OK gang, what's my least fave question to answer? "When is he
touring again?" Well, I heard it again today, this time from a prof.
And as we all know, the answer is "I DON'T KNOW!!!"

As for what I do know, the first evening of YM Weekend '97 has
been planned, as has the last day. Friday night we're off to a
club with Wham! history, Sunday we're off to DisneyLand, where
George has been spotted on occasion. Saturday is still in the
works...more on that next week.

*************************** (LEBOIS David) writes:
Paris - France - April 20th 97
Mohamed Morsy Cheikhrouhou wrote in YM#146:

> But i don't know anything about him as a
> normal person except he doesn't see colors,
> and he is homosexual. Loving his song, and
> loving his person are two separate things
> for me.

I totaly agree that loving a person and loving
his music are two different and separated things.

If you ONLY can define GM as a color-blinded
gay, then I understand that you don't like the

If you (re)read the BIG ISSUE interview, he only
says that he's "ambiguous", and think he doesn't
even know himself what he is exactly.

(Uh uh, he knows what he is. He's just not telling us. AG)
*************************** (Olga) writes:
Hello Yoggers & Amanda of course,

Having read in the very first issues of YM that George made a whole
lot of covers from Stevie Wonder's album 'Songs In The Key Of Life',
I decided to buy it by all means. And finally I bought this double CD.

What can I say? If there is a singer in the world whose voice
strength could be compared with George's, it's Stevie!!!!!!! Now I
realized the reason of GM's addiction to this album and to Stevie
personally. Fabulous music, appealing voice, sincere lyrics. He
sings his heart out just like George. And mind you, poor Steve has
been blind since his birth. He cannot sing about what he sees, so
he sings about how he feels. For the first time in my life I had to
admit that the originals don't lose too much to Yog's covers..........
(I never liked Elton's originals covered by George, though the covers
were magnificent).

(Can I confess to something? I think Stevie Wonder is a gifted
writer, but I have never cared for his voice. Flame away. AG)

For those who wonder here's the list of G's covers from 'Songs In
The Key Of Life':
- Love's In Need Of Love Today
- Village Ghettoland
- Pasttime Paradise
Besides, it contains the most beatiful non-George song I ever heard
and always wanted G to cover - 'Joy Inside My Tears'. Amanda, you
could give Aegean a hint for his new album :-)))

I hope you'll enjoy listening to both versions though George's are
still much harder to find :-( but Yog is always doing better :)

WITH ANY OTHER................

*************************** (chassagne) writes:
Hi Amanda & Yogcrew,

I read in issue#142 that someone had been pleasantly surprised by
the GM section in the San Francisco Hard Rock Cafe. Well, last
summer I quit my job, just graduated from college, then went on
vacation to Cancun, Mexico with some friends to celebrate. Of
couse my friends were extremely tired of listening to me talk about
George, it never stops. So, we go to the Hard Rock over there and
I'm sitting down with a pissed off look on my face because I had
just run around the entire cafe looking for GM articles. By the time
we got to desert, my friend tells me to look up, I said why? (can't
trust my own friends, SAD!), so I looked up, and OH... there was a
picture of WHAM during the Final era. Of course a ton-down
scream came out of my mouth of pure delight. I think a lot of
people have seen this picture, its the one where George is wearing
a white (fruit-of-the-looms looking) tee-shirt and his hair is still long,
and his 4 o'clock shadow beard (Looking good.....) Andrew was
looking quite goog himself in dark clothing (sorry, I can't remember
specifics on Andrew.) I have pics, but there at home in the States
and yeah, I here in Switzerland, that's why I had to visualize that
moment of the photo. If you can wait until September, would be
glad to send you a copy.

(I have my very own fave copy of that infamous pic, it's of my
cats George and Andrew--RIP Andy--who managed to strike the
same pose at some point in their kitten days during one of many
photoshoots. NO LIE! The only thing is their sister was sitting

between them. Will scan and post on the web someday. AG)

(Amanda) if school work and YOGMAEL aren't keeping you too
busy(yeah right!) you could always go down to Cancun to check
it out?

