You will recall that I questioned what all this work on
YM would do to my grades a while back? Last year's
GPA -- before YM -- was 2.7 (68%). And with YM?
3.6 (78%). Mom has stopped griping about you guys

*************************** (Beverley)
Hi Amanda and Everyone!
Here's some news from jolly old England! George made
a surprise LIVE appearance on this week's Top Of The
Pops - his first time in their studios for 11 years!! He
chatted briefly to Geri Spice about the Ivor Novellos,
and then introduced the video for Waltz Away Dreaming,
saying that it was a new singer, a new song, a new
record label (which just happened to be his own) and a
video that he thought was as beautiful as the lady it was
written for - "my Mum". He looked fantastic, dressed all
in black, with dark glasses and a tiny AIDS pin in his

The charts have just been announced. Waltz Away
Dreaming has entered the Network Chart at No.10. Well
done AEgean!!

Love, Beverley.
*************************** writes:
Did someone ask for the lyrics for Star People '97. If so,
I have them. Email me and I'll get them for you. Also, if
anyone is loking for Star People '97, the Older EP, or
JTAC, there's a place around here (Dallas) where I can
get it.

By the way, has anyone heard Prince's version of I Can't
Make You Love Me. I searched everywhere for GM's
version, but I hate to say I think Prince's is better. But
that's okay because I wll always love anything that GM

"..I'm going down, and I pray to be forgiven.."

By the way, great job Amanda. I truly thought I was the
only one.

Isn't it awesome to think that GM actually reads what we
say about him. He must know then how much he's
missed in the United States. George, if you're reading,
I NEED you to tour. We all do!!! I know I have backup for

(There's sanity in numbers... AG)
*************************** (Nancy) writes:
Many of you have asked me to do special postings
whenever I receive new items for sale or trade. Here
are some new items:


1. Star People US cd WITH HIDDEN TRACK and 6
other versions of Star People. Also contains The
Strangest Thing Live

2. The Older EP UK CD

3. Star People 97 UK CD

4. Star People - The Dance Mixes UK CD

If interested, please write!
*************************** (Henrich Goetz) writes:
Hey you Europeans,

does anyone know where to get "Waltz away Dreaming" if
you are living outside the UK, as it does not look like it's
going to be released in (the rest of) Europe?

*************************** (TRINA
B) writes:
Help! Excuse my computer ignorance but, I'm having
trouble accessing the Aegean Site. I get nothing but
GM's picture and the original message that was posted
when they first came on line. Am I missing something?
Also, I only have internet access from work, and
unfortunately this computer does not have a soundcard.
So I've tried downloading vids and other files and trying
them out on my home computer. Can't make it work
though. Where should I be to open these files? I'd
really appreciate anyone's advice. I'm missing out on
so much!! Thanks!!

(I know I needed to get NetScape to view it. AG)
*************************** writes:
Hey I have an idea; let's start a Yogmael CHAT ROOM
where we would meet every so often, certain days of
the week at certain times. Then we could talk about
George and invite him to chat with us. Since he reads
our mail I am sure he would love to get online with us.
That would be the best!!!! Let's hope!!!!

(Well, up until the last few months, there used to be
regular AOL chats, and I know there's a YM IRC channel
that meets -- or used to -- Sunday afternoons EST. We
have been meaning to restart -- since Dan stopped --
the AOL chats though. AG)

Yogmael #175 was so great to read. We all want to
have an opportunity to talk with George the way Jonathan
did. Well since this ad said George reads our Yogmael, I
thought I would send George a poem in hopes that he
reads this too:

After All These Years
** A poem for George Michael from Sherah**

No one could have told me yesterday
That I would one day feel this way
Such stars had never made my day
No one's made me want to say


Careless Whisper lit the spark
Although Freedom left it's mark
Bad Boys surely turned me around
If You Were There had the sweetest sound

Credit Card Baby had me singin
Heart Beat only left mine ringin
I turned a Different Corner only to find
The original Freedom still on my mind

Since the 80's have brought about
A man called "George Michael" I have no doubt
Faith has kept me a fan thus far
And now Yog knows just who we are

As long as music fills the air
As long as people everywhere
Want to hear a heartwarming sound
Forever, I want to see George stay around
*************************** (Glenda Cowles) writes:

You REALLY made my day!. I had my e-mail on,
because I was expecting a message from my son
who has flown to England. When I got your
message about talking to GM my heart went up
into my throat. I HOPE, since he reads YM, he'll
see just how many of us in the USA are very
frustrated because we cannot buy what all of you
from the UK are buying. I just hope my son brings
me bunches of GM stuff from England.

Definitely OLDER,
Granny Yogger
*************************** (Andrea) writes:
Thanks Johnathan!!
That was really cool! I would love to hear the whole

It is nice to know that George knows we exist, and
that he makes a point to look us up every once in awhile.

Hello George--you do have fans in America!!! We love

A volume II would great!!!!

bellaj-at-BIOMED.MED.YALE.EDU (April J. Bell) writes:

That was soooooo excellent.
Definitely gives me hope.

To All,

I am a little confused. Is there another version of SP
'97 besides the "hidden track"? What else is on the

(I currently have only the SP'97 UK import, what I
think Josh said was that the DreamWorks version
differed from the Virgin release. You see, when
DreamWorks released SP here, there was no SP'97,
and so now as the '97 version is released in the UK,
they are scrambling to add it to the second pressing
of the single. AG)

*************************** (Luba Slanina) writes:
Hi there I am a Yogmael Fan and I live in TORONTO as
well, so you are not the only one.

