Hi. We finally get around to the VH1 Honours in this one. Plus,
a George sighting...

Speaking of the Honours, I watched the relevent few minutes today
-- THANKS CHRISTIE! -- and might I just say, since I haven't in a
while and know that I know we are monitored (but in a good way)
George? PLLLEEEEEEZZZZZZZZZZZEEE???? I haven't given my
sister a birthday in years because I keep promising tickets, which
is good for the short term, but considerably increasing what she
will expect me to pay the scalpers...right Jeanne?

And lastly, thanks for going easy on me with mail in the last couple
days in light of my academic concerns. It was most appreciated.
Even though Alicia wrote me more in the last 72 hours than she has
in the last 4 weeks...

Fiona_O' (Fiona O'Neill) writes:
Hi Amanda

Ive just got back from 3 weeks holidays and I just couldnt wait to
read up on my Yogmael.

There's a couple of questions that Id like to ask you

1. Is there a Wham Final video out?

(The concert? Unofficially yes. Where to get one? I really shouldn't
endorse such dubs anymore should I? But I'm sure Nancy could tell
you who to talk to...AG)

2. What is Andrews Red Dress video? Is this an Andrew Ridgeley
video? If it is I cant wait to get my little hands on it.

(It is indeed Andy's attempt at being a cliched rock star, and he does
quite a good job really. Keeps his shirt off and everything... AG)

Im sure I'll have more questions after Ive read all my mail.

Thought youd be happy to know that my 4 year old just loves George
Michael. While we were driving home (12 hour drive) my son out of
the blue said "mum can you play George Michael". I was flicking
from tape to tape and his favourite song was "Fast Love" and he
actually knew most of words!! I was so proud. His next favourite is
I'm Your Man. I bet George never thought his audience would be that

(I can go even younger...when my big sis Jeanne and I saw George
on the Faith tour in 88, she was 5 months pregnant, and let me tell
you, junior was not impressed by for the bulk of the afternoon/evening.
Indeed Junior did not stop griping until George took to the stage. At
which point he settled down to let his mommy rock. AG)

Anyway keep up the good work.

*************************** (andy) writes:
Hiya Yogmael just a few lines to say this site is DAMNED NEAR
TO PERFECTION. Nice to have E-Mail friends who have
intelligence and GOOD taste in Music !!!!

P.S I live near Bushey in Hertfordshire Yogs hometown,anyone
been to their restaurant ???

Live long and prosper
*************************** writes:
Dear Amanda,

I enjoyed reading MK's input reference OLDER on YM. Unfortunately,
the U.S.A. press has not been too kind when mentioning George's
latest work. I think OLDER shows a lot of maturity in GM's music.
I have followed his career from the MAKE IT BIG release in the U.S.
Of course, I still enjoy listening to his older work, but it is obvious that
the man himself is way beyond that point now.

It is confusing to me, how the media can be sooo harsh! I have read
various reports claiming that George's latest release "is not like his
previous work..." OF COURSE NOT!!! What kind of artist continues
to produce the same material? One who has not grown or
experienced life...that's who!!!! a one comes close to touching this man! It
would be wonderful if he tours again! I saw him in Chicago on Faith
and in Washington DC on Cover to Cover...truely i also heard the dance
remix of Star People on the radio today...its sounded sooo good!! :)
Any idea when Georges song Waltz away dreaming is going to be

released here in the States.?

(For what has got to be the 100th time, not yet. AG)

*************************** (MR ANGELO A ALEXOPOULOS) writes:
What an INCREDIBLE performance by Stevie and our George. It is
great to see George duet with Stevie and give us part two of George
and Stevie. More than twelve years have passed since the last time
these two guys sang together at the Apollo.. And the great speech
George gave afterwards about American music really hit home. No
wonder I have not been listening to anything other than British
artists for so long. Don't get me wrong, there are still American
artists I listen to but the majority of Americam music is just what
George said "Gloom and Doom." So right on.

bellaj-at-BIOMED.MED.YALE.EDU (April J. Bell) writes:
Hey everyone,

I just finished watching George on VH-1 Honors. He was great!!! I
love Stevie Wonder, so this was an added bonus. Judging from
the crowd's response to George, he is not forgotten in America.

I think that I will rewind my tape and watch it again.

*************************** (Theresa) writes:

Concerning your quote and the proper grammar and all that
nonsense I think the very best possible way you could do it would
be to do it the following way:

Never state
What you can't imply.

