Well, I am pleased to report YM's posting delay is over. Post
today for something to read tomorrow...

YM weekend '97 planning is in high gear, with a final itinerary
to be set by Monday -- I hope... Anyone still wanting info,
please let me know and I'll add you to the list.

On the George info front: George has been offered a (brief)
role in a film starring none other than the Spice Girls. No
word yet on his decision, but I hope he agrees.

*************************** (Prithvi P Baden) writes:
Hello GM fans

I have a query George Michael sang a cover of the Boy
George song "Victims" in a concert back in 1988/89 at the
Earls Court, London. I just wanted to know if this was ever
released anywhere in the world, as I want to badly get a
copy of this song.

(Reply directly to Prithvi, who's not on YM. AG)
*************************** (Katja Aaltonen) writes:
Hi yog maniacs
Hopefully everyone of you had as great weekend as I had. I
just got back from cd/record fair and bought loads of Yog stuff.
Incredible fun and unbelievable expensive, but hey, once in a
while I have to fulfill my Yog addiction.

I'm also calling for all the fans in UK who would like to make
a meeting in London, 25 June if not before. Drop me a line
and let's see what we can arrange.

Amanda, keep up the good work. Yogmail is the higlight of
my day. Everybody, have a nice week and take care.
Love, Katja

P.S. Was there George Interview on Thursday at Manchester's
local radio station? I was in Manchester on Friday and I heard
that George had been seen in town. Let me know if you have
any info about it. Cheers!

(You should have gotten the urgent memo Thursday 11am your
time informing you. But yes, there was indeed. AG)
*************************** writes:
Does anyone have the address of G.M.īs home in London,
ENgland. I'm going there in a month and I wanna go visit.

(I don't share this info. AG)

Is there a new song with G.M. and Prince??

(Not that I know of, but anything can happen. AG)


*************************** (Jaime) writes:
Hi Everyone!

I've just made some changes to my web page (J's Faves - - pick the
George Michael link), and I hope everyone can drop by
and vote in the GM/Wham! Must Haves Guide. It's a
section where you can vote on your favorite (and not-so-
favorite) George/Wham! things. There is also a Question
of the Month, where a George-related question is posted
and you can share your thoughts on the subject. June's
question is coming up soon!

I look forward to hearing from you! :)

*************************** (Glenda) writes:
Hi. Just to let you know you never get TOO OLD for GM.
I am a grandmother and a retired teacher and I have had
to have a daily dose of GM since 1987. I was walking
through a mall in 1987 and I heard ONE MORE TRY,
being played. I went into the nearest music store and
said, "Whatever THAT is playing, I have to have it!"
I have been addicted ever since. I nearly went CRAZY
waiting for each album that followed. I have always loved
Aretha Franklin and Gladys Knight. GM's singing with
Aretha and singing "If you were my woman" were
wonderful. I am interested in bootleg videos and audio
tapes. I have had music stores special order everything
that they could find, especially the WHAM videos and
CDs. I haven't been able to find all the singles. If you
are interested in selling bootleg stuff, please contact me
Until next time,
Glenda Granny
*************************** writes:
Dear Yogers,

I recently spoke to a representative from Dreamworks and
was informed that GM does not have a North American
tour plannned due to the lackluster sales of Older in the
US. But, good news for yogers in Europe. There are
definate "surprise" shows planned and even a mini-tour is
in the works for some parts of Europe. Keep up the good
work Amanda!!!

Chad writes:
Hey Amanda,

I've been meaning to post about the subject of GM's vocal's
for awhile. Your comment about his singing loud and using
the mic to control the output, prompted me to post. My
comment is that I think he has gotten away from belting out
his music the way he used to. When you compare his

music today (Older and Unplugged) to previous work - it
seems to lack that reach-back-and-give-it-all-you-got display
of his amazing vocal range.

