You got YM#160 very late I know, but it's not because I was
sleeping in all day, I was up for work by 6am but AOL wouldn't let
me online to send your fix before I had to leave for work. How was
the concert? Stunning. I am bruised and battered yes, but it was
worth it. How close did I get to the stage? Close enough to have
easily pegged Gwen upside the head with one of the George CD's
in my pocket--which I was really tempted to do just to see what
she'd say about him... Anyone looking for Star People '97 or
the STW dance mixes, the import of FastLove or the Older EP,
drop me a line for the Toronto HMV and Tower superstores phone

As for my take on Star People '97, I shall quote Elliot and say
"so funky." I think you have out done yourself George. Sincere
congrats on your best dance track yet. I'm sure you and I both
agree it was worth all the agro honey. : )

*************************** (Zest) writes:

It is his first Number One single since 'Earth Song' was top of
the charts for Christmas 1995 and is the seventh solo chart-
topper of his career. That total puts him level in a curious tie
with both Madonna and George Michael, the two acts whom
you would pigeonhole with Jackson as the biggest stars of the
last decade.
*************************** (JATIN GYAN SEEJORE()) writes:

Star people has been released in the UK in two CD`s. A dance mix
containing 4 versions and the single with 3 star prople edit 97,
Everything she wants and star poeple unplugged. Yesterdat for the
first time after Easter, Waltz away dreaming was aired on capital FM.
Besides, there is a stong chance of him having his 12th no1 with star
people saturday on Capital FM.

Could anybody tell me about how to get a copy of the unplugged on
CD and the dance mixes of Fastlove.


*************************** (Nancy) writes:
The following are all audio concerts and interviews I have available.
I'm very much interested in TRADING other fans for other items.
If interested, please write to

Lyceum 11/15/83 - Club Fantastic 1 cass
Whitley Bay 11/19/83 - Club Fantastic 1 cass
Dublin 12/8/84 - Make It Big 1 cass
Dublin 12/9/84 - Make It Big 1 cass
Leeds 12/14/84 - Make It Big 1cass
Wembley Arena 12/27/84 - Make It Big 1 cass
Japan 1985 - Make It Big 1cass
Tokyo 1/18/85 - Make It Big 1 cass

Birmingham NEC 2/26/85 - Make It Big 1 cass
Toronto 8/28/85 - Whamamerica! 1cass
Brixton Academy 6/23/86 - warm up for Final 2 cass
Brixton Academy 6/24/86 - warm up for Final 2 cass
The Final 6/28/86 2 cass

Paris 1988 - Faith 1cass
Melbourne 3/26/88 - Faith 2 cass
Rotterdam 4/12/88 - Faith 2 cass
Rotterdam 4/13/88 - Faith 1 cass
Rotterdam 4/14/88 - Faith 1 cass
Rotterdam 4/16/88 - Faith 1 cass
Milan 5/16/88 - Faith 2 cass
Milan 5/17/88 - Faith 2 cass
Verona 5/21/88 - Faith 2 cass
Rome 5/22/88 - Faith 2 cass
Montpellier 5/27/88 - Faith 2 cass
Bercy 5/30/88 - Faith 1 cass
Hamburg 6/2/88 - Faith 1 cass
Hamburg 6/3/88 - Faith 1 cass
London 6/11/88 - Faith 2 cass
London 613/88 - Faith 2 cass
Glascow SEC 6/18/88 - Faith 2 cass
Birmingham 6/23/88 - Faith 2 cass
Birmingham 6/24/88 - Faith 2 cass
Birmingham 6/25/88 - Faith 2 cass
Birmingham 6/28/88 - Faith 2 cass
Washington DC 8/6/88 - Faith 2 cass
Washington DC 8/7/88 - Faith 2 cass
Philadelphia 8/10/88 - Faith 2 cass
Tacoma 9/23/88 - Faith 1 cass
Los Angeles 10/4/88 - Faith 1 cass
Orlando 10/23/88 - Faith 2 cass
Birmingham 1/15/91 - Cover To Cover 2 cass
Birmingham 1/16/91 - Cover To Cover 2 cass
Tokyo 3/10/91 - Cover To Cover 1 cass
London 3/19/91 - Cover To Cover 2 cass
London 3/20/91 - Cover To Cover 2 cass
London 3/22/91 - Cover To Cover 1 cass
London 3/23/91 - Cover To Cover 2 cass
Oakland 10/1/91 - Cover To Cover 2 cass
Los Angeles 10/5/91 - Cover To Cover 2 cass
Los Angeles 10/6/91 - Cover To Cover 2 cass
Dallas - Cover To Cover 2cass
Detroit 10/18/91 - Cover To Cover 2 cass
Chicago 10/19/91 - Cover To Cover 2 cass
New York 10/25/91 - Cover To Cover 2 cass
Philadelphia 10/29/91 - Cover To Cover - 2 cass
Washington DC 10/31/91 - Cover To Cover 1cass
SPECIAL: Radio One Unplugged Concert December 1996 $6)

