Hi gang, 'tis your friendly--for the most part--moderator here. I
just want to take a minute to say something to everyone,
especially those of you who have been around since YM's
"rap/ska phase" (obscure Wham! parallel): Thank you.

*************************** (James) writes:
For anyone out there who does not already have but would like
a copy of the Faith tour book, I found a copy up for auction at (eBay Auctions) listed on the 6th
page of their Record, Tapes and CD listings. The minimum
bid is only $1.00 and as of 5/23 at 8:30 a.m. PDT, no one has
bid on it. It is supposed to be rated as being in VG+
condition with no rips or tears. As far as bidding on it, I pretty
sure that you'll be required to register with eBay, but I don't
believe that it costs you anything to do that ( I have not done it
myself yet). The book has a closing date and time of 5/27 at
13.24 PDT so you still have a few days. I hope this info might
help somone out there. James.
*************************** (MR ANGELO A ALEXOPOULOS) writes:

I forgot to mention to you about two or three weeks back that I was
headed on vacation to London. Well, I have been back over a week
now and I have to say it was a great time. Aside from the obvious
great things of the city, George is played at least 5-6 times a day
on Capitol FM 95.8 The first day I was there I heard 'Waltz Away
Dreaming' at least 4 times and 'Star People 97' at least 4 times as
well. I did not try to visit George's home, but then again I think he
was still in the states. Anyway, it was a great time, and I wished I
had stayed another 4 days or so. later.

*************************** (Tiffany) writes:
Sorry to ask such a repetitive question, but what is the
address for the yogmael archives?

(Not a problem, you can hit the "slightly" out of date archives

Tiffany :)
*************************** writes:
I have to agree with those who say that Star People "97 is
George at his "funky" best. It is without a doubt a song that
makes you want to get up and dance (so spoken by one who
does not do so!). I especially like the part where George
sings "Let's go back to the day" and then the music segues
into something vaguely reminiscent of early 80's Gap Band.

On the downside I have to agree with someone who wrote in,
perhaps Lebois, who stated that the dance mixes of SP '97
were crap. The way these are mixed you couldn't really
"dance" to it if you tried. THey are such that you just bob up
and down with the bass.
*************************** (Marti Blesa) writes:
Hi Amanda

Like always congratulations for Yogmael. I'd like to ask you
something. I'm trying to contact a Italian Yog fan but all the
messages I sent came back with an error. I don't know what
happens as we have emailed us quite often. She's on
Yogmael as I knew her here. So if Sabrina Tait (Biby) reads
this please email me as I've been trying to send you mails but
all came returned.

Thanks again
Take care

*************************** (Zest) writes:
UK Top 40 Albums

Week 20, 19 May 97

10 14 53 OLDER
George Michael

George Michael once again goes into the top 10 charts in UK
after releasing the album for almost a year.
*************************** (George Lewis) writes:
Hey all,

I have been posting a bit these days, I'll try to control myself.
Well just wanted to ask "Anyone been to the CDNOW
discussion room about GM?" Well if so, there were some
terrible things being said about George and his fans. Well, I
made a big scene about it, emailing them about my disgust.
They were quick on it, and now there are none of those
hateful things in there. Well, not at least now anyhows.

(Good job. BTW, though I may quote the Spice Girls on
occasion, causing some misunderstanding, I promise, you
did not really bug me. Just call me Busy Spice OK? AG)


P.S. Hey there Yaisa! (you mentioned my name in a post a
while back. So I said what the hell and here you go!)
*************************** writes:
Hi Amanda,

I was wondering if you could help me out? Since you are the
foremost expert on George Michael, do you know what

methods or exercises G.M. used to help develop his voice?
I am also very interested in finding out about his musical
upbringing (ie. music school, voice coaches, type of study).
I think G.M. is a great singer, and his style (vocally) is
unmatched. I am a student going to music school and
my voice is my instrument. Therefore, since I admire
G.M.'s technic I would love to learn more about it.

