"Feels good to be free." Yes, exams are over!

That means I am getting to work on LA weekend, so would
seriously planning to attend please check in so I can put you
on the update list.

*************************** (Kimberly Joette Kubiak) writes:
To whom it may concern-
I think Yogmael is one of the coolest, most up to date, fan mail
on the web. You've done a fantastic job keeping us George
Michael fans on top of the news and gossip. I enjoy reading
the material throughly. Please continue mailing Yogmael to
my address until May 9, 1997. From that time until August 18,
1997, I will be away for the summer, unable to excess my
account until then. Please make note of this.
Thank you for your time and consideration.

(Like I said a couple issues ago, I am not keeping records
for this, unsubscribe before you leave. AG)

Kimberly Kubiak

P.S. I have question regarding GM. Is he really HIV Positive,
or was that just an assumption made by the public regarding
his sexual relations, (particularly Elton John)?

(I'd love to read your sources on this. I have yet to hear the HIV
thing, and I didn't know it had been assumed. But it can't be true
because he is still allowed free access to the US. And as for
Elton, I don't fucking think so. When did he declare himself
HIV + ? And as I once said on AOL, if he's gay, fine, I just hope
he has a good looking boyfriend. And love Elton though I do,
George can do better. AG)

Also, do you for-see another album in the future, or is his music
career almost over?

(Here in the US, maybe the career is waning. Abroad he is
shattering sales records. There is a bunch of new stuff in the
works, and George who had previously hinted at retirement, has
pretty much vowed to work until death. AG)
*************************** (MANEESH SUBHERWAL) writes:
Dear Amanda,
hello!i am writing in for the first time!i have been reading your
yogmael "issues" and i do like the way you have "published" it!i
am a great fan of GM and i do wish him all the best for the rest of
his illustrious career!i really do think "OLDER" is one of his finest
albums ever!it was great to have him on the group "WHAM" and i
certainly do wonder why he had to split!

i would also like to know if he is coming in to INDIA!it will be great
to have him here!if anyone does know about it,do inform me of his
arrival!thanks for everything!i do realise that you guys are college
kids (just like me!) and u are doing a great job!I do hope to hear

from you soon!

(As even the welcome letter now reads, "NO, I don't know when
he's is going to tour." But when I find out, you all will too. AG)

*************************** (Etienne Botes) writes:
Hello all,

I hope to share some ideas with the rest of you, and hopefully
get some of your comments.

I have been a Wham! fan and hence George Michael fan since
1983, when I was 13 years old. I grew up with his music, so to
speak. And I have recently purchased the Older EP, with the
two new songs. I really like "I can't make you love me" and
"Strangest..Live". In the latter, it really shows George's
mastery over his own voice and tones - brilliant. The
Portugese song sounds too much like "The girl from
Ipanema". And George sounds a bit like Julio Iglesias here
(!). Let's be honest, I hear his music more and more in
restaurants these days. If you ever spot George in mochasins
and a beige suit, it is time to look for a new idol.

(HA HA HA!!!! AG)

The one thing which I have also noticed and appreciate about
George Michael is his style and attention for detail. Look at
the typefaces, the photographs for the sleeves, his own dress
sense. George is someone with creativity beyond songwriting
- it is also in the detail. His choice of the XK8 is further
testimony of this. He likes the clothes of Dolce & Gabanna,
and you can second-guess the type of furniture and art he
has. Unconventional but stylish.

Let's talk hair: quo vadis? What can we expect next? Why is
he always wearing those dreadfull shades? He looks a bit like
a "gangsta" to me, and it is getting old now. (no pun) He's
been wearing eyeshades since Faith-days, and hardly makes
an appearance without it. He even had those cutesy pink
ones on singing "Somebody to love." What do you think?

(Psych 101, he's hiding. Not that I took psych, I'm in
sociology, so all I can say is that maybe he feels anomic
and detached from the reality of society, and thus he wears
his glasses to hide his sorrow at detachment and also to
prevent him from seeing just how out of touch he is. Yes
Jeanne, you can assure mom and dad that the $5000 a
year to send me to university is being put to use. AG)

I have read in the Yogmael about George been seen in a
nightclub in LA. I am 27, and I have outgrown those sort of
clubs by now - is George really Older? Sorry, I am just
stirring a bit.

(The man writes and produces songs for a living, I think he
needs to still be in touch with his youth. AG)

Lastly, I just want to say that my 4 month old Alsatian
also like George's music. Everytime he drives with me, he
gets excited about the music, especially "Fastlove". He
even barks to the beat, and becomes very upset when I
switch it off. His favourites are "Last Christmas" and he
howls when I play "A different corner". I just thought I had
to share this with you, and I hope you can see the joke
here. ;-)

(True story: Boomer co-star of my web page, hates
George's music and leave the room when I put it on, and
has been known to menacingly scratch at his image. In
fact, this hate carries over to my cat Georgie, who is
found in a headlock at the paws of Boom daily... AG)

Amanda, you are doing a great job, thanks. I hope you
will put this in as I am a real fan.

only when. AG)

Best to all,
*************************** (Gregory A Daniels) writes:
Hi yogmaelers,
I have read so many questions in yogmael recently regarding whether
or not "star people" is going to be released in their country, well, now
its my turn, is it to be released in Australia? if so, when? To
everyone in Europe and the United states, and anyone else in the
world from countries i haven't mentioned, you are all lucky! In
Australia, we do not get the VH1 awards or hear any interviews with
GM or any of that stuff! (sounding like a whinger yet!) anyway, best
wishes to you all and may you meet the illusive GM in the future!
(well, its possible).

