Hi. Amanda has grievances today. Contrary to popular belief, I
do have a life, and these things are interferring more than they

1. Error messages. The 3 strikes rule remains in effect. 3 error
messages on the run and your name will be dropped.

2. Replying to All. Don't. It won't go to all anyway. And people
will write to me and tell me to remind you of the posting procedure.

3. There is a line to post. It's at a week at the moment. But I am
hoping to start compiling the list by relevance and importance as
of next week. Please don't send hostile mail bitching at me.

4. Irrelevant posts: What are these? No George content whatsoever.
Wait, correct that. NO TIE TO GEORGE whatsoever. You can post
about Andrew--I encourage it--and any session musician. Use good
judgement is all I'm saying. Tie it to the world of Yog! I don't care
what I read, but there is a feeling that we are deviating too much
from George.

5. Innapropriate posts: Yes, I am starting to reject posts. Why?
Personal attacks. You will be informed if a post has been rejected and
told to forward it to the person in question directly. I respect your
opinions, but I will not allow you to flog people publicly. People's e
mail addresses are at the top of their posts.

DATES. Read your mail once in a while and stop asking me
questions I have answered 50 times.

*************************** (Leeanna Cummings) writes:
Hello everyone!

I just wanted to let everyone know that the transcript of the CapitalFM
interview from April 27, 1997 is up on a web site.

Click on Newsletter and then click on Bulletin. I think it is worth
checking out. I found out from the editor it will only be on for 2-3
weeks from now (April 30).

Thanks Amanda for all you hard work!


PS - If anyone just wants to chat, email me.
*************************** writes:
Amanda , who is Andros ?

(George's cousin. The two are very close and essentially grew up
as brothers, as did their fathers. Andros is now Andreas,
president of Ęgean. But if you believe the ignorant press, the
two have been living as gay lovers for years... Trust me, they're
just cousins, 2nd or 3rd I think. AG)
*************************** (Tim) writes:
By the way - have you noticed at the end of the remix (not sure
which one) for Spinning the Wheel during the instrumental -
"Shuffle to the beat, Gonna take a cut, There's money in your
feet, gimme what you got" would fit in perfectly...wonder if this
was just an accident? ;-)

*************************** (Mark Burke) writes:
Hi Amanda -

I'd like to be a member of your George Michael Mailing List.
I've been a fan of George and Wham! for at least 12 years, and
I love to collect their stuff: records, CD's, photos, 12" singles,
videos, whatever... My favorite GM song is "Freedom", and I
love the video for "FastLove". I'm also a fan of Bananarama,
Pet Shop Boys, Madonna, Morrissey, and Bjork.


Mark (from Dallas)

(Welcome to a fellow George/Madonna/Nana/PSB fan! Great taste in
music Mark. AG)
*************************** writes:
When is he gonna tour again?
*************************** (Devilish) writes:
id like to announce to other readers,an online Birthday party i
am arranging for George Michael's birthday on the 25 June.
for details check my homepage at

or by email
Devilish Angel

Hope to see everyone there,by the way im sending aegean an
invite :) Who know's maybe GM will show under another name,
regardless it should be fun.

Luv Devilish Angel
*************************** (M C Parthasarathy) writes:
HI everybody,

Does anyone know good sites for downloading George
Michael videos?

(I know MTV and VH1's AOL sections have vids available,
which I presume would be on the WWW sites as well. AG)

*************************** (Rita Reid) writes:
I recently subscribed to Introspective - a Pet Shop Boys

discussion list and came across a very interesting post from
a PSB fan...

> >1. Ben Folds Five Ben Folds Five
>2. Ben Folds Five Whatever and ever, amen
>3. Gavin Friday Shag Tobacco
>4. Electronic Raise the Pressure
>5. George Michael Older
> >And... 6. PSB Bilingual (It's not soooooo fabulous, sadly,
> after all...)
> >Yes, I know, some of the discs aren't 96/97, but they
> appeared in my hands during this time, so they are brand
> new for me, and they haven't stopped playing in my cd
> since day one...

It was nice to know that a George Michael cd beat out the Pets
AND it was publicly posted!!!

(I just very recently got a copy of Bilingual, thanks again Jason,
and while I agree it's great, it's not their best. But I did notice
an abundance of cross over in terms of production staff. I think
we know know why George sits by the engineering pit when he
see the PSB, he wants to talk to his buddy Chris Porter, the
infamous Forthrigt. Also, I noticed Katie is still working with
them, and so is Ruby from the early Wham! days. AG)

*************************** (Oliver) writes:
(A cross post from the Madonna list. AG)

Zheng Wang wrote:

> 4. George Michael and Madonna: It might be true that they
> used to like each other, but I have an intuitive feeling that has
> changed. I don't have any evidence, it's just they both have
> changed a lot since 1985...

(Both George and Madonna have publicly stated they hate it
when friendships are based purely on both being celebs. I
too have heard the rumour of the night at the T Room, when
George and Madonna are alleged to have spent the night
exchanging dirty looks in the VIP room, and we all know how
valid a source LA club kids are too don't we? AG)

In 1989, Madonna presented GM with the MTV Video Vanguard
Award. They said some nice things about each other, although
Madonna did kid around and said that 'she'd rather be getting
the award than presenting it.' But are we agreed that
Madonna WOULD NOT HAVE presented that award if her
liking for GM has waned?

