So I finally got in Waltz Away Dreaming. MY thoughts?
Hated it on the first listen, but it has grown on me. My
mom gave it a listen and called it a Neil Diamond rip off.
I really like Things I Said Tonight. In sum, not a bad first
release and I love the packaging.

*************************** (R) writes:
I'm Your Man
- RuPaul & Elton John duet

11. Blue (armed with Love)
- The Eurythmics

3. Nothing Looks the Same In the Light - Sinead O' Connor

11. "Battlestations"
- Prince!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



What's with all the mainstream bands (lip-sync-ers Spice
Girls, et al)...uh, originality?
*************************** (Rene') writes:
Hey Amanda! Go Cut and Paste Crazy on this one! I
couldn't make it shorter on my own if I tried.. *Wink!*

(This is nothing... AG)

Hello Amanda, Hi Crew!

Since everyone is having a hell of a time trying to connect
with Aegean successfully (once in a blue moon ;), I thought
that I would let everyone in on some site updates.

I had to go through the main page to get everything working
correctly. The banner on the page has been updated to read:

"Following the success of the Toby Bourke's single, we are
pleased to announce that our most recent signing 'Trigger',
have their debut single 'Chameleon (Shed Your Skin)' almost
finished. The video is being shot this week. Watch this
space for further details and release dates."

--Unfortunately, the Backstage Area for fans is still under
construction , but there have been changes
in the Artists Page.

I couldn't figure out WHY I couldn't find any clips from
"Waltz" on Aegean's The Best page. That's because SINCE
they are actually from Toby's single, they are located on the
Artists Page (channel 2).

So, You can find audio AND movie clips (quicktime) of
"Waltz" on the Artists Page (channel 2).

And here are the links, since people can rarely get through
to Aegean anyway. You must have Quicktime plugin. Be
warned, the movie clips are REALLY long (1 mb+) and on
a normal connection will take 30 min.+ to download.

Movies Clips:

Audio clips:

Finally, if you can, I strongly suggest you stop
by the site. The new Artists Page is really well put
together, and offers more information about Aegean's new
artists than the previous version. It's much more personable.
Included is more information about Trigger, the newest
signees, and a cute applet about two of the members likes/
dislikes, and influences.

Ok, that's it! If you want more info, let me know; but if I wrote
EVERYTHING, why would you visit the site?! :))

**Hug someone you love on George's Day.**

Love to you all,

Rene' (With 'just a touch' of summer fever :)
Fiona_O' (Fiona O'Neill) writes:
Hi Amanda

This is my first post for quite a while as Ive just returned from
holidays. Firstly I am sooooo jealous of Jonathon, fancy
getting to interview George!! That a real scoop. I imagined
what it would have been like if it was me and I give Jonathon
full credit because if it was me I think I would have been sooo
nervous that I would have stuffed up all my questions. I
probably would have went blank. Secondly, Jonathon
mentioned that George checks out Yogmael every now and
then and also something to the effect that you already know
this. So Amanda, tell us all, do you communicate with
George directly? Have you chatted to him via email? I just
can't wait to find out.

(A friend of the Panayiotou family had said he has it monitored,
and those at AEgean have seemingly confirmed it. And since
you asked, yes, he has checked in. AG)

Keep up the great work and if anyone in anyone wants to write,
feel free.

*************************** (Noah) writes:
here is my first post to the list:

i am looking for a george michael poster for my dorm room
this fall. does anyone out there have some for sale or know
where i could get one? id love to get a poster of the cover of
"older" (the black and white shot with george having green
eyes) or a poster from the "fast love" video.

if anyone could help me out...
id really appreciate them emailing me.


(I have yet to see a full size commercial poster. Sorry. AG)

*************************** (Renée Boregård) writes:

This is my story about meeting George, and I'd like to
share it with you all. I met George in London back in 1992.

One of the encounters happened at George's home
Weeping Ash. I just want to point out that I was not
harrasing George and was quietly waiting for him
on a wall about 70 yards away from the house. George
decided himself if he wanted to stop his car and talk to
me, it was all up to him...

