Hi gang. Sorry about skipping a day, I spent the day tending to
administrative things. And on that note, some requests to make
YM run a little smoother for the summer:

1. Don't post from the web, send all posts as direct e mail.

2. Release dates, air dates, new CD track listings, recent George
sightings, and George pics in the press should be titled as urgent.

3. Please only copy as much text as you must if you are copying
text to reply to.

4. Jim Simpson: Let's talk a little MajorDomo...

Also note about 5 of you have sent me track listings for the new
Star People releases, but only one is going to run to cut down on


Are you gonna be in the Los Angeles area July 25th-27th? Well so
am I! The goal is a party as wild as a Shriners convention, but with
better hats...Details to be announced May 15th. Anyone interested
in helping plan, drop me a line NOW!
*************************** (Bea Alison Rumpelt) writes:
Hi Amanda!

I don't think I have actually seen a release date for Waltz Away
Dreaming on Yogmael at all so far so I thought I would pass on
what information I have gotten from Virgin Megastores.

On April 30, a cd single "Star People 97" has been released in
the UK; it includes Waltz away dreaming. It can be ordered
through Compuserve mail order if anyone has access. (However,
cd singles are not available through their "regular" mail order.)

I realize the date has already passed, so if this info has shown
anywhere and I have simply overlooked it, please just delete this

(The release date was bumped to what I believe is now May 26th
because it was not b sided with Star People.

*************************** (Paula Ryman) writes:
Hi Amanda

Just a quick note to let you know that "Waltz Away Dreaming"
will eventually be released. They are doing the promo tapes for
the video shoot at the moment.

Regards Paula
*************************** (Caroline) writes:

This is in reply to the person who informed all of us yog fans that
the california radio station Str 98.7 is not going to play GM songs.
I happen to listen to this radio station almost every day and so
do a lot of my fellow college students. I am currently putting a
petition together to mail into them "requesting" that they begin to
play these songs. I am a very loyal listener and if this continues
both myself and many people that i know will no longer listen to
Star. If anyone else is in the southern california area and listens
to star, if you are interested in signing my petition please let me
know. I have a friend of a friend who works at the station and they
do have e-mail. I will get this address and let you know what it is
and i will foward anyone interested a copy of the petition along with
the e-mail address (as soon as i get it :-) ). Anyway bye for now.
I am very sad to hear this news. Keep up the good work Amanda.

*************************** (Stefan Kirchfeld) writes:
HI Yoggers !!

Yesterday (26th of April) I went into a CD store and wanted to buy
the Waltz Away Dreaming maxi. But the store which is normally
pretty good didnīt even have a date when it will be out !

I live in Germany and everything that is released in the UK is
usually also released in the rest of Europe ! So did they change
the release date? Anyone any info ??? Or has anyone from
Europe the maxi already ??

One more important question: Is the maxi released under the
main name of George Michael or Toby Burke ?

BTW : The VH-1 Honours were GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I loved the way
George appeared !!!! One noticed that when he came on stage the
audience became euphoric !!!!! ....Well, he is the greatest !!!!

I also listened to StarPeople 97 once on the radio (since this one
isnīt out yet either *anger* !!!!!!!!!) . It is VERY VERY COOL!!!!!!!
All of you in the US MUST get it !!!!! Itīs not comparable to the
remixes on the US version !!!!!! Itīs just brilliant because itīs not
only a remix, the song has whole new elements !!!!

AND: Donīt forget our IRC meeting each sunday at 3pm EST !
Undernet, Channel #Yogmael ! (from now on the RIGHT spelling)!!!
Itīs a little sad that only so little of the 700 members join ! It was
really funny and interesting the last times so I invite you once more
to join ! If the day and time doesnīt fit for you i am sure we all can
arrange a new time !

Thatīs it for now !
C U online

*************************** (Jonathan Flower) writes:
The UK Star People Cd's & cassette were released today (28th
April) and the tracks are as follows:

CD one Cassette

1. Star People ' 97 Star People '97 radio edit

2. Everything She Wants unplugged Everything She Wants unplugged

3. Star People unplugged Star People unplugged

Star People Forthright

CD two (The Dance Mixes)

1. Galaxy Mix

2. Forthright Club Mix

3. Galaxy Dub Mix

4. Forthright Edit

".....and if I live to be a hundred and one I will never understand
what you are, honey?".....

See ya, Yoggers!

*************************** (Shawn Light) writes:
This is an update to the comments I made about Star People
being the only single not to hit the US Hot 100. My good friend
in Florida pointed out to me that Soul Free was released as a
single, which I did not know. That didn't hit the Hot 100. He
also reminded me of Spinning The Wheel, which was released
on 12" vinyl. If the 12" STW was released as a commercial
single and not just a DJ promo, then that didn't hit the Hot 100
either. So 3 of his singles didn't hit the Hot 100. And I'm still
not sure about any Wham! singles that were released, but didn't
make the Hot 100.

I was wrong, sorry.

*************************** writes:
Hi Tiffany,

Just a suggestion - don't buy Red Hot & Dance just for the Too
Funky song unless of course you like the whole thing. My
suggestion is to get the CD5 single of Too Funky which has great
remixes including "Too Jazzy" which has a beautiful smoky sound
that really suits his voice. Plus you get "Crazy Man Dance" which
you might recognize as the background of his old Diet Coke

Try this site:

You'll probably be able to order too funky and a bunch of other
good imports through there...

