I thought this news was worthy of being a YM in it's own
right. My thanks to George and Jonathan for making my

Alicia: Talk to your mom before you read this...I told her
because you were already at work when I called.

*************************** (Jonathan Flower) writes:
This week I wrote in Yogmael that George was coming to
my City in England called Bristol to do an interview on my
local radio station called GWR FM on 96.3. Earlier in the
week I rang the station to see if they would consider me for
asking George a question and they said they probably would.
TO GEORGE FOR OVER 5 MINUTES!!!!! :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

He arrived by helicopter before being whisked to the studio.
The interview will be played on this station I think a week
tomorrow ie: 7th June and I will let you know how it goes,
but for now (from what I can remember) this is how our
conversation roughly went: -

George: "Oh Jonathan Flower, hello, how are you?"

Jonathan: "I'm fine thanks, how are you?"

George: "Alright thanks. I knew another Jonathan Flower
when I was at school but he was about 6 feet tall and 12
years old!"

Jonathan: "I've spoken to another Jonathan Flower who
works in a Watches Of Switzerland branch in London"

George: "Must be the same one I knew, there can't be
many Jonathan Flower's, I've spoken to two now!"

Mel (The Interviewer): "What's your question Jonathan?"

Jonathan: "Back in 1990 you released an album; Listen
Without Prejudice Volume One - by the very nature of
this title there would have to be a Volume two, yes?"

(George then went on for a little while about the fact that
he had intended to release a Volume Two shortly after
Volume One, but there were problems with Sony,
contracts etc so it didn't happen)

George: "But maybe one day I'll do a Volume Two, but
it will be very different from Volume One"

Jonathan: "It's a little incomplete at the moment if you
have just Volume One"

George: "Yes your right, I think I will do it one day"

I then said that I was a REAL fan and that we had met

George: "Oh where was that?"

Jonathan: "In London"

George: "Whereabouts?"

Jonathan: (shyly) "Well, near your house" (It was right
outside! - I didn't want to rub it in that I knew where he

George: "The Sun gave out my address a few years
ago, so everybody knows"

Jonathan: "Can I ask you one other thing?"

George: "Yeah, OK"

Jonathan: "There are about 800 people all over the
world who would love to know if you read Yogmael"

George: " Yes I do, I look at all the sites to see what's

Mel: "What's Yogmael?"

George: "It's an internet site".

Can't remember exactly what happened at that point
but George asked: "Is Yogmael the one with the ae?"

Jonathan: "Yes it changed it's spelling some time back"

George: "Yeah, it's a cosher one!"

Jonathan: "Oh yes, definitely"

George: "Have you checked out my site?"

Jonathan: "Yes I have"

George: "What did you think of it?"

Jonathan: "To be honest I've had a few problems with it,
but it's probably my computer" (I was being polite!!)

George: "I'm not surprised, but we're working on it and
it's getting better. Keep looking"

Jonathan: "I will. Can I be cheeky and ask you something

George: "Er, (pause) OK then"

Jonathan: "I'm going to be in London a week tomorrow and
my girlfriend has asked me to ask you if we can come
round for a coffee!!"

George: (Laughing) "Well I'm actually going to be in the
States unfortunately"

Jonathan: "Never mind, just leave the key under the mat!"

George: "Oh yeah OK then I'll do that, don't worry, no
one's listening!"

Jonathan: "OK thanks George, cheers"

George: "See ya!" (Laughing)

I know it sounds daft to say that that lasted over five
minutes, but it did and he was so easy to talk to despite
the fact that inside I felt nervous at first. I'll record the
whole thing next Saturday and see what I missed out.
Anyway all Yoggers rest in the knowledge that he does
read Yogmael (Amanda knew this anyway) and all those
with a George Web Page (Brent etc) - he's watching you!

I left 6 things for George to sign at the studio which I am
picking up on Monday:

- Waltz CD single
- Star People '97 CD single
- Fast love 12" (record to sign on with a gold paint pen)
- Fast Love 12" cover
- Older CD insert booklet
- Wedding Card to Jane (my wife-to-be) and myself

Hope this was interesting to everyone!

Best wishes

To Wrap it Up:

Words somehow escape me at the moment...


"Searching for some peace of mind..."

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