I know I promised you results of the Wham! tribute album
contest, but the problem is my dearest "Andy" is off doing
a little "formula 3 motor car racing", so we need a little
more time. Truth be totally told, she has yet to get the
entries anyway. BUT, here are your suggestions for a
Wham! tribute album, look for the winner to be announced
in a week or so. I will run them comment free, suffice it to
say, I did have my faves right off the top, and will admit that
those of you who used Elton, The Artist, Madonna, No
Doubt, the Spice Girls, and Bananarama had my heart from
the get go. When we announce the winners, Alicia and I
will divulge our own track listings.

1) "Nothing Looks The Same In The Light"
— Toni Braxton (song seems suited to her softspoken style)

2) "Come On"
— Spice Girls (frenetic energy of the song seems to match
them too...)

3) "Battlestations"
— Prince (I think this one is fairly obvious — who else could
keep the sexual intensity of the song?)

4) "Like A Baby"
— Sade (Again, a velvety track that demands a velvety voice)

5) "A Different Corner"
— Whitney Houston (It kills me to say that, but I think she
could capture the power of the song and make it sound
almost genuine)

6) "Where Did Your Heart Go?"
— Mariah Carey (Technically not a Wham! track, I
suppose, but anyway, Mariah could hit the notes at the
end like no one else (except for George :))

7) "Club Tropicana"
— En Vogue (The harmony vocals at the end (all George,
of course) are made for them.)

8) "A Ray Of Sunshine"
— No Doubt (There's enough of a ska feel here to, once
sped up considerably, turn it into a full-fledged ND track)

9) "Blue"
— Anita Baker (again, the song would need to slow
down a bit, but Anita could give it a smoky, jazzy feel)

10) "Freedom"
— Erasure (sing it in your head and see how natural it

11) "Heartbeat"
— Gloria Estefan (light pop kind of sound)
From: (Jeff McGary)
1. Wake Me Up Before You Go Go
- Beck. There would have to be a new "spin" to this, that
only he could do.

2. A Different Corner
- Toni Braxton. Beautiful.

3. Evertything She Wants
- Madonna. A "twist" in the story. A woman demanding
"everthing SHE wants."

4. I'm Your Man
- LL Cool J and Barry White. "He's brave, He's tough, Mr.
Cool J do your stuff."

5. Young Guns
- The Spice Girls. Today's Wham!

6. Freedom
- The Dave Mathews Band. Slowed down to showcase
the violins and the great melody of this song.

7. The Edge of Heaven
- The Artist... Both lyrically and musically designed for him.

8. Club Tropicana
- Jon Secada. A tropical feel.

9. Careless Whisper
- Babyface and Seal. Production meets voice mixed with
an untouchable harmony on the chorus.

10. Where did your heart Go?
- Boyz II Men. They could really tear this up.

11. Nothing looks the same in the light
- Maxwell. An urban update.
From: (Shawn Light)
OK -- Though I think they might be better suited to cover
his solo works, I think Daryl Hall and John Oates would
make a great cover album of Wham! tracks.

Here they are:

1. Last Christmas
2. Blue
3. The Edge of Heaven
4. Everything She Wants
5. Heartbeat
6. Credit Card Baby
7. Like A Baby
8. Nothing Looks The Same In The Light
9. A Ray of Sunshine
10. Freedom
11. Battlestations

The Reasons: They are one of the few performers who
have the energy to match George and Andy. And Daryl's
voice with John's harmonies. Wow!!


P.S. Difficult to sum up in 25 words or less.
From: (George Lewis)
Amanda and Alicia,

Striving for originality.......


1. Wham! Rap
- Marilyn Manson
I think it would be one of the most halirous things ever!
I know I would buy it, just for the laugh!

2. Wake me up before you go go
- Neil Sedaka
Remeber calender girl? Well I felt this would be another
peppy tune for Mr. Sedaka.

3. A different Corner
- Timothy B. Schmit (eagles bassist "I cant tell you why")
This would be the serious track. The most beautiful voice
ever, singing a beautiful song. Maybe mix in some acoustics.

4. Nothing Looks The Same In The Light
- Hugh Grant
Buys a hooker at night. Then arrested in the light. =-)

5. Im your man (acapella)
- The Three Tenors
Think about it. One could do the bass line, one could do
the Andrew sounds, and Pavarotti could do George's part.

