Hi. I have a humble request for all web site managers who have kindly
given me links: Can you please make it very clear that YOGMAEL
and I have NOTHING to do with your webpages? I am getting all sorts
of mail regarding your web sites. Also, please make it clear that I can
only add you to the mailing list, I can't answer 101 individual questions.

Also, regarding donations, Elliot came through with a contact person
and address to make my life easier, so from this very second on, send
donations in memory of Lesley straight to:

Judith Righton
Help A London Child
Capital Radio
30 Leicester Square
London UK WC2 7LA

Make the check/money order out to Help A London Child. All money
thus far received by the YM collection crew will be forwarded in the
next couple of days. Thanks a lot to all.

*************************** (George Lewis) writes:

George has finally gone #1, yes #1, again in the US! No, I'm not
joking, Star People is the number 1 dance/ club play song on the
billboard. I was crusing, and went into the hot
singles catagory and there it was! I yelled for joy (unfortunately I
woke up my mom.) Thought you just might like 2 know!

(There you are, I knew I checked the mail before sending this issue
for a reason... AG)

B.T.W. Amanda, you are doing a quite commendable job, by all
means! I'm in school also, but just Middle School, the only thing I
do is DJ dances and Basketball games, (yes, of course I piss off
my age group by constantly playing George songs,) but College.
I would just like to offer by deepest gratitude and thanks.

(You're welcome. AG)


George Lewis.
*************************** (Tim--Amanda's WEBmaster extraordinaire) writes:

I guess I didn't get Issue # 117 since you are saying "Don't Post from
Tim's page !!" Just Kidding.

(Because I never did get around to downloading that programme we
talked about back in I must process the web posts by
hand... BTW, I have yet to dedicate an issue to you haven't I? AG)

Well as promised, here is a list of all the GM resources I could find till
now. I will also update my page with it and whenever I know of
new/updated resources I will send you an update.

So here we go :

Aegean Official Site

George Michael info page

Bo Andersen's GM pages


Lady Misty's GM page

Frogette's Page

Eugenia's pages

Devilish Angel's pages

Kinga's pages

Rose's GM pages

Lion's GM page

The Unofficial WHAM! site

The complete GM discography

The Different Corner page
Offline at the moment, but will come up again (third time that is !!)

The Official YOGMAEL Vanity Photo Page:

(Though it's still under contruction I must admit... Thanks as always
Tim. But I have one humble request: Can we update my letter to
address the masses on your page? AG)

FYI, The archive page has been hit almost 3500 times, the highest hit
issue is # 40 still at 489 hits followed by Issue # 1 on 390.

Of the latest updated issues, # 114 has 35 hits followed by 108 at 33

(Speaking of the archives, we need to discuss tweaking it a bit. Tell
you more later.

*************************** (Rich) writes:
Hello Amanda....
Just bought the "George Michael-The unauthorized edition". This
picture book and interview disc has got to be the most fabulous
thing. Do you know if this is the first U.S. interview (on the disc).
Sounds great and is very insightful. What would my life be with out
his emotion and life experience.

One last thing...
When will "Waltz away dreaming" be released? In late April?

"Thank you, George, for sharing your life with all of us.:+).....",

*************************** (Alex) writes:
In response to how to phonetically pronounce George's name...I
believe Laurie Harbert got it right in Issue #136. My good friend

Stephan Paschiledes, who is Greek and was born in Cyprus, told
me how to say it and it is just like Lauire has it:

Hope that helps! and I don't think it is correct to pronounce the "P" in
Pan-ah-yo-yoe as a "B" as one Yogmael member posted in
least that's what Stephan said.

*************************** (Victoria Day) writes:
Hi Amanda and All

In issue #136 Tina Stem wrote about her son liking George, and
Amanda replied get'em while they're young! my daughter is just
2 years old and we have broken a couple of tapes in the car due
to too much use (if you can ever get too much of George) she
shouts out Georgie all the time until I put on Fast Love/I Can't
Make You Love Me and sits there dancing about in her car seat
singing oooo hoo, yeah yeah (see hasn't learnt the rest YET),
see loves him as much as me I think, whenever he's on the
television it's 'Georgie, Georgie' look, there he is.... and when
my husband turned it off once she started shouting and crying,
this means that not only does George have all of us supporting
him, he will also have mini-followers supporting him for many
years to come (maybe it's just because he is so brilliant)..

Keep the yogmael going Amanda, but try not to burn yourself
out, have a rest for a few days I'm sure we'd all understand.

(Nahh... AG)

Vicky X
*************************** (Josh D'Lioncourt) writes:
Hey guys,
Go to my site if you are looking for lyrics at
Now...something that I am not sure whether to find amusing or
aggrivating. Do any of you have a game called "Song Burst"? It's a
song where you are given a couple words from the lyrics to a song,
and then you have to sing the song from that point until the end of the
section printed on the card. The copy I have is songs of the 70s and
80s and so naturally lots of them are George's songs. Unfortunately...
I fear they are not quite accurate. Here is what the card for "Father
Figure" says:

I will be your father figure,
Put your tiny hand in mine.
I will be your creature feature....