(Red Hot + Dance also contains 2 other George tracks as well
though, both of which are pretty good. AG)

Hope this helps,
*************************** (Claire) writes:
Hello Amanda

I am just as bad for skimming the press for GM info. I even go and
buy ANY mag that has he man on it. For example I bought May's
issue of Computer Life (UK) The article was about Aegean web site
(Which I can't access!!)

I thought I would share some of the article -

"GM Aegean site shows how the technology can be used properly.
The video and music clips are surprisingly long. Aegean says it
isn't worried about copyright and provides sufficient material so you
can actually tell if you're going to like the music. What ever you
think about GM there is an image and sytle that is a far cry from
many other Web sites.

GM says "Visual image is always important to the promotion of an
artist as technology improves fans will be able to see and hear what
they want when they want."

GM says " As a musician I feel that my audience will only fully
embrace the Net when I give them the speed and quailty that they
are accustomed to. Real time digital quality playback . Hopefully
my lips will move with the music next time "

Hope I haven't gone on to much but I thought it was an interesting

On a different note can any one explain the lyrics on Safe (spining
the wheel EP) What does - When you thought your life was on
prescription - mean, I do like to know what I am singing about in
the car!!

(According to my mom, the saying is akin to saying "on hold". And
a dictionary I consulted--it's not that I don't trust mom, but I was
confirming for YM--agrees. Thus, with the whole Fony thing, his life
was essentially on hold professionally anyway. AG)

Take care.

Claire S
Kent (England)
*************************** (Marti Blesa) writes:
Hi Amanda

I've heard the Unplugged and I find the Everything She Wants from
this CD quite different (more slow), maybe this is from a rehearsal?

a2412497-at-smail1.rrz.Uni-Koeln.DE (Thilo Fussen) writes:
hi Yogmaelers,

Star People 97 contains samples of "Burn Rubber On Me"

Thilo, Germany.
*************************** (Frank Reyes) writes:

Hi Amanda & Fellow Yoggers,
There has been a re-release of Star People and it now

consists of a track #7 which is "STAR PEOPLE '97" and it
is released on the maxi single. This release has a silver
and blue sticker that reads A SECRET BONUS TRACK #7
STAR PEOPLE '97. So if you want to buy this single, make
sure it has the sticker otherwise you will get the regular
maxi single. Thought you all would like to know this.

A Fellow Yogger Forever,
Frank Reyes
*************************** (Dan) writes:
Hi Amanda... could you post this for me please...

The last list of my george michael collection is now available at
a website:

or if that doesn't work try:

talk to you all later.... and almost YOGMAEL weekend TIME !

(AG approved. AG)

*************************** (Sa') writes:
From "Otago Daily Times" (NZ regional paper) 28 April 1997


London (BPA): Pop star George Michael is to help implement
British labour Party Leader Tony Blair's classroom crusade.
As an "ambassador" for Labour's plan to ensure every should
have access to a laptop computer, his job will be to "sell" to young
people the educational potential of new technology.
A spokersperson for Michael said: "George believes passionately
that every child should have the right to be computer-literate."

Also, apparently starpeople has just been released in New
Zealand.....I missed the video debut on telly, but will catch it on the
replaying on Saturday morning.

Sa' Bananastein.
*************************** (Claire) writes:
Hi Amanda & all Yoggers

It's about time - Star People 97 was released in the UK today!!! It's
brilliant both the 97 & Dance mixes although my favourite is the live

Can anyone tell me what the question leaflet was all about? (Name
address e-mail and dob etc?)

Also I was reading my weekly mag (Here ) when I stumbled across
the Where are they now article and who should I find but Andrew

It reads the former Wham! singer has left behind the London high
life for the rural bliss of a remote Cornish farmhouse. Andrew 34
lives with his girlfriend Keren Woodward (of Bananarama) and her 9
year old son and spends his day surfing.

AR Says it is a relief I have disappeared from the public eye it was
hard living up to the image. The article also has a current photo -
he looks a like sucessful lawyer with thinning grey hair and glasses

Keep up the good work Amanda

Lots of love as alway
Claire S
Kent England

PS Is anyone else fed up with the singles having the same photos
come on George lets have a few photo covers -
*************************** (Beverley) writes:
Hi Amanda and everyone,
Just to let you know that the success story continues here in the
UK.....Star People 97 has just entered the charts (it was released
last Monday) at NUMBER 2!!! Well done, George!
Best wishes, Beverley.
*************************** writes:
Hello peeps,

Just listened to the UK charts and GM is straight in at number 2!
(I always said the Radio 1 charts were better than the network charts!)

*************************** (gr) writes:
Hi, Amanda:

Warn everybody not to open a suspect worthy message of
possible virus...I received it as Niko Subject: Re: Yogmael
#150 (faked I guess) and comes with an attachment. Its in
Spanish and it says "carta de la suerte" (meaning "letter of
luck"). It comes from

I received a warning from a danish guy yesterday who seemed
to be warning around... after having his own hard drive erased
by a virus carring message. So its better to take precautions...

(I got it, Omega's still fine. But as always, BEWARE! AG)

Take care.
To Wrap it Up:

Guess what? Donna DeLory is going to be performing at "Java Joe's"
in San Diego, California on May 9th. The address is: 4994 Newport
Avenue, Ocean Beach. The number is (619) 523-0356.
CASH PAID FOR A BOOTLEG or George product for a review! Yes,
I'm quite serious.

"If I had not asked would you have told me?"
(Contributed by Snapping)

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