Hi ladies and gents. An interesting note came into my mail box
sometime this weekend--I just got it Sunday at 8pm, I was out of
town--in response to the minor Amanda wig out Friday. I'll keep
the sender anonymous:

<< Are you feeling better now? Believe me we all feel properlychastised whether we are guilty of committing these grievance or
not. (LOL)>>

I also received a top 10 list of things that drive Amanda to drink.
Well, If it's any consolation, I had a decidedly marginal weekend.
I went out of town to visit my sister, make some money, and well,
get the hell away from YOGMAEL for 48 hours. What went wrong?
NO, the question is what went right... To quote Gwen Stefani:

"I'm just a girl, my apologies.
What I've become is so burdensome"

*************************** (Lisa Marie Plasek) writes:
Hi Everyone!

I haven't posted in awhile, I have been enjoying reading everyones
comments on George! George looked and sounded great at the
VH-1 show, he looked really happy to be there, and I am glad the
crowd applauded George and Stevie Wonder's amazing
performance!! I have been scanning the newspapers and
magazines for any mention of George and here is what I have
found. In the new In Style magazine, there is a section on
London. There is a mention of where to visit if you go to
London, such as: hotels, shops, nightlife, and restaurants.
Under the restaurant section, there is: Oxo Tower Restaurant,
Oxo Tower Wharf, Barge House Street, South Bank, London
SE 9 PH telephone# 171-803-3888-George Michael is said to
have been at this restaurant before. Also, in the International
Express newspaper, it mentions George Michael as one of
Britain's Top Ten Bachelors. There is a nice black and white
photo of him in a suit. In the article it states: George Michael-
Age-33 Worth $50 million The former Wham! front man has
amassed an enormous fortune as a songwriter since the duo
split in 1986. He has admittedly cut back on the partying
excesses he was once so well-known for. George's name has
been linked with loads of women and you'd really have to be a
seriously special girl to get near the stubbled one. WHERE
TO MEET HIM: Can often be spotted walking his dog on
Hampstead Heath. He is a big fan of the famous club
Madame JoJo's in London's SoHo. HIS TYPE: Staggeringly
sexy people, although he said recently there was a big neon
question mark" hanging over his sex life.

I just typed what the article stated, so please do not get mad
at me for the mention about his sex life! It is his life and he
can do whatever he wants!!!

(Thanks for sharing. And no, I won't shoot the piano player.
[Obscure Elton John joke.] AG)


I just received some new news on George Michael who was still
in LA as of April 19. In addition to subscribing to Yogmael, I
subscribe to allstar Daily News (
This is the first time that Mr. Michael has been mentioned, so
this makes me very happy! Anyway, there is a gossip section,
and this is what is mentioned: A slew of celebs showed up at
the Morcheeba show at the El Rey Theater in Los Angeles on
Saturday (April 19) night, including supermodel extraordinaire
Elle MacPherson with George Michael. Michael was chatting
with Morcheeba's label, Discovery Records, about possibly
working with Morcheeba (the English trio) who did some
production on David Byrne's forthcoming album. I have never
heard of Morcheeba, but I guess I need to check them out if
George Michael is considering working with them.

Lisa Marie Plasek
*************************** writes:
Got a little story to tell...tonight I was at work chatting wi be glad
to know that I told someone.

Hope that everyone is well and I am seriously considering
coming to LA for the YM gathering, i think it will be fun. If
anyone from Indiana plans on going e-mail me maybe we
can fly together...
*************************** writes:
I am very new to YM and I must say it is the greatest!!!!! My
congratulations to Amanda for taking on the impossible...

(Nothing's impossible, especially when you are dealing with
some of the best fans the music industry has yet to produce.

I am sure you've discussed this topic 1,000,000 times but I
heard on MTV about 2 months ago that George Michael had
lost a lot of weight before fame (which is something that I
already knew), but the VJ (who may have been joking--I
wasn't paying 100% attention) said that George, as a youth,
weighed close to 300 pounds. This was just a factual blurb
the VJ (can't think of his name--someone more obscure)
announced before showing the "Fast Love" video. How
acurate is this?

(This is actually a new one for us. I know he was a solid
lad, but from what I've read, I think he maxed out at around
215lbs. AG)

Thanks! God bless and eat babies!
*************************** (rachel thompson) writes:
To Amanda and Yogmael fans,

I have just received my first two mail lists, and have enjoyed
reading them all. I thought i'd write to tell you that the last
time i saw George live was on the Listen Without Prejucice
Tour, years back. Since then i have moved to London and
was out in Leicester Square the night that Capital FM
opened their cafe and guess who was there? I didn't
actually see him but knowing he was inside the building
was enough for me!!

