1. A real early issue for you. Lots of studying between now and
Tuesday morning, and with this done and sent, I have nothing
to do while procrastinating. So remember, you won't hear from
me now until Tuesday night.

2. My sister now joins us, so that means I will have to clean up
my language and tell you less of my exploits to maintain that
pristine family image of me... : ) I'm sure she'll pick up my slack

3. To answer an FAQ, if you want to know who this DeLory I am
a fan of is, check out one of these URL's:

All About Eve:

The Official Donna DeLory Homepage:

*************************** (Squeaky Nun) writes:
Hey guys! :o)

Ok..since you asked, Amanda, here's an explanation of what
Squeaky Nun is. (If you've read this before in the exact same
wording, that's cause I'm copying and pasting it to all those who
asked me privately. Not very original, but less time consuming
..sorry!* g*)

WARNING!!!! *grin*

"Ahhh..le Squeaky Nun...*g*...there are always ads on my radio
that talk about the U2 PopMart tour...and they give all these
details "3000 miles of cable, 3 20-foot trucks (or something like
that), the worlds biggest television screen, a 35-foot internally
illuminated stuffed olive on a 100-foot toothpick, a large mirrorball
lemon" and then at the end of this long list of all these huge
numbers, huge props, etc the announcer goes "and a 3 inch
squeaky nun". Like wha???? 3 INCHES?? YOU GOTTA BE
KIDDING!! But apparently, there'll be some 3 inch squeaky nun
there and I'm not sure what's the purpose, if we all get a squeaky
nun, what we will do with them, etc. It's totally weird...3 inch
squeaky nun. So, anyhow, my friend's friend wanted the squeaky
nun right away!! And we thought it was rather cute and funny, so
we all want a squeaky nun now. Should I send you the picture
of the Squeaky Nun, Amanda? It's cute..I'm not sure if that's
THE squeaky Nun, but it looks fairly convincing to me. *g* I
guess we'll just wait an' see...*l* Let me know if you want's
totally cool!! (Yes, I am aware that I'm obsessing over a rubber
dog toy in the shape of a Nun..but I cannot help myself..I think
it's totally hillarious! *lol*)"

(Yeah, what the hell, send me a pic! AG)

So, like, that's the reason for it. *g*

Oh, btw, the Music Page on my site, has been updated with new
links to all George sites that I'm aware of that exist. If you've got
one and want me to put a link on my page, lemme know, ok?

The GM And AR (Spoken) Sounds Page will be updated by end
of this week. So, if ya wanna, swing by ok?

AND Just thought you might want to know this little bit of news:
according to one of my best friends (who lives in Poland), George
Michael has won a Fryderyk Award for the Best International Album
for "Older". Yay!! :o) The Fryderyk Award is a Polish version of the
Brits--I'm not comparing it to the Grammy Awards, cause that
would bring the Polish awards down several levels. *eg*(The
Fryderyk Award is named after Poland's greatest composer
Fryderic Chopin, btw.)

I knew the Polish people had some taste in music...and it has
nothing at all to do with the fact that I'm Polish..*grin*. He he he

Kinga (who's still bitter about the fact that George didn't receive A
SINGLE nomination at the Grammys this year...sheesh!!!)

( I boycotted the Grammy's and AMA's, much to the dismay of my
friends who were looking forward to one of my notorious Awards
parties...recall an early YOGMAIL--yes it's that early--wherein you
got details of my MTV Awards party, I'm still finding pretzels
everywhere... AG)
"You sang me a simple tune,
I took it for a song.."
-G. Michael
("Like A Baby"-Wham!--the most underrated Wham! song, imho)
Kinga "The Multitasking Queen"
*************************** (BRENT PEARSON) writes:
Amanda, sorry I planned to call you and Jim during your party on Sat
but something came up and I had to go to Chicago but sounds like
you had a good time.

