Hi, just a quick note to apologize for that obnoxiously long issue
yesterday. I just sent the file I had labelled as #142, I forgot that
with all the breaking news I've been juggling, and that some of
that issue should have been bumped to #143. OOPS! Hey, at
least you are getting your mail despite my being on exams, let
the diehards think back to how tough mid terms withdrawal was
on you...

Speaking of withdrawals, come on folks, hit the bank and grab
a fiver and send it my way for the Lesley Pananyiotou Memorial
Fund. There are enough of us that $5 from each of us can
REALLY add up...To remind you what I'm talking about:

We are taking up a collection in honour of George's mum's passing.
From now until May 1st, donations are being accepted for "Help a
London Child" a cause Mrs. Panayiotou was proud her son supported.
Now AEgean knows all about this, so maybe if we do a good job,
George may just have to e us his thanks...We plan to send it
basically anonymously, in the form of bank drafts, so please DO
NOT address your checks to the fund directly. The 2 gents I have
chosen to help me collect are good friends and I trust them.

To donate to the fund please send cash or money order to one of 3
of us. It depends on your geographical location. But please, send it

In Australasia:
Email Amanda for address at

In North America:
Email Amanda for address at

In Europe:
Email Amanda for address at

*************************** (DEBBIE MILLER) writes:

Once upon a time (about a year ago), I was just a mild-mannered,
simple girl who liked George Michael very much. I had "Faith" and
"LWP Vol. 1" and was happy to catch a video of his now and then
on MTV or VH-1. No big deal. Of course, I had the occasional "I'm
the only woman for him" fantasy - but that was it.

THEN-- I joined Yogmael.

Now, I can't walk by a music store without stopping in to check the
GM section, the Imports section, The Singles sections, etc. As if
that wasn't bad enough -- I even tend to grab an extra copy here or
there because I KNOW someone at Yogmael will need/want it!

(And I thank you for that! The 4 track Star People CD plays as I
toil away this afternoon. AG)

I have never in my whole life purchased a "singles tape/cd". Now I
must have it all!! There mere mentioned of the name, George
Michael, sends me into a tizzy.

(A TIZZY? Good lord woman... AG)

My "fantasies" have become a daily event, my brain is about to
explode trying to get that sexy voice out of my head all day
(because I listen to the tape you made me in the morning!) - I've
even purchase lots of Wham! stuff which I never even heard before.

Thanks, Amanda!!! My name is Debbie and I'm a George-o-holic!

See, I'm even typing this at work!! Nuff said?!

But, seriously -- Thank you for giving me some needed fun and safe
obsession in my life. I'll never forget you for that. I now appreciate
GM more than ever before and yes, I am even learning to really
appreciate and enjoy the "Older" CD.

(This reminds me of my deviance paper, which will end up in YM
eventually... AG)

As always,
Your faithful fan and friend,
Debbie Miller
*************************** (David Modderman) writes:
George sings a song called Heaven Help Me, but who does he
sing it with?

(That would be Deon Estus, George's now former long time
bassist. AG)

Does anyone know if George Michael's song "Waltz Away Dreaming"
will be released as a single or anything else in the U.S. or
somewhere or will it not be released anywhere. Any info would be
greatly appreciated. Thank you friends
*************************** (Tracy Bester) writes:
Hi Amanda, finally, I've found salvation. You are brilliant!! For the past
12 years I've considered myself somewhat of a Yog-genius, but since
reading YOGMÆL, I have to hang my head in shame.

(Hey Tracy, it has been known to humble me too... AG)

I've been living in the dark ages it seems. I'm from Cape Town South
Africa--as you can imagine we don't get much info down here, so I am
starved for ANYTHING & EVERYTHING on George!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please
Please can I be part of the YOG family?

(We'd be honoured to have you. AG)

*************************** (Greg) writes:
Hi everyone.
Just thought I would let you all know that there is a George Michael
Unplugged CD available from KTS Records Inc. You can order the

disc directly from their internet site at
I have already purchased 2 copies of the Unplugged+edition, so it is

(But not legal, so by sheer virtue of my association with AEgean,
I can't endorse it. AG)

The CD has 8 tracks on it. They are Feedom 90, Fastlove,I can't
make you love me, Father Figure, You have been loved, Everything
she wants, Praying for time, and Star people. The sound is great.
The cost per CD is $22.00 plus shipping & handling. The packaging
it comes in has a lot of photos from the Unplugged session too.
Hope this helps GM fans.

*************************** (Tonia L. Ramirez) writes:

(You're stuck in Yog forsaken North America, that's all... AG)

*************************** (Shawn Light) writes:

Someone may have already sent in this information, but I read on
Tim's page that the Different Corner Page will be back eventually.
Bigger and Better, according to Asem. He didn't explain why he
shut it down.

BTW, has anyone heard from Alan. Is is out of the hospital yet
(I think I read that he was in the hospital)? I miss his up to the
minute news.

(From AOL friends, I hear he is out of hospital. AG)

*************************** (AKONG) writes:
Hi Amanda and fellow yogers.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter. Here in Trinidad we had a
five day long Easter weekend.

I would like to let GM know that he and his family are in my thoughts
and prayers and, that his mum will always be with him and his family
in spirit and in their hearts.

I visited the following sites: AEGEAN,The Yogmael Archives, Rose's
page, Zeba's page and the GM FAQ page. I downloaded quite a lot
of lyrics for GM songs which I will add to my collection. As soon
as I sort out all the lyrics I have I will list all the names of the songs
in my next posting. I also downloaded pictures from Rose's page.

