As you might have realized I misnumbered YM #175, so this
will be a bit out of sequence but, oh well, these things happen.

*************************** (Heidi) writes:
Hey there, I would just like to second the emotion that
SynChrone had with a COMPLETE list, and oh, how
wonderful to have an absolute complete list...but maybe it
would be a little know how much more is out
there that we may not have...and then to know, that we may
never happen upon it...oh, will it never end? Alas, I have
faith in my fellow yoggers, esp. Amanda, who if she doesn't
know it, knows someone who does...

*************************** (Tom Wanless) writes:
OK - what does anyone think of the WAD cover. I think
it is soooo classy. The bold cover complimented by the
very classic picture on the sleeve. One thing though, I'm
not sure about not putting the song title on the cover.
This means that only GM fans will buy it, because no
one else knows what it is, unless they listen to Capital.
The insert is just so powerful, I bet it was written by The
Man himself - it is so heartfelt.

While I am sending, can I just say a big thank you to
Capital FM for all the support they give George. They are
continually complimenting him on the radio and always
say what a great guy he is. I am currently kicking myself
for missing The Chart Show on Saturday, cause I still
haven't seen the vid for WAD yet! I can only hope the
song does well enough to get on Top of the Pops.

While I think of it, if George does do any gigs in London
this year, how are you guys going? See, none of my
friends are fans in any way - they don't dislike him, but
they hate his modern stuff. It would be really nice to go
with some real fans. My problem is that I'm only 16, you
see, so I think I'm in a minority here. I know I'm being a
bit presumptuous here, but Christoff's article yesterday
has inspired me, about surprise gigs. Obviously I don't
want to get caught out at the last minute, as being at
that sort of thing on my own is my worst nightmare!

I'd just like to thank Amanda for all her hard work and I
have included a link to your YM address from my web
page, which is now registered on all the major search
engines, so I hope you make that 1000 by YM's
anniversary. YM has helped me sort myself out, as
before I was in despair because I was seemingly the
only GM fan in the world. I now have my daily dose of
Yog and a terrific friendship with Karen from Minnesota
and even though this friendship is not a result of YM, it
has certainly helped our freindship develop!

(Thanks. AG)

Finally, a plug for my Web Page: If you like Friends, GM
(which obviously you do) and Capital there are links to
sites from my page, as well as many pics. There is also
a link to the British Internet Bookshop, which is brilliant
for ordering GM books for Brits. (ACCORDING TO THIS,
SEPTEMBER!!!!!!) For those of you who like musicals,
you can take my link to the Musicals Site, where there is
info, media and song lyrics to many big shows! (Including

Does anyone else on YM from Britain think that GM
sounds like Simon from Eastenders? If you listen to him
on the radio or TOTP and shut your eyes, he sounds very
similar - no gay associations intended! (Simon is a
character in our biggest soap over here (debatably!) and
he is gay.)

George was on Top of the Pops tonight - Friday. He
announced his video for WAD and he was so suave
about it - dark suit, sunglasses which you could see
his eyes through etc. I hope all the Brits on YM were
watching - Top of The Pops is the #1 TV Chart Program.

I am even more proud than I was in my last mail about
being a fan of George. He is too cool - the vid was
great but seeing him on a prog such as TOTP was
amazing! I am sure he will do a few London gigs this
year now! He said the song was as beautiful as his
Mum was. Isn't he sweet?

Bye for now from Britain! Cross your fingers for WAD
being in the Top Ten on the network Chart this Sunday!!!!!!

Ciao for now,

Tom Wanless
*************************** (Rachael Pierson) writes:
check out my George page at
*************************** (Josh D'Lioncourt) writes:
Amanda, this is really George related exactly...but if you

could do me a great favor in posting it I'd much appreciate
it. ThanX and let me know if you are still at all interesting
in taping Bare for me like we discussed a while back.