(Tim, what can you tell us? AG)

byeeee greg...

P.S. whats the go with the fastlove summer mix, I only have heard
the original, the mix with i'm your man and the DANCE REMIX off
the Spinning the wheel single... Does anybody in Australia have
different mixes?

(Again, I defer to Tim. AG)
*************************** (Sabrina Tait) writes:
Hi Amanda!

I recently found a bootleg from Cover to Cover tour. It's
called "Live in USA '92" and the sound is not very good
and some songs arent' full. I found an old Wham! mix too,
I couldn't buy in the old days: "I'm your man" I'm really
happy this week!


I have to say all of you in US and Canada you're very lucky,
'cos George came in Italy only one time, in 1988 (Faith tour)
and many records or CD you find easily we even doesn't know
they exist. SO: why European people loves George more then
americans? It's a strange thing, isnt' it?

(Indeed. I think, no wait. It would have been a joke that would
get taken out of context, I'll shut up and just say, "Hmmm, I
don't know."


Sabrina (Biby) Tait
*************************** (Andrew McFadyen) writes:
Hey Amanda,
Just a quick note to tell eveyone that there is some pretty
good coverage of the VH-1 awards on the VH-1 homepage,
complete with three or four pictures of GM. Just click on the
smaller pictures of him and they are blown up. The address is Hope this helps.


P.S You are doing a great job! Hope exams went well, if not
you always have Yogmael to fall back on! Maybe Aegean could
hook you up with a job! :-)

(A bright side to everything is there? Well, though exams went
OK, let's just say it's probably a good thing I have decided
against law's not usually a good sign when you walk
out of an exam singing "all we have to do now, is take those
lies and make them true..." AG)
*************************** (Karianne Vatne) writes:
Dear Amanda,

First off all, I want to thank you for your work with YOGMAEL.
It's great!! :)

Second: I'm a norwegian girl who couldn't be more jealous of you
guys from the UK and the US! I haven't seen this "famous" VH-1
Honors-show, nor the "Big guy"... Sad, isn't it?

I have, however, seen an one hour interview with him, which here
in Norway was called "George Michael Unplugged". This was a
very misleading title, as there were only a few scenes from one
of his concerts. Well, enough about that. Enough complaining. :)

What I really wanted to ask about, is this: Does anyone
(norwegians, maybe?) know when Star People are going to be
released in NORWAY?? Is it already released? (This question
is about Norway, not the US, Amanda...:) ) And what about this
Waltz away dreaming? Anybody??

Well, thanks anyway! :)
Tone (feel free to e-mail me!)

PS: I think my modem is trying to humm to "You have been loved"!
*************************** (MK) writes:

Dear Amanda,

I dared to send one more note to YM and what encouraged
me is nice response from Ykarl (Thank You !). Subject is again
OLDER. What else. I am still so impressed with that album that
I simply can not keep quiet. Sorry !

(If people kept quiet, there would be no YM... AG)

So here it goes. What do I think about when I listen to this
album and when I am not too preoccupied with my own
thoughts? I think of how incredibly brave and strong George is.
Now, imagine yourself walking through this world with all your
wounds wide open. And he is doing just that. He as an artist
is able to put his emotions, experiences.... on that tiny little
disk and than, it's out there, piece of a human being and if I
may say so one incredibly delicate human being.

I would not like to go into something that I feel he wouldn't like
to be discussed here or anywhere else so I will just mention
his latest work. Song for his mother. Now, what is that song
but condensed pain, hurt, love and hope. How many of us is
willing to admit that we do have strong feelings even to the
people that are closest to us and now imagine saying that
to millions of people all over the world. If that is not brave than
I don't know the meaning of that word at all.

And OLDER is not only about being brave. For me it has so
many other aspects and I feel immensely honoured and
priviledged to be able to listen to it almost every day. And
when I think of the fact that there might me one more album
coming up I brace myself for a new challenges. What can I say
I am impressed.

I have to end this little monologue now because I have to -Move
On- but I have to tell you something Amanda. One of the
reasons that make me read YM on almost regular basis and
I believe many other admierers is your remarkable sense of
humour. You make me laugh every single time. Thanx!

(And of course at this moment, my humour fails me... AG)

Hey girl don't get too conceited on us. Imagine what would
happen if George would have such a grin on his face every time
somebody complimented him. He would ruin his beautiful facial
features and you don't want that to happen to you, do you??
Just a joke. Seriously now - thank you !

(Hey, I may bitch about the wrinkles around my eyes, but I
treasure my laugh lines, they means my life can't be all that

bad. AG)

Regards, MK
*************************** writes:
I have a brilliant idea, I think.

What about George Appearing on that show called

I am sure you know about it. He can talk freely and argue with
others on national television. People will even get a chance to see
that he is actually insightful to many issues other than just being
the composer of "Wake Me Up Before You GO GO" and the guy
who shook his ass on "FAITH". Tell me what you think. Also post
it. Who knows he might read it and try it.

(I think it would be great. But he'd have to clean up his language.
I'd love to see take on Mahar... AG)

That would truly be an interesting way to make America hear your
voice, although he could get in trouble depending on who else is on
the panel.

(There you go, set the dream panel you'd like to see George on
with. Let's see what we can come up with. AG)

Oh, that commercial with LOVE MACHINE just came on. Yes I
am singing along.

By the way will "Waltz Away Dreaming " be released in the US?

(Nope. AG)

Take Care Amanda
To Wrap it Up:

Attention international unplugged interview special holders: I am
looking to collect them. Please check in if you're interested in
working out a swap of some sort. I already have Australia and US.

"Obscure is good."

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