Hi. You may notice that you post a long message to YM and it
seems to get spliced, one part posted immediately and another
a week from now. Priority takes precedence. Also, you may
find irrelevant -- non world o' Yog -- portions disappear. Don't take
it personally. : )

Also, who caught the Oprah Winfrey show on Wednesday? To
see people have a laugh at 19 year old George was just cruel...
(says Amanda who was on the ground in hysterics)

*************************** (Carolyn) writes:
I was in the mall (looking for beanie babies) and stopped for a
mocha latte. Heard Young Guns from the TV and low and
behold there was WHAM on Oprah. I yelled - people stared
but I didn't care (dignified is not in my frame of reference). She
was doing a tribute to Dick Clark and American Bandstand and
I wish I had of been home to tape it. Seems like I have seen
some videos for sale of old American Bandstand shows and
when I get time will try to track this one down. Anyone got
any ideas?

(VH1. Failing that, I have the performances and I owe you a
favour. New VCRs coming my way in a week, then ALL the
dubbing will be gotten out of the way. AG)
*************************** (laura) writes:
Hallo everybody
I'm posting this because I'd like to know if somebody would like
to swap the performance with Stevie Wonder for something else
I've got...or I could pay....

Love to all

PS I'll be 23 on may the 10th (like Bono Vox somebody always
toldme...)....would someone like to cheer me up with your "happy
birthdays"??!!!:))) GRAZIE!!!!!!!
*************************** (George Lewis) writes:
Halo cult of Yog,

I'm playing hookie from school today, and was messing around
in CDNOW. I saw a new George book along with 2 versions of
SP 97. Just wondering if anyone had read the book "Read
Without Prejudice," or new what other songs were on the SP
97 discs *Hopefully Some New Ones!* It seems that CDNOW
has quite a few George imports for us struggling in North
America. They have all from Older that I am aware of.

*************************** (Angelo Sgouros) writes:
Dear Friends,

I have been spending the last two months compiling
a list of all the Wham! and George Michael items that
I have for sale. Included in the list are such items as
a 1st pressing hardback edition of BARE, Monkey 5"
CD, One More Try - GOLD Promo CD, Autographed
Items and more... If you are interested in viewing the
list please go to:

*************************** (Tilly Maertens) writes:
The release date for "Waltz away dreaming is definitively May
26th, 1997 (UK only: Aegean's first official release)
*************************** (Tears Record) writes:
Hello to all !

Here is the new web site about George Michael :

*************************** (David Modderman) writes:
Hi Amanda and friends, I have a question maybe someone out there
can answer. It is about KTS records, I ordered a George Michael
Unplugged Accoustic C.D. from them about 2 weeks ago, and I was
wondering if any one had ordered anything from them also recently,
and recieved it, because I am worried I will never get it. Even though
the order was confirmed from KTS on my e-mail. So if anyone can
tell me how reliable this KTS is, I would gladly appreciate it. I know
they are soon going out of business but, I still hope I get it.

Sorry I hope I didn't waste your time.

(I have no opinion on KTS. AG)
*************************** (Cherylyn) writes:
Hi All,
I am not sure if any one is interested but this is the interview that
CapitalFM broadcast today Sunday. If I could explain and put my
two cents in before you read.

The Broadcast is an example of something SOOO RIGHT!!! I have
never gotten to really experience any other radio other that
American radio. While I will admit the static sound and the
interruption of network congestion was VERY irritating. But than
who has not experienced the same driving down the road at three
in the morning listen to your favorite song from some distance

station. I think that this is EXACTLY what we need over here and
hopefully the rest of the world is hearing what we are playing.

We need to start our own choosing of music from singers and
bands all over the world. If you will notice I said OUR OWN
CHOOSING not some record company bigwig who really has
no knowledge or care of what they are putting out, just that it
make them a lot of money!!

I apologies for any typo's and miss transcribing. The computer I
think when it sends out it may repeat some data streams or
something that it thinks was not received correctly. Also after
rewinding a section about a hundred time to figure out WHAT
THE HECK WAS JUST SAID,AUGH!!! :0( I think the tape in a
few places messed up. Next time I will be better prepared and
buy a brand new tape.

I will save my comments for later on what was said. Only I just
want to ,say if it does not seem like it to you, my PERSONAL
opinion after hearing the interview is that George is coping well
and appreciates the love he feels from us. I hope that the song
helps his dad.

Interview between CapitalFM & George Michael. Sunday 4-27-97
Broadcast over the internet during the Pepsi count down.

George Michael Interview

DJ - Hello George Michael

GM - Hello

DJ - How are you? Are you well?

GM - I am very well. yea

DJ - Well welcome to Sunday afternoon in the UK.

GM - Thank you, how’s the weather?

DJ - Ha,yea, NEXT!...What is the weather like where you are?
Hot and Sunny?

GM - Its pretty nice out here actually, it is the nice time of year,
the spring.

DJ - and is this work for you over there? or is it relaxation?

GM - Kind of both really, a bit of a break but also I am doing work
on the phone all day. And um actually doing work with the records...

***I could not understand the next bit, something about working in
the studio or records sorry:0)***

...out here, but really just taking a break.

DJ - Now lets talk about this new song. Is it a healing process for
you to hear, obvious to go through the sad circumstance behind in
the way release of the record. Has it helped you?

