July? Have I missed anything,
is it still on? If it is, could you let me know the details?

(OK, you have since been added to the update list, but for
the general masses, some brief info on YM Weekend: It's
set to take place July 25th to 27th in Los Angeles. It's a
big old fan convention in simplest terms. There will be
night clubbing, Karaoke, scoping of George-related sites,
a George fest--video watching--and the like. Warning:
alcohol will be a factor, but drugs should be done out of my
presense. Base camp is the Beverly Garland Holiday Inn
in Studio City--5 of us are booked in there--but a couple of
people have been offering places to crash for those in need,
and we are setting up car pools as well. AG)

This is the first time I'm writing to you, and although it's
not really a posting material, I want you to know that
despite my "silent membership" in Yogmael since
December 1996, I enjoy being a part of it a lot. Reading
Yogmael has become a part of my biweekly routine.

(Glad to hear you enjoy it. AG)

BTW, I'm from the New York City Metropolitan area and
would like to know if anyone else (from Yogmael) is. It
might be nice getting in touch with the people from the
same area. Also, I know that there are some fans from
Poland in Yogmael. I would like to get in touch with them.

Hopefully, in the future I will have something more
Yog-related to write about! Thanks,

*************************** (Tom E Blake) writes:
Does anyone want to buy a copy of WHAM!-THE Videos on

What is something like that worth anyway?

Say, $20, including mailing costs?

*************************** writes:
Some people have posted queries about getting posters of
George. I received a catalog from Esprit House (a rare
merchandise group) that had some posters listed among
their George items. They have a "Jesus to a Child" 60" X 40"
promotional poster, and a "Star People" 60" X 40"
promotional poster. Both at #3.99. Here's the phone and
address info if you're interested.

Esprit House
Railway Sidings

(+44) (01474) 815010

Their catalog is quite extensive, and includes a lot of artists.
They have a number of other George items, including singles
from Older, LWP and Faith, on both vinyl and CD. They also
have the CD single of Andrew Ridgeley's "Shake", if you're
trying to collect that, as well as some Pepsi & Shirlie items.

*************************** writes:
Hey Amanda,

Thought I would put together the Listen Without Prejudice Vol.II.
Based on a ten track album which is typical.

Side A (Dance Tracks)
Too Funky
Do You Really Want To Know
Crazy Man Dance
Fantasy (although I have not heard it yet. By the way, where
can I find this?)

Side B (Live Dance Tacks)
If You Were My Woman
Somebody to Love
Papa Was A Rolling Stone
Calling You (Slow dancing? Remember that? No one does
that anymore. UHGGGG!!!, maybe not!)

If anyone wants to add or subtract from this they should feel
free. I would love to see peoples response. We should make
our own LWP II from the B sides and enjoy it.

"First you take off your hat,
then you shake off those brand new shoes,
Hey . . . . ."
*************************** (Jessica Cole) writes:
Hello out there?! Are you even getting my messages?!

I went to the Hard Rock Cafe San Francisco yesterday, and
to my regret no GM paraphanelia! They've remodeled and the
boots have moved on. None of the wait staff knew where to find
them, either. Do you have any ideas as to where they might be

(Rock and roll heaven? AG)


Jessica M. Cole
The Virtual Rose
*************************** (Chitrawati) writes:
Hi All,
Are there any of you who knows the music store in Chicago
which sells WHAM!or GM cd album (any title suits me)? And
the book store which sells 'Bare' or 'In his own words' ? Please
help me, because my friend wil go to Chicago for training next
month and I want to ask him to buy it for me.

Thank you very much!!!

ps: And to Jonathan Flower! You're so lucky, thanks for the story!!

*************************** (Carolyn) writes:
Hi Amanda and the Camera Crew: Jonathan, thank you for the
achy fingers - sure enjoyed reading those interviews and George
is such a dear isn't he? Made me want to hug him but alas they
haven't worked that out on the internet yet. Been listening to
Waltz all morning and it is such a sweet song - makes me feel
peaceful and happy. Love it!

Amanda: so happy to hear a more positive note about the
upcoming YM Fest - looking forward to seeing and recognizing
everyone. And btw - I did send you my picture so you could've
described me as well - I tell everyone I look like Ann-Margaret
with a few handicaps! Da - beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

(Silly me, you are correct. So we have a bald George -- Dan;
Geri the Spice Girl -- Alicia; a YOUNG Ann-Margaret -- Carolyn;
and my very own famous -- lol -- self. AG)

Didn't enter the Wham contest because I could only think of
one artist - Kenny Loggins. He could cover anything and is
one of my favorites next to George. Anyone else agree?
Loved everyones picks and George's fans sure have a sense
of humor that sets them in a category by themselves - it's very
refreshing. Well, I'll sign off for now and get back to my nap.
Yours in Yogness - Carolyn the Siobahn
*************************** (Laura Peck) writes:
This is the first time I have written since I started receiving
Yogmael about 3 weeks ago. Any way, You do great work.
Keep it up. I feel like I have been living in a cave or something.
I have heard the song "Too Funky" but have never heard of the
Album Red hot and Dance. Nor have I heard of the Final?
album?, I do have Older but no extended play or extra songs.
And there are a whole bunch more singles I have never heard of
except on Yogmael of course. I guess there are some
disadvantages of living in the US. If there are any fellow GM
fans in NY or anyplace else for that matter that would like to
e-mail me to chat please do so I really enjoy getting mail. I live
WAY upstate by the border of Canada in New York. I actually
live on the banks St. Lawrence River which is the Natural border
between the US and Canada. One question for you. I was
listening to "Enjoy what you do" off of Wham UK, any way toward
the end of the song the background vocalists sound like they are
saying THSS, or something along that line. My question is am I
hearing this right and if so what does it mean. Thanks for

(Red Hot and Dance was and is widely available in the US.
The Final was the Greatest Hits Wham! released as their swan
song. The THSS is actually DHSS, and stands for Department
of Health and Social Security, the dole people. AG)

"Please be stronger than your past, the future may still give you
a chance.
Bye for now
Laura Peck
*************************** writes:
Hey Yoggers!!!

