A note when unsubscribing: SEND ME THE ADDRESS
YOU SUBSCRIBED USING! Silly me, I thought that
went without saying...

Also, when changing e mail addresses, you need to SEND
ME YOUR OLD ONE to delete. Silly me, I thought that
went without saying...

And now for something a little less bitchy...Anyone out
there have some Wham! memories they feel like sharing?
A special YM will be going out on June 28th -- if I have to
explain the significance of the date... -- so get your words
of Wham! in by the Eastern Standard Time Zone morning
of the 27th for compilation.

Also, I guess I can't get around doing something online for
George's birthday -- I usually get drunk with a small circle
of friends -- so let's have it y'all. Birthday greetings to Man
George should be in by the EST Zone morning of the 24th
for compilation and "dispatch."

*************************** (cworkman) writes:
Greetings Amanda, et al:

I have been on a lurking binge for the past several months.
I missed contributing. Things move fast around here! I
think I'm the only GM fan who doesn't have a copy of
(hasn't even heard) Walt Away Dreaming, yet.

(If it's any consolation, I only got mine yesterday. AG)

I've been mulling over this one idea for a great birthday
gift for GM, but due to the time factor perhaps its an idea
for next year . What if we sent a video with 30 sec (give
or take a few seconds) greatings from ALL the YM fans?
HOW: Those interested in participating have access to a
video camera, and we send the tape from address to
address until its full and we have everyones salutations~!
...or perhaps we pick a song ..and each sing a few words
from that song (accapella) ..each consecutive person who
receves the video tape must videotape themselves singing
the next line of the song. Then mail the tape to the next
Yogmaeler. (practical has never been my strongsuit, but
fantastical I dig!)

(I could get into this... AG)

I'm not sure if I shared this before, but as a teens in high
school, my younger sister, Tahra, and I used to bring in
these huge homemade birthday cards twice a year
(January & June, I had to tell ya) on poster board.
At lunchtime we'd solicit signatures ("... as easy as pie!")
then send them to some obscure Fan club (they weren't
very organized back then)..with are fingers crossed.

Good luck to Sheri (#183), I was re-united after 8 years
to on of my long-lost friends on here. Miracles do happen :>

Its great to meet all our new Yogemites! One of the best
things about Yogmael, IMHO, is that the its like a chat
with close friends about a wonderful entertainer, and the
dreams he's inspired.

(Can I quote that on the web page? AG)

E- ya later, take,care

Who rooted for the Jazz, the Flyers (NHL), and more
recently the Phils..and hasn't had a 'dry eye' for weeks
<-Boo-hoo :~< *************************** writes:




or if that doesn't work out do a US television tour!!!!

"I guess somewhere along the way. . . .
turned his back. . .
crept out the back door."
*************************** (Steve) writes:
Hey sweety,

i think your page is good and also i think your beautiful:)

(How I do so love letters that start that way...Thank you
very much Steve. AG)

thanks for all you've done for gm fans he is a legend his
music speaks for itself either you love it or you hate it but
everyone has to admit he has a lot on his mind and he
has a strong way of showing it i dont care if he write an
album ever 10 years i love all his music for what he trys
to represent and the messege he trys to send. I love
wham music but i also love his new music because it
has more substance then what most music had today
he writes about real life while the rest write about
themselves or how they've been screwed out of something.
I wont go on and go on but i love what your doing........
thanx, steve
*************************** (My newly "adopted" sister Neda) writes:
Hello there yoggies and sis!!! (just liked the sound of yoggie)

It's been quite a while since I've sent in a post, I know. But I
haven't really had anything interesting to write. And to be
honest with you all, I don't find this post that interesting
either, but I felt the need to say hi to all my friends (and

family :) Damn, I sound like a Sprint spokeswoman.

Anyways, I've been looking around for some George stuff
that I hadn't heard of and came upon a CD, by none other
than our good friend Elton John, called Ice on Fire. Now I've
never heard of this album, but it says that George Michael
sings a song on it. Can this be confirmed by anyone?

