I have been trying to upload my newest YM webpage to
the web, but according to a tech I talked to:

"That area of the system is currently experiencing technical
difficulties. We have our repair staff working on getting the
problem fixed as fast as they can, but there is currently no
estimated time for the repairs to be finished. You will just
have to be patient and keep trying periodically. :o( "

I'll keep you posted and try again next week.

*************************** writes:
I am writing for the first time to yogmael, i want to let
the GM fans know that the CD of Walt Away Dreaming
is now being sold at Virrgin and some singles at Tower.
*************************** (Zuzana
Skapcova) writes:
Hi Amanda,

thanx a lot for your email - you don't know how happy I
am that my subscription succeeded at last - I tried it pretty
long time, I've no idea what always went wrong ...

(Not all addresses can accept YM unfortunately. AG)

In the future I will be free to keep on doing some translations
of important information (like news and interviews) from
YogMael issues for the fans in Slovakia like I did before, if I

(PLEASE DO!!! We must all be kept in the know somehow!

But it's really big help for me to know I'll always find a lot of
interest stuff in YogMael.

Well, the next month I'll spend in Birmingham/London
(learning English at last) and I hope I'll get the chance to
surf the net there too. Though I'll spend 2 weeks in London,
to be honest, I don't know where is George Michael living, I
don't know his address and - the imagination just to creep
from his door or staring his house or even HIM is a real
nightmare for me ... I'm not so sure if I would really happy to
meet him, I think the probability is very very little. But I
hope, there's a real chance for me to get to one of his live
concerts - maybe ... sometimes. And my other big dream,
except the concert is - but again absolutely no probability
there, I think - to see how he works in the studio, you must
it just imagine: it's not easy to do it but I think it must be
very exciting. I mean all that input, hard work and creativity
- and at the end of the day comes absolutelly great music
and lyrics and sound out. Seems very very exciting for me,
I must admire it very much. And than the reason too why I
admire George - because he's doing a lot of all this stuff by
himself ...

So, this was my little consideration about "The Legend" ...
Wish you all the best & keep on doing your great work for

Your FAITHfully zuzki
*************************** (Heidi Kriss) writes:
Are there any US fans out there interested in George's
Spinning the Wheel import CD? It has three dance mixes
on it. Only played once. I'm not a dance mix fan and I
had no idea that's what this CD was when I ordered it. I'll
sell it for what I paid - $13.25. Please respond to me
directly by the beginning of next week if you're interested
before I try to return it.

Heidi - Seattle, WA
*************************** writes:
Hi Amanda,

Does anybody know what Mr. Deon Estus has been doing
lately? I miss the thumping basslines and all that hair.

(No idea. He is no longer on George's pay roll. Check your
liner notes for his session work though, it pops up in the
most unexpected places--i.e. obscure, but brilliant albums
by Madonna's backing vocalists. Hmm, was that a Donna
DeLory plug...what do you think Mike and Alicia? AG)

Also if there are any George fans in California looking to
trade -email me. ( AND, thank you
Amanda for providing this forum for us all to meet, vent,
bitch and all else...

(Just doing what I should have done years ago... AG)
*************************** (Patrick Mullady) writes:
Can't get to Aegean site correctly all i get is Aegean radio
no other choices. I know they're there. What can I do?

(I am of little help when it comes to the AEgean site. The
damn thing locks my computer every second time I log
onto it. AG)

Thanx Patrick
*************************** (Joshua Hill) writes:
Hey guys!
I know I've asked this before so if I'm getting annoying
just let me know ;-) But any word yet on a possible
release date for the Sony Greatest Hits package. I know

they said late '97 but just wondering if anyone heard more
specifics! Thanks for tolerating my repitive nature!

(Well, surely just to piss you off, the release date has
seemingly been bumped to 1998. AG)
*************************** (Kristine) writes:
Hi, Amanda!
I don't know why but unfortunately I can see only one
picture on your homepage. The one where GM is in his
swim shorts. But I have a feeling that I was lucky to see
this one... All other pictures were just a black spots.
Maybe it's my computer. Well, I'm happy anyway.
Cause this one picture took my breath away. It is SO
FUNNY and somehow so unusual. Where did you get
it? It's great.

(That pic came my way from long time YM'er Robert,
who tells me he got it off the web. AG)

Well, I just wanted to say thank you.
*************************** (Negin Zarandi) writes:
Hi Amanda,

Do you happen to know Alan Hart? I know him from Prodigy
for years now and he was our GM information source (all the
fans knew him). He left Prodigy a year ago but he was a
Web site moderator for quite some time. I think it was The
Different Corner Web site but all of the sudden he has
disappeared. I've E-mailed him several times but no reply.
I was wondering if you know him at all and if so, how I can
get a hold of him (such as an E-mail address). Thanks for
any info.

(Here's a frequently asked question...Alan didn't run the DC
page, but I too know him from my Prodigy days, and if you
check out issue 100 of YM, you'll see he is a friend of YM.
You will all be pleased to know that Alan is finally back in
the loop after a long stay in hospital. He can be reached
at: And once again, WELCOME

Talk to you later!
Keep up the good work on Yogmael!!

*************************** (Diane) writes:
I can't wait. It will be like having our own personal fan club.
Maybe we can arrange to have an on line chat with George,
like one server did with M.J.

*************************** (M. Smith) writes:

>I mean, how could anyone but
>George possibly write something like "Careless Whisper"?!
>But if anyone knows what went on...
> >(Total bullshit. George wrote the track in it's entirety at the
>age of 17. AG)
Please correct me if I am wrong but I believe the original
rough draft WAS written (and later discarded) by George
at this early age but Andrew had some writing input here
as well. In fact, it is one of just three songs he ever had
a writing credit for (Wham! Rap and Club Tropicana were
the other two) from all three albums!