GM - Oh defiantly, very **therapeutic,** to me, making the record
and listening to the record. I mean I truly believe the sentiment of
the record it is always a help for me I hope it is a help for my father.
And I think it will help him I am sure it’s going to be a little upsetting
in a way but I am sure it will help him over the next couple of weeks.
You know as the radio gets it played. I am sure it will be
therapeutic for him.

DJ - I am sure it must be hard being in the public eye, but at the
same time because everyone is aware of your situation there must
be a lot of love and, ah, nice thoughts coming from people
(GM- Absolutely) to you and your family

GM - Absolutely you know, I mean, people have been so nice, so
nice, I mean people have been wandering up to me in the street latey,
the letters that they just handing me. Their not even signed, there is
not any expectation of any kind of return for it they just you now a lot
of reaction from people that have been in similar situation and really
sweet things. That people have written and said and you know it is
all very confronting but I suppose in some ways one of the things
that is difficult about losing some body is that the world goes on as
normal you know and I have been through this before and it kind of I
remember thinking that it was strange that no one knows about this
in a way.

DJ - Yea

GM - and of course when you constantly have people referring to it
you would think it would be painful but in fact it is some how
comforting isn’t it?

Than the DJ played more songs…

DJ - now George, You have a great musical heritage in this
country, quite a lot of controversy about the chart…

***Next he said something about it being "really important"…or
"not really important" Sorry I could not tell. The DJ went on to
say the next part so it what he may have said it that it was not
important….Boy and I thought about studying to do transcription,
NOT!! This is not an illegal mis quote, is it???? Please do not
sue me anyone!!!***

...particle when like the Pepsi chart it’s sort of, its really partly
what people here on the radio and that how its made up. But
there no drought that its effecting music listening all over the
world. I would have thought.

GM - Absolutely, I think, I think that’s right. I mean radio really,
really should be about the records that are popular right now.
Over here in America its really exciting and this generation of
American kids seems really excited about English bands. I
really hope that the record industry backs the right horse and
actually backs things that are really creative and the things that
are only,…‘ya know as a, as a society that really mixes all
different kinds of music together and different race music, its
really, No one else is doing it the way we are doing that. And I

really think that we’ve got a big…….again and I hope to God
that the record

** I have NO idea what he said between "a big……again,"

...industry understand that America wants music from us, not
you know …no hair on him basically…

***???WHAT, WHAT, what in the world did he say hair? Who
has no hair???***

DJ - The ah, Spice Girls are doing huge business in the states
aren’t they?

GM - Exactly the Spice Girls are a phenomena, you know. I love
the Spice Girls I have to say as much as I thought I never would.
Oh they are a phonemenon and I really hope that our industry
doesn’t get side tracked by that because the are one off. You
know they really are a one off. It doesn’t, because Americans buy
the Spice Girls doesn’t mean their going to buy…doesn’t mean
they are going to by any number of things that are successful in
England. Really what America is listen to for us is the kind of
multicultural stuff that we are so good at. And umm definitely
America is just about to eat up English music all over again. But
they not necessary going to buy English marketing. The are
going to buy up English music...

***Again the DJ Plays more music...***

DJ - He’s back on the line from Los Angeles, So George, Star
People’s number 17 this week on our play which is pretty good
but of course will be released tomorrow and here we are talking
about another single you are involved with. I know it has been
played before but obviously this is the, the edited final cut down
version. Bit strange to have two singles out at the same time isn’t

GM - It’s almost, I mean, I guess you’ve probable under different
circumstances, its something that wouldn’t happen. I mean I
didn’t know that what happen to my mother was going to happen,
its fate. So its really a coincidence that I have three records on
the radio in a couple of weeks, yea.

DJ - Now this all a part of you launching your own record company
label. So what’s that all about?

GM - Its really about trying, having a corner in the industry where
artist know they can come if they want kind of respect and freedom
to do what they want and basically its about 50/50, you know its
all about…doing the best work and them having doing their best
work and being free to leave if they are not happy. The success of
the label is really about my decisions, my choices. Who I think has
got the talent to do this, so really if I fail miserably it will all be down
to me. I am aware of that.

DJ - How about Toby Burke?

GM - Well, he’s the perfect example of what I mean. He has the kind
of voice that really mine isn’t, ‘ya know its kind of raw and very kind
of spontaneous. And I just love it. So um that’s the kind of thing I
would like to help.

DJ - Well I think its about time we play it so if you want to introduce
this song and just, I don’t know tell what it means for you?

GM - Um, yea I love to. Its a song written by Toby Burke with a
couple of additional verses written by me. What I would like to say if
you listen to the record in context of Toby’s part being my father
and my part being me than you will guess what the record is about.
And I would just like to say that I hope that it helps my father and
anybody else who’s lost anybody recently that’s having trouble
believing that they are still there for them ‘ya know.

DJ - OK, well thanks a lot for talking to us George.

GM - All right well thanks to everybody again and, I am just, I really
hope that they like the record because I am really proud of it and I
know Toby is really proud of it...

Than they faded in to the song. Waltz away Dreaming.

Again this was the Interview between CapitalFM & George Michael.
Sunday 4-27-97. Broadcast over the Internet during the Pepsi
count down. I heard this using RealAudio, Which I might add is
TOOOO COOL. I recommend this to any one. It is worth the 30
bucks to buy it!! If there are any mis interpretation please let me
know. I especially want to know about what he was saying when
he made the hair comment

So Amanda, I did not break any Copyright laws did I????

(Sure you did. But this list breaks the law at least weekly...AG)

Chery :0)
To Wrap it Up:

See y'all on Monday.

"I don't think you'd appreciate the things that I hide."

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