That way the pause is there and we can all actually FEEL it,
instead of re-reading the way it has been written and wondering
why a comma is there.

(OR just change the sig line and forget about it... AG) whole life I have wondered why GM's teeth are so
perfectly white. I want the phone number of his dentist LOL!!!

(Jack was not a poor man you know... AG)

Giving unwanted advice hither and thither
*************************** (Mariska Sloot-Hohé) writes:
Dear Amanda,
don't know if you heard the news already, if heard it on the Dutch
tv channel TMF:
there will be a new cd released soon, don't know when. It will be
a compilation of old wham songs, and also 4 (!!!) new songs from
GM, in the old wham-style. isn't it grea?

see you,
*************************** (Tom Wanless) writes:
Does anyone have any news on an Older Video? I don't mean the
single Older, but the Album. I know George used to say he disliked
making vids, because they were selling him and not his music,
but now he makes the videos the way he wants and he actually
enjoys it (or so he said on the MTV interview!). Therefore, i would
have expected him to have wanted to sell a vid of all his latest
videos - especially Fastlove! I wouldn't mind if he just released a
Fastlove vid - it shows not only his music talent, but his ability to
create the picture he wants by intertwining words with images.
His videos are getting more and more amazing and I want to buy
the latest stock! Also, I have the Fith vid, but is there an LWP one?

(There is no LWP compilation. AG)

I thankfully accept any help anyone can give me on this matter and
hope someone out there knows!

(No idea. Haven't heard anything on it at all. AG)

Tom Wanless
tomwanless-at-line Linda
Evangelista and George. When Too Funky was released, in an
interview with Linda she was asked what did he felt working
with George. She said that he was fabulous and the idea of
fund-raising made her wake up from bed for the first time since

she's a top model witout winning 100,000$, literaly she said
that she doesn't get up from bed if she isn't going to make that
day at least less than 100,000$ but when George asked to work
for a charity video she didn't think it twice.

(The number was actually $10,000. And of course why is Linda
extra cool? Because she grew up an short drive from Hamilton
of course... AG)

*************************** (Angie) writes:
Has anyone noticed that all of George's albums are very aptly
named?? e.g.:

* was (mega)
* MAKE IT BIG.................they did (huge)
* FAITH.......................we all that in Him (George, that is)
* LISTEN WITHOUT this is where He asked
something of Us!! The first time I listened to it I thought, "well,
I've listened without prejudice and.... I Hate It!! But then I listened
again and liked a couple of tracks, then I played it again (Sam),
and, I Loved It.
* OLDER.......................well, this is definitely self-explanatory,
very grown-up, EXCELLENT!!!!!


*************************** (Jonathan Flower) writes:
I am looking for one GM fan in the United States who will send
me the two (or more?) CD releases of Star People for the US and
all future CD single releases in return for the UK Star People CD
releases and all future CD single releases. The UK CDs are due
towards the end of April.

Thanks to whoever may respond!

Best wishes to you all

*************************** (Emily) writes:
Hey All!
I wanted to say that George Michael looked good on the VH1
special. Luckily, I heard it on the radio. This DJ treated it like
GM was gonna be the star. He played about 8 GM songs and
reminded listeners to watch about every 30 minutes. He must
be a yogfan, huh? I was gonna write down the small speech
that he gave after singin' with Stevie, but I am asuming that
someone else will do it. One more thing, I am still looking for
the audio for that Easter Sunday. I desparately need a e-mail
pal to trade with. Someone in England. I'll get you stuff from
America (like there's soooo much), and vicie vercie. I taped
the VH1 special, if anyone wants a copy, e-mail me (remember
I'm in the US).

*************************** (My Old Friend Dan) writes:
FOR YOU readers : )
from the desk of a crazed GM impersonator-

Now, GUESS WHAT all you crazies!


(Note, this post was lost in backlog for a week. AG)

He is in LA (no duh) and been here about awhile right after his last
appearance in Britian (3weeks now)...about a week before VH1
Honors.(?) ANyways, he is frequenting a popular NEW bar in
West Hollywood. (BOYZtown) Anyways... I got the call that he
would be there. Drove there, scouted the place, saw him, stood
next to him... STARED at him. Scared him to death... then ripped
his clothes off! (not really)

But I did see him there ( his 2nd or 3rd time now in the last 3 weeks)
anyways, once the bar closed, I went outside when he went Doubt.
Why? Because I owe a favor to someone at Trauma Records,
and I just don't like Bush enough to give them the free press. : )

"Obscure is good."

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