George is a very lovely guy who really cares about his fans
and obviously once in a while likes to talk to some true
fans, I want to take this opportunity to thank you George
and wish you all the best in the future.

The following story has been published in several fanzines
and is written by my very dear friend Ricarda and myself. I
hope you all enjoy it!

Keep the Faith,
Location: Hampstead, Weeping Ash
Date: Tuesday, April 14th, 1992

We - which means Bibbi, Ricarda and Linda - went to
Weeping Ash at 1 o'clock. It was terribly cold and raining.
When we arrived George's gate was open but
unfortunateley his car wasn't there. Some "landscape"-
people were there to put up a new fence at the back of
George's garden ( - the new fence was in fact smaller than
the old one :)...hehe.. )

We saw Leslie's car standing outside, so we knew she was
in cleaning the house. Later - after Ricarda left - Leslie and
Hippy (George's dog) came out of Goerge's house. Hippy
ran towards us and we got a chance to pat Hippy. We then
spoke to Leslie who told us thar George wasn't at home but
was in London to rehearse for the Freddie Mercury Tribute
on April 20, 1992.

The trip to Weeping Ash ended with Leslie leaving us smiling.

Location: Hampstead, Weeping Ash
Date: Wednesday, April 15th, 1992

At 10.30 a.m we arrived at Weeping Ash - the FAITHful trio
was back! This time the Range Rover was there so we knew
George was inside. After a while George's driver Dennis
arrived in his black BMW. The only thing Dennis did was to
bring George his wellington boots out of the the garage. Then
Dennis left and so did we....

Location: Hampstead, Weeping Ash
Date: Thursday, April 16th, 1992

This time me and Linda went to Weeping Ash. We arrived at
noon. 15 minutes later Dennis arrived and stopped his car right
in front of the gate. Then - 15 minutes later - you could hear
George shout for Dennis to get his mail. Of course he couldn't
get it himself - poor guy.... After 3/4 hour George and Hippy
came out. George was in black as usual and wore his grey
Rock-in-Rio'91-jacket, and a black Kings baseball-cap - no
sun-glasses (they were later to come...). George looked at us
and then sat down in the Range Rover, Dennis sat down
behind the wheel. They drove really slow towards us. You
could see how the window on George's side of the car slowly
went down..The car was still moving when George asked me:
"Have you got anything you want me to sign?" - Of course we
had! George asked for my name and signed my copy of Bare
that I had brought with me. After being asked if he would mind
whether he'd mind if we took a photo he just smiled and said:
"It's ok". We took out photos, thanked him and left the place.

Location: once again Hampstead, Weeping Ash - but the
location will change
Date: Saturday, April 18th, 1992

This day George wasn't at home and nothing happened until
6.15 p.m. Dennis arrived in George's BMW and fetched
something from the house and then changed the car and
took the Range Rover instead. We talked to Dennis who said
that George wouldn't return until late and that he still was in
the studio where he just finished the 12" version of the new
single (according to Dennis this was a very good song) - we
also got to know that the single would be released on May
18th. (The song George was recording was TooFunky).
Dennis also told us that George was rehearsing for the
Wembley concert.

Hoping that the studio was Sarm West we went there. When
we just came around the corner we saw the black Range
Rover and we knew we were about to meet Geroge again...
After 20 min, the G-man came out. This time he was -
unusually - in black, and NO sunglasses so we could see
those sandy-brown eyes :). George approached us himself
and started talking. A friend of George's took the car keys
to the Rover to wait in it while George was busy with us...
When the friend was to unlock the car - suddenly the car
alarm went off! And George started shouting "Press the red
button, I said -press the red button", George then turned
towards us and said "I'm sorry for that".. and all I could figure
out to say was "It's ok..." errr... Then we had a nice chat for

