*************************** (francoise-g) writes:
Hello everyone,
Just to let you know we're about to post a very important
site about George, with the following features : news/an
open letter to george michael/ a tribute / huge amount of
pictures and much more including too the shirlie page as
we really really were big fans of hers. The site is ready to
be posted, now we're searching for the best provider so
that i can keep the site growing, in the first time we're
gonna publish it to compuserve but we'll move quickly. If
anyone knows about a great provider, we'd appreciate to
know. Also, If there are any special features anyone would
be interested in we'd like to know as well. The site is
gonna be called "The George Michael Image Gallery", and
myself and the team will try to make our best to please
everyone, we'll also reply on the site to all the questions we
have received so far via email as many of you already found
out my email!!!!! and that we were working on a big project...
Don't hesitate to mail again for other requests or suggestions,
we are taking it very seriously. We also hope to get Aegean's
approbation on our site but we'll see that later on. I'll be the
one to keep you informed as the rest of the team is busy
tracking news down for me! Hope to see you all on the site
soon, Amanda if you'd like i can put a link to your email or
your site but only if you allow me to do so.

(You have my full permission to link me anyway you see fit.

Lots of love,
Frances and the guys from the team of the George Michael
*************************** (George Lewis) writes:
*Armed with love*

Hey yog crew and silver (Amanda, check your periodic
tables for that one. I have had to for my Science exam

(Despite my not having taken a science course since
about 1990 -- I specialized in business -- I recall that
the symbol for silver is Ag. AG)

Well nothing real big here, but here are the most quick
non boring results to my poll.

Fav song goes to Freedom '90, seeming to be more
popular than I thought.

(Had you paid attention to the YM Honours, you wouldn't
have been. It won best song overall. AG)

And least fav song, goes to Older.

If you wanna know how yours songs placed, just drop
me a line. I don't wanna bore everyone else with them.
Oh, I figured I'd do a little advertising too! I have a bunch
of Promo CD's, so if anyone is interested, just send me
a list of your favourite artists, and I'll get back to you on
it. B.T.W, I only have 2 George promos (both Fastlove)
ne of which I'm keeping, however I'll take offers on the
other. Maybe I'll get points in high school for enterprising?
Who knows?

*************************** (Zuzana "zuzki"
Skapcova) writes:
Hi Amanda,
My name is zuzki, from Bratislava Slovakia, but since 1995,
and till Autumn 1997, living and studying in Hall Germany.
I am a big GM-fan since I've heard Wham for first time back
in 1983 and I've got my own GM fan club for people in
Slovakia Czeck Republic and mostly people without the net
conection also. I am very interesed to join the YogMael
Family-I'm always trying to surf all the GM websites as
often as possible, but not really often, cos I'm too busy with
study and work and I can surf only on the University- it
makes me soo depresed.

I like YogMael very much and I did, with help from Friend -
Ivica my nick name for her is "http" cos she's surfing allll
the time - a lot of translations to Slovak language for all the
fans back home from YogMael.

One question more; I read about Laura's interest to meet
GM-fans in London now in July. Well I fly to Birmingham
now at Sunday 15th June for 2 weeks and between 28th
June-12 July I'll be in London. l study English, because I
never did before my English is pretty terrible - but I learned
it just by translating the Wham & GM lyrics and stuff like
this... I'll have bithday on 8th July, will be 27, I am very
interesed to meet other GM fans there and do some
PARTYING! Well, tell Georgie-Boy he can join us too if he
likes...I'll mail to Laura of course about it too.

So, that's all from me. And - definitely, you're doing a graet
job with YogMael - my best wishes!

Yours FAITHfully

(Welcome to the family! AG)
dawson_sa-at-Acadmn.Mercer.EDU (Sheri) writes:
Amanda and camera crew,
Just wondering if you can help me out...

I just joined yogmael and I am curious to see if a long-lost
friend of mine and fellow George fan is on here.....Chad
Munn...if you are listening please e-mail me.