(One day. But as it stands now, I am planning to hold Alicia to
a promise to take me to the SF one for an early BDay meal. AG)

*Keep up the great work Amanda, Oh yeah, the way things are
working out, you should start checking your e-mail for a post
from the "man" himself, hey you never know!

(I hold my breath for no one. AG)

bye for know,
*************************** (Cass) writes:
Hi everyone!

I just got my third issue #145 (?)of Yogmæl and I've been to the
Yogmæl archive and retreived and read some of the past
issues...It's comforting to know that I'm not alone in my love-of
and quest-for Him and His music...

Let me introduce myself... I'm Cassandra (Cass or Cassie), my
b-day is in a week, I'm feeling old... I'll be 26. I live in Los Angeles,
and I'm a peon in the entertainment industry...I'm thrilled that pop
is returning and I have goldfish named Pepsi, Shirlie, Deon,
George and Andy (although the pet store said they're all female).

I know this may sound presumptuous (since I'm new), but from
what I've read, y'all (I went to school in Savannah, GA) seem to
have a great network and wealth of resources and I was wondering
if somone could help me locate the following "stuff":

(We are a VERY well stocked mass, there are very few things that
we don't share amongst the 700 + of us... AG)

* BARE - I need 2 copies. (everything I get is for myself and a
friend (who shall remain nameless to protect the innocent AND the
guilty) so I always get 2 of everything - I sometimes feel like a twin.)
Hardbacks (no pun intended) would be preferred, but beggars
WON'T be choosers! ;)

(OK, so we're not the only ones Alicia... AG)

* Fantasy (the song) on CD. I've warped 4 cassettes already
and I LOVE this song - PLEASE HELP! (again, if I could buy 2, that
would be cool.)

* Any info on where George has moved in the L.A. area? His old
house in Beverly Hills has apparently been sold... I'm NOT a stalker,
just curious !

* Video footage of a concert that George and Andrew performed
on AFTER the Final... George sang "It's So Easy", and they both
sang "Everything She Wants" (they hugged onstage - it was
SWEET.) Someone told me it was the STAND BY ME concert (?) I
think it was when I was still in high school, so before June 1989, but
I could be wrong about the date. If someone has a GOOD quality
copy (or can dub one),I would be appreciative.

(It was the April 1, 1987 AIDS Day benefit, back when AIDS day was
in April. It was marketed and sold as Stand By Me. AG)

That's all that's on my "wish list" for now. I'm sure that as
soon as I read all of the back issues of Yogmæl, I'll find a TON of
stuff I can't live without !

see 'ya on the b-side...

*************************** (J. Simpson) writes:
Hi, Amanda.. I just thought I'd forward over part of a discussion
going on the Madonna list right now. Feel free to delete it, use
parts of it or just send it on to YogMael.

(This was a bitch to make sense of...hope I did it justice in the
editing. AG)

>> First of all, I do like George Michael, after all I suggested he and
>> Madonna sing a duet. On the other hand, let's face it George
>>Michael's career is not what it was.

> Correct, it isn't "what it was". And why not? Because of a
> conscious choice on his end. He isn't begging to be loved by
> teenagers anymore. He's just making honest, introspective music.

You hit the nail right in the head here!!! For one to understand
what Blue Pasta has just said, one only need to listen to the song
FREEDOM '90. Everytime I listen to it, I cannot help but be
amazed at GM's amazing writing prowess. I sing along with the
lyrics, and while I dont feel the same personal identification as I
do with Madonna's songs (or Jesus To A Child, for that matter), I
am inexplicably drawn to what must have been the state of GM's
psyche while he wrote the song. He was insisting, demanding,
pleading, begging to be taken seriously! And it grows on me more
and more! I can listen to this song while Im on a long drive and
repeat it over and over and I do not tire of it. This song ranks right
up there as one of the best-written "Declarations of Independence",
independence from superstardom (essentially, this is what he gave
up when he released _Listen Without Prejudice_ as a follow-up to
Faith) and artistic stagnation (pop quiz: What is difference of
Mariah Carey's Daydream from Music Box?) I urge you to see the
complete lyrics of this song, and listen to it if you can find a copy.

