I firetrucked again with the numbering didn't I? (Firetruck?
Take out the "iretr".) Hence, this is really YM #177.

OK, question for all of those of you who have ever heard
Andrew's singing voice, and ever given the Rocky Horror
Picture Show soundtrack a good listen. Notice any
similarity between Andrew and Richard O'Brien in
"Science Fiction/Double Feature"?

Speaking of that soundtrack, what does it have in
common with I guess what would have been the
soundtrack of Foreign Skies had they released one
with, particularly in the score?

Also, please stop forwarding me copies of the Dot
Music review of Waltz Away Dreaming, it appeared in
YM yesterday. Thanks. It's not a good enough one to
read over and over again.

Lastly, in light of recent questions, I'll extend the contest
deadline to Friday June 13th.

*************************** (Cass) writes:
Hi Amanda and camera crew...

I've got a few questions re the contest that I'm assuming
someone else may have also.

Do "Careless Whisper" or "A Different Corner" count
as Wham! songs or as George solo songs ? (They're
technically both Wham! songs per George in the M-TV
interview with Mark Goodman, 1987)

(For the sake of argument, Wham! AG)

When you said "...and in 25 words or less, WHY." Did
you mean that I get 25 words per track to ramble-on-at-
will or 25 words for the whole thing?

(25 per track. AG)

Do they have to be Wham! songs or can they be other
songs that both George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley
are both singing at the same time ?

(Since the only such track in creation is from Andrew's solo
album, it has to be a Wham! song appearing on one of their
albums. AG)

Can we pick ANYONE that we want to do a cover, or
does it have to be people / bands of that era (80's)?
And do the people we pick have to be professional
musicians ?

(All bets are off. I have read a few already, and the whole
spectrum is being covered. It obviously helps if I know who
the person is, but my music taste is pretty varied, so don't
worry. AG)

I know, I'm getting weird, but most of my friends will tell
you that I've been this way for a LONG time !

(You're not the only one...BTW, when you tell me of your
stressful weeks, is it meant to make me feel apathetic or
just plain pathetic? AG)

Gotta Bounce,
Someone else writes:
1. Does the artist/artists have to be alive (i.e., like Elvis)?

(I've never heard a corpse sing, so I think they should
probably be alive. AG)

2. Do the artists still have to be together (i.e. Righteous

(I don't see why they couldn't get together for a one off.

3. Do all 11 songs have to be covered by the same artist
or can there be 11 artists?

11 artists would be preferred.

4. Obviously - can it be single artists or just duos and groups?

(Anything goes. AG)
*************************** (Martine) writes:
Hey Amanda & Yoggers,

Issue #175, (the must read) was absolutely fabulous!
Johnathan Flowers was really lucky to speak to George.
As Johnathan stated, "that he was very nervous at first)
he still managed to ask one of many important
questions...Does George read Yogmael? The fact that
George acknowledged that he looks into all the sites
regarding him, wasn't enough for me. But then he said,
"is that the one with the ae?" I thought about time George.

(That's what sent me ballistic. AG)

You know that we exist!! Furthermore, I'll be returning to
the US in September, so I hope he'll begin to address
what he has in store for North America. He doesn't have
to read Yogmael on a daily basis to know that North
Americans are being deprived of his music, as well as
his physical(musical) appearances. I know George
doesn't like to tour, but I think it's about time to increase
his special appearances in North America. Just my
opinion, but I'm sure many of you would agree!!

I did it again! I jokingly asked someone on my campus
if they've ever spotted George. (Scenario) Last night of
class and everyone goes out for drinks. We started
getting a little crazy (too much red wine) toasting to
everything and anything.