(To answer your question, he duets on Wrap Her Up, and
does some backing vox -- learn latin if you don't understand
that that means -- on Nikita. AG)

Ok, thank you for allowing me to waste your time, it's been
a pleasure. I must go (dry your tears) but I hope I have
many posts to come. Til then, goodbye.

(Arrogant little beast isn't she? I taught grasshopper well,
I feel such pride... AG)

Love always,
Neda Hakimi
Little Sister Extraordinaire
*************************** (Patrick) writes:
Hello - I love all these George Michael sites that I've been
finding! I was wondering if you know how I could get my
hands on any live videos of Wham shows or any Faith or
Cover to Cover shows Thanx!
*************************** (R) writes:
Jonathan, congrats on the interview! I'm jealous as all hell!

Keep in mind that George does not want to be, or be
compared to Jackson, Madonna, and "Prince."
Reasons to stick by George:
Madonna and Jackson have passed their point (they'll
probably never be as good as they've been in the past), and
don't solely write their own stuff--they always have a
"partner," which leads me to believe that the only reason
the get writing credit is because they happened to be in the
room. While "Prince" does write his own stuff, he also has
written very little quality of late (this decade (since Graffiti
Bridge)). "Prince" too joins up with various different bands
(The Revolution, The New Power Generation...) now and
then to help get his music more "range" (so every song on
an album doesn't sound the same (Dangerous, HIStory)).
George has been solo with, pretty much, the same group
of musicians since late Wham! Since solely writes MOST
of his work, he has to live to have something to write about.
Any artist that sings someone else's words can not possibly
have the same passion about them--there is no context to
bleed through! George's voice is simply angelic. He can truly
SING. Madonna has been harrassed from day one about
not being able to sing (various impersonators say they've
had to UNlearn how to sing to do Madonna). Jackson
pretty much just talks (tryingly seductively) to the music.
"Prince" know what I mean! As for Oasis...
I saw them in an interview and automatically hated them as
people and can not have respect for them or their stuff. Keep
the Faith. George is an ARTIST, not a performer, or an object.
Art takes time and inspiration--or it falls into the mainstream.
I was as frustrated as everyone else when Older was
postponed (in the US), but now I apprectiate why. IF George
tours, I'll be first in line; until he does, I will be furious along
with all that he may not.
*************************** (Kristine) writes:
Hi, Amanda! Hi, everybody!

Dear friends!
No matter what I say in this message, you are still my
friends. I was just reading YM archives. It was really
interesting to read. I'm happy that I have found this
archive. My first issue was 100 and something... So, I
have missed a lot and now I'm reading, reading, reading...
I stoped at #47. Remember? Well, maybe I'm TOO late
with my comments...(Amanda, if you think it's out of
fashion or out of time to talk about it now, just read it,
trash it and forget it! I don't want to open this discussion
again if you think it's over. Maybe you have said "STOP"
to all that but I haven't read any further than #47 yet...)

(The topic remains open, and my opinions remain the
same, I have little respect for anyone who uses anything
but the human spirit to escape stress. AG)

It really surprised me that you all were so worried about
the drug thing. Well, he is smoking. Tell me you didn't
know that before!!!!!! And tell me you didn't know that a
pot is not all he has ever done!!!!! "He's basicly saying
that he can't write well without it, and that scares me.
What's next? Heroin? Just think how creative he could
get on that." I don't remember who said that but I guess
that's what you all were thinking... Am I the only one who
has read GM "In his own words" where he says he has
taken coke, and although he didn't like it he can't say that
he is never gonna take it again... Am I the only one who
has read that? Or all others just didn't believe that, and
forgot that because they thought that GM couldn't do
something that is so wrong!!!!!!! Or all the book "In his own

words" was so wrong? I have never heard any of you
mentioning it. I bought it in London and I have been reading
it over and over again. Haven't any of you heard the story
about GM being caught in the hot shower with all his clothes
on because he was on coke?