6. Last Christmas
- The Jackson 5
It could be a beautiful reunion. But with any luck, there
would be a huge fight, and someone could get it on video.


7. Young Guns
- The remaining Beatles
With this group on the ticket, the album would
automatically go double platinum. Plus, it falls into the
entertainment catagory.

8. The Edge Of Heaven
- Nine Inch Nails
I would put Manson here again (title) , but for origonality
I'll put NIN. Plus Reznor would put some awsome extra
beats and stuff.

9. Bad Boys
- Alan Jackson
Ever wonder about this song gone country, no me
neither. Until now.

10. Everything She Wants
- Snoop Doggy Dogg
This would be good, plus he loves the opportunity to
say "I aint got no love for hoe's."

11. Battlestations
- all the above artists (besides Timothy Schmit)

This would, um, be quite interesting.

Theres my all star line up. =-)

From: (Sa')
1. wham rap
- The Spice Girls
(Wham Bam! I am wo-man...need I say ANYMORE?)

2. love machine
- Madonna
(I'm just a lurve machine...a hugging kissing fiend...)

3. ray of sunshine
- Pet Shop Boys
(only they could make it into an electronic techno

4. club tropicana
- Ace Of Base
(this is a perfect reggae-pop song!)

5. freedom
- No Doubt
(a very fab grungy guitar version required: with femme

6. everything she wants
- Prodigy
(I don't know what the hell you want... would make a
fabulous sample. techno with me: uh huh uh huh -
perfect club chant)

7. credit card baby
- Bananarama
(I had to put them in SOMEWHERE...think of it in
reference to Andy)

8. edge of heaven
- Take That
(they were born to make this song. 5 gorgeous fluffly
lads on a beach.... the perfect pop tune.)

9. i'm your man
- RuPaul & Elton John Duet
(a fabulous follow up to their "don't go breakin' my heart")

10. Battlestations
- Mick Jagger & Jerry Hall
(this could be an hilarious duet between the infamous -
on again off again couple.)

11. Blue (armed with Love)
- The Eurythmics
(They've done a lot of short lyriced songs - imagine it
in a sort've "sweet dreams" electronic pop way..)
Dear Amanda--

Here are my picks for a tribute LP (and yes, I've got
strange musical taste).


1. Ray of Sunshine - Stevie Wonder
An obvious singer to pick, but add Stevie's vocals and his
trademark synths, and you've got a good cover.

2. Club Tropicana - Barry Manilow
Methinks that 'Copacabana' and 'Club Tropicana' are
similar in title...Barry wouldn't wreck it. It'd be neat.

3. Nothing Looks the Same In the Light - Sinead O' Connor
Sinead has a quiet voice, which is perfect for a quiet song.
Her vocal range is interesting, and she would sound good
on the chorus.

4. Young Guns (Go For It!) - Pat Boone
Why Pat Boone? Just because it’d be funny. After all,
he covered Alice Cooper and Guns N Roses.

5. Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go - Aretha Franklin
Another obvious one, but she could add a good gospel-
esque backing track and really sing the song well.

6. Heartbeat - Michael Jackson
On some older tracks, I always thought George sorta
sounded like Michael. Kind of reminds me of MJ's
'Rock With You' days.

7. A Different Corner - KD Lang
KD Lang has a good voice and she emotes. She could
sing it with the same amount of emotion George did.

8. Everything She Wants - The Bee Gees
Add a disco-y/techno beat, and the song works for them.
Would make a wonderful cover and tribute, cos George
and Andrew are fans.

9. Battlestations - Savage Garden
In a way, the whispery vocals remind me of the way they
sing. I think they'd be fitting.

10. Blue - Mariah Carey
Mariah?!?!? *GASP*!!!!! I'm not a fan, but her voice would
work on this track (as long she doesn't do the screamy
thing. ;) )

11. I'm Your Man - Areosmith
Strangely enough, I think I could see Steven Tyler singing
this song. It would be interesting, for sure. :)
Here are my picks....

Careless Whisper
---Elton John
It's not the most daring choice, but it's a song that Elton
would cover wonderfully. He would add his own special
flavor to it.

Everything She Wants
---Tears For Fears
Tears For Fears would bring a funky, hip sound to this
song. Just thinking about it is cool.

A Different Corner
---Billy Joel
Check out Lullabye on his River of Dreams album and
you'll get a hint of what he might do with this song.

