Hi. Super early today because I have imposed the "no sleep til
deadline" rule for myself, which means no sleep until 2 textbooks
have been read, check back at 8am tomorrow...

OK, who all remembers when the YOGMAEL address was The last issues were pulled from that address
sometime in late February, and yet some of you still posted to
that address well into March. Well, since I need to do a little bit
of hard drive cleaning, I am going to go way back into the vaults
to lead off this issue. BUT REMEMBER, the address for posting

Also, I was actually just kidding about that 500 words on why
Older is not a North American success, but a few of you have
sent in stuff, so watch for them in upcoming issues.

*************************** writes:
Dear Amanda,

I wanted to join the rest of the fans to say how sorry we feel that
you have lost a dear parent. It must be very difficult to loose a
beloved parent at such a young age (50ís is young) with such
painful disease.

I was hoping that some good things start to happen in his
personal life. This is the opposite.

I have had an idea since Christmas when somebody suggested
that we all put together some money for a new sporty car for him.
I do not think that the idea got a big response, since GM does
have plenty of money to buy as many sports cars as he wants.

However, I would like to suggest that we (the fans) to make and
send him little gifts that we made ourselves. I was thinking of
inexpensive fan-made arts and crafts. This is to give him
something similar to what he gives us which is creativity, art and
beauty. Things that can be donated to his favorite charities like
homeless people (because they need it) or AIDS patients (to lift
up their spirits.) I am sure that GM cannot hold onto massive
number of presents from his fans.

I am not sure how this can be organized, but this may be a good
time for us to show him some support in some way or another.
Since, GM has the best fans, I am sure, if everybody else
things this is close to being a reasonable idea, they will figure
out how this can be done.

Amanda, I know similar ideas do come up, what has been the
response? What do you think?

(Well, this is interesting to discuss now. We have been taking up
a collection for Help A London Child, and while all donations
should now be sent direct, I think total world donations have been
about $300 US that I know of. AG)

By the way, I did not get a mail from Aegean either. Even though
the official web site is cute but it does not have a lot of information.
I still think the Timís page in conjunction with your mailer is the
best source of information for the fans. Thanks for the effort.

(Thanks for reading. AG)

*************************** (Xavier Puig) writes:
Hi everybody, I've been very bosy at the last month and this is
the first time I can write for some time. I have bought The Older
EP and all I can say is that I can't Make You Love Me is superb.
I really love that song. I thing it's the best GM song I heve ever
heard but it is not credited to him. Who wrote it?, is that a
version of then song?... and also, I would like to know any WEB
place with the lyrics of this song.

(As George had to concede when he introed it on the Unplugged,
he's not sure who wrote it, but it was sung by R&B slide guitar
goddess Bonnie Raitt. AG)

Sorry if I ask something that has been asked yet, but I haven't
had the chance to read mail lately...

(It's OK... AG)
Bye & thanks

Maintainer Of The Internet Section Of The Official Barcelona
Queen Fan Club
Xavier Puig
Barcelona, Catalunya, Europe
Personal homepage:
For QUEEN info:
*************************** (Pauline) writes:
Dear Amanda,

Hello there and how are you? I wanted to drop you a line. I'm
a huge fan of George Michael and I loved him ever since I heard
him when I was a kid. I'm 20 now and have loved him ever since
day one. He's a great songwriter and that. I want to know, if
there is anywhere, that I can write an article on him and have to
it publishes on the internet? If there is a spot, please feel free
to email me back. I'm a college student in 2md year
broadcasting and attending college in Thunder Bay, Ontario
Canada. My home is Kenora, Ontario, hope to hear from you soon.


:) '97
*************************** (Amanda) writes:
Hi everyone! My name's Amanda and I'm new to the club! #130
is my first issue and I LLOOVVEE it!! So does George know we
exist?? He should 'cause I can tell you've put a lot of work into
this Amanda! So are there any 16 year old people here? Or
younger?? I know there's not a lot if there are any...... So
George's "mum" died?? When?? What else did I miss?? And
can somebody give me infos on George? Maybe some FAQ that
I may not know??