(Got my mic all ready for you. AG)

Do you have George information you'd like to share with
other GM fans via a WWW site and you don't have time
to learn HTML? Well, I've started Lioncourt Creative
Enterprises, which includes a web design division. We'll
give you the best web sites for one of the best prices.
And if you mention YogMael we'll give you a 20% discount
off of your total bill! So visit us at
Or Email us at that is LCE as in "Lioncourt Creative
ThanX! And the web site doesn't HAVE to be George
related ;)
Thanks for posting this Amanda.

(No problem. AG)


Josh D'Lioncourt
*************************** (gr) writes:
Hi all,

About George singing nowadays, I would like to add my
view. I think his singing now is just different, very different,
but not worse at all. George sung like a 20-year-old
singer when he was 20 and now he sings beautifully like
a nearly 34-year-old performer. And there's something
more, I suppose, the smoking must have affected
George's voice to some degree but I think it has more to
do with his mind than with his smoking.
It happens to myself. I love singing, but I know I would be
a horrible singer bacause my singing changes too much
with my moods. One day I would sing very loud and the
next very smoothly and more sensitively. Some days I
would sing very plainly, like talking, and others really
baroque. I'm not comparing myself to George obviously,
but this is enough to me to understand the point.

What I think is that you clearly are too stuck to George's
past. Why can't you let him grow? I find it wonderful. I'm
very pleased by it. I would NOT change him myself to what
he was in his past if I could, definitely. Not even as a singer.
I was actually at the Unplugged, like that girl called Beverly
and he sounded to me more beautiful than ever.

It's like when he performed live in Spain back in 1989, I was
very young but I was at the Madrid one. Some people still
say today he sung poorly, but no, he did it great, what
seemed to me (and it was only my first concert, see if it
looked evident) was like he was bored or tired of having to
sing that again, but he was really making the effort and I
still remenber it as great. Now, we all know by 1989 his
mind was actually quite far from the whole Faith thing, and
he was tired indeed, very tired...

Do you get my point? At least I see it this way. So this is
my two cents, as you say.


P.S: I'm affraid I cannot help George Lewis with his survey.
It's impossible for me to choose just one George Michael
song. It's too difficult...
*************************** (Tiffany Mull) writes:
Just to let everyone who is interested know,

The address for STAR 98.7 is:

Chris Ebbot
c/o Star 98.7 radio
3500 W. Olive
Suite 250
Burbank, CA 91505

By the way, before I even read my yogmael, I did send
an e-mail to Rosie asking her to get George on the show.
What can I say? Great minds think alike. I'll write some
snail mail too.

Tiffany :)
*************************** (Glenda Cowles) writes:
Dear Amanda and Fellow Yoggers,

Thanks for the FANTASTIC work. I have felt all alone
here. My friends and family do not choose to listen to
my "fanatic attraction", so I listen when I am alone, or
wear headphones. I will certainly be glad when North
America wakes up and realizes that GM is much better
than Elvis ever thought about being. (I grew up with Elvis.)
Keep up the great work and thanks for the information
about the World Music Awards on ABC Mon. night. My
VCR is ready. I run tapes and scan them from VH1, MTV,
and Much Music, and I have NEVER seen "Spinning the
Wheel" video.

It delighted me to no end when GM recorded "If You Were
My Woman" ( and it was the best thing I had ever heard),
because Gladys Knight said some "unkind"things about
GM winning the R&B music awards " instead of a black
guy, such as Bobby Brown". I really liked her up until that

(If memory serves, that track was recorded a few months
before Ms. Knight spoke up. AG)

Definitely OLDER,
Granny Yogger
*************************** (Kristine) writes:
Hi, Amanda!
Thank you!!!

I just got my e-mail back and after a month of silence from
YM I could finaly read some old stuff. If you haven't already
forgotten all that, please help me. In the YM #150 I've read
something I just can't understand. I guess it was from Gina

about a TV show. It was "Did you guys catch the SNL skit
on the GoatMan (April 5), he had GM as a guest. I don't
appreciate them picking on his butt!!" Can somebody tell
me more about it? I live in Latvia and don't see any
American shows.