(Hmmm, I know he is for the most self taught in vocals and
inrumentally as well. I know he has worked with the same
vocal coach since his Wham! days, an English lady called
Helene -- but I can't recall her last name -- who has worked
with many of the best in the British industry. Now I have
never spoken with her on his technique, but I have spent
many the hour with vocalist friends discussing this topic,
and we managed to ascertain that the trick in George's
voice is singing REAL loud, and then just cutting the mic
down to almost nothing. I could be wrong, so if anyone
else can shed some light, please let me know. AG)

By the way, I think you are doing a great job on
YOGMAEL. I thought I was G.Michael's #1 fan.
Undying dedication!

(It's not that undying..."your patience in time will tire." AG)

*************************** (AC) writes:
HI all

After reading to Yvonne's letter in #165 I must say that I
am glad that I am not the only one who's got myself into
some 'strange' situations! Since I started to listen to GM
in 1991, i got really addicted into his music and was very
eager to hear out his songs on the radio. And since then,
many 'hunches' have come my way.

Many times, I would get an urge or hunch to switch on
the radio while I am studying at night. ANd sure enough,
when I switch it on, a GM song is playing! This happens
to my other fave songs as well. And I just got cable last
year. And I was craving to see Gm & Wham videos,
especially One More Try & Everything She wants, the 2
vids I had not seen. ANd I got to watch both of them
after being led by my intuition to change channels or
switch on Mtv, just in the nick of time!

And I rememebred the very first time I heard JTAC & Too
Funky & Fastlove. I heard all 3 of them when they were
being aired the very first time on my radio station. It just
happens really unexpectedly, cos I just got the
unexplainable urge to switch on the radio or wait for a
boring song to end. And I wouldn't say it just plain
coincidence, cos I seldom listen to radio, since I am more
into CD. I am sure this happens to many of you too.

(Acts of extreme fate were at play in my getting FastLove
and Spinning the Wheel on vid. For FastLove, a friend's
VCR station just happened to be Much, and her bro was
about to put on a movie, she saw George and called. In
the other instance, same friend, I had spent the previous
night over there dubbing and for some reason, left my
George tape there, so when she saw George was coming
on soon, she had a tape handy since I was at work at
unavailable for consultation. AG)

These kind of things really overwhelmed me, so I decided
to know more about this ESp thing. After reading about 20
books on the subject, I now realise that what happened to
me is what they call a process of "Suggesting to my
Subconscious Mind." And I've just created webpage about it.

I hope you guys don't think I am a weirdo cos I believe in
this ESP stuff. I for one believe that ESP is a subject we
should know more about, since it affects all of us. In fact,
many leading scientists(even Einstein), doctors & certainly
psychologists do not have a doubt about the existance of
telepathy & ESP anymore. It is under lots of experiments

Here's my new website about ESP, with some links to
GM sites.
(this site can only be accessed by a non proxy connection.
So you'll have to go to VIEW on your windows, OPTIONS,
CONNECTION, and change the settings to a non proxy
See ya!

"Just keep on asking baby maybe I'll get what I'm asking for"
*************************** (Rehan Farrukh) writes:
Dear GM fans:

I wanna share this article in the magazine called 'Kris World'.
I know it's quite an oldie one but still worthy.


George Michæl is back--older, wiser and even richer. At 33 he's
the highest-paid pop star in Britain. Renate Ruge profiles the life
of a musical maestro

The mystical George Michæl disappeared some years ago. Very
public legal wrangles with his former record label , Sony, took
their tool. Faced with massive restrictions on his creative output,
the superstar singer withdrew from the public eye, making words
he spoke in 1990 seem strangely prophetic.


"In the future I don't intend to show myself the way I have in the
past, I will no longer promote and talk to the media the way I did
in the past, I don't intend to stare the world in the face any more."

Early 1996, having finally moved on from Sony, he signed up with
Dreamworks for sales in America and with Virgin for the rest of
the world. One of the pop's brightest star is set to shine again.