(If memory serves, George had his driver turn the car
around when he heard on the radio [!!!] that he wasn't
merely scheduled to appear, he was also due to host
and perform. AG)

I have also seen his villa in the St. Tropez, S. France,
apparently he was in the area but again his presence
evaided me! I believe his album Older is the best ever
and wish him every luck with 'Star People' and 'Waltz
Away Dreaming'
We Love Him
From Rachel
*************************** (Tina Stem) writes:
Amanda & Camera Crew,

Just thought I'd share my radio troubles too. I listen to a really
great radio station out of Nashville, Tennessee called 107.5 The
River. It plays lots of 80's and all of the new stuff. (No grunge/rap)
Ocassionaly I do hear some of GM's older stuff but nothing new.
So I have been bombing the station with faxes & phone calls with
requests of his new stuff. They did play JTAC & Fast Love when
they were FIRST released but not any more. It had gotten to the
point were I wasn't hearing ANY GM so I faxed the station a letter

& asked them if they were boycotting GM for some reason.

About an hour after I sent the fax, the afternoon DJ called me
(at work) & said that no they weren't boycotting GM but that his
record label was not pushing his new stuff, therefore it wasn't
getting the air play. I told him that if it never got played how
was anyone to know that he had new stuff out? He said that he
understood & he would play something for me. Well, he played
Everything She Wants. I guess old GM is better than no GM at

My point to all of this rambling I guess is, do we as a group
need to bomb DreamWorks/Virgin with request for them to push
our local radio stations for the airplay or, do you think this is
just a lame excuse from the DJ as to why they don't play the
new stuff?

(Don't blame Virgin. The album is selling like mad world wide,
it's Dr tracks on the
album. Thanks!!

(Indeed, it is set to contain 3 new tracks. This confirmed by
George in a number of Unplugged era interviews. AG)
*************************** (Trina B)
Hi! Just got online and have learned that I am missing a lot of
GM's music. I'm an American in Germany and can only get
my hands on the popular stuff. Would love to get my hands
on some old singles off of the Faith or LWP albums. I'm
mainly interested in the flip sides. His version of "If You Were
My Woman" is of particular interest to me. Would also like to
know how to get a copy of the VH1 honor show that everyone
keeps talking about. I've only got access to EuroMTV. While
I'm making a wish list, I'd also like some secret Santa to send
me a copy of "Waltz Away Dreaming". If anyone can help,
please email me. I'm only interested in these items for the
pleasure they bring, not for monetary value, so I'm not looking
to spend major bucks. Thanks!
*************************** (Natacha DIRASSEN) writes:
Hi, you all out there!

It's been a long time i haven't e-mail anything but it doesn't mean
that I enjoy yogmael any less!

I'd like to answer Joshua Hill who wrote in Yogmael 145 about
finding the E.P. I was wondering which one.

Anyway Josh, if you go to
then you'll find out that thay have quite a lot of cd singles. They
have the Spinning the Wheel and The Star People (97 and maxi
single). I don't think they have Older but i guess they might as
they import from the UK. On the maxi single, you'll find the
MTV version, which is i think the same as the Unplugged.

Another thing for anybody. They have a video called
"Conversation" which seems to be a mixture of conversations
with George over the years, a kind of compilation they made
themselves and that you can't find anywhere else. I don't know
if it is of good quality , but it does exist.

Ok, that's it. I am really impressed by the way it's going on out

if you haven't yet, it is really time to check these great web pages:

And another word for somebody who wrote a while ago that he
wasn't a fan but listening at the new album, this album became
a part of him.
This is actually the way i feel about Older. When it was released
i had the impression it was the kind of music i had been waiting
for all my life. A kind of part of me... Definetly the more complex
GM album 'till now.

OK, have fun!
Crapy Oasis!Oasis= Crap, Crap, Crap!--------------------------------

*************************** (pchrist) writes:
Dear Amanda,
I just got off the phone with KTS Records in Italy. They are out

of stock on their two GM releases, and they will not be
replenishing since they are going out of business. I would love
to get a copy of either of these CDs. If anyone has extra copies
of these, please e-mail me, I would really appreciate it. The two
CDs are as follows:

KTS 638, Free For love, Paris Theatre, London 1996, 53' 04"

KTS 627, Acoustic, Linehouse Studios, East London, Oct '96,
45' 00"

Thank you, and keep up the great work!

Pete C.
*************************** writes:
Dear Amanda & star people!!
Here is some useless info that may make a few of you fellow
yoggers green with envy. After spending more hours than I
care to mention waiting outsid London UK WC2 7LA

"By George this is definitely the latest on George!"
(Contributed by Partha)

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