(Yes, he knows we exist, and yes, there are some young uns on
the list, but they tend to lurk... AG)

For those of you wondering how a 16 year old got to like GM,
here's my story. It was June 1987 and my 21 year old sister was
diagnosed with AIDS. Everyone was feeling glum about it so
she decided to go out and buy something to brighten things up!!
Hours later, she came home with 'Faith' and we all loved it!! It
was brightening things up that we even forgot that she had AIDS!
We even used 'Faith' as a theme that maybe she won't die after
all...... But in the summer of '89, she died but before she died,
she gave me 'Faith' so she can live on forever.... So up to this
day, everytime I play 'Faith' or one of its songs, it's like bringing
my sister back to life...... Sorry this has taken too long.....
Gotta go..... c-ya!!

PS: I'm looking for GM fans for online buddies so feel free to
E-Mail me!

~ Luv, Amanda =)
*************************** (beverley lawrence) writes:
Please can you help me??? I've lost an email (don't ask!!) from
Annie....and of course I can no longer remember her address.
I DO want to if you're reading this, Annie, please
e me again with your full address, and I promise to write it
down somewhere safe!!
Beverley ( ).
*************************** (Brian) writes:
Thanks to an incredibly generous soul in London, I just got to hear
both "Waltz Away Dreaming" (complete with the Capital FM
broadcast) and the Wexler mix of "Careless Whisper."

"Waltz Away Dreaming" puzzles me. It seems rather contradictory.
Toby Bourke, whose voice GM described as 'thick," sounds like a
cross between Bono and Bob Geldof. Rather deep voice with a
pronounced accent. It makes an otherwise floating arrangement
sink rather heavily (George's higher vocals save it). The song is, of
course, a waltz, with lots of layered (and sometimes echoed)
falsetto vocals giving it a strong Enya-esque quality, and also
some Beatle-type harmonies near the end. But the arrangement
is really strange. Not bad, but strange. Doesn't really sound like
anything he's done to date. There are times where the structure is
rock-solid with these counterpointed lyrics playing off each other
to absolutely angelic effect; other times the melody seems free-
form... I don't know if that was intentional. At any rate, it seems to
be a downright one-of-a-kind song, though I think Mr. Bourke's
vocals tend to be a little gruff for the content.

The Wexler bit gave me some fits too :) It's not a bad track at all,
but very very generic. It sounds like any top-40 R&B influenced
track of 1984, and not at all like the one-of-a-kind masterwork we
all know. The main thing is that it's rushed, and the instruments
have a much cheaper, tinny electronic sound to them. There's also
a piano that's pushed out too far in front. Vocally, George seemed
rather restrained and less confident. I suspect it was the effect of
working with Wexler that intimidated him a little bit. There aren't
really any fireworks.

Even the lyrics were less developed:
While we now sing:
"We could have been so good together
We could have lived this dance forever
But now who's gonna dance with me?
Please stay"

George was singing:
"We could have been so good together
We could have lived this dance forever
But now it's never gonna be
That way"

it's a fascinating track, though, if nothing else for the simple
reason that you get to see the track in progress, and to see what
George's production vision can do to a track. While Wexler did a
passable job, the track really is just that: passable. George's
production made it extraordinary.

Not to mention, George sounds very VERY young... we're talking
"Bad Boys" young :) Kind of strange after listening to "Older"
non-stop for the past year :)

Anyway, just my two cents...
All the best
Brian in Houston
*************************** writes:
Hi! Amanda

This is my first time writting, and I have a few Questions.

1) In the last letter U had said that George is a Homosexual.


(I DID NOT! I am on the record as thinking him to be Bi. AG)

a) Where did you find this out?