(Yeah, Jim mentioned that around midnite. Oh well, next time. AG)

One question for ya... Is Star People 97 going to be on the UK
release (which is suppose to be this month)? If not how does
one get Star P. 97? Thanks for any info!

(To the best of my knowledge, it will. AG)

Cheers! Brent
*************************** (Morsy Cheikhrouhou) writes:

Hello everybody,

Amanda : would you please change my mail adress to this one.
The old one will soon be no more accessible. Thanks.

(Changes of address are a breeze, but please note, YOU MUST tell
me what your old one was. I don't keep records anymore. I gave up
at 400 members. Also, note: Some address CANNOT accept YM.

To introduce myself : I am PhD student dealing with network
computers management. I liked George's songs since 87, when i
first listened to his first solo album "Faith". It seemed to me as if he
is expressing what i feel in the right moment. Next i discovered his
other old songs.

My favorite album is "Listen without Prejudice" and I am sorry for
not having the CD. I find it's strange that his best album had the less
success among all the others.

My favorite song is "praying for time".

My favorite song in "older" is "You have been loved".

Did anyone heared the song "The crazy man dance". If so, can
you please told me where I can find it. I had this song badly recorded
from a radio station. Also, does GM has an album with the same
name as that song

(The Crazyman Dance is available I think only on the Too Funky EP.
And no. AG)

Now, what most of you won't probably like, is that i don't really
love GM in his person (i don't hate him though). It's true that i like his
songs very much. But i don't know anything about him as a normal
person except he doesn't see colors, and he is homosexual. Loving
his song, and loving his person are two separate things for me.

Last suggestion : would it possible to store GM's songs in files
that can be downloaded via ftp ? (the files would be huge, but they
can be compressed).

That'a all, thanks for reading my mail.

Mohamed Morsy Cheikhrouhou
+ 33 4 93 00 26 48
*************************** (shelly renee andrews) writes:

Hey hey, fuck you, calling me a slob. :) Boy that word series looks
harsh. You are hillarious.

Lady, I gotta tell you you exceed my expectations, cause I thought
you would be psyco obsessed, but then it occured to me, you are
one of few girls who knows how to _respectfully_ admire, through
the art of picture collage, a man clad in white, very tight, speedoes. :)
In your honor, I will make a pilgramage to the IU swimming team
practice center, bow on knee, and say a little happy blessing about
the silly display of tubular objects, accented with gargantuan and
innocent smiles.

(You mock my creative exploits do you? Oh well, we can't all be hip
now can we? I did get my hands on a slighty more recent shot of
George in a dark green Speedo though... Thanks for thinking of me
Robert. AG)

And on to other topics, go easy on Pretzel boy, EH!? (You bunch of
Hoseheads.) --in lovingly abusive tones (one day soon w/ the tones
I hope)

Check this out, on the way home a poet and documentary artist who
was complemented by BOB DYLAN read me some of his poetry,
and kept me company right through to the windy city.

Aegean, tell me are you out there? :) Can you hear me? :) The two
gents always coincide vaguely when something really nice or
beautiful happens in the life of this North American. File that under
marketing tip, or insane duet request, eh?

(Oh good're going to let that little slip of Elliot's address
become the catylyst that leads to a Dylan/Yog guet aren't you? AG)

Road weary in Indiana, and a mutual fan of MSG...
*************************** (laura) writes:
Hi camera crew!
How are you doing? this is Laura from Italy again. I'm writing
because I think it is a great idea to arrange a meeting for European
fans!!!!I will be in london for the whole summer and I wonder if any of
you would like to organize a meeting there. I'm not sure that I will
have the possibility to connect via e-mail from there, so I think it is
not a bad idea to arrange something before July.ACCORRETE
I would also like to ask if someone could kindly (I'd pay anyway for
the blank tape and the postage) record the Fastlove summer remix
(and of the radio show he did for the new song and raising of funds).
In this way I can decide if to buy it or not, since sono al verde!!!
Does anyone know why the Star People single has not ben
released in europe (or at least in Italy) yet?