His latest album, appropriately named Older, has sold millions,
topping international album charts. The name reflects his state
of mind, his contemplative lyrics and his new fans. Older
comprises silky ballads with upbeat sounds in a very polished
collection of songs. George Michæl has altered his image
accordingly. The designer stubble has been shaved and
trimmed into a neat, devilish goatee beard. Tatler magazine
claimed he was the first to have a Caesar-style, cropped
haircut and the new smooth George wears Designer suits--a
move away from the hairy-chested love got image behind the
Faith album and light-years away from the gold hoop earrings
and blow-dryed hair-do of his Wham! days.

George is an artist who's worked his way up through the ranks.
The year 1996 marks the 10th anniversary of the breakup of
the band that was to make Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou a
pop icon. When Wham! split up, it marked the end of an era
and George Michæl lay his leather-jacketed hero to rest to
pursue a solo career.

In the 80s Wham! were huge. " We were out out-and-out pop.
We thought it was the most honest thing to do. We didn't want
to be subversive in any sense. We wanted to be huge stars. I
knew that I could do it. I knew that I had the capability,
craft-wise, to put us ahead of groups like Duran Duran and
Culture Club, so I just went for it."

George spent his boyhood in North London. He practised
dance steps in his bedroom with best friend, Andrew Ridgeley,
who shared his pop passion. They put together 'The Executive',
a short-lived band and, on leaving school, the boys formed
Wham! - the rest is history.

Post Wham! days proved lucrative for George. His first solo
single, Careless Whisper was released in 1984. Three albums,
Faith, Listen Without Prejudice and Older followed.

Now with total record sales of 60 million, multi-millionaire
George can happily sit back and bask in the glory while
enjoying a life of luxury. His new album is safely George
Michæl and won't disappoint old fans. The new sophisticated
soul tracks are char-friendly. Jesus To A Child, Fastlove and
Spinning the Wheel has already been hits and the album is
sure to spawn three of four more char-topping tracks.

George is notoriously coy about his private life. " Celebrity
knocks the stuffing out of people both personally and creatively."

His mentor and friend Dick Leahy, who met George 15 years
ago told us, " He lets people listen to his songs and then from
their own opinions." He says, " Here's the song. Make what
you like of it." It's a bit like looking at a picture. You look at
that and think what you like of it.

" Now he's developed a life he's happy with. Anyone who has
come from 18 to 33 in the media spotlight from Jack-the-lad
Wham! boy to what he is today is bound to be different. I've
seen him change over the years. He's made an incredible
amount of money and I have never seen him so relaxed and
happy as he is today."

So how does George manage to keep a low profile on the street?

" People especially Americans usually ignore George because
they think he's a look-alike!" Dick laughs, " I was with him once
at Charles De Gaulle airport, Paris, when a woman asked for
her picture to be taken with him because he looked so much
like "that George Michæl guy"! He agreed. As we walked
away a group of students shouted, "GEORGE!" and he ran,
turning around first to wave at the old lady. It was a hoot! "

George has got to a stage in his life where he doesn't want
to be hounded everyday. He has said that he wouldn't want
the attention Madonna or Michael Jackson have.

"I'm lucky, I know because I still live the life I want to live. I do
what I like. I travel about. I do normal ordinary things, and I
know with time I'll be able to do more."

Since George Michæl disappeared we have had Britpop, trip
hop and other such 90s stuff, along with the breakup of Take
That. Now a happier and more mature artist is back to pick
up where he left off.

"It's good to be free," he sings on the final track of Older,
soaring on the wings of a new song.

(All George Michael quotes taken from George Michael In His
Own Words by Nigel Goodall)

Finally STAR PEOPLE has hit this week as a new entry at #1
in Pakistan and last week #1 was Blood on the dance floor.
Good Shot George.

Pakistan Top 5 Singles are:

1. Star People (New Entry): George Michael
2. Blood on the dance floor : Michael Jackson
3. How Come, How Long : Baby Face Featuring Stevie Wonder

4. Who do you think you are : Spice Girl
5. Love won't wait : Gary Barlow

Thank you for reading

To Wrap it Up:

"I'll give you something to remember."


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