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*************************** writes:
Re: Dotmusic chart commentary on the UK charts.

These aren't the same charts that appear in BillBoard
magazine each week, so I'm wondering how "official"
they are. Any UK residents out there that can clue me
*************************** writes:


I loved your Yogaholism paper. I know how you feel and
I am MUCH older than you. Keep up the great work and
don't ever apologize for your addiction.

Jamilao, I have sent you four messages and there was
transient failure on all of them. The only way I know to
contact you is through yogmael. To answer your
question, "If You Were My Woman" is on the CD single
"Don't Let the Sun-" with George and Elton. If you
will send me your mailing address, I will send you a copy.


OLDER Yogger
*************************** (Laurent) writes:
Thanks for all informations you bring us. I like George's
songs from the very begining of WHAM !. I bought Waltz
Away Dreaming yesterday, it was imported from UK(and
so it was not very cheap ;-) ).

Don't you think that george voice is not present enough
on the Waltz Away track? That's my point of view. And
in fact, i prefer the second track, and hope that Toby
Bourke will be able to change his style as george ever
done it.

Kiss From Paris with love....
*************************** (George Lewis) writes:
Hey all,

I finally got my Andrew Ridgeley CD (Son of Albert), and
well, I'm not real suprised, but I had quite a confused look
on my face at the end of the whole thing. I dont suppose
it is as bad as some say with the guitar, but his voice isn't
really, how can I say this nicely, avarage. Some songs
were quite Spandex rock, but a few like Baby Jane weren't
that bad in that catagory. I think I did infact enjoy Shake
(Hardcore) and a couple others. Was not a big fan of "Big
Machine" though, it sounded real fake. I think a major
reason it turned out to be such a flop, is that he was about
2 years late for the era he was trying to fit into. Maybe he
was trying to bring it back?

(Actually the album was supposed to be released just
after Faith hit the market, so it was on track, but CBS
didn't want to divide the loyalties of the Wham! audience,
and bumped Andy's release date until after Faith ran it's
course. And by then, we had accepted George the
superstar who was still writing pop songs, and expected
Andrew to do the same, not be into hard rock. It's us
who killed the boy's career. AG)

If you are looking for a copy, try this address:

Well, theres my review!!!


*************************** (Melanie) writes:

<< (I try to hit a new one now and then, but there is always a new one popping up it seems! MAJOR shout out to the
newest one YOGfanclub. You all did a great job Melanie!
AG) >>

Thanks, Amanda! We really appreciate it!

Does this mean we're "AG approved"? :)

(I'll go you one better Melanie, you're whole-heartedly

*************************** (Bea Alison Rumpelt) writes:
I had accessed the Aegean web site before, but using
only a 14.4 Modem, I never got very far. The site was
nice enough, but of course, my ultimate goal was the
audio/video clip section.

I recently bought an ISDN adapter for my pc, the
installation of which crashed the entire system and
had me hanging on the edge of panic for 24 hours.
Finally, I got everything setup and working and, of
course, my first stop was to the Aegean web site. I
got as far as I had before, the only difference being
the error message changing form "not enough
bandwidth" to "plug-in missing".

The audio section sent me straight to KEYview where
I dutifully downloaded the demanded plug-in.
Nevertheless, I was p.o. It stated the plug-in was a
30 day trial version. Buy or die!

(I got RealAudio free at Capital FM. AG)

The video section told me I needed the RealAudio
plug-in but instead of getting me there with a click of
my mouse, I was given the address which I then had
to give in manually. After several days I managed to
get that plug-in, too. It took so long because the
computer just froze up several times for no apparent
reason when I was trying to download it. (Never
happened with other sites, I wonder ...)I finally installed


Next try. The audio section now told me it couldn't
detect Macromedia's Shockwave for Director. I went off
to get that too (again, no link). Now the video section
told me I did have an older player. I was confused, I had
downloaded the latest version. I went back to the site
and after some searching found that there was a beta
version of a new player available. That must have been
the solution, so I downloaded it. Again I installed my
acquisitions - or at least tried to. Shockwave just
wouldn't work. Carefully, I searched their web site for
more information. Trouble shooting help! I had to read
that the plug-in would only work with Netscapes final
versions. Was it possible that I was still working with
the old beta version? Only careful studying of release
numbers on Netscape's site confirmed that. I
downloaded the final version and installed it. Bingo!
Shockwave worked wonderfully and the demos looked

Next try. I was getting excited. Finally, those clips had
to come to me! I clicked on the promo video and a little
window appeared. After only a few seconds it started to
play. Believe it or not, I was impressed. The wait and
trouble had definitively been worth it! And I could finally
see a video that I did not know yet! I was ecstatic! I
must have sat in front of my computer with my mouth
hanging open looking like a fool while behind my back
my dad, as always oblivious of my needs he does not
understand, kept telling me things I was not the least bit
interested in at that particular time.

However, the audio section still defies me. It keeps
telling me I do not have Shockwave for director installed.
Unfortunately, I do and it works fine with other sites. I
even went as far as installing the new 6.0beta version.
That didn't help either.

Conclusion: The site is very attractive, easy to navigate
and provides lots of information. But one should keep in
mind that most computer users are just that: users. They
might be turned off or even intimidated by all this messing
around that I had to go through.

(Since they went online, I have spent maybe 2 hours on
the site, and I think I know my way around a computer.

It has somewhat taken me by surprise that one of the
plug-ins needed is a commercial product that requires you
to purchase it after a trial period. Usually, plug-ins are free
for the end user using it privately only. I am afraid this will
severely limit the number of people able to take advantage
of Aegean's offer.