(Let me draw the same distinction I drew back then, what
one does for recreational use is their business, be it coke,
ecstacy -- George's first drug of choice -- or alcohol, when
you need something to get you working, I think you have
a problem. AG)

Somewhere on the GM home pages I have seen the question
"where was he born" and the answer "Bethlehem" . Good
joke. But guess what? He wasn't born in Bethlehem. But I
still love the man and I still love his music. And I respect his
freedom to choose what he does with his life. We can think
that he ows us some explanations. We can think that we are
loving him for so many years, we are so loyal and so good
fans (and we really are) and that's why he has to do
something for us, too. For example, not to smoke for his
creativitie's sake and not to take drugs or at least not to tell
us he does... But haven't he given us more that any other fans
in the whole world have got? His music. His songs. And
maybe we owe him some MORE loyalty for that.

(George is not a saint I know, but by the same token, I am
not going to blindly admire everything about him. AG)

Thank you for listening.

Thank you so much for the interview. I haven't heard
anyhting from The Man himself for a long time. So, it was
REALLY real interview, wasn't it ? It doesn't matter that it
was some kind of fake, if The Man was really saying all
these things. I work at the radio station, I know it's OK to
do a few fake things to warm an audience up making them
think that GM is on the air, talking to all of you right now!
It was great! Big thanks.

Talking about the contest...
The contestants were all so good. I also tried to participate,
but I just didn't have enough time. I had exams at the
University (still have to pass one, but YOU ALL are a lot of
help for me. I read YM and I'm fine again. I can study for a
few extra hours after that...) I also found out that there are
a few "Wham!" songs I don't have in my collection. Isn't it
terrible? i feel like a betrayer... But I have something none
of you have! (I'll tell later about this one...) Can anybody
help me w/my "Wham!" records? If anyone have ALL the
videos "Wham!" have ever made, please let me know. I am
ready to mail you a tape, to pay all expences, whatever
else it might take. I live in Latvia, and there is no chance I
can find anything like that. We are Eastern Europe and
have our own rules on our own music industry. I have one
CD I don't think any of you have, and I don't think GM has
ever heard about it. So, if you, George, are listening, I want
to tell you that you have the CD "Best Ballads" ( have you
heard about it, guys. Am I right that there are no such CD
in official GM records?)

Well, if anyone can help w/"Wham!" videos, please e-mail
me a.s.a.p., cause I'm afraid that I won't have my e-mail
address any more very soon. It will be so sad... But I will
make one of my friends receive YM for me, print it out and
mail it to me. So, I'll get it a few days later than all others,
and won't be able to write to you so often, but I will be
there w/you. I'll still know what is going on.

Well, thank you for your attention.

p.s. I hope it wasn't too long... And I hope my english is
not too bad to undertsand it. I always say the same thing
about my English, but that is because I'm so worried
about you reading all this stuff with all my mistakes in it.
It must be a hell of job to read it. Thanks

(I'll tell you a secret, some of the hardest posts to read
are the ones from people who's first language is English.
*************************** (Oliver V. Dictado) writes:
Hi Amanda,

I thought the Wham entries were hilarious!!! Fiona and
Alanis singing Last Christmas??? Tina Turner yelping
'I dont want your freeeedom!..." Ha-ha!

Great contest Amanda. I would have loved to have joined
but I was busy during the duration of the contest.

I clipped those parts where Madonna's name appeared
and I plan on sending them to the MML.

Well, take care and lemme take this opportunity to take
my hat off to you! You are a superwoman! :-) Here's
hoping no kryptonite ever goes your way!

(I eat kryptonite for breakfast...which would probably explain
my ulcer... AG)

*************************** (Nancy) writes:
Does anyone know if George plans to attend the U2 concert
this weekend in Los Angeles? I know that George attended
the last U2 concert in LA several years ago.


(I've heard he was hanging out in New York this week. AG)
To Wrap it Up:

"Give us a bit of vibe here."


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