Hi ladies and gents. OK, I had this totally screwed up dream, and I
blame the Spice Girls. It involved the song WannaBe, Dave Austin,
Andrew, Andreas and they weren't in drag, but it was
still scary...I mean, George as Mel B., need I say more? You know
how George likes to dress up for his BDay and all, so maybe it's not
all that out of the question. So if you read it in the press in early
July, you know he got the idea from me...

Also, recall that paper on Yogaholism? I didn't want to share it until
I got the graded paper back, which arrived in the mail today. I'm not
egomaniacal enough to make it an actually issue of YM, but I will
be sending it out to all of you anyway, read it if you want, trash it if
you don't. The slightly modified version comes in at a 18KB text file.

*************************** (Zoli Deborah) writes:
My name is Debora I am italian girl,I am GEORGE MICHAEL's fan.
So I wanna ask you sme questions about him.

1)Do you know when he'll play live in italy?

(No, I have no tour dates for anywhere as yet. AG)

2) Can you tell me if he has ever been in italy?
Sorry but I am just 16 years old so I don't know if he has never
been in italy for play live.

(Yes, on the Faith tour to the best of my knowledge, where he
brought downtown Milan to a standstill when he went on a
shopping spree to stock up his leather jacket collection... AG)

sorry my horrible english please

(Excuse my total lack of Italian. AG)

write me back
*************************** (Chitrawati) writes:
Dear Amanda,
I am a new member of this lists, so sorry if my question had
been asked by someone else in the prevous yogmael. I read
a lot of news about star people in the Yogmael recently, can
you tell me what it is? Is it a new single of GM or what?

(Yep, it's the latest single. The 3rd off Older here in North
America, and the 5th in the UK. AG)

And about Waltz Away Dreaming, is there any chance that GM
will put it in his single or CD? Since I live in Indonesia, do you
know how to listen to that song?

(It is set to be a UK single, but guess what North America?
We're fucked as usual. Did that sound hostile? If you are
not in the UK, you need to import it from England. Ask
around here on YM, maybe someone can help you out. By
the way, why has no one in the UK gotten really ambitious
and set up their own import/export business? Seriously. AG)

Thank you, and thank you also for your effort in producing this
Yogmael. I like this list!

(I'm glad you enjoy it. AG)

*************************** (SOLLY BHATTI) writes:

Just thought to let u know that GM is releasing new Wham!
Album called Wham! Greatest Hits, with some new songs on it.

Should be out before the year is out.

simmontl-at-muss.CIS.McMaster.CA (T.L. Simmons) writes:
Hello yogers

i'd just like to take this opportunity to thank Amanda for all
the work that she has done on yogmael this year. it is a
wonderful idea and all her work is greatly appriciated.
unfortunately,i graduate this year and will not have e-mail after
that, so i will be unable to enjoy everyones comments but
thank you everyone for making george apart of your lives

...if i had not asked, would you have told me....


(The list will miss you, but I hope we keep in touch. AG)
*************************** (Richard Shoucair) writes:
i saw the vh1 honors and was surprised to see George on it.
Stevie began performing and about half way through the first verse
a spot light shines on center stage and there is George who
begins to sing with Stevie. After the performance George gave
Stevie a hug and then went over to the podium to make a short

He basically said he thought the music that America youth had
chosen to listen to, conveyed very negative messages and was
not uplifting at all. He then said the record companies should
take the responsibility for changing this attitude. He said it was
okay to make a political statement in a song but not take to a
point where it becomes destructive. He did add, however, he felt
it was gradually changing in the later part of the nineties and that
American youth is seeming to get tired of all this negativity.
Lastly, he said music is a gift from god and if we remember this,
we should remember to use it to promote good feelings.


Keep in mind i am paraphrasing and this is not word for word what
he said, but you get the basic idea.
*************************** (Paola Contreras R.) writes:
Hello Friends

After months of being outside YOGMAEL, I'm back. I'm Paola
Contreras, the girl who lives in the last country of the world (Chile).
During all this time I have problems with my mail and other things,
so I haven't have the chance to post. But That is over.

Chile is just beginning to listening to George new single, STAR
PEOPLE and I even listened to I CAN'T MAKE YOU LOVE ME
(the best osong George has ever sang, in my opinion). The truth
is that I do no like the mix of STar People. For me, the original
version is incredible and great. Any other could never be the same.

Feel free to email me

(MY fave mix is the Unplugged, and I have little use for the
others. AG)

*************************** (beverley lawrence) writes:
Hi Amanda and everyone!
This is my first mailing to you and I must begin by saying what a
wonderful job you're doing, Amanda. Over the past couple of
weeks I've become addicted to your daily George updates...keep
up the good work, it's appreciated! Well I'm probably one of
George's more "mature" (I didn't want to fall for the "older" cliche!)
fans, being THAT side of 35, but I love the music and the man
behind it nevertheless! I had the great privilege of being in the
audience for the "Unplugged" show. George was absolutely
incredible; he sang so beautifully. I sat just along the row from
George's parents. They looked so proud and happy that evening,
and I'm glad to be able to remember Mrs Panayiotou that way.

(And Beverley is currently in the midst of writing up a little
something for us about that night. Look for it in down the road.

I don't know if you are aware, but a great book titled "Read Without
Prejudice" has been published here in the UK. It's full of colour
photos and lots of quotes, and the main text is non-controversial.
The author is Graham Betts. It costs 9.99 sterling, then p&p
needed, and I got my copy from the publisher -
Sorry if this duplicates previous news, but I haven't been right
through the archives yet!

