I know, no Friday YM, bad Amanda, how dare I have a life...

But, I would like to take a sec to dedicate this issue of YM
to Shirlie Kemp. Thanks for the "positive thoughts" last
week, and please tell "ME!!" I'm sorry I doubted him, and
assure him he did indeed give me a shock. : )

*************************** (Lynne) writes:
Dear Amanda,

One question if you have time. Is Shirley Kemp at his
record company Shirley Holliman (Married still to
Martin, how many kids?)

(Sorry for the delay, I wanted to ask Shirlie before I
made a definite statement. Mrs. Kemp is indeed the
former Miss. Holliman, she is still married to Martin
-- lucky lady -- and the mother of 2, a girl and a boy.

*************************** (Cheralyn) writes:
This is my first post to yogmael, so please be nice :)

I've only really been on the list for a few week, but I've
caught up on about 80 of the archived lists, so I feel
almost like I know you.

I have three things to address.

1) My brother gave me a great graduation present this
week. It's a 2 CD boot called "Freedom." Disk 1
contains the BBC Radio Theatre gig from London on
October 8, 1996, and Disk 2 contains the Radio One
Interview. I've never been much of a screamer, but I
sure screamed when he gave it to me (it brought back
my old Duranie days from the mid-80's).

About the interview--though I read the posted text on the
list, actually hearing George say the words gave the
interview a different spin for me. I know people have said
this before, but vocal inflection and tone of voice make a
big difference. After all, George can't write little smiley
faces in printed material the way we can :)

2) In the Madonna newgroup, they are talking about a disk
called Go Girl! House Remixes Vol. 14, which features a
remix of Crazy For You. Someone there mentioned that it
also contains a GM song. Does anyone know what that
might be?

3) Finally, in YM #172, Amanda and Chad were chatting
about George's voice, and I wanted to comment. Chad was
commenting that George doesn't "belt" songs like he used
to and Amanda pointed to George's smoking as a possible
reason for this. I work with professionally trained singers on
a daily basis, some of whom have been smoking for some
time. My boss, who is a 25 year veteran of major
operahouses around the world, smoked for most of her
career (ever since she had to smoke onstage in "Carmen").
I think that it takes more than four or five years of smoking
to ruin a voice, especially if you're being careful in every
other way (avoiding vocal strain, not singing out of your
range, eating right, etc.)

(He's been smoking since at least '86. He can say what
he wants, he has been photographed smoking since
about a week after Wham! split. AG)

Also, I think that the main effect smoking has on the vocal
cords is not to diminish the power or the volume of the
voice but to limit the vocal range (as in, how high and how
low you can sing). I think smoking contributes to the loss
of high notes particularly (Marianne Faithful, anyone?).

(Smoking hurts lung capacity, which according to a friend
-- a 5 year veteran of nationally renowned choir Vox
Nouveau -- would then affect your ability to "belt out a song."

Just a few thoughts. Keep up the good work and I hope
to post again soon.

*************************** (laura) writes:
Hi camera crew!
First of all I want to publicly thank Jonathan for letting
us know that the man himself was really reading us (well, in
a way we sort of knew it....we kept the faith...didn't we??!!)
and for the funny and so so cool interview he let us know about.
Then I'd like to ask all the people from England that
want to organise a special George-related week-end to write to
me and suggest a date in the summer so that we can decide.
I'll be leaving for London on july 8th and then I won't have the
chance to read my mail, so try and reply me before that date
your address will be appreciated too!!!). Does anyone know
anything about the live concert he's due to do in the summer?
Is it true? God, if it is that would be my very first time to see
him performing live in 13 years!!!!!!!!I can't wait! I also met him,
but The only thing I really want from him is to see him singing
live..... (well....there is something else I could think about....;)
!!!!!!). When he did the Faith tour I was 13 and my mother
didn't let me go (she's still paying for that!!!!!) and then, when
he organized the Cover to Cover Tour he did't even think
about coming to Italy!!!!!He should be punished for

the next tour George!!!!