20 min. We talked mostly about the Freddie Mercury concert
the next day. After signing items for us he said "Now it's
photo-time" and we all got our own photo taken with George
arm in arm! George said good-bye and drove off in his Range
Rover....(You can see a photo of me and George at the
following link

(Thanks for sharing! AG)
*************************** (laurie harbert) writes:
Dear Fellow Yogsters,
I've been noticing a trend.... I, too, in addition to being a great
Yog fan am also an Elvis fan! I've been listening to the big E a
little longer than to the big G though, as my dad is also an E
fan and I have heard E around the house since I was a little
girl. I never stopped to compare their similarities until it was
mentioned in Yogmael! How exciting, Yogmael can allow us
to see deep insights into our psyches!

(YM has done a number on my psyche in general... AG)

I have a somewhat strange Yog story to share. It sort of runs
along with the Elvis theme, as there have been studies done
on the cult of Elvis and Elvis as a religion. I believe that Yog's
music may have a healing effect. When I had an emergercy
appendectomy with complications in 1992, after the surgery,
I couldn't sleep due to side effects from the anestetic. Every
time I closed my eyes I would be startled by the sensation
of falling. This went on for days. Finally, my then boyfriend,
now husband bought me a walkman and brought me all of
my Yog tapes, which I had dubbed with all of my favorites
and entire tapes of just his ballads. Within an hour of
listening to George's soft voice, I fell into a deep, restful
sleep. I also listened to the fast tapes when I had to try to
walk very soon after being sliced 8 inches through my
abdomen. I recovered in 3 weeks instead of the usual 6-8
for that type of surgery, and began my last semester of
college on time, even though my doctor's had said I would
have to miss the semester. I really feel I owe it all the G's
music! I also played his tapes last summer for my cat, who
was gravely ill. She recovered and is doing great. We both
listen to George almost everyday, to keep us happy and
healthy! I know this all sounds a little bizarre, but it's true!

(I keep an interview tape of George handy for my bouts with
illness -- I find his speaking voice infinitely soothing -- and
I know it always settles me. But I must admit, my cats,
even little Georgie, leave the room when I play George.

Laurie & Marlee(my cat)
dawson_sa-at-Acadmn.Mercer.EDU (Sheri) writes:
OK, so here I am in gridlocked rush-hour traffic just trying to
get home from a long hard day at work, to soothe my ruffled
feathers caused by bad drivers, I pop in my GM tape.
Listening and singing away......Then I realize that there is a
song on my tape that not many of you may know about or
have heard of. Thinking back through the YM's that I have read
and websites I've seen, I don't think that I have seen this song
mentioned. It is GM doing a cover of a Bee Gee's song called
"Jive Talkin'" (and believe me, he does a much better job than
the Brothers Gibb!) I don't think the song was ever released (If
I am wrong, please let my know I'm curious about this) It played
on a radio station in West Palm Beach, Florida back in the
Faith days (about '89 I think b/c I was dating what's-his-name) I
have no idea where the radio station got it-- all they said was
that it was an exclusive. So, the point is, if anyone is interested
in getting a copy of this, I would be glad to spread the song
around. Just e me and let me know.
"leaving me looking like a dumb struck fool.. with all your jive


(It was released under the name Boogie Box High, which was
Andros' band. But you would would be hard pressed to find
anyone who believes it was Andros singing and not George. A
lovely little track that is a typical George cover -- little variation
from the original. I shall have to rummage for mine now... AG)

So...anyone remember GM's Diet Coke commercial to counter
Michael Jackson's Pepsi?

(George the bull fighter? OLE! AG)
*************************** (JATIN GYAN SEEJORE()) writes:
Hi Amanada,

I really like the way you end the Yog mails , it is simply

(I try to find one to fit my mood on any given day. AG)

Take care
To Wrap it Up:

Monday: Part 2 of the Bristol radio interview.
Tuesday: Deadline for "Happy Birthday George"'s
Wednesday: The "Happy BDay George Edition"
Thursday: Something cool I'm sure.
Friday: Deadline for Wham! memories

Saturday: Special Wham! Edition.


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