Ok, and in the "hmmmm file" for today, yet another artist Rob
Kahane works with is embroiled in legal woes...

Also, did my computer lose a whack of e mail, or is the
backlog for posting down to under a week?

bellaj-at-BIOMED.MED.YALE.EDU (April J. Bell) writes:

Does anyone have the lyrics to Star People '97?

*************************** (Frank Reyes) writes:

Hi Amanda & Fellow Yoggers,
I am looking for a reliable source to exchange cd's,
records, albums, singles, etc... and he or she has to be
from Japan. I want to increase my Japanese imports in
exchange for USA and UK Imports. I have no Japanese
Import Wham! and George Michael Items. So is there
anyone willing to take on this task and become great
friends in doing so? If so, go ahead and e-mail me at: or you can write to me at:
Frank Reyes
P.O. Box 3061
South El Monte
CA 91733-0061
I would really appreciate this a lot. Come on, don't
be shy. =) I am anxiously waiting for your reply.
Future Friends, Frank

P.S. Thanks Again Brian for the copy of the audio tape
of the Waltz Away Dreaming and Careless Whisper
Wexler Remix. I will voice my opinion in the next
Yogmael regarding Waltz Away Dreaming.

(Frank is a real sweetheart, someone help him out. AG)
*************************** (Nancy) writes:
Hi Minh! I just wanted to thank you so much for the tip on
the GM Greatest Hits Japanese CD! I have ordered it!

(What did I miss here? AG)

*************************** (Kim) writes:

George Michael, 31, British pop star; in his legal struggle to
escape from an exclusive 15-year, eight-album recording
contract with Sony Music, on grounds that it was in restraint
of trade; by the High Court; in London. Michael's first solo
album, Faith(1987), sold 14 million copies and made the
stubble-faced crooner an international sex symbol. When he
decided to play down this image in his next album, Michael
claims, the record company tried to punish him by not
promoting the album aggressively. His lawyers called the
terms of the contract restrictively and greedy. A High Court
judge countered that the terms of the deal were "reasonable
and fair" and ordered Michael to pay the costs of the trial,
which could add up to $10 million. After the ruling, Michael
announced plans to appeal, saying he believed that the
British legal system "will not uphold what is effectively
professional slavery."

JULY 4, 1994 ##
*************************** (JAMILA OSMAN, VIZPRO) writes:

goshh i wish i can be with u guys.......i really miss hearing
him upclose....not that i ever had the chance yet!!
*************************** (Marti Blesa) writes:
Hi there

Regarding the post of Fiona O'Neill in Yogmael 167, please
could you tell me who Donya Fiorentino is?

(She was Andy's girlfriend for a while right before and after
Wham!'s demise. Anyone know exactly how long? AG)

Thanks, take care
*************************** writes:

I havn't done this in some know where I look for
GM articles to post for you guys. But I thought I would
start doing it again..since I'm on summer break and have
nothing better to do. Here ya go..enjoy.

221845 MAY 97

By Anjali Kwatra, PA News

Cheeky chat show host Mrs Merton asked singer George
Michael to appear on her show during a live radio phone-in
today - and he promised he would.

George was taking questions from listeners to the Pete
Mitchell show on Piccadilly 1152, a local station in
Manchester, when he was surprised by the TV star.

(A note: I was warned about this the day it was due to
happen, and the UK list was told in a bulletin. AG)

Mrs Merton, played by Caroline Aherne who lives in
Manchester, rang in and asked: "Will you come on my

George, who was making his first appearance on a local
station for five years, said he would love to.

He added: "Would it be all right if I pop round for a cup of

tea this afternoon?"

Mrs Merton replied: "I would, but I'm polishing my brasses
this afternoon."

Then she asked him if he liked the Spice Girls and George
replied: "I do, I am actually going to see them next week."

"Well, don't be tempted by them, they are old slappers,"
Mrs Merton warned him.

(If they attacked and groped the Prince of Wales what will they
do to George? AG)

George told her he had been watching videos of her shows
which he had been given for his birthday.

The singer was also asked by city councillor Pat Karney if
he would host the Eurovision Song Contest if it was held in
Manchester. He said he "would think about it".

A spokesman for Piccadilly said: "Our switchboard was
jammed with calls from listeners wanting to speak to George."

DJ Pete Mitchell said: "George was tremendous fun and
really wanted to come to Manchester because he thinks it is
a fabulous place."
*************************** (Disa) writes:
Right now Iīm listening to You have been loved, and I must
tell you when he sings "all the battles she had won just to
give him life" I always start to think about my own son that
is 2 years old, he is of course also a George Michael fan,
and the battle I gave to give him life, and I couldnīt live
without this wonderful little boy.I hope you donīt minde I
had to write it down because heīs in Iceland at the moment
and Iīm in Denmark and I really miss him, and I think you
yogfans can understand what Iīm talking about because
there are so much feeling in this song.

Bye for now!
*************************** (Karishma Kiri) writes:
Amanda, i can't tell you how grateful I am that yogmael exists.
Words cannot express my gratitude as well as, how I thought I
was reading about myself when i was reading your yogaholic
paper. I may be a little more obssessed, but I am try to come
back to earth. It's really a relief to see how fellow yogfans care
for other yogfans and how they look out for one another. I am
21 and I have realized that by no means am I going to allow
society to curb my dedication to george. In fact, i try to
inform others about him as much as i can. Sometimes it is
hard to believe that here in the us, people are so blind when
it comes to truly great music. Here we have one of the best
songwriters ever, the best male singer, etc. etc. and yet the
US has not fully caught on to the fire. I just hope that George
doesn't fully give up on the US, otherwise i may have to move
to england!!!! (just kidding). Anyway, thank you very very very
much for yogmael and your hard work. It is greatly
appreciated. :)

(You are very welcome. AG)

Karishma Kiri
*************************** (Kim) writes:
past small article form Billboard Magazine...


