As we all should know, the Wham! tribute album contest
closes on Friday. There have been some interesting
entries...a few I would put up the money to finance,
others I think drugs were a factor in...Alicia and I hope to
let you know by Monday, arguments permitting.

*************************** (Tiffany Mull) writes:
To Jonathon:

Congratulations for getting to talk to George. :) What a
lucky guy you are. Thanks for mentioning all of us. :)
It's so great to know he actually looks in on Yogmael.
Well, congrats again and good luck with your wedding.

Tiffany :)
*************************** (Lynore Marksberry) writes:
Hi Amanda and Yog gang

I was cleaning closets today and ran across all my old
Wham! Stuff. In it was the "Official" 1986 Wham!
Calendar. For all of us who were not so lucky to get the
1997 George Calendar, we can hang up the 1986 Wham!
one if you still have it. The dates are exactly the same.
Now I can get my George fix and just for kicks Andy, too!
Who says it doesn't pay to recycle.

Thanks for all your hard work, Amanda
*************************** (Natacha DIRASSEN) writes:

Just want to inform everybody that George will not be
touring this year as he planned because everything was
booked by others..

So he said on Metro FM (an English station) he will be
definitively touring next year in the UK (and in Newcastle).
No idea for the rest of Europe.

He also said that he prefered to tour in places of 6,000
or 12,000 to make a better communication with the public.

Na, Wie geht's?--------------------------------
a2412497-at-smail1.rrz.Uni-Koeln.DE (Thilo Fussen) writes:

maybe there is a little chance for German fans to get
"WALTZ AWAY DREAMING". My local record dealer
here in Cologne has ordered some copies of WAD
directly from GB. Maybe he will get them on Wendsday,
18.06. If you are interested please contact me.
See ya and many thanks to Amanda for her great job.

Thilo, Germany.
*************************** (Cheralyn) writes:
Since I've received a number of inquiries regarding the
Freedom 2 CD bootleg I mentioned in YM #179, I thought
I would post some more information for everyone to see.

The track listings are:
Disc 1 -- The Concert 55 min.
1. Everything She Wants
2. You Have Been Loved
3. Fastlove
4. Praying for Time
5. I Can't Make You Love Me (and in the intro to this song,
we learn that Bonnie Raitt tells the best filthy jokes that
George has ever heard a woman tell!)
6. Freedom
7. Father Figure
8. The Strangest Thing
9. Introductions
10. Star People

Disc 2 -- The Complete Interview 56 min.

During the introductions segment, George resolves to
introduce the band by Christian names only, since they
are so many, but forgets about three names in, and then
has to chastise himself and try to remember to say only
Christian names, but of course, he forgets again! It's funny,
and very nice to hear George sounding as "light" and happy
as he did in the Wham! interview days.

My brother tells me he ordered this CD from an obscure
organization located in "some country like Singapore, or
something," that sends him a catalog every few months.
Unfortunately, he gets so many of these types of
catalogues that he throws them away! But, he's going to
check his records and try to provide all of you with an
address or phone number. Given the state of his record-
keeping, I'm hoping they send him another catalog really

If anyone wants a taped copy, just e-mail me for details.

*************************** writes:
Hello Amanda,

I was flipping through the videos for Older, and other than
the single Older, the other videos all have at least one
person wearing some sort of "horn" head-dressing. Now I
know the bull and horns are present throughout the
Mediterranean culture, -I was wondering if anybody knew
what this meant? Yet another homoerotic gesture?

(I tend to think aneurysm symbol for JTAC, just plain a
horny devil for FastLove. AG)

*************************** (M.C. Parthasarathy) writes:
Want to find out anything on any of ur favorite bands
including GM of course. Just visit - The

Ultimate Band List.

Happy surfing !

Dear Amanda and Yogfans,

Heard some news about "Careless Whisper" over the
weekend. (WOW! This is the first piece of info I've ever
supplied you with!!!) Anyway, back when Careless Whisper
was released, there was this big story on how the lyrics
were actually written by a fan who sent them to GM through
a fanclub, then he wrote the music to it, then bought the
rights to it. I don't remember any of this ever going on, but if
any of you do let me know! I'm not trying at all to sound
bitchy but although it was a pathetic yet interesting rumour,
I decided to let you all know. I mean, how could anyone but
George possibly write something like "Careless Whisper"?!
But if anyone knows what went on...

(Total bullshit. George wrote the track in it's entirety at the
age of 17. AG)

Love Maria.
*************************** (Marti Blesa) writes:
Hi all

In an Spanish magazine there was an article about our
common friend. The magazine is "QuÚ me dices" (quite
a bad mag indeed) number 12 (07/06/97), the article goes
like this:

George Michael's new look.

English singer went to New York to have some fun in the
Fifth Avenue and the Broadway theaters. George Michael
went to restaurant NOBU with an attractive brunette but he
didn't want to make any statement about his supposed
homosexuality. He never stated anything about this, but
many publications insist in unvealing his raves with male

(Which ones? AG)

The translation isn't very accurate as the magazine is
usualy wirtten with a very colloquial slang and I wanted to
preserve its contents. There's a photo of George getting
into a car. He still wears black, short hair and a new kind
of beard, an Emilio Zapata like moustache that runs to the
chin with a small goat beard. It's like the first goat beard
that he had at the beginning of the Older era with an
elongated moustache.