Am I wrong about this? Did Andrew only help arrange?

(Oops, me firetrucked up a bit. Andrew is responsible
for the guitar chords of Careless Whisper. AG)

M. Smith - LaserNut
*************************** (andrew rollason) writes:
Following on from the Elvis/George theme of things, it really
is strange to see quite a few George fans who are also Elvis
fans. I myself am I massive Elvis fan (George is a close
second) and I really didn't see the likenesses between them
until I really thought about it and people pointed them out.

For me the voices of the two are very strong, yet also gentle...
the word versatile probably says it all. Both Elvis and George
are a different kettle of fish when hearing them live, its like
they come out of their shell. I always think George's finest
moment was at the Freddie Mercury tribute doing Somebody
to Love. His voice on that was pure perfection.

(Cheers to that! AG)

*************************** (Bea Alison Rumpelt) writes:
Hi Yoggers!

Unfortunately, I have to agree with Andrew who said he
didn't like "waltz away dreaming". In my book, it counts
as one of the songs I bought just because of the name
on the cover. First of all, it is not George singing it.
Toby's voice is not too bad, but it is just not the song
that moves me to tears performed by an unknown singer.
If George would have sung it, I am sure he would have
done it more justice with this incredible voice he has. I
would have preferred that. Which makes me believe I
want a copy of the version he did by himself on Capital
for the pledge after all. Who can help?



P.S. The single is available in Germany by WOM as a
UK import in case someone is still looking. (DM 14.95)
*************************** (Emily Fiorte) writes:
Hey! Just wanted to make a quick post, anyone who is
looking for GM Stuff, go to I know
that some of us have said it before on YM but, these
guys are really great!

They are taking orders for George Michael's 1998
Calanders right now and they are also tracking down some
Japanese imports (old and new)! They are real big on GM.
So drop them a line tell them you want to know when stuff
comes out. They are really nice.

*************************** writes:
Dearest Amanda and fellow camera crew members:

As of June 15th, the You
rs Only George
website has
been updated. We now have:

* 19 new George Michael links, giving us more than
130 George-related links.
* New birthday wishes for George
* New news to our News Flash section

The next major update will take place on June 30th, so
please continue to send in your contributions!

We thank everyone who has been so positive about this
new George Michael website! As always, we welcome
your comments and suggestions. And we especially
thank Amanda for her kind endorsement. :)

(It is always a pleasure to give credit where credit is due.

Melanie and Shannon
Yours Only George
*************************** (G.R.) writes:
Hi everybody!

Have you chacked the new changes on the Aegean site?
No? Come on, then... It's great now!!! and I'll kill anyone
who say it's not now (I'm joking. Now sincerely, isn't it
just great now? I love the scrolls. They make it really
impressing. And they mention a new group signed called
Trigger with their song Chameleon (Shed Your Skin)
coming soon!

*************************** (Nancy) writes:
Hi Everyone:

Just wanted to write a quick posting to say that I saw
George four times over this past week in Los Angeles!
We just recently moved to a new building for work,
which is, no exageration, just 2 minutes up the street
from Yog's Beverly Hills house. I have seen him driving
in the area on my way home from work. I really think it
is an amazing coincidence, and my co-workers think it
must be fate of some kind!!

Also, ever since my posting appeared in Yogmael on
George's Greatest Hits CD Japanese promo, many of
you have written asking me to give a complete description
of this items once it arrived. Well, it just arrived yesterday!
The case of the CD is a black cloth material, and on the
front is embossed "George Michael Greatest Hits" in gold
lettering. Inside, there is a wonderful color booklet on
George with photos, congratulating him for his success.
There is also an announcement on the release of Listen
Without Prejudice, a biography and a discography. The
CD itself contains the songs Wake Me Up Before You
Go-Go, Careless Whisper, Everything She Wants, I Knew
You Were Waiting (For Me), Faith, Father Figure, One More
Try, Monkey, Praying For Time, and Freedom.

In addition, I'm looking for a good contact in Europe/
Australia/Japan/Korea to trade Wham! and George TV
clips that are in good quality. I have 15 personal video
tapes full of TV clips/performances of my own in which I
would be more than willing to record in exchange for any
clips you may have. If anyone is interested, please let
me know!

One last thing, I do have a copy of George's recent
appearance on Top Of The Pops. If anyone is interested,
please let me know. I will be having it converted to the
NTSC American video system sometime this week.

Nancy's George Michael Web Page:
*************************** (C Gibbings) writes:
Great page and wonderful photo of the man in his d.t.`s
(in Australia they are called dick togs or sometimes p.p`s
which is prick paraders) anyway for some reason I thought
you would be blonde, nice cat. Your hard work is always
appreciated, good luck with your studies and enjoy your
soon to be summer holidays.
Regards, Cindy.

That's it, I promise to not let anyone down in LA, Alicia:
*************************** (Laura) writes:
I couldn't help but respond to George's comment in the

interview about still owning all those old clothes from the
early days! He wasn't kidding! When Nancy and I met him
at LAX back in 1992 he got off the plane from Maui in these
little white shorts and was so tanned!! He looked absolutely
gorgeous! To think those shorts may have been from the
Club Tropicana video would be too funny! Thanks to
Jonathan for typing up the interview!!! That was so
wonderful!!!- Laura : )
To Wrap it Up:

YM Weekend looms close, and while I do my best to get
out of business that will keep me on the east coast that
weekend -- my life was easier when I was a mere house
painter -- I need to know who all is interested in joining
the festivites July 25th to 27th in Los Angeles. Drop me
a line for the memos.


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