for Ray:
Thanks because you quoted one of my favourite ever
passage written by George...It brought back nice memories
in my mind....thx

Anyway I'd better go now, Amanda, our yog-angel-never-
*************************** (Kristine) writes:
Hi, Amanda!
Hi, everybody!
I got tired of working and decided to send you a few words.
It really helps to get my energy back! Thank you, guys!
I was watching one of the Latvian TV shows last night, and
I saw there one of my favourite songs (well, many of them
are my favourite songs, but this one is really special)
"Don't let the sun go down on me" . And I was thinking -
isn't it amazing that not so long time ago George was
singing backing vocal to that beautiful Elton's song "Nikita"
... Well, maybe it was very long time ago, but it's amazing,
Well, I have to go back to work. Thank you for listening. It's
really great how much better human being can feel just
because he said something to someone who can
understand how he feels

P.S. If any of you, guys, will accidently get the chance to
talk to George (you never know what can happen...
Remember Jonathan???), tell him I love his music. And tell
him that he CAN come round for some coffee if he will be
somewhere near Riga.
Well, see you later, guys!
I hope my English is not so terrible as I think it is...
*************************** (Carolyn) writes
<< 2. Watch the Bulls kick the Jazz's asses.>>



<< 3. Break your George Michael Unathorized Edition interview CD, and damn near have a nervous break-
down. Then remember you have a couple hundred
friends who have the CD who can copy it for you.
Who can help me out? Will pay expenses. >>

I don't think I have this - more info please - I can't live
without it!

(It was released in the UK several months back. It's an
interview on CD, accompanied by a 128 page book. AG)


(Because who wants to fuck a loser...Bulls in 6. AG)
*************************** (Brent) writes:
Hello everyone I just wanted everyone to know I have
some sound wav' files of Waltz Away on my web site
and the picture cover sleeve so people who don't have
it can see what a great cover it is and also where you
can purchase it in the News of the Week section of the
page in case you don't already have it. So please visit
the site before June 11th. Thank you. Anyone who
wants to add things to my site please feel free to
contact me.
Cheers! Brent
*************************** (Tina Stem) writes:
Hi Amanda,

Just a couple of things…I hated to read that Mr. Michæl
does not plan to tour the US/North America due to low
sales of Older. It would be great if he did choose to tour
but in smaller atmospheres instead of the bigger stadiums.
I believe I read or watched an interview where he said he
really enjoyed doing the secret concert in England or
maybe it was the MTV Unplugged because he could
actually hear the music & what was going on rather than
just screaming.

I am going to put a plug in for the Nashville, Tennessee
area. We have 2 or 3 great theaters with great acoustics,
one being the Rhyman Auditorium in Nashville. It used to
house the Grand Old Opry (a country music show with the
biggest names in country) which was broadcast as a live
radio show. The building has been completely restored & I
have heard through interviews with other musicians that the
acoustics are GREAT!

Maybe Mr. Michæl could be persuaded to come over the
pond to do some shows of this nature. Maybe he could do
a couple at each place (two consecutive nights) so several
people could still see him. (I would have to have tickets for
BOTH nights)

(Indeed. A tour of small couple thousand seaters would
sell out and please the fans. Come on George, the Artist
was just in my neck of the woods to play a $50 per person
club gig. Follow his lead... AG)

One last thing….I can’t remeber who mentioned Elvis a
couple of issues back, but I have also compared Elvis with
George. I was raised with Elvis blaring almost everyday.
My mother loved him, therefore I grew up loving him. For
my nineth birthday I got to see him in concert. I never

thought anyone could take his place, BUT guess what!!!

I have told several people that Elvis can’t hold a candle to
GM. If they start to argue I ask them how many songs did
he (Elvis) write, produce, sing, sing backup & play all the
instruments? Of course they can name none, so I always
admit that he did do alot for our modern music but he has

(My dad and I have engaged in many the argument on the
same topic, but it's always my mum who tears into the
room waving the flag of Yog to shut dad the hell up. AG)

Hopefully Mr. Michæl will read this & take into
consideration that he DOES have a following in the US &
will reconsider his choice not to tour here.

