AG'S Further Ideas for things to do while bored:

Get drunk, log online and interrogate people with the word
Yog in their online AOL profiles to find out what the hell it
means. I found one with a fondess for Yogi bear, and also
this little tid bit. According to a bloke called Abdul:

"Yog=Iak From Ancient Sumerian. Yog is not Sumerian, Iak
is Sumerian, a corruption of Yog from the original language
of R'lyeh, a prehuman civilization...What does it mean? It's
beyond our comprehension. Yog Sothoth is the Gate"

Ok, so I've had a couple drinks, but that sounds about
appropo for our George. Now if you guys and gals would
read your YM, I can go pour myself another drink...

*************************** (George Lewis) writes:

Just wondering if Georgie (hey, I'm called it all the time,
so I have the right to return it whenever I can,) just
wondering if he performed in the World Music Awards,
and when and if they would be televised in the U.S.of A?

(Georgie boy: He did not, and they were, advertising an
appearance by the almighty Yog, which did not happen.

Good day my friends,

George Lewis
*************************** (Michelle) writes:
Hi Trina,

I had my copy of WAD for just over a week - and I think
my neighbours are sick and tired of my playing it. (Is it
my fault that don't have any taste in music).

I live in the UK and last Thursday on Top Of The Pops the
WAD vid was shown. Geri (the really really saucy Spice
Girl) had the pleasure of introducing GM (who has not
appeared on TOTP for 11 years) on the show and giving
him a big kiss (oooh I'm really green with envy - some
people have all the luck). GM said that he was proud of
the vid and that it dedicated to his mum.

The opening scenes of the video show a lonely devastated
man playing with his wedding ring surrounded by numerous
photographs (this part of the video I understand). The rest
of the video is strange (men/women and childern dressed
as birds, butterflies holding picture frames and mirrors. In
the background falling leaves and bubbles. GM wandering
looking lost and alone etc) - I really do not know how to
describe it - its best, if you have the chance, to watch it
yourself and see what you think.

Anyway despite the fact that I'm obviously a bit dense, the
record is truly terrific and deserves to hit the top of the charts.

(Dense for not understanding a recent George vid? Hardly,
I no longer even try, I don't take enough drugs I guess. AG)

*************************** (Negin Zarandi) writes:

I came across your name in several web sites on
George Michael and it seems there is someone else
out there who is just as crazy about George as I am!!

(I'm not crazy, I'm just eccentric.... AG)

I've been a #1 fan about 14 years now (I'm 28 myself).
You mentioned going to a George fan convention this
summer in California and that's where I live and I was
wondering if you could give me some information
about it. I would love to go if possible.

(YM Weekend '97 is a weekend of tacky tourists,
drag bars, and karaoke taking place in Los Angeles
July 25th to 27th. I'll add you to the update list. AG)

I hope to hear from you.

Is it only me,or were there a ton of Yoggers who
actually endured the World Music Awards because we
thought he would be on. I was depressed for the rest of
the night. I missed both Unplugged and VH1 Honors so
I was really looking forward to it. I want to write ABC.
That was unethical. Sorry, just wanted to get that off my
chest. BTW- does anyone out there have the single "Do
They Know It's Christmas?" or know where I can get it?
If so write back.

Amanda, I hope you eventually "make some Oprah
cash" with this!

( AG)
*************************** (Anne Bolen) writes:
Camera crew,
Just wanted to post one last time before my summer
break. This summer I will be over in England for a bit
and was just wondering were might be the best place
to spot George or just hang out? I will miss reading
yogmael all the time. But the thought going
searching for anything george related in London will
certainly make up for it.

(Have a great trip and see you in the fall! AG)

*************************** writes:

I own a "Video Bar" in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA. we have
been attempting to get some video from none other than Mr
Michael. Geffen seems to staff their publicity department
with interns. If someone could e-mail me the address of
Aegean Records, I would be much appreciative.

I, too, am a little in awe over the marketing schemes in the
U.S. I want to give them the benefit of the doubt, but come
on. S K G This trio can market bad gas.

