Hey all. Time for yet another dedication. This one goes out in
honour of AEgean's label manager, Elliot. Thanks for humoring
me Elliot.

(OK, I just received this from someone who had sent this in
response to YM, #148, which I would dare say was a very
strong issue. AG) writes:
please take me off this email site
i thought i would be able to discuss more mature topics about
GM and have been very disappointed with your service please
try again when you get his approval
until then i think you are wasting yours and my time

(Uh huh. So here are your orders ladies and gents, 500 words
in my harddrive by noon tomorrow on why Older is a not taking
the US by storm. While I admit some issues are better than
others in their content, in #148 we discussed his appearance
at the VH1 Honors, advertised a great new web site, started a
radio protest, discussed how George has brought his fans
together, and went over the artistry of his music. Gee they're
right, George would never approve of this...Elliot you should
definitely shut us down, George must hate us. Wait, what's
that I hear? The crackling of impending flames? AG)
*************************** (Caroline) writes:
I just have to say that the poem released in #145 by fonda
harris was awesome. As always keep up the good work
amanda. Remember to keep a smile on your face :-).
103053.627-at-CompuServe.COM (Juan Carlos Tonazzi) writes:
hi Amanda,
I just wanted to say that "Star People" is #1 in the dance
charts according to Billboard. George was awesome at the VH1
honors. He stole the show. I have one question, is George's
Waltz Dreaming going to be released in the US?

(No. AG)

Keep up the great work,
Sebastian(MADE IN ARG
rhee-at-Ra.MsState.Edu (Julia Rhee Black) writes:
Hi Amanda! I love getting Yogmael! Keep up the good work, and
I hope your classes will be over soon. It is wonderful to know there
are lots of GM fans out there. Do you think he reads any e-mails
we send to the Aegean site? Wouldn't it be unreal to get an
e-mail from him? Oh, well, we can dream!!! Carry on, our GM

(I have no idea if he reads his mail. I have been told he has read
some YOGMAEL though. AG)

*************************** (Tiffany) writes:

Where can I get a copy of the Red Hot and Dance CD w/ Too
Funky? I've looked everywhere and I can't find it. Help!

(Record clubs and special order maybe. But I will take a look
around my local shops to see if I can stock up. AG)

*************************** (laura) writes:
HI!!! It is always me!!! I'm writing again because I need the help of all
the yogmailers living in England!!!!!! PLEASEPLEASE! can you
e-mail me?????
a2412497-at-smail1.rrz.Uni-Koeln.DE (Thilo Fussen) writes:

on Monday I heard STAR PEOPLE 97 on my local radio-station. It
is great, ´cause it has a new sample and makes the track very
different to the album version.I hope it is released on Monday, 21/04.
I will send the track list then.

Thilo, Germany.
*************************** (Gina Marie : )) writes:
Hey Amanda and Fans,
I was reading today's YM postings and I was thinking, "Gosh
YM is more faithful in e-mailing me than my own friends!"

(Oh God, please don't encourage Alicia... AG)

Thanks Amanda for your time. Quick question, how often is
YM suppose to go out? Many times you apologize for being
late, and I don't know the difference.

(OK, here's the deal: I try to send it by midnight EST 5 days
a week--Sunday to Thursday--so that North America and
Europe have have mail Monday through Friday morning. But
be warned, as of issue #154, the sending time will get a bit
more erratic. AG)

Ps. Did you guys catch the SNL skit on the GoatMan (April
5), he had GM as a guest. I don't appreciate them picking
on his butt!!

(They mocked Andy a couple months ago... AG)

PS. I have read the postings of a couple of hispanic
people, especially from Colombia, South America. I am
Colombian too, I'd love to hear from you.
*************************** (Tim) writes:
Hi Amanda...

Tim in SF here...just have to say that you do a wonderful job at this!
Very interesting! I have been a longtime George fan and thought I
was the only one. I have only been receiving YOGMAEL for a
couple of weeks, but the realization I am not the ONLY George
freak has already saved me hundreds of dollars in therapy (this is
a joke). If you are ever in SF, let me know and I would be more
than happy to take you to the Hard Rock and ensure they reserve
the booth under the boots just for you!

Take Care,
Tim -

By the way...any other SF fans...maybe we need to have a
"weekend thing" sometime. After all, we are in the best spot on

(Guess what? I am working on one. Watch for details to
accompany LA Weekend Details. AG)
*************************** (Ann Chai) writes:
HI all

I've got a LWP songbook in good condition to exchange for some
old GM Singles. Here's what I am looking for:

Too Funky/Crazyman Dance single

Monkey single

Father Figure?Love's In Need... single

or does anyone of you(in Australia especially) have a Southern Sons'
single called "Always And Ever"? I'd really love that!

*************************** (Giuseppe Celano) writes:
Hi! My name is Giuseppe and I'd like to join the Yogmael.
I run the italian George Michael Fan Club and I would be very
pleased to exchange opinions and information with other people
who really appreciate George.

(Welcome! AG)

Our club aims to promote George's music and give information
about his know that record companies never pay
attention to fans' needs.