Freedom (Wham! Version)
They'd slow the song down a bit, but I can see this. 80's
bands are coolness, and this would rock.


---Mariah Carey
Might be risky, but her voice and style would be
awesome on this song, which is one of my favorites.

I'm Your Man
---Phil Collins
This might be the best choice of all. Phil Collins would
spin this song, and make it his own.

Like A Baby
---Celine Dion
She'd do it justice, with her great range. Another singer
who would make the song her own.

Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go
The hardest song to cover, by far. But Aerosmith would
give it the fun feel it needs, with a rockin beat.

Credit Card Baby
---Huey Lewis
Seems natural to me!

Last Christmas
---Gloria Estefan
Another choice that just "feels right."

The Edge of Heaven
The 70's supergroup would totally change the song, but I
can see it


11 tracks of gold! Have a good one, and thanks for the newsletter!!

1. Tony Hadley (ex-Spandau Ballet) "A Different Corner"
Being now lonely and confused, Tony makes a good
approach to George's powerful singing. Impressed
members of SB get together again.

2. Boy George & Mark Almond "I'm Your Man"
Two 100% gays arguing about who's whose
man....... that could be the funniest joke of the year!

3. Madonna featuring Roland Orzaball (Tears For Fears)
"Careless Whisper"
And then my greatest dream of hearing M & G duetting
half comes true....I'll just have to imagine that Roland's
name is George.

5. John Travolta "Heartbeat"
He's older and he's back on the road again, having
noticed that his voice sounds similar to George's of '84......

6. Erasure "Bad Boys"
Bad Erasure boys being stuck together for the last 12
years are giving their 'gay' interpretation, with Andy
singing and Vince going 'to-to-to-to-to, to-to-to'.

7. Paula Abdul "Like A Baby"
Ain't no doubt that Paula used to sing this lullaby to
her own baby. She must have practised enough I guess
not to get out of tune.

8. Depeche Mode featuring Rick Astley "Where Did
Your Heart Go?"
With voices perfectly fit to each other, Dave & Martin
& Rick & Andy form a new quartet called 'Astley Mode'.
Only for one song.

9. Simon Le Bon "Everything She Wants"
And the nicest part of the cover is of course breathy
'All she wants is..' that he occasionally puts between the

10. Cindy Lauper & Kate Bush "Last Christmas"
Putting away rock, the ladies burst into puriest pop and
add in the end spoken part: 'What the hell were we singing
all these years?!?!?!'

11. Pet Shop Boys "Club Tropicana"
Lyrics by Wham, music by "Se A Vida E". Video is
slightly changed according to new lyrics.

And as a result - tribute album full of fun & '80 nostalgia.....
Hi Amanda and Alicia!

I must say that I've had a HELL week, but I always keep
my priorities straight and remember what's important...hee
hee hee. Just a couple of things about my contest

(1) I came up with enough ideas for at least three albums,
or at least a really rad box set...but I only submitted the
"classic" choices. I felt that it would sound more
authentic, and I couldn't bear to hear Henry Rollins and
Trent Reznor ruin the music of my adolesence (although
they were among my choices for an "alternative / rock"
Wham! tribute album.) So the question is, does submitting
fairly "obvious" choices count as un-original or is it simply
that I have good taste ?

(Breaking my promise to shut the hell up, you just have
great taste Cass! AG)

(2) The No Doubt reference is NOT a kiss up to Amanda
in any way, shape, or form. I consider No Doubt to still be
one of "my" bands no matter, and they happen to be
semi-Wham! fans (2 members of the band, and the horn
players), and I think they'd do a good job of it !

(Alicia and I have discussed the similiarity in style
between early Wham! and ND, so we knew they'd be a
factor in choosing the winner. AG)

(3) are you going to post everyone's lists (GOOD GOD
GIRL !...I can't imagine how long that e-mail would be!),
or just the winner / runner up lists?

(This has a byte size of twice the norm... AG)

Have fun sorting through the masses of e-mails! I can't
wait to see what everyone else has come up with!


1. Nothing Looks The Same In The Light
Carly Simon
She and George share a birthday and have been
mutual fans for years, and the song suits her voice well.

2. Careless Whisper
Elton John
Probably the most known and loved Wham! song
ever, done by a master songman and friend.

3. Last Christmas
Spandau Ballet
Old friends, and it's a song full of memories.
(Remember the video...sigh.) The brothers Kemp would
make us all wish it was December...or not.