We do need to realize that an entirely different company
distributes George's music. That company is called UNI.
They rep lots of labels. Between Aegean, DreamWorks,
Geffen, Virgin, and then ultimately UNI, it is conceivable
that it loses appeal. By the time it gets to the music/
program directors, and to the retail outlets, no one
particularly cares. They go for what's hot. And it's up to
the MTV's, and a few indepently-minded program directors
to take the chance.

It's easier to follow than to lead. Believe me.

(Cheers to that. AG)
*************************** (Josh D'Lioncourt) writes:
Hey all...
Got my Waltz Away Dreaming CD single today and
here's my two cents worth...or maybe four cents since
I want to mention the second track also.

(Ah hell Josh, go for a whole nickel... AG)

I'd heard Waltz on a cassette taped off the radio a
couple months ago. It was a bad copy so this was
the first time I got to hear it real clearly. Great song...
sounds like a lot of Neil Diamond's earlier stuff. I
really love it and think George's mum must be proud.

"The Things I Said"...WOW! I really, really, really
love this song. It seems sacreligious to say that on
a disc that includes GM who is by far the world's
greatest song writer...but if this is any indication of
Toby Bourke's tallent, you can bet I'll be anxious to
hear more of his work. Aegean's done a smart thing
by picking him up. I really enjoyed the track...thought
it was beautiful and it moved me in a way that few
artists...if any other than George...can.
Well...that's it. Take care.

Josh D'Lioncourt
*************************** (kerrie) writes:
Hey Amanda!

Let me just say,
Hi my name is Kerrie and I'm a Yogaholic too!!!

I've heard such wonderful things about your Yogaholic
paper you wrote, I would love to get a copy of it! (only
when you have time of course! I know you are really
busy with all of this----you're doing a wonderful job! =D

(People have been asking what the hell this paper is.
Really simply, I was taking a deviant behaviour class
this past year, and I needed a 10 page paper on a
deviant behaviour of mine. Since I'm just a regular
person who rarely drinks, doesn't do drugs, smoke,
or have some kinky sex life, I decided to ramble about
what it's like being an obsessed fan and discuss the
birth of YOGMAEL. It took me 4 hours, and I got a B
on it. Ask for it if you feel the urge, or hit the YM
archives at:

BTW, Thank you for all of the Yogmael! I'm getting
close to receiving my 100th issue of Yogmael and I've
read every one! I just love them!!!! They're the only
email I actually can't wait to get!

(I hope you don't have any friends on YM who could
take that the wrong way... AG)

I just think that it's wonderful that there's this many
people that adore him as much as I do! What a *bond*!

I think this is the most annoying thing: You hear a
GM song, get excited that they're actually playing him
(for me it's even worse b/c I live here in the US) and
then the stab comes....someone says, "Who is this?!"
That just sucks! I say, "Okay, that's it! I'm not talking
to you! You insulted me here!" It seems as if I alwayas
take it to heart! I'll defend GM till the day I die! He's the
best EVER! (Especially that heart-tingling feeling when
you see his smile!!) Ya gotta love Yog!

Okay, I've rambled enough for now....Take Care! Keep
up the incredible work!

*************************** (YM's Siobahn) writes:
Hi Amanda and Crew: Got my CDs from EQS yesterday
and have been looking at them for awhile - savoring. Will
play them tonight when the basketball game is over - may
need some cheering up then. GO JAZZ! Bulls came to
town last nite right after a huge thunderstorm and I'm still
trying to figure out what that means. No Doubt is here too
- Amanda & Alicia where are you?

(Both of us are working our respective arses off to make
money for YM weekend... AG)

Meanwhile, I was touched by the message that came
with Waltz - it was heartfelt and shows how much the
man cares about his profession. You know gang, if he

wanted to he could be as big or bigger than Elvis - but
has made other choices. I'm glad he has the common
sense to realize how valuable his life is and how well
he protects it. Whatever makes him peaceful and
happy - that's what is really important.