A very FAITHful USA fan,
Tina Stem
*************************** writes:
Hi Amanda:

So is it true? George is in town(LA), what is he doing
here....I wish I could see him... Ai ai, anyways, I am
as usual frustrated... I've got all the programs that I
could possible find to try download the videos from
Older, "nada"...So once again I offer a copy of my
Rock in Rio performance and the Unplugged as well
for anyone that can give me a copy of the videos(some
tv appearences wouldn't hurt)...

For those that have been writing to me asking for the
Rock in Rio copy I say again: I am not after any money
compensation, just send me a VHS tape and I will mail
a copy within US territory, out of the US would be kinda
expensive so we have to set something up, e-mail me for
the address or for any question...
Amanda, thank you...

... No chance of you telling me his address hein?? Just

(He wouldn't appreciate that much, so sorry no. AG)

Love you all
*************************** (R) writes:
Hey, 'haven't written in a while....

To whom can we complain about the World Music Awards?
What a con! I sat through crap like the Spice Girls (those
producer-gathered lip-syncers!), and the rest of the void of
talent that was there, just for a glimpse of George...well, I
got exactly that: a glimpse--not even a live glimpse! Only
a clip from FastLove--which I've, and I'm sure we've all,
watched and watched, over and over!

This has happened before, years ago, with another awards
show but now I can't seem to remember which one--MTV

The Brit Awards, too, have shunned George's appearance
twice in their state-side broadcasts!

(This year was not their fault. AG)

What's the deal?
*************************** (Mike Beams) writes:
Hi Amanda & Yoggers,

I am sitting here surfing the net and listening to LWP
which I haven't done for about a month and it
re-established why I love GM so much. For those who
want to listen, what are your thoughts?

I believe what makes George one of the most prolific
and talented songwriters around today is not just the
fact that he can write an incredible piece of music, not
the amazingly personal lyrics (how many of you at times
have thought George must be watching my life to be able
to write those lyrics?!) but the fact that he writes songs
that can be interpreted in so any different ways? Look at
STW album version to the single version, let alone the
re-mixes? Freedom 90 album version to the amazingly
brilliant unplugged version. Alot of these tracks are
unrecognisable from the album to the remixes. Very few
songwriters around (maybe Prince) can do this... write a
great song firstly, but then in the mixing box, come out
with something so different, but usually equally as good.

Further to that... what other artist can take someone
else's song and make it so much his own like George
can? His version of "Calling You" breaks my heart, let
alone how he totally re-vitalises all those Elton, Queen
and Stevie tracks?

Anyway... that was just such a self-indulgent piece of
writing!! But it's so great to be able to do it and and
think that maybe at least one person is interested!!
Thanks Amanda for giving us all the opportunity to indulge
our passion in praising GM (most of the time anyway...
no-one's perfect!!)

(Anytime. AG)

*************************** (Zest) writes:
Hi !

I heard Star People 97 for the first time yesterday. Wow !
It has a 70's funk feel to it. It has a completely different
feel from the original Star People that is available on the
Older album. I have ordered by copy from a store that
imports from UK. On the other hand, I have the Star
People single from DREAMWORKS and have to admit
that it it the WORST piece of music I have heard. They
have synthisized the whole thing and it sounds BAD. The
only 2 songs I liked was Star People (MTV version) and
The Strangest Thing (BBC Live Version). The Strangest

Thing (BBC Live Version) is beautiful. It is slower version
and George's voice is natural and different. You have to
hear it to feel it.

Thailand is playing a lot of Star People 97 (I am so
happy). I am quite sure if GM does a Asia tour, it will be
all sell out concerts. I for one would travel to every
country he is in to go to all the concerts.

To Wrap it Up:

"I'm looking for sympathy, just get me on NBC."

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