(Toasts, the sure fire way to get drunk. Everytime I have
been falling over drunk, it was thanks to toasting... AG)

I sure you know who my toast was dedicated to...
(George) Anyway, after everyone told me to sit down, I
was just getting to the let me set you straight about
George phase and then someone I've seen a lot on
campus, but never got around to talking to, told me to
grab a seat when he saw how, I wouldn't say obsessed,

but everyone at the table would, that I was was George.
Well, he told me that he..I stopped he before he could
say by yelling out, "you saw him?"...well he said yeah,
but I spoke to him for about five minutes.
Another friend of mine had to lift my chin to shut my
mouth (I'm sure I looked pathetic at this point!!) I looked
at him and stuttered, "you spoke to him?" He told me
that last summer he was in the Nice airport and was
going through the X-ray machine with his carry-on
baggage. When he walked through the metal detector
it kept beeping. He was a little baffled as to what was
going on. As he giving the security guard a troubled
look, he gets a tap on his shoulder and he turns around
and there stood George Michael behind him and George
says to him, "I think he wants you to check if you have
any keys or change in your pocket", he says ohh, okay.
He does so, and realized after stepping away from the
metal detector that it was George, and says to him,
"thank you Mr.Michael" (I had to recreate the scene
with George speaking with his English accent) But
wait..that's not this point my (now) friend has
walked over to the x-ray machine to pick up his carry-on
bags. But, George has mistakenly taken a his bag
(which looked quite similar).. So he yelled out,"excuse
me Mr.Michael", George turns around and says, "yes"
My friend told him that he's mistakenly taken his bag.
George looked at the bag he had in his had an told him,
"oh, I'm so sorry." My friend said its okay. So they
switched bags and went on their way.

(OK, who among us would have actually switched bags?

I asked my friend whether he got an autograph, but he
said although he likes George's music, he's not really
interested in getting autographs.. He said that I'm the
first person he's encountered that has ever made a big
deal about him. He realized by the glow on my face at
the mere mention on George, that I was a "FAN".

"I do not count myself among you..I may have been
living in a dream, Its just there their seems so many
of you..can't help but hope there's a difference and me.."

Bye for now, Martine
*************************** (Jeff McGary) writes:
Let us not forget that without Dreamworks, there would
be no new music at all. George would still be held up
in court, or worse yet, forever shackled by his Sony
contract. As a North American, I feel the pain with the
rest of you when I read about His music on the radio,
new songs in the stores, and actual awards being given
to Him by our comrades across the Atlantic.

However, as predicted at the time by Billboard,
Dreamworks was only buying out His contract as a
"gesture of good will." One more album, and He will
be free. It would be nice if He were being promoted
more here, but I don't know how much it would help.
The music scene here has been just too much about
trends. Unless you're a phat rapper, a female psuedo
folk singer, or an "alternative-mainstream" band there
is no place for you here.

But, as He said "the pendulum is swinging", and He
will rise again. Be patient America, and thank
Dreamworks for freeing Him and His music.

(I thank Mr. Geffen profusely, but still question a
company that declares his album dead after 2 singles.
Which they did. Oh well, they paid their millions,
they have his name, and George has his freedom,
but I don't see other artists lining up to join up based
on George's name, can't think why... AG)

Yours in the Yog,

*************************** (Cass) further writes :
Hi everyone!

I FINALLY got my desperate hands on a copy of "Waltz..."
(I REFUSE, btw, to use the acronym WAD !) and I like it!
I don't love it yet, I'll get used to Toby's voice, I'm sure, and
I LOVE the fact that it's a tribute to George's mom and that
it was to help his dad, but I think I'm gonna have to listen
to it (CONSTANTLY!) for about a week to love it...

(I had that problem with Older. AG)

Just a thought. I work in the "Entertainment Industry" and
I'd love to see "our" business progress and grow (per Ęgean's
mission statement) into something I could be PROUD to be
a part of, but does it seem like someone over there (-at-
Ęgean) has seen Jerry Maguire a few times too many?

(I had to be dragged to that movie... AG)

"You look for your dreams in heaven
But what the hell are you supposed to do
When they come true?"

