An AMAZING WHAM! scrapbook found it's way into my
hands in the mail today -- Thursday -- and I think that
anyone who can, should definitely get themselves one!
It is a collection of press clippings and press photos that
will take you right back to the mid-80's. The guy who
hooked me up has only 50 copies, so act fast. Marc can
be reached at

Lastly, a private message for Frank: I got your package
and might I just say, I was truly terrified, it took my mom
an hour to coax me off the ceiling fan with her crutch... : )

*************************** (Beverley) writes:
Hi Amanda and everyone!
Thursday 29 May 1997, 15.00.
Thought you'd like to know that George has won TWO
categories in this year's prestigious IVOR NOVELLO
AWARDS!! He took Most Played Song Of 1996 for
FASTLOVE and was awarded Songwriter Of The Year!!!!!!

(I echo that of course! AG)

Love Beverley.
*************************** (Tom Wanless) writes:
Yesterday, George did us all proud at the Ivor Novello
Awards. He achieved BEST SONGWRITER and also
Fastlove got MOST PERFORMED song. He made a
touching speech, which I caught on video from GMTV
(A UK Breakfast Show) in which he said, (I've missed
off the first few words because I missed them on tape,
but I assume they were something like, 'Id like to thank':

"My mother who is not here today, but whose soul I truly
believe is in every note and word that I've ever written and
(round of applause) and er I'd like to say to my Father, I
know he wishes that she was here today, but believe me:
she is."

After this, they said that George got the biggest cheer,
even bigger than the Spice Girls, because no one
understood them, but everyone knows George. All I can
say is, "WELL DONE GEORGE! Your mother is proud! It
makes all of us fans proud to be a fan of the greatest
musician in the world!"

Tom Wanless
*************************** (Melanie) writes:
Dear Amanda:

I just wanted to make sure you got this article...

"Award is for my Mother, George says"

Superstar George Michael joked that his Ivor would be the
last he'd ever receive - then dedicated the prestigious gong
to his late mother. The singer, who I'm sure has plenty
more great songs in him, collected two awards for Best
Songwriter and Most Performed Work for Fast Love from
Queen star Brian May. The star held back tears as he told
the audience: "I would like to thank my mother whose soul
is in every note I have ever written." Then he quipped: "The
first time I received this award I cried, the second time I was
p****d out of my head. I could have managed a nice
combination of the two today - but the wine is not very nice."

Most Performed Work: Fast Love, George Michael
Best British Single: Wannabe, Spice Girls
Best Contemporary Song: Design For Life, Manic Street Preachers
International Achievement: The Cranberries
International Hit of the Year: Wannabe, Spice Girls
Songwriter of the Year: George Michael
Outstanding Contribution to British Music: Elvis Costello
Lifetime Achievement: Led Zeppelin
bellaj-at-BIOMED.MED.YALE.EDU (April J. Bell) writes:
I just saw a commercial for the World Music Awards,
which will air on Monday at 9 here in Connecticut on ABC.
The commercial said, "Join George Michael..."

People should check their local listings.

*************************** writes:
I Just want to say that Yogmael is BETTER THAN A FAN
CLUB!!!!. I used to belong to the George Michael Fan Club
years ago and I got some pictures and info on George.
But this yogmael has information in it that Fan Clubs just
don't give. I really like Yogmael and thank whoever came
up with the idea.

(You're most welcome. AG)

I hope someday George actually reads some of this and
sees even more how dedicated his fans are. The only
thing Yogmael could add would be pictures that we could
download. Maybe you could do that in the future. With
that it would truly be a Fan Club online, only BETTER!!!

(Working on it... AG)

Well I don't have any news on George because I live in
Ohio and that' s pretty far from England. However, I am a
songwriter and hope to break into the music business
someday and with that I hope to Meet George Someday,
God willing. Keep up the good work with this yogmael.