Two songs on the Hot R&B Singles chart, Celine Dion's
"Because You Loved Me" (550 Music) and George Michael's
"Fastlove" (DreamWorks/Geffen), might raise a few eyebrows,
because both artists have pop credentilas. Billboard uses
R&B radio airplay as the determining factor for charting
on Hot R&B Singles and Top R&B Albums.
## BILLBOARD MAY 25, 1996 ##

"FASTLOVE" charting at No.49 & gained "Greatest Gainer/
Sales" on Billboard May 25, 1996 issue
*************************** (Emily Fiorite) writes:
This is to all of us who live in those places where George can't
seem to find. I was listening to capital fm (over the net, very
exciting). Anyway, BY CHANCE they played Star People
97!!!!! I was so happy! What a voice that man has!! Anyway,
I decided I was flying to London to buy the single. When I
was trying to get through to the airline I noticed on there
website a top 40 list. So, just for yucks I looked. George
Michael, Star People 97, Number 11, Click here to Order.
Wait, huh? ORDER!!! So, I hung up the phone with the airline
and got my credit card out and ordered it through Capital FM.
I saved myself a trip and now I don't have to tell my boss why
I wouldn't be in for work! Just a tip. There address, if you
don't already know is http//

See Ya!

P.S. You know I was just joking about the flying to London
thing, right?
*************************** (Devilish) writes:
Hi Amanda,
Thanks for Yogmael it keeps me up to date on GM and i
would have missed GM on Capital FM if it weren't for
Yogmael :)

Im planning a Birthday party for GM which is being moved
to the 21st of June being a weekend it's easier for everyone,

for all Info check out my homepage at
NOTE this site may be done until about the end of May.

Im also doing a Birthday Card,so i am after fan's Birthday
greetings. Email all messages to
all info about this can be found at
Note this page will stay open.
Thanks Heaps again Amanda
Luv devilish Angel
*************************** (chassagne) writes:
Hi Amanda and Yogcrew,

First, I would like to thank Amanda for the fabulous work she
does to produce a readable YOGMAEL. Secondly, I would
like to thank all the Yogmael members whose contributions
really gives the rest of us, additional insight on George.
Third, I would like to thank Beverley for the superb recount
of the "Unplugged" night. I almost thought I was there!!....I
would like to add to a comment that Beverley made. She
said what a great job that the girl blotting George's face
with tissues had...I don't think that was bad, but... I would
have opted in assisting George with tucking in his shirt, as
well as the ZIPPING UP process...(smile). Shouldn't there
be personnel assisting with "everything"?

(Yeah, they're called prostitutes... AG)

In two recent past issues of Yogmael, there where
questions about the LWP cover. I could not remember the
specifics, but George discusses why he chose the cover for
the LWP album in an interview. I think its in the LWP video.
But I do remember that George said that it happen to be a
opular picture from the 60's or 70's(once again, not really sure).
He describes the scene and so on. I'm in school in Europe,
so I don't have access to my videos in the US. Someone
should definately double check.

Its been a while since I've last contributed, it feels
have written (not quite free from school work just yet). And
yes, I also admit to being an Yogaholic and very proud of it!

"How much is enough?"

*************************** (Tilly Maertens) writes:

Could you please broadcast the following on Yogmael:

The following site is dedicated to George's Birthday and its
contents will be printed on June 25th, 1997 and forwarded
to his very own address (which I won't divulge so please, all
of you out there; don't ask/email me about this subject).
The present is an invitation for all Yogmaelers and fans alike
to send him their personal greetings. It's a great way to say
"hello" and/or to thank him for all he brings to us, with his

You may sign in your very own personal greetings at;

It'll be a great way to wish him a Happy Birthday and to let
him know of our global support.:-)

C-ya there!
(thanks Amanda for making this possible - CM)
*************************** (Nancy) writes:
I have many George Michael and Wham! items for sale or
trade. I would really like to move EVERYTHING out! Items
include posters, books, magazines, buttons, backstage
passes, records, cd, etc. etc. Please write for complete list

(AG approved. AG)

Nancy's George Michael web page:
*************************** writes:
First of all I have to say that I am the louziest man alive into
the internet bussines... I never know jack what I'm doing so
forgive me for any mistakes.

My name is Forgh and like I said in the first place I have a
VHS tape of George Michael performance on the Rock in Rio
in Brazil. It is a not very good quality, but it is what I believe a
rarity and I want to share with all the fans that subscribe your
page... Which I think it is very cool. Maybe I should say that
I am not after any money compensation, since this is america
and every one wants to get profite over everything... I just
would like to get all the info about GM and possibly provide this
rarity to all the others.

I've been a George Michael since, God, ever I guess. People
used to say that I looked like him, of course, I was trying very
hard to. I'm not that young anymore and nowadays I stay
more in my own self and admiring him from far away... I got
very jealous(ready for this it is very silly!!!) when I found out
he had a "best friend" or whatever that was brazilian. I'm
brazilian too and I never got a chance!!!! Now I live in LA, I
always thought that living on the capital of entertainment I
would have more access to everything related to my
favorites, wrong... I have a very hard time getting any videos
or even singles...

Well, sorry for the long letter, I hope we can keep in touch...

To Wrap it Up:

Tomorrow, news on Waltz Away Dreaming...

"I may have been living in a dream..."

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