*************************** (Angie) writes:
Hi Amanda, (and fellow George fans!!)
I haven't written before but I just had to vent my frustrations
and give my opinion. Why do men (well, most men anyway),
feel they have to call George names and slag off his
sexuality?? Do they feel threatened by his staggering good
looks?? My fiance has a real problem with George and my
unfailing adoration of him, and has confessed on more then
one occasion that he hates him so b/c I love him so!! But,
it's not like I am ever going to meet him let alone anything
else (sob!) So why oh why can't he leave me alone with my
hero-worship! Secondly, I live in England and I'm forever
hearing of George conventions and gatherings of fans in the
U.S but you never get anything like that here, why are we
so stuffy? C'mon English fans sort summit out please!!
Lastly, did anyone have a problem with Older when they first
heard it, I felt like a real traitor but I really didn't like it, apart
from the songs already released, I thought most of the songs
sounded pretty bland and basically the same. However,
having had it now for a good while I have to ask myself "what
was I on??" Its possibly THE greatest Album ever!! I must
drive the neighbours nuts, (not to mention my fiance,
hehhee)!!!!!! Well thats my chest clear, till next time!!

P.S Well done Amanda .....x.......
*************************** (Andrew) writes:
Hello everyone,
I am a young, vivacious teenage fan of GM. I was wondering
if anyone knows if George Michael is going to tour for his
album Older or Does he not tour anymore.

(He doesn't like the touring process, but he loves performing
live. AG)

*************************** (George Lewis) writes:
Busy spice and yog tendencies,

Amanda, Amanda???

When are you going to update your webpage like you
promised!! "Look for updates next month?" That was last
month. =-) It's ok, you know I love you! Take a vacation!

(I tried, and I found out I have to learn a new program to
tweak it...and well, I can't be bothered at the moment.

Anybody wondering about that survey? Well whenever I
get some time after school gets out, I'll put it up here, but
for now, I'm fighting to keep my eyes open.


"Other guys, you can have mine, I aint askin for no sacrafice"
*************************** writes:
Can someone please tell me if is is possible to HEAR the
songs on the Aegean site or WATCH the videos? I
downloaded RealAudio, is that all you need or do u need

more? Am I missing something? Please E-mail me with
answers... thanks in advance

P.S. Why does the interview get cut off so much, do I
have a problerm w/my system, or is this just how it is?

(It has to do with buffering and the speed of your modem.
The faster your modem, the less agro you will incur. AG)
*************************** (Mark and Lisa) write:
I think that it is very interesting, the comparison between
George Michael and Elvis Presley. I, like many of you
have grown up listening to both and have other family
members that stick with Elvis. I think there really are a
lot of similarities between the two artists. Firstly, both
are very generous to people. Elvis was known to buy
Cadillacs for relatives and other valuable gifts as well.
Both have a true love for great songs. Although Elvis didn't
write or produce his material, he was the one who arranged
most of the songs he performed and chose the material
he sang in concert. Both had a problem being criticized
as white musicians trying to sound black. Both had
problems proving to critics that they were serious
singers/musicians. I believe that George is a very spiritual
individual and so was Elvis, not necessarily in a particular
religion, just in general.

I have seen both in concert and can honestly say that both
are great entertainers. I will say that Elvis had a powerful
voice when he chose to use it, but George's is more
controlled. Elvis was much more let it rip, where George
lets it glide.

Lastly, both George and Elvis had serious problems
dealing with celebrity. I guess it stems from the fact that
they lived very normal lives up to the point of their
stardom. They both were very young when celebrity
struck and had the women crazy over them. I have to say
that although Elvis became self-destructive because of his
stardom and other reasons, he had pressures that were
unique to his era 'The King of Rock and Roll' least
George was one of many true icons of his era....

Not to make anyone angry, but my wife and I are through
teaching for at least 3 months and have the summer to do
as we please...It will be so nice to read YOGMĂL without
interruption or time restraints...

(Time for you to start posting again Mark. AG)

Thanks Amanda for keeping us laughing and fascinated
with your wonderful is always a pleasure...

(And it is always an honour when I know it's appreciated! AG)

bellaj-at-BIOMED.MED.YALE.EDU (April J. Bell) writes:


I'm finally ready for this to appear in Yogmael.

I re-read your Yogaholism paper. Every time I read it, I
was struck by how much I identify with it. I think that I
really got into George when Faith came out. I liked
WHAM! and I was very upset when WHAM! broke up.
I think that VH-1 had a WHAM! special. I sat and
watched all of the videos.

(On my dresser I still have the original break up notice
from my local newspaper. AG)

When Faith came up, my obsession with George began.
I listened to Faith so much. I was on my high school
basketball and volleyball team. On game days, we
would sit in the locker room and do our homework before
the game. I would sit with my books, listening to my
Faith tape on my walkman. Everyday.

The Faith tour tickets went on sale shortly after my
birthday. I used all my "birthday" money to buy 2 tickets
to each of the 2 shows. Since I was only about 15, I
needed someone to drive me to the tour. One of my
older sisters said that she would go with me, but only if
I bought the tickets. Of course, I did.

(I used my report card money and I too took big sis. AG)

The concerts took place about one week before my
volleyball season began. Since I missed two practices to
attend the concerts, my coach benched me for two weeks.
I had purchased the tickets in April. I told my coach in
July during volleyball summer camp. Still, I was benched.
But, I didn't care. I went to both concerts and I had the
time of my life.

(I have left theatre production meetings in the name of
George... AG)

While in college, I got my roommate interested in GM.
She purchased a copy of Older without my prompting.

There is more to the story of my addiction. It was so
cathartic to write this little bit down. I love this group
because I post this and no one will think that I'm a few
cards short of a full deck. I thought that as I grew Older
my "thing" for George would lose its intensity. Boy, was
I wrong...

One last thing before I go...I would love to observe (???)
George in his songwriting process. I'd like to see how
he takes his concept of a song to fruition. For example,
I listened to StarPeople '97 and I wondered why he

sampled the Gap Band in this remix. I love it and I'd
love to know how he did.

I gotta run,
To Wrap it Up:

"You tell me that my soul's forgiven..."

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