(Shirlie can't vote on this Cass... AG)


4. Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go
I think Freddie would've been proud to be involved
in this project, and it's the kind of sing-along fun song
that they do so well !

5. Blue
Alison Moyet
A close friend of the band, a song that suits her.

6. Young Guns
The irony of the lyrics is COMICAL, as the girls
were and are friends and lovers of our favorite duo.

7. Club Tropicana
No Doubt
This band has the energy and sense of fun to
make this work...if they raise the volume on the boys'
mikes a little (they're not bad !)...and they already
have horn players built in !

8. I'm Your Man
Again, irony and humor is key here. Also, we
all know of the boys' affinity for dressing in drag
(whether intentional or not ... ) Can you imagine
the video ?!?!?!

9. A Different Corner
k.d. lang
Lyrically ambiguous and melancholy, this song
with her voice is an amazing combination. She has
the range, control and style to make us weep.

10. Everything She Wants
Simon LeBon & John Taylor
hee hee hee...I'm not explaining my reasons...
make up your own !

(The fact that Simon and John have married models? The
fact that they always reminded me of George and Andrew?

11. The Edge Of Heaven
Gavin Rossdale of Bush
If anyone's voice could give this song an edge,
Gavin's is it. Also, Gavin was once in a Wham! cover
band, and is a friend of George's.

BONUS ! -- Hidden track #12:

12. Wham! Rap
Paul Ridgeley & David Austin
Two of the people who were there for the boys
from the very beginning, Paul was once the drummer
for them, and David (formerly Mortimer) was one of
their childhood friends, and a member of The about a tribute song !
From: (DALLAS)

I am hoping I get this in on time. I thougt this would be
an easy contest to do, but what was I thinking? This
is probably the hardest George related contest I have
ever entered.

Thanks for the challenge. :)

The hardest part with finding people to cover the
songs is that we are not in the same place we were
when Wham! was together. It is hard to comprehend
how much has changed since then.

This is what i came up with. I hope you see the humor
and respect in it.


1. "Bad Boys"
- Frank Gifford and Merv Albert (Both have been accused
of "immoral and somewhat illegal" actions involving women.)

2. "I'm Your Man"
- RuPaul and The Crying Game's Jaye Davidson (need I
say more?)

3. "Everything She Wants"
- Donald Trump (Do you think that he will ever find a woman
to love him just for him? Or when she divorces him not ask
for a penny w/o a pre-nup?)

4. "Carless Whisper"
- Garth Brooks and Ty Herndon (Garth cheated on his wife
w/other women, Ty on his fans w/drugs. Both admitted it
and were forgiven.)

5. "Wham Rap (Enjoy What You Do)"
- Dennis Rodman and the 80's Madonna (You either loved
them or hated them, but there is no mistaking the fact that
they are/were having fun.)

6. "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go"
- Marky Mark (He already has the experience needed to
remake the video.)

7. "Come On"
- Rosie O'Donnell and John McD and the McDLTs (She
has mentioned on numerous occassions how she would
love to get George on her show, why not let her be part
of the tribute? Besides she could give the song the
lightness it needs.)

8. "Blue"
- Boy George (I can't think of anyone else who's music
has been the victim of the press asking too many
questions. I think he could pull this song off to the
"fans" of both Goerge's better than anyone.)

9. "Last Christmas"
- Sylvester Stallone (What did he think would happen
when he marries a woman that sends him a lifesize
poster of herself naked? Then again Mark Gastenou
didn't learn by Sly's mistakes either.)

10. "Young Guns (Go for It?)"
- The Spice Girls (with New Kids on the Block as backup)
(The Spice Girls have the attitude, and NKTOB need
the work. A few words may need to be changed, but if
Whoopi can pull it off, why not?)

11. "Battlestations"
- Prince (Can you imagine what Prince could do with
this song, with The Artist Formally Known as Prince's
ability? I don't think the video could be seen in the states.)
OK, Amanda here goes. (By the way, your sarcastic
comments in YM are great. You make me laugh.
Y'know, in a good way. No this isn't sucking up.)

(Why? I accept bribes quite readily. I am pursing a
career in the music industry, and appropriate acceptance
of payola is a valuable asset.... AG)



Sting's vocals would lend a dreamy / surrealistic feel for

this song. Queen's musicianship also a plus.