Yesterday i was watching M2 (the sister to Mtv) and
guess which video they played?? They played Bad Boys by
Wham!!!!!!!!! I was soooo surprised!!! George looked really
really young in this video and it was so much fun to watch
him in his early years with Wham...I hope M2 plays more of
Whams early stuff because its a good change!!
*************************** writes:
Someone wrote:
> According to the 1992 Audio Recording Act enacted by
>Congress, if we do a home audio recording of a digital or
>analog tape (which covers CDs and cassette tapes) it is
>not an infringement to dub them. This however, does NOT
>apply to video tapes that we have been dubbing.

As a journalism/government instructor (I also teach media
law and ethics), I'm urging you to be careful. While the 1992
ARA does say it's OK to make copies of your tapes and CDs,
it means for YOUR OWN use. It does NOT make it OK to
make duplications for others, especially for trade *and sale*...
(but I think that trading would be relatively harmless; sale
would be very, very difficult to defend)

(That's what I thought, which is why I am down to trade
again. AG)

Similarly, please be careful and judicious about even
mentioning things of that nature on this list. A guy I know
who runs a similar list learned that when local police came
knocking on his door asking what he knew about some
bootlegged tapes... ugh!

(Which is why I have begun to back off such things... AG)

Now, don't get me wrong... I think it's a great service and I
love my GM "acquired" recordings like everyone else! I just
want everyone to be safe and prosecution-free! Hehehehe...

(Fear not, I will be the first to testify against you to save my
own arse. AG)

All the best,
Brian in Houston
*************************** (George Lewis) writes:
Hey all,

Aegean speaks!!!
Here is what is listed on the first page now besides the S.O.S
that has been there "Due to popular demand, we have
lauched..." Well it now reads:


Thank you for your tremendous support
over the last few months.
As you can see changes are happening
on the AEgean.Net Channels.
For best results make sure you have
your browser configured like this:
Java enabled
QuickTime PlugIn installed
As much memory as you can allocate to
the browser

Thanks again,

Andreas Georgiou
President of AEGEAN

(Now there's an idea, start an elitist web page and watch all the
people flock to it...or rather a lot of pissed off people saying fuck
it. AG)

So there U go. Also, if you missed it in a past issue, I have a TON
of promo CD's I'm looking to rid myself of. Just send me a list of
your favorite Artists, and I'll reply with all that I have of them.
*************************** (Tom Wanless) writes:
Dear Amanda and all fellow fans of the truly best singer and
writer of this century,

While I think about, can i just say how much I hate the way
people call George 'GM' - it makes him sound like an object.
No one calls me TW - I know GM is fast to write - but George
doesn't take much longer to type. George is a person - all be
it an admirable one and so I say, "Treat others as you would
be treated!"

(I do. A(manda) G(ardonyi).)

Amanda, thanks for all the mails! Thanks to everyone who
sends articles in to Yogmael. I know I enjoy reading every one
of them - it opens my mind about issues I never even thought
about before. And finally, thanks to George - an all round good

Bye for now!

Tom Wanless
*************************** (Laura) writes:
Hi Amanda,
I can't help but notice all the references made to Elvis. I
believe back in 1988 Life magazine had an article which
called George the "Elvis of his generation"- or something
to that effect... and made references to the similarities in
style between George and the King. The article is back
home in California... I will look for it when I am home visiting
next week and get back to you!- Laura : )
*************************** (Margarette Connor) writes:
Hi Amanda,

I just wanted to say thanks for the job well done. I really enjoy
my Yogmael, and I especially like knowing that George really
*does* have a lot o fans. Sometimes it feels a little lonely out
here! And it's nice to see the different ages, too. I'll miss you
guys over the summer, but as I'll be travelling I won't have
access to my e-mail (and computer) here in Taiwan.

I'm sorry I'll miss the 6/24 and 6/28 issues. I'll check them out
in the archives when I get back.

Take care, and have a great summer.
*************************** (Negin Zarandi) writes:
Hi Amanda!

I was wondering if there is any place where all Yog fans chat
maybe like a bulletin board or something. It would be great if
all of us can interact and discuss George and his music on line.
We had a small group in Prodigy but everyone vanished. They
may have gone to another on-line service. Let me know if we
have such a thing already.

(I was around the Prodigy boards for a while in the fall of '95,
but then I settled into my home as Yog88 on AOL. The AOL
George brigade remains a strong force, read the from lines
on today's issue, and we are starting up our monthly George

chats again as well. Speaking of which are we settled for
a time on Wednesday yet Melanie? AG)
To Wrap it Up:

"Although I search myself it's always someone else I see."

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