*************************** (Alex) writes:
Hey Amanda!
I've heard several people support this idea -- of getting George
on the Rosie O'Donnell show -- so I think we can make it work.
Here is DreamWorks Address:
DreamWorks SKG
c/o Publicity and Promotions Department
100 Universal City Plaza, building 10
Universal City, California 91608
*************************** (George Bielinski) writes:

Dear Amanda and Yogmaelers,

In issue #172 you wrote:
"...and, we're going to slam DreamWorks with some mail
too if we can get an address. AG"

I am looking forward to the great slamming. ;-) How about
if we send them a few bricks without a stamp and a return
address on the envelope? Just kidding...

(I'll take credit for any bricks I send... AG)


Amanda, you're the best!

(Yes George, I know. You're not too bad yourself. Heard
from our mutual friend lately? AG)
*************************** writes:
Amanda and the Yogmael crew,

Recently, I have noticed that the attitude on
Yogmael toward record companies and their employees is
rather negative. Personally, I find this rather troubling, and I
wanted to clarify the situation, if at all possible.

I have been an entertainment industries student
(Music, Film, and Theatre) for the last several years. I
started in this industry for one reason: this is what I love.
Believe me, if I was in it strictly for the money, I could
make a lot more in another industry... not to mention I'd
have a lot less headaches! This goes for the vast majority
of us trying to get in the "biz." I stress the word trying for
the reason that getting a job or contract AT ANY LEVEL
in this business is not easy, and anyone that would
subject themselves to this solely for money needs to have
their head examined!

When I do find that treasured job, my goal is to
stimulate art and it's creation... NOT KILL IT IN FAVOR
OF A DOLLAR. However, we must not forget that in order
to keep the ball rolling, as with ANY business, it takes
money. Record companies and their employees are no
more cynical for saying this than the owner of a local Mom
and Pop store. It's a fact of life.

Marketing, promotion, and the like, are EXTREMELY
expensive, but this expense is not limited to successful
artists. Millions of dollars are spent to promote new acts
every year... who pays for this???... the record companies...
and who loses their job when this money is spent and an
artist doesn't sell under a label... in most cases NOT THE
ARTIST!!!!... and why do the record company employees
get canned? STOCKHOLDERS.

I realize that George hasn't always been delt a fair
hand at the table, but I can't imagine why the MAJORITY
of record companies and their employees would be out to
harm George or the creation and development of his work.
The vast majority of the industry seem to have nothing but
the utmost respect for George, and all he has done over the
years. So... you should realize that it's not neccessarily
our fault... so please don't believe that people like myself
are just money hungry jerks... in reality George's problem
was caused by a small section of people and the politics
that surrounded his situation.

I'm not trying to say that all record companies and
their employees are saints, but for most of us out there, this
isn't just a job. We love what we do, and we take it very
seriously. We're in this with the hope that someday we
might help create the next George Michael... so our kids
or grandkids can be as addicted and inspired by the work
of great writer as we are.

(OK, I tend to be critical of Fony, but the execs, not what a
friend in the industry calls "the peons", and just a shout out
to my fave peon -- you know who you are -- for everything
Gwen. AG)
*************************** (Josh D'Lioncourt) writes:
Hey guys,
Hmmm...I went out of my way to find the SP Maxi Single
from DW with the "Hidden Track" of Star People 97. I
listened to it and thought: "What the HELL is THIS???!!!!"
But...while down in San Diego's Tower Records over this
last weekend, I found a copy of the SP97 single from the
UK which, truth be told, I'd already ordered from EQS and
was waiting for...but...seeing as it was right there and all...
I picked it up and promised my mom for the EQS copy...
The version of SP97 on the UK single is considerably
different than the one on the DW single. I thought that

the DW one was poorly mixed, the levels were wrong...
and it was just simply too busy. Not only is the UK one
longer...but it was superbly mixed and very clear...not
muddled like I thought the other one was. Why does
DW seem to be force feeding us the weakest of GM's
work? Why wasn't SP97 included to start with, and why
haven't they gotten MTV to play the video or the radio
stations to play the song? I still think that STW should
have been released in the US and Canada...that is one
of if not THE best track on the album and I think it
would've done very very well. Oh well...anyway, there's
my two cents.