(Agreed with you there, People magazine made the same
comment as well. AG)

Just listen to "Where did Your Hear Go" one time, and ask
yourself if he has anything that compares to that 'effort' today.
Or, compare the unplugged version of Father Figure to the
original, and see what you think.

(Very very true. AG)

As to the reason? It could just be his current theme for his
music right now, or is it that he has lost something in his
voice? I really don't know. I am interested in other's

(I'm guessing it's largely his voice. Smoking does a number
on the vocals, and George is chain smoking these days as
opposed to doing the social smoker thing as he did in the
'80's. The current style is well suited to the new delivery, but
he is depriving the world of a great voice. AG)

*************************** (Nancy) writes:
The following items are available for trade or sale:

Ridgeley's No. 3
It's All For You George #12

The Concert Benefiting the Elizabeth Taylor Aids Foundation

No. 1, October 24, 1987 - George cover
No. 1, March 24, 1990 - Andrew cover
No. 1, November 23, 1985 - Wham! cover
Playing Keyboards - June/July 1988 - George cover
Hits, May 1997 - George cover

Faith/Instrumental (the single) - 12" vinyl
Fantastic - Japanese - 12" vinyl
CLub Tropicana - 7" vinyl
Bad Boys - 7" vinyl
Make It Big - 12" vinyl

LWP mini promo cardboard stand-up
Jesus To A Child medium size promo cardboard standup

I also have a few extra Waltz Away Dreaming UK CD
singles available. Anyone intersted?
*************************** (Sabrina Tait) writes:

I want to ask to europeans (or to anybody know it), if VH1
Honours will be ever trasmit on MTV-Europe.

Sabrina (Biby) Tait
*************************** (Phillip Rey) writes:
Hi there Amanda,
I've only been receiving Yogmael for about one week,
however, it's enough to realize what a wonderful job you
are doing! Keep up the fanastic work!

I am writing to you from Toronto, Canada, where it's not
as easy to catch a YOG tune playing on the radio, or
any videos for that matter. WALTZ AWAY DREAMING
was released today in the UK, do you know of any
release dates in the US or CANADA? I am even willing
to drive to the US to pick up a copy.

(No plans to. AG)

Also.....a few years ago, I purchased some GM videos,
which respectively belonged to each album (with the
exception of LWP). Do you know if an OLDER video
exists in the UK? HMV Toronto does not have this
video (if in fact it exists!)

(Not yet. Maybe soon. AG)

Last but not least.... are there any YOG fans out there
in Toronto? I get the impression that I am the only
lonley one!

(YOGMAEL is based in Hamilton, and there are a few
people in Toronto as well. You are not the only one,
take heart! AG)

*************************** (Stephanie) writes:
Hi Yoggers!

I am a new addition to this list, and am loving it, thank
you everyone for making me feel like I'm in the GM loop!

As an Aussie I wanted to let everyone know in response
to Alex's comment that Savage Garden speak with
British accents... they are actually Australian. I used to
work for their record co when they were unkowns and
it's great to see them achieving such monumental
success worldwide. If you aren't into them... give it a
go... they're great.

(I knew they were Aussie, but I have never heard them
speak, so maybe they do sound like George. Oh well,
Rosie should have known better on that one. AG)

Karen... maybe you should dump the guy if he doesn't
like George!! Personally if he doesn't like GM, I don't
bother, or maybe play LWP a few times, and force him
to listen... it's worked for me, I've created a few new GM
fans this way!

Thanks again everyone, you are all legends!

*************************** writes:
I'm so happy to belong to such a positive web. I got me
already. One more wish: How can I get in VHS his videos
from Older and his awards apperances on the UK... It is
soooo hard to get any image of him in the US... I don't
know, but where is Dreamworks' work??? You can hardly
see posters or any marketing over the album at all...
Keep it beautiful girl, you are a A+


(Dubbing is alive and well on YM, someone help the gent
out. Where is DreamJerks? Good question... AG)

*************************** (Andrea) writes:

Hi all,
Just wanted everyone to know that I have been on the
Rosie Chats, and have suggested that George be on the
show. I also wrote Rosie to her personal e-mail box --but
no response---Yet!!