(I don't pay for anything I download, that's my rule. AG)

But even if not everybody online can take advantage of
those offers (yet), they are a step in the right direction. The
web will undoubtedly change from static information to
multimedia presentation even if this development will take
years to come. And this particular site is made up and
presented very attractively, making it one of the first I
know of to the use the web with all its possibilities to the
fullest - even if that means disregarding the unwritten law
of 'downward compatability' that enables even the ancient
AT-user to access the informatiton.

(I hit the site yesterday, and as usual, it locked my
computer... AG)

I will definitively be back and hope to see a lot more
information in the future. And more video clips. After all,
who can sit in front of the telly all day long to wait for
that video to come on ...

*************************** (Giuseppe Celano) writes:
Hi to everyone!

I would like to say something about Listen Without
Prejudice Vol. 2. It think it would be great to have it made
too. But I also think that some dance tracks like Do You
Really Want To Know, Happy, Crazyman Dance etc. were
surely part of it, so that (in case it is supposed to be
released some day) Vol. 2 will lack some of its material
and probably won't have nothing to do with its original
concept. As you all know the Volume 2 was supposed to
be a dance album. Sony Music didn't want to release it,
affirming it wasn't the right time for another GM album.
George himself turned down this idea when, after the 1991
duet with Elton John, he decided not to be a "dance artist".
So that's why, after that, some of these tracks were out as
B-sides or as tracks for Red Hot & Dance.

(According to a press release, only one side of LWP was
to be dance tracks, the second was to be live from the
C2C -- Cover to Cover -- tour. AG)

Finally I would invite you all to visit an italian web site
featuring lots of fan clubs, which is getting VERY GOOD
results in terms of number of visitors:

Our own page inside of it is very essential and simple
(nothing compared to the magnificient pages made by
many of you), however we think it is great to have a

space where to spread George Michael news worldwide.

Greetings to you all and best wishes.
*************************** (Scotty) writes:

I'll keep this short....
Our high school graduation was on June 6th (West York
Area High School in York,PA, USA) I picked up some
friends on the way to the school. We were all excited and
anxious so to calm us down we turned on the radio. We
scanned through the channels and we thought nothing
good was on but on the last station we found a good
song..... "I Want Your Sex" We pumped it out of my
Buick Century with that cool bass line shaking the inside
of the car. We got some looks on the way there but we
didn't care..... We had George getting us pumped for
graduation..... By the way.... Graduation was great....
And the party afterward was awesome.... To bad George
wasn't there....with Sting!

*************************** (Michelle Humphrey) writes:

Hi everyone. Just thought that you might be interested to
know that George is planning to release a "Greatest Hits"
album next year. I obtained this info from the UK magazine
NOW HERE and it reads:

Pop music can be such a fickle business. Party Animal,
that's the name of the of the section that deals with
megastars carrying ons reckons you'd need to be Madame
Fortuna, queen of the tea leaves, to predict next year's
trends today. Or George Michael who, after picking up two
awards at this year's Ivors told me "I'll be putting out my
Greatest Hits album next year." As a rule you can pretty
much gauge what you're going to get when you by a
Greatest Hits collection. There's a bit of a clue in the title.
But George, obviously hellbent on breaking with tradition,
insists "I'll be recording three new songs for mine."

It then rambles on about how George can possibly know
that his three new songs will be greatest hits. Obviously
the interviewer has no taste. Anyway, George, I'm one fan
that's eagerly awaiting the "Greatest Hits" album --even if I
have got them all already.

(The GH was part of the settlement with Fony, as were the
3 new tracks which must be delivered by the end of this
month. AG)

Bye for now.
*************************** writes:
I just visited your homepage and I really liked it. I loved the
picture of George in his speedo's; that was really cute. I
was shocked to see how Andrew has changed; is that grey
hair or is it blonde!!! I couldn't tell. But Andrew still looks
good to me as he used to.

(It's grey... AG)

George looked like an adonis in his swim shorts and I
immediately chuckled when I saw the picture. It brought
back those Wham! memories. I look forward to updates;
these pictures are great!!!!
*************************** (Alex) writes:

Hey Amanda!
I finally got my internet service working and I went and saw
your webpage with your pic on it. Have many people told
you that you look like Kerri Strug, the Olympic gymnast? I
think you look just like cute!

(That would be a voice is far deeper though, a lot
more like Bela, but without the accent. AG)

Nice pic of Andrew and George too.....I think the most
recent Andrew looks very good, a bit older, but still as
handsome as ever. And of course our George, looks so
darling in his speedo and he would still look just as good
in it today too.
Take care...
*************************** (Katja Aaltonen) writes:
Hi everyone,

I'm looking for people in UK who have been able to record
all the interviews that George has made recently. If you
could help me to get the interviews in Manchester or
Bristol, please email me.
*************************** (Emily Fiorte) writes:

Hey everyone! Just had a small idea that I might try and
put together. This is for people outside of the UK. I was
thinking of having kind of a George Michael "thing"
possibly this year (like the one in California but there is
a twist). What if we all planned to go to ENGLAND and
meet all of our YM pals there. I was checking some
things out (and I still am so bare with me). But, if we all
went together as a group, we can get group rates so it
could be affordable. This is the interesting part. I would
like to try and plan this for when George Michael does a
tour in the UK. Wouldn't that be cool if all his biggest fans
could go to his concert together? Just a thought, tell me

what you think...Is it too far out there or what? I know it
sounds kind of crazy, but I am flying to ENGLAND no
matter what if GM tours, I don't care, I just wanted to
know if anyone wants to come with me. (My friends don't
exaclty want to fly all the way to ENGLAND just to focus
on George Michael). Let me know.....

To Wrap it Up:

"Do you really think you got it so hard?"

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