OK. A little over the edge, but hey, what's a little '80's
revival between friends.


Interesting is better. Just listen to Barry White moan the
lyric..."hey jerk, you work. This boy's got better things to
do." Plus, you can never get too funky.


I love this song and I love Vanessa. This combination
works for me.


They could add a little fun - pop sound to a kind of sad
song. Just imagine the video. Damn, I want it to snow, now.


I saw them do Damn I wish I was your Lover on VH 1 and
this duo could ignite the stage if they sang this one. "How
could you settle for a girl like me..."


I'm not a big fan of his, but the sandpaper voice belting this
song sounded intriguing. And, he wears those little shorts,
so they wouldn't have to recast the part for the video.


A funky, piano sounding Wonder version would be cool.
Less bass and more hand claps.


Madonna singing this line... "there's a place for us in a
dirty movie, 'cause no one does it better than me and you..."
'Nuff said.


A co-worker of mine saw this combination and thought
it would be fantastic. Tori on the piano singing this one
would give me chills. Love is a magical thing.


Somewhat similar, I know, but some of those lyrics in
Spanish would sound cool.

Well, there it is. My tribute album. I wanted to include,
The Spice Girls singing Wake me up before you go-go,
but I thought if I did, I'd have no chance. Let me know
how I did.

Thanks and Love,
From: (Jennifer Maline)
Hi Amanda and Alicia-
Here it is. Sorry if it is not all that creative or original,
but it is coming from one of the most non-creative people
in the world. I figured I would try to put a list together and
submit it anyway. I had fun doing it, and here it goes...

1. I'm Your Man
-Boy George
It just seems fittng because he has the energy and
sometimes reminds me of The Man Himself.

2. Wham Rap
- Erasure
I saw these boys (Andy Bell and Vince Clarke) play here
in L.A. about 2 months ago and they also have the energy
and spunk (??) that it would take to do this one.

3. Young Guns
- Barenaked Ladies
Their own lyrics are pretty funny and I would get a kick
out of seeing them do this one. If you know who they are,
I think you'll understand.

(Being a Canuck, I can understand. AG)

4. Blue
- Chris Isaak
Chris just has the voice. No other explanation. (Except
that a lot of his songs are about being "blue".)

5. Where Did Your Heart Go?
- Celine Dion
Again, she just has the voice. She can hit some of those
incredibly high notes. Seems like it would fit in her 'type' of
song lyrics.

6. Different Corner
- Sarah McLachlan
Ditto-the voice fits the song. Seems like her type of song.

7. Club Tropicana
- Jimmy Buffett (sp?)
Flows with Margaritaville (theme, tone...) Fun songs,
could do a Margaritaville sampling or something mixed in.

8. Last Christmas
- Fiona Apple/Alanis Morissette duet
These poor girls (although I admire their music very much)
always seem to be having such heartaches and guy
problems. Sounds like it fits.

9. Freedom
- Tina Turner
This woman is unbelievable and has more energy than any
other 50+ woman I know of. She would do an incredible
job. Just fits.

10. Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go
- No Doubt
With Gwen's energy, she could do this, no prob. They
could speed it up a little and make it kinda ska-ish, ya

12. Saved the Best for Last: Careless Whisper
- Elton
Nobody else deserves to do this song. Elton has
the honor. Need I say more?

Okay, that's it. Hope you liked it. Hey, in looking at it I
just realized now how many Canadian artists there are.
Amazing. Have a good one and can't wait for the George
-Jen :)
*************************** (De) writes:
Greetings Amanda and all Yoggers ... I really tried to enter
this contest. Had no trouble coming up with 11 songs.
But in no way could I come up with 1 let alone 11 people
who could cover them. Just couldn't hear anyone singing
them but George and Andy. Lack of imagination, I suppose.
Let's all celebrate the 28th. Is celebrate the word I want?
It somehow doesn't seem to fit. De

(I spend the day reflecting on a band that never had the
chance to become a band that "was great back when...".
They went out with a bang, and for that reason, will never

be looked at as a band that wore out it's welcome! AG)
To Wrap it Up:

If you entered this contest and don't see your track listing,
please re-submit it immediately!

Andy: JUDGE AWAY! Send me a first, a second, and an
honourable mention if you please.

"Everybody say Wham!"

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