(Read some press and analyzed the living daylights out of Older.
And did some deductive reasoning. Of course, I could be very
wrong in either direction. AG)

b) Show me some truly believeable evidence. Then I'll
believe U. (Sorry! I can't and won't believe it untill someone
shows me some believeable evidence)

(God, it's like talking to my sister...As I told her, hit the archives
and read YM #85 and the two part #74. And a note, what I am
publicly known to state, is not always what I personally believe,
and also, a lot of my sorces for info never make the pages of YM
for various reasons... AG)

2) How can I get my hands on the following Items?
a) Wham! The Final Concert.

(Try AG)

b) Spinning The Wheel, & Older videos.

Well, enough of that. I've been a fan of George's for quite some
time now, and I have to say, George is the best man who ever
lived and is still living!!!!!!!!!! i LOVE THAT MAN!!!!! I've seen him
only one time in concert ( Cover to Cover tour) in Phillidelphia,
Pa. I drove over 8 hours to see this concert and it was da
Boom! FUCKING GREAT I might add. Well any, I'm currently
going through hell (COLLEGE), but i'm going into something I
enjoy and love verry much, and that is the Music Business and
hope to one day work with GM, THE GREATEST SINGER,

This is to Ykarl

Yea, I know what you mean. It's like pulling teeth just to get
any of GM'S video's played on MTV. I Sat up all night for 2
nights just to get " Fast Love" on video and it had just come
out. George has grown and as a fan I have also grown, and I
think the American forms of media have not come to realise
that people do change even celebs.
I hope George knows there are still a great # of American fans
left, and I hope he doesn't think we've given up on him. George
is Great!

(I have told AEgean that it's not easy to be a George fan here. AG)

Well just wanted to drop a line.

*************************** (laura) writes:
First of all to Dan : COMPLIMENTS!!!! It is always great to
know that people are meeting George. ....I must say I also
loved your comment Amanda....I could exactly figure your
face when reading the message!!!!:)

(Well really, what else can you say? But we're friends, so
it's OK. I did ask the height question though, and got a
confirmed 6 feet. AG)

And it is also great to know that George is going out
and taking part in such things as the appearence with
Stevie Wonder. I'm really happy for him, I 'm sure he'll be
ok soon.
BTW, can anyone help me with the recording of the
live performance with Stevie? I've got lots of things to trade,
live concerts on audio and things like that...Please!!!

(What have you got in the way of video? I am no longer
dubbing for cash, but a good trade will always be considered.

A girl wrote to me about some addresses in London she
needed: I've lost your message....can you write to me
again please!!!???
*************************** (George Lewis) writes:

I am in desperate need of some GM biographical info
immediately! I am doing a report on him as a poet in my
English class (My teach almost didn't let me do it! Then of
course she would be lynched by me and my fellow yog
friends I'm sure) Anyhow, all I know about him as a young
child is his name and his parents name. (his real name that
is.) I sorta put it off, but just realized I must do the report
tomorrow! I just need stuff like birthplace date etc.

(Fear not, George got his info quickly. George's birth
certificate ran in YOGMAEL #98. AG)

B.T.W, there is a Fastlove video Tom, and it's pretty cool,
especially the DJ's headphones (hee, hee, hee) And of
course I know his nickname.

George Lewis

BANG! BANG! you're dead, can't we just make love instead?
*************************** (Fuentes, James) writes:
Hi Amanda,

Just for the record, I want to say that I never had any problem
with the old "Never state, what you can't imply" quote. It
made perfect sense to me, pause and all. Thank you.

Peace, love and happiness
"Once bitten, forever smitten."

(Thanks, we may well see that one coming back sometime
soon, it remains my fave quote. AG)
To Wrap it Up:

To the 130 some odd people who helped me out by returning that
democracy/internet survey, THANKS! We got an A. For those
of you who asked for the study results, expect them late tomorrow

from the address.

Also, I am looking for a new YM signature line. And so, and the
diehard Wham! fans will have seen this coming from the first time
I nicknamed you the camera crew...

"Any suggestions camera crew?"


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