Please let me know of any Canadian or U.S. dates soon!
*************************** (Melanie) writes:
Dear Amanda and members of the camera crew:

I'd like to tell you about a new George Michael website.
The website is called Yo
urs Only George
, and it's located

Some of the features include:

* More than 100 George Michael LINKS
* A photo GALLERY with some never-before-seen pictures
of George
* A NEWS section. (Can't beat Yogmael, though. :)
* A WHAM! MEMORIES section where you can tell us
your favorite Wham! memories
* A TRIBUTE to George's mother
* And much more!

We hope you stop by our site soon!

***Yours Only George***
*************************** (Giovanni Mantilla) writes:
Hi Amanda!

I just read YOGMAEL #175 and i am so actually thrilled for
George reading your work!!!!!! With the people's help and
info, of corz, but all actually because of you!!! Thanks for
letting us be seen and heard by THE MAN himself!

(If you build it, he will peruse... AG)

And thanks!!

I promised to tell you whatever happenned with me and
my physics exam, but i haven't been given the results, so
it'll have to be until next wednesday, probably...

Hey AG-- are you in the Madonna Mailing List DIGEST?
If so, could you please forward me the last night's one,
#167?? I lost it because of some server-transfering
problem!! Thank God last night's YOGMAEL wasn't lost!

(I'm not, but someone else on here must be... AG)

Also, for the interest of us, GM's Latin American fan's
MTV Latino is re-airing the Unplugged show Wedenesday
at 9 pm. Mexico Time.

MTV Latino is having 'Star People (Unplugged)' on heavy
rotation! I love MTV Latino, it's such a listen-without-
prejudice network!

Thanks and congratulations again...!

Giovanni Mantilla

PS. Nitey nite, George, i know you're out there... ;)
*************************** (LEBOIS David) writes:

Congratulations Jonathan !!!
I was so happy to read "your interview"...

Just a little question (as I'm not speaking english perfectly):
What does "Yeah, it's a cosher one!" mean ?

(Depending on how accepting he is of his minute Judaism,
and for as mildly aware of mine as I am, kosher basically
means right or OK -- as in the Hebrew for right, "kasher".
Dictionary definitions are along the lines of pure and clean
according to Jewish ordinances. So I guess, in a sense,
we've been blessed. AG)

Thanks for helping me.
*************************** writes:
I want lyrics from " (Killer) Papa was a Rolling Stone"
Thank You,
*************************** (Kelly) writes:
Recently in YOGMAEL:
> writes:
>Dear Yogers,
> >I recently spoke to a representative from Dreamworks and
>was informed that GM does not have a North American
>tour plannned due to the lackluster sales of Older in the
>US. But, good news for yogers in Europe. There are
>definate "surprise" shows planned and even a mini-tour is
>in the works for some parts of Europe. Keep up the good
>work Amanda!!!
> >Christoff
God, that hurts. Congrats on all people who live beyond
the Atlantic Ocean. I'm finding more and more reasons to
move overseas. *sigh* What surprises me is that DW
knew who you were referring to. *eg*

thanks, Amanda . . . *g*

Kel (who has a noticeable addition to her forehead
from repeatedly bumping her head against the wall)

(That bump is how we North American George fans can
recognize each other... AG)
*************************** (kevin owens) writes:
does anyone know how i can get some wham music

Does anyone knows how i go about sending one of my
songs to a music industry?

i just read that george reads this can u somehow
write in one of the yogmaels that i learned how to sing
by singing along with him and i now write music and i
perform once in awhile at my school and still practicing
to be a singer and it is all thanx to his marvelous voice.

megamanx17(kevin owens)
*************************** (Melanie) writes:
I just found this article in the June 1st Daily Mirror and
thought everyone might be interested.


GEORGE Michael has undergone an interesting change -
his night time habits have altered. For those of us on the
nightbeat, George was one who could invariably be relied
upon to put in an appearance at least once a week in
some of the noisier discos doing what most men do in
such places. But of late Mr Michael has been conspicuous
by his absence, and I find myself in a position to disclose
why - he prefers these days to go to Crockford's, a gaming
establishment where music is banned. Generous to a fault,
the star hands envelopes bulging with cash to his mates
and then sits back to gamble by proxy.

(Hey George, I play a decent game of blackjack... AG)
*************************** (Nasime Desiree Motamedi) writes:
Hi Amanda-

I know you've heard this a million times, but you are doing
a great job!

(It's not that hard when you've got the greatest artist in the
world as your subject and consequently, the greatest fans
in the world to contribute. AG)

I just wanted to tell Jonathan Flowers that he is the luckiest
guy. I was so excited to hear that GM actually reads
YOGMAEL. I told all my friends about Jonathan and how
he got to talk to GM. It made me feel like I was actually
linked in some way to meeting him. Anyway- too bad he
didn't except the offer for coffee. Oh well! :)

Thanks for all you hard work,
Desiree Motamedi
*************************** (Zest) writes:
Week 22, 02 June 97

Toby Bourke with George Michael
Hi Everyone!!!!

Just thought that I would let out a little steam. Tonight I
was GM surfing through the net and thought that I would
tour the Aegean site. And You know what? You cannot
do anything there. Why tease us like that? Oh well. I
suppose I will wait, I mean what else can I do? But I do
enjoy visiting all of the other sites, as usual they are
great. At first I thought that I was doing something

wrong, but after several tries and successes with the
Netscape with other sites, I figured out it was not me :-)

Anyway, is there anyone out there who can help Aegean
get there site off and running properly?

(There are times when I can't connect either. Hopefully
all will come together soon... AG)

Best wishes to all of you and I will see you in July.
Getting ready to buy my tickets!!!!
To Wrap it Up:


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