(They ended up out a dinner with Warren Beatty that night
also. But to offer some water to the fire, Madonna caught
a couple dates on the Faith tour, and George was spotted
at Madonna's 1990 Blond Ambition shows at Wembley,
with Bananarama, because as Keren put it, "He had better
seats." AG)

Well that was 1989. But recently I posted this too, and it
was a comment made in 1994:

I am surprised that in this discussion nobody has mentioned
that in a magazine interview in 1994 (I think NME did the
interview, I forget), the interviewer gave Madonna names of
artists and she was asked to comment on every one of them,
and when GM's name came up, Madonna gave this single
statement: "An incredible songwriter!"

I will try to ask from the George Michael mailing list for recent
comments GM may have made about Madonna.

(I have one, and I already passed it on to Jim. AG)

In any case, I should hope that your intuition fails you this time.

Listening and WANTING to be listened to,
*************************** writes:
Well, this is my first e-mail to Yogmael so I beg all of you, please
be patient with me. I have a question about GM that probably
goes back five or so years ago. If this has already been
addressed in previous issues of Yogmael, I apologize, but I have
only been a subscriber since #142. Anyway, my question
concerns a project GM was supposedly working on called
Trojan Souls prior to his well publicized dispute with Sony. If
memory serves me correctly, this was to be an album of songs
that he wrote and produced but with guest singers actually doing
all the singing. I seem to remember that both Annie Lennox and
K.D. Lang had already signed up for it? Does anyone know
anything? Did his dispute with Sony end up killing the project?
Is it possible I just read some misinformation. I think I read about
it in the free magazine Tower Records gives out with any
purchase. I would love any information on this just so I could
close the book one way or another in my mind.

(This was indeed the project that was set to establish George
as the gifted writer/producer he is. I know that Elton, Aretha
and Bryan Ferry have also been said to have contributed, if
memory serves Bowie's name came up too. Sony didn't
manage to kill it though. When the judgement came down,
the project was passed to Andros' hands set to be released
on what was then his label Hardback. It's now set for release
from Aegean. Check the site for
details. Last I heard, there was not yet a release date. AG)

*************************** (Tears Record) writes:

Hello to all !

Don't hesitate to visit the french web site about George Michael:

--> Multimedia support ('Star People' in real audio is available (5
--> Updated each week
--> English version will come soon
--> News, gallery, mutlimedia, discography etc...
--> Beta test will end in May the 1st

Help me if you want !

See you soon !

Please don't forget to visit my web sites :

My email :
*************************** (Shawn Light) writes:
I just wanted to say that George's look on the VH1 Honours fit
in perfectly with the song. Very 70's in my opinion. Especially
the Sunglasses and beard.

Also, is it just me or have other celebs/artists started popping
up sporting a beard just like George's (Ala JTAC & FastLove
Vids)? Trent Reznor, Garth Brooks have. Anyone else?

George always seems to be the trendsetter. After all he had
the caesar cut before it was "in".

*************************** (Cass) writes:
Hi everyone !

Just thought that ya'll might get a giggle out of this... It's
11:02pm (Pacific time) and I'm JUST NOW cleaning off my
desk to go home for the evening! I've put in WAY too many
hours today and am existing on high-fructose corn syrup and
stress...Anyway, here's the amusing part... I was thinking to
myself "Hey, Cass, maybe you ought to pack it in for the
night?" , well, the 6 Cd changer is on "random" and track 10
from the FAITH cd came on... HARD DAY ! I'm taking it as a
sign of some sort and getting the hell out of here... Hope
everyone had a better day than me! As Scarlett O'Hara
would say "Tomorrow is another day."

Cass :}

P.S. For anyone (other than Amanda, 'cos she's sick of
hearing...) "Does anyone have an idea as to when "Waltz
Away Dreaming" will be available ?" (my friends keep asking
me and don't believe that I don't know. Plz e-me w/info...
*************************** (David Modderman) writes:

I would like to comment on some of the past archives if I may.
George in recent interviews has mentioned that he smokes pot,
and cigarettes. Now at first this really bothered me, it doesn't
really anymore. George is an individual and his own person, he
makes mistakes just like everyone else. But we just don't know
enough about George to really love him or hate him as a person.
Yes, I love his music and think he is the best singer, songwriter,
and performer in the business. I don't think that George is exactly
what i would like him to be as a person. yet being on the outside
looking in How can I or anyone judge him. Only God is the one
who can do that. Again we can love him as a singer and performer,
but as a person we reallyjust don't know enough about him
personally to answer this question. I mean he comes off very nice,
private, and caring person in his interviews. It of course always
brought now with just the mention of George Michael, is his sexuality.
I will say this just once, that his strictly his business, if he really
wanted us to know, he would have told us. Someones sexual
preference is such a small part of a persons life. it should not even
be brought up, I myself am curious, but lets just concentrate on his
music, and not his lifestyle.
Listen Without Prejudice
Thanks D.M.
To Wrap it Up:


(Taken from -- Freedom 90's B side -- Fantasy)


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