(YOGMAEL aims to have fun, while educating the masses on
George and making people laugh, using sarcasm where
applicable. AG)

Hope to hear from you soon, I thank you in advance.
*************************** (hysteria) writes:
Hiya Amanda and all Yoggers

I have two humble requests....firstly,has anyone perhaps recorded
"Waltz away dreaming"? If so, how about posting a snippet on
one of the sites, for us mere mortals who live outside UK.

Secondly, I'm looking for some of your really
cool/funny/embarassing GM memories. Maybe you've met THE
MAN!!!Maybe one of his songs brings back fond memories or not
so fond. Please e-mail me

(There are just too many to the time I used George's
OWN interpretation of his song for a poetry assignment, and got a
C. Or my father happening across the I Want Your Sex video in
his 13 year old daughter's VCR... AG)

Good luck to all those writing finals. Thanx Amanda, for a great
mailing list.
*************************** (Carolyn) writes:
Hi Everyone: Here's the place to go to see pictures of George, a
write-up of his perfornance at the VH1 Awards (very favorable -
of course) and other stuff I haven't gotten into yet.

Love ya Carolyn
*************************** (Hatu, Tim) writes:
You are probably aware of the fact that two sites which I have
listed have changed or the URL was not corerect. I apologise for
those errors, some are lack of verifying !!

(Tsk tsk... AG)

Anyway, the list has several more sites added to it, I will be
sending you an even more comprehensive one soon and hopefully
no mistakes on this one.

BTW, thanks for the good remarks you had for me !!

(I owe you a lot Tim, it's the least I can do. AG)

*************************** (Nancy) writes:
Can anyone help me to locate the following items? I've been in
search of these forever!

* George Michael Greatest Hits CD Japanese promo CD with booklet
* Five Live promo stuffed giraffe
* LWP promo walkman with case
* 12" vinyl single Young Guns on orange vinyl

also looking for:

* Older promotional suede jacket
* Tour jackets i.e. Faith promo satin jacket

Any help anyone can give would be appreciate. Willing to pay good
money for these items! Thank you!
*************************** (Allison) writes:
Hello Yogmaelers
My name is Allison and I am college student from Vancouver
Canada. As I was reading my Yogmael the song To Funky came
on and has insprired me to write in. Ever since 1990 I have been

trying to revive the eighties including Wham and George popularity.
I have even dated a guy on the basis that I thought that he looked
like Andrew.

(Nothing at all wrong with that... AG)

Unfortunatly I am only 18 years old and I spent most of the
eighties in primary school. I regret missing any chance I would
have had to see Wham or George on ANY tour. Michael Jackson
was my first album but George Michael was my first CD. I have
been trying to collect any Wham and George Michael videos off
Muchmusic but I recently discovered that my tape has been
recorded over by last weeks Melrose Place! As tragic as that is I
will not give up my quest. If there are any of Yogmaelers from
Vancouver out there I would love to hear from you.

(Though I am retired from dubbing, your tragic situation moves
me. I will be glad to help you out with old Much footage. E me
for details. AG)

Later Allison
*************************** (helen) writes:
hello everyone,
I just have a quick comment in response to an opinion
expressed by someone with the e-mail address
mail. He or she suggested that gay people are more intellegent
that heterosexual people. How does one correlate intellegence
with sexual preference? I would suggest in the same way others
have correlated intellegence with race. In both cases, neither
sexual preference or race have been remotely related to
intellegence. anyone who suggests other wise is speaking from
experience rather than fact. As for the other comments about
gay people being more talented and polite... If I were to suggest
that race "X" was more polite or talented than race "Y", I would
be called a bigot. It works both ways.
I thought it important to point out that generalizations such
as the one made by skylark may have good intentions, but tend to
do more harm than good.

since this I am supposed to be commenting on GM related
stuff, I have a question: When are the VH1 honours supposed to air
on Much Music? Anyone?

(Not sure. No date as yet. Give it a couple months. AG)

Thanks for listening to my ramblings
*************************** (Jeff McGary) writes:
Can't we get over these "gay people are this, men are that"
conversations. Any stereotype, whether good or bad, is
ridiculous and demonstrates a lack of intelligence.
If you say a certain prototype has a "big unit" or is illiterate, it
doesn't matter. One is highly favorable, the other demeaning.
It's still ridiculous and wasteful conversation and thought.

I would appreciate being able to READ yogmael without having
to skip half of the messages. I don't want to come off as trying
to be judgemental, I just don't think that this has any bearing on
what Yogmael is about. George Michael. Hopefully his music
and the affect that that (the music) has upon us, the members
of Yogmael. And if I'm wrong, and the majority of members
disagree with me, then maybe I'm the one in the wrong place.

If you bumped into George tomorrow, would you say "you know,
I think that you guys are much more intelligent, courteous, and
charming; than say a beer bellied pig farmer in Arkansas?" I
hope not.

(It would be a hell of an opening line... AG)
To Wrap it Up:

Since you asked the Yogaholism paper scored a meagre 75%,
or a B. I was commended for my humour and attitude but I
got sliced for going a little light on the sociological terms. But
the most important thing of all? About 10 of you told me how I
saved you a trip to the shrink. So feel free to send your checks
to... ; )

"Obscure is good."

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