(We've done this once before, let's hope it works for you
too! AG)

I really love this getting a daily dose of george-talk. Makes
me feel like I am not alone in the U.S. I would also like to
share some news that I am ecstatic about (but of course
no one else can get as excited as me), maybe someone
out there will understand. I got a new tattoo and it is the 5
symbols from the FAITH album. Has anyone really
contemplated the deep meaning of those? MUSIC MONEY
LIFE? Being in the health profession, I can't show my
tattoo off as much as I wish, but part of George is inked
on me for the rest of my life. cool.


P.S. If there is anyone in the Atlanta, GA area that wants
to chat George sometime, e-mail me. My friends are sick
of hearing about him. I need a new ear to talk to.
*************************** (TRINA
B) writes:
Amanda - I've tried accessing your homepage and have
had no luck. Must I be an AOL subscriber to get it? If not,
please give me the address again and I'll try again.

(It's open to all! Hit it at:

Also, I'm a little confused. I heard mentioned that the "If
You Were My Woman" single was on the "Don't Let the
Sun..." cd single. But I know that I used to have it on tape
single, and it was on the flip side of a LWP song. I have
the "Don't Let the Sun...." single on tape, and it just has
"I Believe..." on it's flip side. Did he release it twice as a
B side? Anyway, keep up the good work.

(I think it was on the Praying for Time cassingle, and then

*************************** writes:
I did not realize that the 3 songs were to be delivered to
Mariah's soon-to-be-ex by the end of June. Maybe that's
why there is no video for Star People. Speaking of Mariah
sCarey(where is that backspace key??;) ), how many
albums does SHE have left with Sony? That dog whistle
had just too much to say about George and the lawsuit.
Chuckers to her if her contract is up. I might even say I
respect her. OK. Not really. If she leaves Sony, do you
think George will do that long awaited duet with her?

(A friend and I discussed this for an hour the other night,
she told me it's 4 to go. I say they will let her out sooner
and she will fade into obscurity. My pal says George
should sign her. Either way, be careful what you wish
for... AG)

All my bitter love
*************************** (Michelle) writes:
Hi everybody. Firstly, I'd just like to congratulate Amanda
on YOGMAEL. It's not only informative but also a better
read than any novel.
Now down to the nitty gritty - I thought I'd let you guys know
that its not only the States, Australia, Canada etc. that hardly
ever hears any current, up to the minute news about George.
We in the UK (not sure about the rest of Europe) have just as
much trouble. OK, so when it comes to extensive airplay of
George's records or radio interviews (which incidentally never
really reveal any new data) we're sooooo lucky.

Everyone out there in the internet world seems to think that
a tour of the UK is a sure thing...its not. Spoke (10.6.97)
with VIRGIN in London and mentioned that a little bird had
told me that George would be touring the UK this year and
could they give me an idea of the dates and locations. The
girl at VIRGIN had real joy in telling me that there are nooooo
plans for a UK tour (or anywhere else for that matter).
However, VIRGIN are not exactly a reliable source of info.....
in Sept of last year I called them and asked if it was true
that George was planning to perform in London sometime
in October (you know the Unplugged bash) and I was again
told that my info was incorrect. As a consolation...and I
needed consoling...I booked myself on a Royal Carribean
cruise (a damn sight more expensive than any concert).
When I returned to the UK I was told that George HAD
performed early October in London. If anybody from
VIRGIN is tuning in - I will never forgive you for telling such
whopping porky pies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(This was done to prevent press being present. AG)

Don't get me wrong, I understand completely why George
prefers to maintain a low profile - after all we're all entitled
to our privacy. But a little input about proposed tour dates,
album release dates, would be a great help.