Rainforest Benefit 3/2/93 (only 1/2 hour) 1 cass
Concert For Hope 12/1/93 - 2 versions 1 cass
Commitment To Life 1/19/95 2 cass

Dodger Stadium 8/29/92 (entire show) 2 cass
Royal Albert Hall 12/1/94 (George's songs only) /1 cass
Hollywood Bowl 9/22/95 (entire show) 2 cass

The following interviews are "non official" interviews. They are the
actual recordings used when interviewing George - no editing!

6/12/87 - Interview with George in a London Hotel 1 cass
4/12/88 - Rotterdam Press Conference 1 cass
5/13/88 - Interview with George at a London Hotel 1 cass
6/16/88 - George Interviewed by Vicky Iovine 1 cass

George Michael, Smokie, and Maggie Bell on Clyde FM: 12/2/82
1 cass
Chinese singer performing Wham! songs in Cantonese 1 cass
Wham! On WestWood One 1985 1 cass
Wham! Boxing Day Special: 12/12/85 2 cass
Wham! On Radio One: 6/23 - 27/86 2 cass
Wham! Interview on KIQQ (very funny!) 1985 1 cass
Wham! On WestWood One 1986 1 cass
Backstage At The Faith Tour 1988 1 cass
George Interview With Simon Bates 1988 1 cass
George Interview With Tony Parsons 8/28/91 1 cass
The George Michael Story 3/6-8/92 1 cass
George On Radio One (edited version): 4/19/93 - edited version
which contains segments NOT on the unedited version. 1 cass
George On Radio One (unedited version): 4/19/93 - unedited
version 2 cass
An Audience with George Michael - BBC Radio 1 special 1996 -
1 cass

MISC. CASSETTES - quality of all clips on the cassettes varies.
Tape from London - many various interviews, radio clips,
newsclips, etc. 2 cass
Milan Interview 10/19/88 and Portugal Interview 11/22/90 1 cass
George on NRG France, Bravo and Andy interviews 1 cass
Nelson Mandela, Turn To Gold with David Austin, KISS FM interview,
various 1 cass
Live Clips from Orlando, various misc interview and radio clips 1 cass
Boogie Box High "Outrageous" album - George's cousin and 1 song
by George! 1 cass
Deon Estus "Spell" Album - George on Heaven Help Me 1 cass
Georgegate, Steve Wright Interview, Nelson Mandela backstage,
Czech Interview 1 cass
Interview RAI, Italian Interviews, Final Interview with Simon Bates 1 cass
"Red, Hot & Dance" 1 cass
"Jesus To A Child" live on Capital Radio, Sony case reports, Rome
press conference 1 cass
Waltz Away Dreaming/George Live on telephone with Capital Radio/
George at the Capital Radio "Help A London Child" Lunch 3/26/97 - 1
*************************** (Brent) writes:
Hello Amanda and everyone!
I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who has come to
my Club Tropicana web site
and for all the kind words and helpful advice. Glad everyone is

enjoying this weekly updated site. I just added some Hot Wax
photo's Father Figure and then links to those awesome VH1
pictures!! Anyway, glad everyone is having fun visiting my site
and I hope anyone who wants to contribute in any way will
contact me. Also Amanda you just work way too hard so please
let us all know if there is anything we can do to help like the
surveys or whatever.

ALSO can I just say something here.... I have been on YM since
issue #19 back in September I believe and I really have to say
this.... THIS IS the BEST group of people around!!! I can't really
ever say how much all the kindness of everyone has meant to
me! I am blown away by all the people who offer to help find
rare GM items and send rare items or cd's to me this is just so
GREAT! It seems everyone here just opens up their hearts and
souls to everyone and I think that is great. I hear of other
e-mail newsletters of other groups and it seems like there is a
lot of fighting amoung other members and lack of respect so I
am glad that it is not like that with GM fans! (or at least I don't
see that). So has anyone else noticed what a great group of
honest and nice people are on here??? Well I just wanted to
bring that to the attention to everyone and say what a Amazing
group of people you all are!!