UHHHHHH.....HUH????? What the hell is that???? Weren't
creature features those double headers of movies you could see for
a dime back in the 50s at the theaters??? Good lord!!!!!
Anyway...couldn't help posting that. Take care all!

(I read that same lyric in 'Scuse me While I Kiss This Guy. AG)

Josh D'Lioncourt
*************************** (FRANCOISE GASPARI) writes:
hello everybody,

Does anyone else think aegean "live videos" really are a pain? does
anyone else got "net congestion" every two second and a half? I've
got the best computer technologies and hardware here so it can't be
a problem coming from me, so i 'd like to know what you think...
Personally, aegean doesn't match my expectations, i'm not thrilled by
it one bit at the moment. I hope i'll be more thrilled by the backstage
area but so far all i can do is wish Asem back! It's him who should
run the official site in my opinion.

Also i'm looking for a penpal in the uk please, does anyone come
from the uk and manchester or london? if so, write me.

See you later,
*************************** (Frank Reyes) writes:

This is in response to I AM ONE OF
OF THE WHAMMY PEN PALS. I had my pen pal ad in Bop Magazine
and had a lot of responses. My name is Frank Reyes and I really
miss those snail mail letters that I used to get before this email thing
came a long. It was a lot more personal and the letters were always
decorated very colorful and fulll of George Michael stickers. Anyone
can still write to me by snail mail if they would like for that personal
touch. :)

Frank Reyes
P.O. Box 3061
South El Monte
CA 91733-0061
*************************** (Emily) writes:
HEY! I'm not sure if I am doing this right. Well, sorry if I caused
trouble. Anyway, I have a big concern. I need this Easter radio
thing on audio or I will walk and swim to England, bang on GM's
door, and tell him to say everything over again. I have to hear him
happy! Can someone help me? I will pay whatever for this! I just
need someone to e-mail me soon! Can someone get this too me

quickly? I would be grateful forever and ever and ever and ever....
One more thing, a person wrote to YM saying that they were from
Brasil, I was just wondering where in Brasil, my sister lives there.
Thank you all for dealling with me during this hyper phase I am going
through. Oh yeah, what is the deal with this "Free for Love" thing?
I am getting very confused with what everyone is saying.

Please e-mail me!!

*************************** writes:
Hey Amanda , what's going on with this Big Issue article that I keep
reading about ? I guess I'm wondering what magazine is it from and
what month ? Also there was a response about the article from
Yog#137 where the person was commenting on GM being gay , is
that what the article stated ?

(The Big Issue is a British publication and the article ran this past
November. I ran full text of the piece in YOGMAEL # 85, available
at the YM Archives
Read it, and you can take a guess at his sexuality for youself. AG)

*************************** (Maria Delgado) writes:
i was just curious can any one tell me what happen to andrew
ridgeley what became of his life after WHAM broke up.

(A relatively frequently asked question, but one I rather enjoy...and I
know hate me for admitting it... But if you are new and wondering the
same thing, hit the archives for I think, issue #89--January 26th--or E
me and ask for ANGEMAIL. I think I already sent you one right
Maria? AG)

thank you for your time
maria delgado
*************************** (George Lewis) writes:
Hey all!

Anselmo died of a brain hemorrhage, and the Strangest Thing
Live was from the radio 1 show he did I believe in paris. Actually
it might have been in Paris studios in London, I'm not quite sure.

(No, it was in London at the BBC studios. AG)

I was crusing the web yesterday and saw KTS records that had
2 George bootlegs. One was the unplugged called "Acoustic" and
the other was from the radio 1 show called "Free For Love," you
might want to check out.

Anselmo was also a Brazilian clothes designer. A VERY dear
friend of George.
*************************** (Caroline) writes:
Hi Amanda,

I hope that everything is going well for you. I have to say again that
Yogmael is wonderful. i have met many people with the same
devotion to GM as i have. I have been trying to get a hold of the
latest albums (after Listen without predjudice 1) and have had a
very hard time. If someone could provide me with a list of releases
since then and a place to get them at that would be wonderful.

Thanks, Caroline

P.S. if there is anything that i can help you with by putting this
together please let me know. I am always interested in help out
with new and exciting things for me to do ( i have a lot of free
time :-) so just let me know o.k.)

(YOGMAEL runs itself most of the time...but thanks. AG)
*************************** (Gregory A Daniels) writes:
Hello out there in yogmael land, my name is greg and i am an avid
GM fan. I have read a few yogmael editions on the net and really
enjoy them. I have followed georges career from a young age since
he was with wham, well from an age i can appreciate music, i'm
only 20!!!!! My interest has increased humongously lately though, I
have all of his albums and especially enjoy the spinning the wheel

I recently read "Bare" and found it really helpful in understanding
Georges personality. I look forward to contributing to Yogmael in
the future and am more looking forward to reading yogmael regularly,
keep up the great work.

A ginormous Australian fan
To Wrap it Up:

2 exams down, half a research paper and 3 more exams to go...

And Shelley, I think I did indeed manage to catch your cold...I owe
you one...

"Obscure is good. "

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