I know that DREAMWORKS is not doing (in MY opinion)
an adequate job of repping our favorite guy, but they aren't
nearly as destructive as Sony was (to him personally,as
well as to his career) If it is indeed true that all they
(Dreamworks, et al.) are concerned with is "Media.
Marketing. Manufacture. Merger and of course the biggest

M of them all, Money." wouldn't they have done an
AMAZING push in Promotion and ads, more videos...
faster and had his lovely mug all OVER the place ?!?!
Sales in the US (I'm sad to say ) are DISMAL, at best.
And at worst, it must feel to him that he has no fans...WE
given up on him, the "execs" gave up on US and HIM!

"But you once said
There's a way back for every man
So here I am
Don't people change, here I am
Is it too late to try again
Here I am."

So...George may think that he's gotten into a better
position in the US with Dreamworks, and in some ways
he has...but I thought the idea of being an artist and being
with a recording company was to share your talents, gifts,
and love with bring joy and happiness
THROUGH the music and to add to the quality of life...
you can't do that if you have a label that doesn't believe
in you enough to make sure that the public even knows
that you've got an album out! Virgin (for the rest of the
world) obviously knows what it's got in him as an artist,
they believe in him and they're apparently doing an
AMAZING job for him...further proof that the offer I received
to relocate is a better idea than staying in "LaLaLand".

Sorry for the rant.

Amanda, please edit as you see fit, but please don't make
me sound like a bimbo...Hope everyone has an amazing
week and weekend!

(I made 2 spelling corrections, but otherwise it's as you
wrote it. Thanks for the input. AG)

*************************** (Rich) writes:
Greetings to all...
I just got my copies of Star People '97 and WAD. Star
People '97 proves that George hasn't lost his funky side. It,
for some strange reason, gave me a FAITH albom feel.
Maybe it was all the HUH's! and OH's!:+) The best mix to
come from the album in My opinion, next to the dance mix
of Fastlove.

(I had this urge to hit a retro disco night the first time I
heard it. AG)

By the way, what was up with ABC advertising that YOG
was going to be on the World Music Awards? I sat there
for 2 hours and was very disappointed that he did not
appear and was only nominated for award. Did he miss
the flight or what:+).

(He was still in LA when they taped them, nice marketing
for ABC though. They promised the Spice Girls too, and
all they showed was a video. And they wonder why those
awards are touted as being a bit of a joke... AG)

*************************** (Heidi Kriss) writes:
Good news, after days of trying I FINALLY got into the
Aegean site. They have alot of work to do to make it
more user friendly but it has some great info. on George,
the direction they're going in and new talent they're
searching for. I for one will be working on my demo tape
to get into them soon.

Jonathon I loved reading about your conversation with
George! What a thrill that must have been. I know what
it's like to meet someone you admire so much. I was
fortunate enough to know the right people and hit the
road for a few tours with Steve Perry on his US solo tour
1 1/2 years ago. I was able to sit down face to face and
talk to him (although the celebrities entourage can
sometimes be very controlling and make things difficult)
and just hang out and experience the backstage life. It
was incredible.

All you Europeans out there are so lucky that you get
airplay of George's new songs and possibly have him
tour. Us Americans will just have to make do with our
CD's and the older songs the stations still play.

Heidi Kriss
Woodinville, WA USA
*************************** (Disa) writes:
Hi Everybody!
I was in a record store here in Copenhagen and I found
Waltz Away Dreaming, so it“s not just in the UK.
I talked to the assistant in the record store, he is of course
a George Michael fan, and he told me that George Michael
is so popular here in Denmark that everything that is
released with GM you should be able to buy here in
Denmark. So I hope that the rest of you in Europe can buy
the single.

Amanda I dont know what is happening I haven't got
Yogmael 175 that everybody is talking about and I don't
have 177 either, could you sent it to me.

(Not a problem. Remember, if you ever miss or delete an
issue, just drop me a line. AG)

buy for now
*************************** (Shannon) writes:
My name is Shannon,
I am 25 years old and have been a Wham!! / George Michael
fan for MANY YEARS!! I saw George in Toronto during the
FAITH tour and met Deon Estus (the bass guitarist) during
that trip. Thanks for including me!!!!
"Take me to the edge of heaven"......

To Wrap it Up:

To get you into the mood to enter yesterday's contest:

"Let's do the time warp again!"

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