(Hmmm, yes I do actually. DreamWorks chose to release before
Virgin did. AG)

love and kisses
*************************** (Nick Ford) writes:

Hi Amanda !
I have a copy of the latest George song 'Waltz away Dreaming' - would
you like a copy ? Please let me know.

(I await a copy from other souces, but thanks. AG)

Also I am interested in organising a possible YOGMAEL European
Weekend in London in the Autumn - perhaps you could put out a
message in YOGMAEL to see if anyone is interested ?

(There you are! E Nick directly to set this up. I am having a hell of a
time setting up LA at the moment... AG)

Bye for now and take care,
Nick Ford.
*************************** (Jeff Pelletier)
Hey all:
Just wanted to let everyone know that Star People debuted on
the Hot 100 (billboard charts) basically at #106 (it was #6 on
bubbling under) and that was 2 weeks ago and I haven't had a
chance to check it yet. Anyway, on MUCH BETTER NEWS...Star
People has become a HUGE club hit and this weeks climbs to #1!!!
on the Billbaord Hot Dance Play Chart! Go George! Also, the
sales of the maxi-CD Single have shot up incredibly since.

(Sorry, I've been so busy I am running old news because I didn't get
around to posting it... AG)

Jeff Pelleteir
*************************** (Jonathan Flower) writes:
Hello Amanda and all "Yoggers"!

I am a new subsciber to Yogmael and must say I enjoy reading all
the wacky comments from like minded people all over the world.

I thought you might like to hear of the time I met George other than
when I've seen him in concert (Cover To Cover, Concert Of Hope etc).
A friend of mine promised that if I drove her to London, she would
show me where George lived. So mixing business with pleasure I
chose a date that would coincide with me seeing a client to justify
the 250 mile round trip. When the business was concluded we
drove to his house (very disappointing - but that's just my opinion)
and only had to wait about five minutes when George appeared
from the house with his then girlfriend, and faithful Labrador Hippy.
He wasn't in what you would call the best of moods, but hey, we all
have those days! However he was very polite and was happy to
personally sign two copies of his book 'Bare' and also a CD of
Listen Without Prejudice which he signed with a gold pen and looks
fantastic framed withthe CD booklet underneath. The date was
27/11/92. Thanks George!

(A girlfriend in 1992? Hmmm, imagine that. AG)

Incidentally, my favourite all time track sung by George is one
which he didn't himself write. It is 'Tonight' from the album 'Two
Rooms' celebrating the songs of Elton John and Bernie Taupin.
Although I was at the concert when this track was recorded for the
album, the track did not really get to me until I listened to it later
when the above album was released.

One last thing which I know is mostly old news now - written in
the March 22 'Hello!' magazine with two photos of George was the
following: - George Michael best male artist treats himself to a new
Jag: "With his dark good looks, black polo-neck top and high
speed car, he could be a character from a James Bond film. But
the owner of this new Jaguar XK8 is 33-year-old millionaire singer
George Michael, making a quick getaway from his recording studio.
George, who recently won the award for Best Male Artist at this
year's Brit Awards, hasn't had much luck with cars recently.

Earlier this year his 50,000 Jaguar was sold for parts when his
chauffeur - who was driving alone at the time - crashed the car near
Birmingham. The singer's fans queued up outside the garage in
West Yorkshire to buy souvenirs - some even wanted to sit in the
driving seat of the car, just to be nearer to their hero.

Superstar George is mourning his mother Lesley, who succumbed
to cancer last month. He was unable to collect his accolade at the
Brit Awards as he was keeping a vigil at her bedside."

Best wishes to you all.

To Wrap it Up:

OK, serious question for those of you on here who have braved mosh
pits in your concert history. I am slated to be in just such a precarious
position for No Doubt in a couple weeks. Yes, it was a stupid idea for
someone who has as many yuppie tendencies as me, I know, but I
just had to have tickets, and these were the cheapest ones I could get.
Can anyone offer any survival tips?

"Obscure is good."


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