Yog Forever, Carolyn
*************************** (James) writes:
I found a store the other day that still has UK CD singles
of both STW (the dance mixes) and Fastlove. My
question is, are they worth buying? Now before
answering, consider this. I won't buy them just because
it is something of GM. I will however buy anything GM
with its own inherent musical uniqueness, such as live
or unavailable tracks. I already own the US version of
Fastlove that includes the Summer Mix. I assume that
the UK fully extended mix (9min 27sec) is different, but
how different? Is it the same song, just longer or is it
closer to being a separate musical entity.

(The vocals are sped up a bit, it contains the "everybody
needs a little FastLove chant", and it breaks into "I'm Your
Man '96." It's my fave mix. AG)

The same question for the STW dance mixes. If there is
a different vocal track than the Older version of STW, that
is probably enough to make me buy it. If it is the same
vocal track with different percussion, probably not.

(There is another FastLove mix on there, with heavier
samples from Forget Me Nots, but the STW's are pretty
much the same vox. AG)

Keep in mind GM's agruably best examples of remixes,
Too Funky, Too Jazzy, and Happy. All three have the
same basic foundation and yet each is a brilliant work for
different reasons. I think it is great that GM releases so
many different versions, edits, and remixes of his singles
but in my world of limited financial resources, I have to
draw the line between the "must have's" and the "would
be nice to own's".

(George's own remixes I would always buys, but when
other people mix him, I'm a bit slower to open my wallet.
The Forthrights are at best good, but normally, so so. AG)

In an attempt to keep from overloading YM with responses
and opinions, you can e-mail direct at if
you wish to share you two cents. Thank you, James
*************************** (Rita Reid) writes:
Hello everyone!

I thought you might enjoy reading this since George is
mentioned! Pete Gleadall is talking about remixing in the
Sound on Sound article from Dec. 96. The last half of the
article is about Fast Love!

"I'd been making dance records with Forthright and on my
own for four years, and I realised I'd never tried mixing
records together. I learned to mix on vinyl, but I've got
more CDs than vinyl, so I got the Pioneer CD deck. When
you try mixing, you realise why there's a minute and a half
of boring drums at the start and end of each dance track -
it's just basic beats for the DJ to mix in on. It's no good
putting an orchestral beginning on and having the bass
drum come in afterwards, as a DJ will just skip the
beginning and cue up the track where the beat starts.
Likewise if you try putting a light bass drum on a track, it
won't get played. There's a set of rules, and you've got to
try and bend them, push at the boundaries of what's
acceptable. Generally, musicians put too many parts in
club records, and DJ's don't put enough in. You have to be
prepared to completely rebuild the track; for George
Michael's Fast Love we used the vocals only. The track
was 75 bpm, and our mix is at 127; we slowed his
vocals down to 63.5 bpm using Logic Audio - it's fantastic
for that - and then doubled the tempo of the track. Now,
because it's tough enough, DJs will play it, and then when
the vocals come in, the girls go mad, because they know
it's George, but he is being presented in a way that they
can dance to. If you gave them the single version, firstly, it
just wouldn't get played; secondly, it'd take your head off
in a club, because it's so bright; and thirdly, if you've got
too many chord changes, you can't get that trancey
element of repetition going. The hard thing in making a
good club record, specifically with vocals, is to get rid of
as many chords as you can, and have as few notes and
chords as possible, but leave enough variation so that it
isn't completely dull."

(And they wonder why I stopped going to clubs...I guess
maybe George's next album should just be him banging
on a set of bongos...whatever. AG)

Interesting, huh?

I'd also like to take this opportunity to voice my frustration
at ABC for messing with us saying that George was gonna
be on the World Music Awards! Don't mess with George
Michael fans!!!

Also, is there a kind fellow American out there who would
be willing to copy the Spinning the Wheel EP and mixes for

me???? I'd supply the tape and expenses. Please e-mail
me privately.

To Wrap it Up:

"I'll tell you that I'm happy if you want me to..."

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