Perilous injury nothwithstanding, see you tomorrow.

*************************** writes:
Hello Amanda and everyone, I am leaving for LONDON on the
23rd of May . That's about two weeks . So if anyone wants or
needs something GM related like the new single due to be
released then I can get it for you ..... So E-mail me right away.
Make sure you write in the subject area that it's GM related
ok .... :) GRIMMMY
*************************** (Caroline) writes:
Petition For Star 98.7:

Just an update for you! I have been frantically trying to get a
hold of an e-mail address for star 98.7. I know that they have
a web page but i have been unable to
connect. I have a friend who is trying to help me out at the
moment (to get the e-mail address) but i have had no success
as of yet. i am currently making revisions to the petition and
it should be ready within the next week (I have finals so you
will have to bear with me). If anyone can help me locate the
e-mail address of the star program director or any address for
that matter i would greatly appreciate it. Thanks for your
concern, i am glad that others out there feel the same way
that i do!

*************************** (Joe) writes:
I know you are thinking, "Didnt I already get a message from" Well, my roommate and I, both Yog fans,
share a computer and we both wanted to reply to your request.
Firstly, I really thought the first single from OLDER should not
have been "Jesus to a Child". The American public is truly not
into the "sensitive side" of George as apparent in the total sales
of "LWP 1". I feel Americans look to George for "booty shakin"
tunes ("Too Funky" and "Freedom 90" are two recent gems)
and to start to promote an album with a single that does not
appeal to most of the general public was not a smart move in
my opinion. "Fastlove", a very great single, should have
launched the album. This was the type of song that George is
known for here in America.
Secondly, the videos from OLDER should have received more
air play. VH1 is the perfect channel for airing the videos from
OLDER. The songs really fit their format well. I dont know if this
is out of the hands of Aegean, but more should have been done
to get these videos out to the public. I believe, in record
companies minds, videos are small commercials for the album.
I feel this way because they usually pay for at least part of the
total cost for videos. Aegean/DreamWorks paid to get these
videos made, shouldnt they be broadcast to as many people
as possible?
Finally, I think more singles should have been released in the
States. Singles, like videos, are released for the purpose of
advertising the complete picture, the album. Im not saying that
every single should have been released commercially, but there
should have been a few more "radio only" songs. Although, "I
Cant Make You Love Me" is not on the album it is a superb
track and definitely should have been released to radio and
maybe even been a b-side to one the commercially released
singles. This song, first released by Bonnie Raitt, is a very
popular adult contemporary song. I believe most "adults" have
heard Bonnies version of this song, and like myself, fell
immediately in love with it. Georges version takes the original
to a new level and may even have shattered Americas idea of
George ("not only can he produce dance tracks, but, damn, this
guy really knows how to sing!!")
I really must say, that overall, OLDER was not promoted well. I
believe that this single factor was (just

(Drums, bass, keyboards, acoustic guitar. AG)

4) What other language(s) (if any....) does George speak? (just


5) How many YM members are there now? (just curious....)

(Around 720, it changes daily. AG)

Is there anyone from Las Vegas on YM yet other than me?? If
there are, PLLEASEEE E-mail me!!! I can NOT find any GM fans
here in the valley and our radio stations don't like GM except for
the soft music station that plays old GM songs. Well keep up
the good work and keep them YM coming!! Nice job Amanda! =0)

*************************** (Mariska Sloot-Hohé) writes:
Dear Amanda,

I probably won't be the only one with this reaction, but i felt quite
mad about the message from:
Every morning when my coffee is hot and i step into my office, the
thirst thing i do is: LOOK FOR YOGMAEL and i know a lot of other
'soulmates ' ,are doing the same. We are so glad to have our
everyday-news-about-him, so please, throw that person of the list
and forget about it. You're doing a magnificant job, please continue.
MOVE ON....,
*************************** writes:

I just want to reply to the person who thinks that YM is not up to

I think it is.

My reason for thinking so is that I too was quite disappointed at
first, BUT following my own (albeit short) contribution I recieved
a number of emails from people who had the same views as

I write ( reviews) for my college paper and as a result know how
easy it is to be negative.

If you want more discussion just ask.