And appreciate real talent.

Freedom 90 Lyrics available at:

> His artistry isn't what it was either, it's BETTER. Just because
> he doesn't sell as many albums as he used to doesn't mean his
> work isn't as good. How would you like it if people made that
> assumption about Madonna? Some of her LEAST popular stuff
> STORY") is actually her MOST accomplished work.

Isn't it always the case? That the really good albums dont sell as
much? Of course I acknowledge that there are bestselling albums
which are also artistic successes, but one only need to take a look
at Vanilla Ice's debut album selling more than 5 million copies to
get the point.

> But you don't seem to care about the WORK, you only care
> about whether the artist is "hot" or not. I don't get it -- Madonna
> shouldn't or wouldn't duet with George Michael because he's not
> in the top hot things or whatever column in Entertainment Weekly?
> Come on; give her a little more credit!

I am surprised that in this discussion nobody has mentioned that
in a magazine interview in 1994 (I think NME did the interview, I forget),
the interviewer gave Madonna names of artists and she was asked to
comment on every one of them, and when GM's name came up,
Madonna gave this single statement: "An incredible songwriter!"
And its exactly how she said it. It got stuck so deeply in my
consciousness as I was initially blown away by my all-time favorite
artist praising my second-all-time favorite artist! And back then GM
was still struggling to free himself from Sony's capitalistic chains.
And Madonna didnt give a shit about that. She simply said what
came to her mind when the name GM was mentioned. And theres
nothing better than seeing a genuine talent recognizing another
talent that is as genuine.

>> When he signed with Dreamworks I was so excited. I thought
>> this would bring him to a new career high. But it didn't.

> Yes it did, artistically; like The Artist with "EMANCIPATION"
> he's "free" and it shows in his music. He didn't sell more
> albums....don't confuse the two. If you judge art by how it sells,
> you must be a TREMENDOUS Mariah Carey and Hootie and the
> Blowfish fan!!!!!!!!!!! MAYBE THEY SHOULD DUET!!!! YEAH!!!! I
> think you see my point.

I see your point!!!!!!! And I couldnt agree with it more! Ha-ha!

> In any event, to suggest that Madonna would refuse a duet with
> George Michael because he sells less records than he used to
> is ludicrous...she's not that shallow!!!

If she were then Im sure that that planned duet with MJ back in the
early 90's would have pushed through.

>> I do NOT think George Michael is bad at all, I just think his
>> commercial success is not what it was and therefore the
>> chances of Madonna pairing with him are small.

> Well, regardless of her recent collaborations, I think you're wrong.
> I'm sure Chuck will pop in on this one and present us with a list
> of all of the unknowns whom Madonna has worked with, and I
> doubt that Madonna, if she even ever did want a duets album,
> would want it to just be her with a list of "hot" superstars. Don't
> you think she cares about artistry at all?

She does and we all know it.

It remains one of my most fervent wish to see Madonna and George
Michael collaborate in the future. It will surely be a genuine work of

(Cheers to that! Thanks for the cross post. AG)
*************************** (Cheryl) writes:

I would like to obtain the album 'Red, Hot and Dance' which I cannot
find anywhere. Any suggestions as to where I might be able to get
one would be gratefully received. Has anyone got a spare one
they're willing to sell. I'd love to hear from you!!

Thanks Cheryl

ps. Hope you're exams went well Amanda!!

(Thanks, I think the first 4 went OK. I hope... AG)
*************************** (Lynn McPherson) writes:
Hi, I just ran across this website by accident, but I love seeing all
these George fans! I was beginning to feel like a mutant or
*************************** (Nancy) writes:
For sale or trade - many George Michael and Wham! items
available including posters, books, magazines, buttons,
postcards, records, CDs, audio and video concerts/interviews,
promo items! Also items on Andrew Ridgeley available.
Please write for a full list.

(AG approved. AG)
To Wrap it Up:

"Obscure is good."


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