Josh D'Lioncourt
*************************** (Giovanni Mantilla) writes:
Hey Amanda and GM-a-niacs!

I have a question, why is everybody suddenly asking about
the WORLD MUSIC AWARDS?? i mean, they were about
a month ago, i already saw the show, and yes!, they
mentioned GM, along with Toni Braxton as the "finalists"
for Best Pop solo artist of the year, but the award went to
the beautiful Celine Dion. I love her 2 but she has won so
many things that if she does it once more, i'll start cursing
her..., let's remember what this award recognizes are
worldwide sales, and we all know that, unfortunately,
OLDER hasn't done pretty good...

BTW, i'm still waiting for my bro to come back from
England and bring me my Madonna and GM's singles...
my other 2 singles orders are due on Saturday, let's
cross fingers they get there on time...

AG-- have u seen No Doubt's latest vid, "Sunday
Morning"??? Gwen looks so Madonna-ish!! I love the
song and the video kicks ass!

(Not yet, but I have heard it's interesting. AG)

That's it for now...

Giovanni Mantilla ( who has tomorrow a physics exam
and doesn't understand a tiny bit... **wish me luck, won't
u?** )
*************************** (Brent) writes:
Hello everyone, I did post this before but did not see it in
YM yet so maybe it never reached Amanda....

(It ran in YM#167. AG)

anyway, I have moved Club Tropicana web site from
geocities to

some people were telling me that they could not reach
the geocities site so it has moved (thanks B.A!). Anyway,
this week I have some sound clips from Robbie Williams
and the cover single of Freedom that Robbie put out in
case some people have never seen it. Well thanks again
for all the support of everyone on this site and I am so
glad there are all these great GM sites now out there!!!
Keep up the great work everyone!!
Cheers! Brent
*************************** writes:
In regards to being a Yogaholic........
Well, Amanda dear, I do believe that you summized a
common feeling among all us Yoggers, who scan the net,
prowl for info, await the new releases and suddenly stop
and sweetly smiling whenever George is the
elevator, on the radio, in the supermarket..etc. You know
(well, how could you, anyway...) I once had a friend bet
me that I could not listen to "Something to Save" (which
is my most fave song) and not sing. We were in her car,
cd player on full blast...and oh what torture I endured!! I
could have hummed and she would not have known due
to the music being sooo loud..but I didn't and thus, I
prevailed. The point is, I enjoy his music, I feel his music
and I enjoy that I enjoy something so fully. I put LWP on
the cd player, I lie on my back, I close my eyes and I sing
as if no one on earth could ever hear me. I soar, I really
do. No, I do not have pics all over my room, no mouse
mat with his cover art and I can't quote his date of birth,
HOWEVER...I have his voice, captured for eternity in my
soul, that voice that glows under a whisper and reminds
me that I have "something to save."

"when you find a love, when you know that it exists..."

ahhhh, let me drink up...drunk and swooning while he
lullaby's me....
*************************** (Christie Calkins) writes:
Hi Amanda & Camera Crew,

Alex, what a great idea to send Rosie O'Donnell a letter.
My co-worker and I sent ours out today, I hope she
listens to all us Yogmaelers.

BTW Anyone in the USA who can't get Waltz Away
Dreaming or Star People 97, call, fax, e-mail EQS in New
Phone: 315-252-1999
Fax: 315-252-0365
--- Christie Calkins
Brenda.Ratcliff-at-OSH.DOL.GOVT.NZ (Brenda Ratcliff) writes:
Hi amanda!
i very much enjoy yogmael. in 1991, i went to a George

concert at wembley, where Elton popped out to sing "don't
let the sun go down on me'. i hope to be in London again
for the summer. do you know if George will be doing any
concerts then?

(Unconfirmed rumours say yes. As soon as I am told dates,
so too will you be. AG)

cheers, brenda
To Wrap it Up:


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