(YM can only be as good as the quality of it's posts. I am not
going to keep handing out assignments. True, we all get into
those moods when we want to gush about something totally
sophomoric, but I have also seen some pretty impressive
topics come up. If anyone wants to discuss anything, BRING
UP THE TOPIC! I can just as easily discuss George's looks
as I can his musical influences, as can -- I think -- most people
on here. AG)

I thought that Yogaholism was quite entertaining and revealing,
*************************** (Mark and Lisa) write:
Thank you Amanda, for rushing the 'breaking news' of George
being a guest on the VH1 Honors. I turned the TV on about 10
minutes before they came on. George's performance was
incredible as usual. His voice really did sound as powerful as
ever and he really seemed to be enjoying himself. You can tell
that he and Stevie are pretty close. It must have been such a
high for him to be singing with the one he considers to be his
favorite singer and songwriter. I see a lot of similarites in the
honesty that both George and Stevie bring forth in there

I also want to comment on 'Waltz Away Dreaming'. I got up
early enough on Sunday to catch the song and some of the
interview on Capital FM...What can I say, the song is really has a very spiritual feel to it...not in terms of
say a gospel song..but the production gives it a very angelic
sound. Way to go George and Toby. I know George's dad
had to have been deeply moved by his son's gift.

If anyone in the UK knows the easiest way for me to get my
hands on the 'Waltz Away Dreaming' single, please e-me. I
would greatly appreciate any help; us Americans aren't
having much luck getting our hands on new George material
as you can well imagine.

Thanks again and wonderful paper on 'Yogaholism' Amanda....:o)

*************************** (Sari) writes:
--------------------- Amanda

Washington, D.C.
*************************** (LEBOIS David) writes:
Dear Amanda and crew,
Two quick things to say today:


1- I saw the YOGAHOLISM PAPER last week-end... My Yog
-Addiction isn't getting better, but now I know I'm not the only
one! Thank you Dr Amanda, what a good therapy !!

2- I met Nick Ford (, from London)
last week in Paris. First, I would like to thank him publicly for
taping me 'Waltz away dreaming' and 'Careless Whisper (Wexler
mix)'. I would also like to publicize the weekend he's planning
next automn in London. I think it's a great idea to meet in
George's town, but he only received 14 answers. Hey Europe?
Are you there? We should be more than that!

Thanks again for the 'twenty hours a week' great job you're doing.
Don't forget this thing they call studies... (if not too late!)

(It's too late. AG)

*************************** (Lynore Marksberry) writes:
I know, this was supposed to be in by noon today, but I am sure it
is noon somewhere in the world. Besides, I was out of town this
weekend and just got home.

George had a choice to make last year when the album was
released. Either travel half way around the world to promote my
work to a bunch of strangers, just to make money. Which I firmly
believe had there been more promotion the CD would have been
more successful. Or stay as close to home as possible and be
with my family when they need me. Tough choice, huh? I don't
think there are any regrets there, do you? Given the same
choices what would we have done?

The end
*************************** (Ian Davies) writes:
Just to let everyone know that the Hard Rock Cafe in Paris has
now re-opened. I didn't go in to check whether George's guitar
from Faith was there or not but the place is definately open for
business if anyone else is in the area.

*************************** writes:
Fellow Yoggers
I made the schoolboy error of loaning my Red Hot & Dance cd to a
'friend' and have never had it back, 3 years later!! Does anybody have
a copy to go to a good home?! Will pay, swap or send UK releases.
*************************** (Sharon Dunn) writes:
Dear all

Amongst all the post election speculation and analysis in the last
few days, I came across the article in the Sunday Times (May 4)
[] listing those who may well play
a role behind the scenes of the new government.

There's a mention of GM amongst others: businessmen, lawyers,
novelists, etc.

"New Labour, new establishment. Sarah Baxter unveils the rich
and the powerful who are riding high in Tony Blairs new firmament.

The musician: George Michael. Having come back as a singer,
Michael, 33, has come out for new Labour. He recently paid a
secret visit to Blairs home and will be a member of Labours
commission charged with ensuring every pupil has access to a
laptop computer. In his new-found fervour, he has taken to serving
soup to Londons homeless from the back of his Range Rover.
Worryingly for Blair, he has admitted he is not completely clear
about his sexuality and that his lyrics are inspired by cannabis.
He also claims he would willingly pay 60% of his earnings to a
Labour government, perhaps knowing his friend Tony wont take
him up on it."

(Gee, even the Times went for the misquote on the Big Issue. AG)

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