I really enjoyed reading all these messages I got from you
and you got from people who love GM as much as I do. If
there will be his concert in London this summer I will be
there. I don't know how, but I will. So, if there will be a
concert, and some of us will be there, is it posible for us to
meet each other? Let me know what do you think. I
would like to talk... or just get together to see the show.
Well, I see you later.
*************************** writes:
Hi Amanda

I finally got my copy of Waltz Away Dreaming, it is imported
and it was the only one in, what I believe, the whole Los
Angeles area (that is so bad distribution) since I hunted all
over after it. I am disappointed. Maybe I just didn't want to
get it, but WAD is a Toby Whatever single, featuring
Georginho.... The whole cover concept is beautiful, but Toby
is not the style that I like. His voice is too bar-singer-bruce-
springsteenish-folk type... It really is a wonderful material, but
not what I expected. I do like better the fast songs that George
does and the serious lyrics on his slow ones... Even though
WAD has very nice words it is not GM on his best, or should
I say Toby's, since he is the one all over the song almost
hiding George's voice(the best voice around pop world)... I
like GM doing everything on his own better, the contribution
with Toby was harmful.... Or it was a Toby's song and GM
helped out, probably, he save the song, but not enough to
leave a George Michael midas touch...I hope you and the
yoges understand my critics, I do not want to upset anyone,
this is nothing but my personal review...
*************************** (Paola Contreras R.) writes:

I hope you don't get me wrong, but I just feel that I MUST
do it.

Sometimes, by reading YOGMAEL I have gotten the
feeling George's music is almost desapearing. I want to
say this very clearly just as I did long ago: please,
imagine George is reading this!!! Of course I am not
asking you to lie. I just want all of you and of course Mr.
Michael,to know that outside the US things are going
pretty well.

Some examples: OLDER and even FAITH are still within
the top 100 "best sellers" album in the most important
music store of Chile. Fastlove was the number 5 song of
1996. Jesus to a Child (the single) was for a long time
the most sold CD, leaving far away even real LP's. Right
now STAR PEOPLE 97 is beginning to be played here,
but just before they play the song, they first say: No 1
song in the UK Charts (I don't know where it is right now).
All radios play his songs: Older, Jesus to a Child, Careless
whisper (yes, still) faith, one more try , cowboys and angels...

I really don't mean to be rude, but I do believe we are living
in two different worlds. Unfortunately. But me and many
others are lucky enough to be in the right place. Have you
just thought how many YOGGERS we are now? Have you
noticed how many posts we have now? I still remember when
Amanda said: POST, POST, POST!!!! I guess she is a little
bit like STOP, STOP,STOP!!! nowadays :) .

(Nah, keep on posting! AG)

But, friends, YOGGERS and GEORGE MICHAEL: if you
ever feel down, just come here!!! We love him and though
he is not doing that great in US, we still have the rest of
the world, which is actually most of the world... We love
you, GEORGE!!!! Keep it up!!!

I know I'm not a YOGAHOLIC, but I love his music. For
those of you who are suffering this come on, don't be
that sad! We like the best singer and songwriter of this
moment. Could you think of another? Well, maybe we
have peolple like Elton John and so on, but what George
has done is incredible? Just read again that wonderful
note in the WALTZ AWAY DREAMING CD!!! How much
feeling and how much truth. He is giving us so much,
friends... could we ever give him any little back? I wish I

Now WAKE UP!!! His music is the best. His voice is
incredible. His songs are poems... we are right!!!
*************************** (Nancy) writes:
I just wanted to take a moment to thank George for
the close friendships I have made because of him.
Although I have been in contact with hundreds of GM
fans over the years, there are three people that I hold
very close to my heart:

LAURA MAAR : One of my closest friends. Thank
you for all the time we have spent sharing George
stories, going to his concerts, meeting him. I am
honored that you are in my wedding!


BEVERLY LAWRENCE: You are a joy to trade with
and share!

KIMMY DEPAOLA: You are an inspiration to me! I
hope that I can model my life after yours!

Thank you George for these friendships. They mean
so much to me!
To Wrap it Up:

"There are times when I enjoy a sense of power but
only on a small scale."

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