Well this is it for now until next time, take care and good luck to
all who have exams.

(Thanks, for the many times I chose YOGMAEL over my work, I
think I may need it... AG)
Bye Roxanne.

Trinidad & Tobago, West Indies
Land of the Calypso, Steelband and Carnival
*************************** (Andrea) writes:
Hi all,
Just called my local radio station about playing Star People. I said
that I have not heard it, and he claimed he had played it a few times.
He said he would leave a note on his boss's desk about it.
Ya know--I am so sick of hearing that "cowboy" song! Why can't
they just play a song? It needs approval?

*************************** writes:
in reference to rebecca -at- buffaklo state:
the third song george sang was a demo version of Crazy Man Dance,
which if you recall he teased everyone and taped it towards the end
for a "live video" when the song was to be released (which it wasn't
but rather tossed as a b-side to too funky)
other songs george has been on which haven't been mentioned is
Someday by Shirley & Pepsi as well as Nikita by Elton John---not
to mention Tonight on the Elton John Two Rooms album and this also
has a video recorded live also
regarding DJ only versions of his songs, there are alot more than you
think I'm your man has quite a few, Fast Love has a techno mix and
a deep house mix Hard Day had a limited release in stores with a
few mixes by Shep Pettibone go to the used record shops in your
area (obviously the ones that sell promotional and demo vinyls---they
usually don't come on CD) it's sad to say but a lot of nightclub DJ's
will not play GM, his music is not really club music---clubs are more
interested in underground artists ans underground DJ mixes (very
minimal vocals) but the vinyls if you look hard don't cost me more than
$3 each (very rarely $5)
forgot one more song "learn to say no" on Jody watleys first album
*************************** (Jeremy) writes:
What is the best way for me to obtain a list of commercial C.D. singles
that G.M. has issued? Also, where can I find G.M. singing "Sexual


(Commercial CD singles huh? Hmmm...let me think about that one.
To get Sexual Healing--call an escort service...--you need to get your
hands on the Nelson Mandela Freedomfest from 1988. AG)

Keep up the great mailing list.

*************************** (Yvonne) writes:

just want to give you a BIG THANK for all your work on YOGMAEL.

i and ALL us US fans appreciate you


(Thanks! This justifies not studying now... AG)

*************************** (Jeff Pelletier) writes:
Hey all:
My name is Jeffrey Pelletier and I"m a second year architect at
Cornell University and have been a huge George fan for about 2
years now, since I started college actually. I'm originally from
Fitchburg Massachusetts. I've been on this list for about 6 months
or so but haven't posted anything thus far so I thought I would
introduce myself.
Now, the NEWS: I just read in the Celine Dion newsgroup that
apparently Celine's manager/husband has approached George about
the idea of working together (what, I'm not sure) Apparently George
is very receptive to the idea. I think it would be a really good move
as George has a great voice and great song-writing abilities and
Celine has a tremendous voice and the public appeal to draw George
back into respect here in the US especially.
Just my two cents.

(I agree, I'd love to see them work together. Ok, so I'm a Canuck
promoting Celine, that's my job... AG)

*************************** (Brian) writes:
In a previous post, (chassagne) writes:
< Paradise," was on. I was told by either a record store or heard from
MTV source that it was on the Soundtrack albumn to the movie,
"Baghdad Cafe." Someone might...>>

The song "Pasttime Paradise" is a Stevie Wonder song from 1976.
It's on CD1 of the double-CD set, "Songs In The Key Of Life,"
available at any record stores. It';s on Tamla/Motown (TCD 6115).
One of the neatest things about the track, though, that made it a
landmark in Stevie's career was that he combined gospel elements
(e.g. a choir) with Eastern elements (a Hare Krishna group)...really
innovative. :)

The song, "Calling You," is indeed from the movie soundtrack "Bagdad
Cafe." It's by a guy named Bob Telson, on the CD called "Calling You."
(The CD also features "Barefoot," a k.d. lang track you'd recognize.) The
problem though, is that this CD is out of print; I found mine in a cutout
bin for $.99. Good luck. For the record (ha!) it's on Warner Bros., 1988
(#9 45181-2)

All the best
brian in Houston
*************************** (Theresa) writes:
Amanda etc.

Heya this is VERY cool, finally a place where I can talk about George
Michael without someone asking "Who???" :) Anyway, just wanted to
introduce myself as a second generation George Michael fan in
America. My mom LOVED him when I was little and collected
everything she could get her hands on, including 20+ albums (yeah,
the black plastic ones), posters, tee shirts, buttons, articles, videos,
etc. Eventually the music drew my 7 year old self in and now as a 21
year old I have loved and adored him for 14 years! OOOH I am so
mad too, I got all my CD's stolen a few months ago which included
EVERY cd GM ever made. Grrrrr.

(I'm 21 also, and I too was corrupted by someone older, my sister,
but the cutest thing I can recall in all my 21 years is my mum
jitterbugging to Wake Me Up Before You Go Go...but a major OUCH
on losing those CD's... AG)

Well just wanted to say hello, and GM rules, and (sigh) isnt he
absolutely gorgeous?

(I've always preferred Andrew... AG)

To Wrap it Up:

Tomorrow: Tim offers us a what what he hopes is comprehensive
list of all the Georgely sights out there.

"Obscure is good."

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