(That's why we hit them with snail responses,
but we will dump a few bags of mail in the offices... AG)

I wrote for tickets about 2 months ago and it takes up to
9 months to get tickets! I said if she had George on the
show I would just have to be there!
I am going to New York the week of June 16th and plan
to hang around the studio a little bit. I will see what I can dig
up :)
I ordered "Waltz Away Dreaming" from EQS--I can't wait
to hear it. Aegean has the storyboards for the video on their
web site--they looked interesting. I am anxious to see the
final product. ( Forgot ,I live in America. Hell will freeze over
before I see it)!
The Rosie idea is great, I will also write to the address
that was posted! But we must be there! OR--we could all
be in his next video (besides "WAD") :)
Keep "Yoggin" Amanda!

*************************** (George Lewis) writes:
Here is the deal.
I am supposed to take some sort of survey for a class, and
was wondering if you could help me out. I decided to take
a survey through YM, which I will refer to in my report. I
have wondered which song of GM's is the most popular. So,
I decided to take a survey from you all, and for all of you to
tell me what YOUR favourite GM song. If you choose, just
for fun, also tell me what GM song you dislike the most.
This will help me out a bunch. Soooooo, if you could write
me at:

including the info I need,by 6/6, I would appreicate it, and
will post the results in YM.


"you cant be, with me, your a low life daughter of a son
of a (well you know)" =-)
*************************** writes:
Hello there everyone,

I was wondering if anyone has an up to date discography
of all GM and Wham, or knows where i can get hold of
one. I have seen a George Michael one on the net (done
by Mats Bjorkman), but i seem to have things that aren't
on this list!!

Bought the new single today (WAD), very nice but NO
promotion.... Don't really expect it to do too well in the
charts because of it. Couldn't Aegean have done a bit
more?? Saw the video on the Chart Show on Saturday
- very arty and floaty. Good.

A bientot

*************************** (Beverley) writes:
Hi Amanda and everyone!
I just want to say THANK YOU to everyone who has
taken the time and trouble to comment on the
"Unplugged" report....either direct to me or via YM!
Glad I have found a "family" of fellow George fans to
share it all with!

By the way Amanda, why was YM171 labelled Worth
Reading?? Yogmael is ALWAYS worth reading! You
do a great job that is much appreciated!

(I labelled it as such because there was a fair amount
of new info in there that people may want to read right
away. AG)

Love Beverley.
*************************** (Scott P. Snider) writes:

After considering the idea of having Rosie O'Donnell
persuade George to appear on her show, I must admit
that I think it's a GREAT idea! What better way for
George to "reach" a rather large North American
audience? Her show presents him with an excellent
forum to renew his ties with what was once a rather
large following, allows him to explain what happened
with Fony and why he's been gone for so long, and
perhaps even perform a song. If not the latter, then
perhaps he'd allow her to show some clips of his
newest videos and certainly he would talk about his
upcoming projects.

I know that George really isn't the talk show type,
but I think he could be persuaded if the opportunity to
recapture North America--via a large audience with a
minimal time investment--were emphasized. Certainly
Rosie couldn't resist having one of the music industry's
biggest and more private entertainers on her show.

If only George would do it...

(The Artist and Madonna have, George has to keep up
with the Joneses so to speak...and, we're going to slam
DreamWorks with some mail too if we can get an address.

At any rate, I, too, am going to write Rosie O'Donnell.
I did some searching tonight and found an email
address for her. Perhaps it would be easier for
Yogmaelers to email her instead of snailmailing. The

address I found is:

Pass it along!

(I looked into this, and found that snail mail would make
a bigger impact than e mail. A jammed e mail box is
one thing, a handful of mail bags is another, but just
write to her in some way!! AG)

To Wrap it Up:

"Hey George, what have you got to lose?"

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