Take Care.
Cheers! Brent (
*************************** writes:
Hi Amanda:

It seems pretty simple as to why Older is not taking the U.S. by
storm. Pretty much, any major artists' new release is a media
event. Usually any tour dates, special appearances, or new music
is splashed accrossed newspapers, magazines, and tabloid T.V.
It seems like Aegean should get off of their duffs and promote,
promote, promote. On George's part he has:

-performed on the European Music Awards
-performed MTV unplugged
-peformed on VH-1 with Stevie Wonder
-released several good remixed CD singles
-actually appeard in some of his own videos
-released a couple of charity album tracks

Gee, this is about 3 years worth of work for Mariah Carey. In all
fairness, I think I see the big picture here. I believe many execs
had hoped that word-of-mouth on George's own version of being
emancipated from his label, would garner enough record sales
automatically. I think that it is naive thinking on Aegean's part.
Look at The Artist Formerly Known As Prince! He hasn't done this
much publicity since his Princely Purple Rain days. His label's
work is definitely paying off now. Granted 500,000 copies isn't
mega-star sales status, but keep in mind the Emancipation CD
is a 3 disc opus getting very little radio play. GM's CD should at
least be able to have a similar campaign with the fair amount of
radio play and video rotation that Older is getting. Maybe when a
"hits" package or Video compilation is released things will improve.
I think Aegean should be grateful to Yogamel because it is an
economical way for them to keep their stars' name in public
circulation. Cheers to Amanda and all the dedicated Yoggers!

(True that AEgean is doing a so so job, the major problem lies
with DreamWorks. They are the major force behind George here,
and they are doing an abysmal job. AG)

Take care

"....when you can buy a tape machine that gives me bullsh*t in
your place."
*************************** (Chitrawati) writes:
Dear Amanda,
First I want to thank you for your effort in building Yogmael. It
is great.

Second I would like to ask your help. Just two weeks ago I
posted a message in yogmael asking about Waltz Away
Dreaming. Then somebody with e mail address: sent me an e mail with a couple of
helpful suggestion. I've been trying to reach him/her via e
mail but failed. It is always returned by the Post master.
Since he/she is a GM fan and a Yogmaeler, please put this
message in the Yogmael. I want to thank him/her for his/her
helpful suggestions but since my computer doesn't have the
real audio I still can't hear Waltz Away Dreaming. Anyway
give my thanks to him/her.

Thank you so much Amanda!

(Try without the 2 in the address. AG)

ps: By the way, do you know :
- When will Waltz Away Dreaming be released in US or Asia?

(It won't be in the US. AG)

- Where can I find " Bare " ?

(Ask around on here. AG)

A very warm regards from Indonesia!! (you'll be surprised to know
that there're so many GM's fans in Indonesia!)

*************************** (LEBOIS David) writes:
breaking law again...

Amanda & camera crew,

Just a quick note to say that those who don't have "Waltz..."
can download this file on my web page: (766Ko) contains waltz.wav (1,1Mo 56,26 sec. of
sound recording from Capital Radio, thanks to Nick Ford)

It's not a very good quality recording, but I'm sure some of you
will be happy to hear one minute of this song. Please note that
I'll erase the file just after the release of the song in UK
(Aegean's site says May 26th...)

Take care.
*************************** writes:
Amanda first of all thanks for doing a fantastic job you deserve lots
of hugs



Secondly when you visit the UK you will have to come to my pub
(yes I run one) as we have regular Wham! revival nights and I think
you deserve a drink on the house.

(I will indeed be looking forward to it! Hoping to be there next
summer. AG)

I also know where AR drinks on a regular basis but I won't reveal to
all and sundry as I don't think he would appreciate it.

Ref. his old album Son of Albert I heard an interesting thing on the
radio. it was a panel show when people were asked to comment on
songs without knowing who the artist was. By enlarge the reaction
to the tracks played was good until they reveiled that the artist
responsible was AR and then it was slated ARGHHHHHH!!!!!!

(It was a good ROCK album, nothing like George's pop music.
Andrew picked up a stronger Queen influence than George did. AG)

Anyway nuff said

To Wrap it Up:

"Somebody tell me why I work so hard for you?"

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