(What? Record companies are supposed to be helpful?
I had no idea...Shirlie and my fave "peon" at Trauma
excluded of course. AG)


Well, I think I've gone on long enough.....however if I do
receive reliable info about UK tour dates I will let you all

Take care.
*************************** (andrew rollason) writes:
I know I'll probably get hate mail for this, but I really don't
like Waltz Away Dreaming. Tony Bourke sounds like
some awful continental import and the song itself is very
eighties and cliched. Without George singing this would
have sank without a trace in the charts.

(What's a little hate mail between friends...besides, let's
be realistic, you're not going to like every song the man
does. AG)

*************************** (Kristine) writes:
Hi, Amanda!
I was just reading #181. Where can I see these pictures
you are talking about (I mean these ones where Andrew
is grey and George in his swim shorts?) I haven't visited
any home pages lately. I just have no time. I don't have a
pc at home, I'm using my computer at work, so I have
some work to do, too... you know, all that stuff - when
boss comes in, I have to be WORKING. So, it's all I can
afford to spend some time with you, guys. But I'm dying
to see these pictures.

(See the brackets in Trina's post. AG)

Great idea, Emily!!! Group rates would really help. And
get together and actually meet each other in London is
so cool... If something like that is possible, I'm in...Of
course, I will have to think it over and over again before
I can do it. And do a lot of savings, too. So it would be
great if we could plan it a month or something ahead.

Well, see you later.
*************************** (Frank Reyes) writes:
Hi Amanda & Fellow Yoggers,
Are you missing certain items to help complete
your Wham! and George Michael Collection? If so,
you can contact me for my current for sale list and
I will be happy to help you. I have cd's, vinyl, and
misc. items. I have all sorts of imports from the UK
as well as some items from the US. I have the
George Michael Interview Picture cd, Star People
UK Imports, Older, etc. There is plenty more to order.

You can email me at: or even snail
mail me at:
Frank Reyes
P.O. Box 3061
South El Monte
CA 91733-0061

(AG Approved. AG)
*************************** (Susan Iaali) writes:
hi, this is Susan from Australia. I wrote a couple of times
and I get a real big kick writing about GM. We are totally
clueless about what is going on in GM's life and I was
wondering if someone would like to send me a e-mail
message to fill me in. Anybody that is as fanatical about
GM as I am will do. Thanx
*************************** (Bea Alison Rumpelt) writes:
> It has somewhat taken me by surprise that one of the
> plug-ins needed is a commercial product that requires you
> to purchase it after a trial period.
> (I don't pay for anything I download, that's my rule. AG)

So do I. ;-) Easy enough to remove and re-install - why do
they expect people to buy the product is what I wonder

(The almighty buck I suppose... AG)

*************************** writes:
Hello everyone. Keep up the good work Amanda.

Well here's what I have to say. I was in a record store a
few days ago and I found quite a few LP's of Too Funky-
The Three Extended Mixes It includes-
Too Funky Extended
Too Jazzy Happy Mix
Too Funky Digital Mix

I was very glad because I had been looking for such a
thing. If anyone is interested and would like me to get
one for them please E-mail me ASAP. :-)

*************************** (Phil & Darlene) write:
Hello there!
I was wandering way back when you and others were
talking about the Hard Rock Cafe in San Fransico having
something of George on display. My best friend and I
just got a chance to go to S.F for the day and we went to
the H.R.C after a very adventurous time in getting to SF.
When we got there we looked all around and couldn't find
anything related to George. We even asked a couple of
people who worked there and they didn't know of anything.
I was a little bummed we had saved our last couple of
picture just for the occasion. I wasn't sure if you were

going to try and get there when you are here for Yogfest
or not but you might think twice unless someone that has
been there very recently seen something with their own
eyes. If there was something there I am really bummed! I
wish I had the time and money to join everyone for Yogfest
I hope everyone has a blast!!! Peace Darlene

(Alicia owes me lunch there no matter what... AG)
To Wrap it Up:

Have a great weekend and tune in Monday (YM #184) for
the text of the Bristol radio interview.

AND in YM #185, YOUR Wham! tribute album track listings.

"Maybe the child in me will just let me go..."

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