(Actually it is needed news, most US sources are sold out. AG)

Take care!
Beverley ( ).
*************************** (Laura) writes:
In response to the Hard Rock question:
In 1990 I was in San Francisco with my high school performing
Arts department touring and we ate at Hard Rock and they had
George's boots from the faith video! I don't know if they are still
there or not.

(I just received the pics from Bahar, and as a boot wearer, those
looked remarkably unworn to me... Anyway, hoping to scan the
shots and have them on the web in a couple weeks. Which in
Amanda time means mid June... AG)

There was also this adorable waiter named Jaime who was the
spittin' image of Andrew Ridgeley and I told him so! He was
quite flattered. (Sorry Amanda I don't know whatever became of
the strapping lad!)- Laura : )

( AG)
*************************** (Dimitri Logothetis) writes:
Hi Amanda,

You know, I've been an avid reader of YM and I'd like to thank you
for your contribution to the GM fans. I have read about a website
of yours, but what is the URL (address)?

(The address and page have undergone changes, check it out at:

Also, what was the actual case between GM and Sony? I never
really found out the details, just that there was a conflict. Do you
(or anyone that reads this, in case it is published to YM) believe that,
because of the conflict between GM and Sony Records (or whatever
the music publishing division is called), people should turn against
the whole Sony corporation?

(I respectfully hand this question over to one of YM's many law
students to explain. The gist of it was restraint of trade, meaning
they owned his ass and could do with it what they wanted, and
what he wanted was not the point. As for why I dislike Fony
Music? Diehard fan I guess, that and my utter disdain at how Mrs.
Sony: Mariah "she who speak to the dolphins" Carey is treated.
As for their electronics, I have a tape deck that speeds up the
music, so I have little use for their hardware. But I'm sure you'll
hear from my brother-in-law on this matter, he who reminds me
me whenever I visit about his Sony Home Entertainment System.
But no, I don't expect everyone to agree with me. AG)

Best Regards,

*************************** (LEBOIS David) writes:
Paris - France - April 15th 97
Hi Amanda and YMailers,

FROM YM#142:
> if anyone's around s.f. try to go to the hard rock cafe and
> get seated next to the window! the only george memorabillia
> i know in a hard rock cafe.

...Wrong !
The guitar from faith video was in the Hard Rock Cafe in PARIS
(w/ few other stuffs) years ago. First floor, not far away from
the bar. I don't know if it's still there cause they got closed
in november because of mad cow meat sellings...!

(And the BSA jacket used to (?) reside in the London cafe.
And rumour has it that there is/was a jean jacket autographed by
George in Brooke Shields' lipstick at the Chicago cafe. AG)

I don't remember very well, I went there in 90 during the Blond
Ambition Tour (I was working as a freelance press photograph,
taking 200 pictures of the Blonde...) and I was pretty dr... Oh
no! I don't say it! I never drink anyway! ;o)

(I haven't forgotten about these BTW... AG)

Thanks again for everything Amanda, "You make the sun shine
brighter than Doris Day"!

HO HO (Heidi) writes:
HALLOO out there in YOG land!! This is my first public outing into
the land of YOG, where I am finding that I knew less than I thought
I did!! I have a feeling that I have my hands on most of his
material..either on vinyl, cd or cassette...but...what I would really
love is a LIST (if there is such a thing) of EVERYTHING that
George has been associated with. I know of duets, producing and
the back-up on Andrew's album, all the other little side bits..... but,
I would just like to know what I am missing!! Mixes, singles, etc.
etc. etc.....There are a few that I know I am missing...I never did
see the unplugged concert on MTV( boy am I a dumb bunny) a few
songs, "Jive Talkin", "I can't make you love me", the portugese
song others have been talking about and a few more. I do know
that this letter is long, BUT, you forgive out-of-towners for their
driving don't you? If anyone thinks that they might have info to
help me along in my glorious adoration of a man named
George..please feel free to do so. Oh if my questions seem a
little naive for such a supposed expert...I haven't been to a music
store since...umm, what year is it now?

(Not naive at all. Had you asked what the hell Yog meant, I would
have been forced to laugh...who knows where the complete
discography is at? Someone professes to have one on a web site
methinks. AG)

Thank you, good night, take care....Heidi
*************************** (Nancy) writes:
Hi - is anyone interested in hearing George's new song Waltz Away
Dreaming? I have it on cassette recorded with the phone call he
made to Capital Radio just before they aired it. If interested, please
feel free to write.
*************************** (Anne Bolen) writes:
Hi everybody,
For the past couple issues I've been reading about how no one can
seem to hear Star People in the US. Well while I was at home in
Ohio I heard it quite a bit on the local radio station. Now that I
am back here at school in Michigan I hear the dance mix quite a bit.
Enough that when one of my frineds who loves to tease me about
George hears it she says "Turn it up, Turn it up! " or "Play it again."
I know it's not much to those who still can't hear it but, at least not
everywhere in the U.S. is George's brand of music not good enough.

If George and Celine have a chance to sing together go for it. Nothing
would be better than to hear two of my favorite artist singing together!

*************************** (Shawn Light) writes:
Star People dropped to #7 on the Bubbling Under Chart (#107),
so it doesn't look like it will hit the Hot 100 at all. This is the
first commercial single of George's not to hit the US Hot 100
(as far as I know). His lowest charting position up until now
was #69 (Killer/Papa Was A Rolling Stone). I'm not sure if
any Wham! singles failed to hit the Hot 100. I don't think so.

Disappointed Shawn
To Wrap it Up:

"Obscure is good."

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