Hey all. Sorry this is late. Exam hell at MacDaddyU and all...

*************************** (Victoria Day) writes:
Dear Amanda and all

Though you might like to read the words to the song "he penned in
memory of his mum' to help raise money for a children's charity, and he
also said "I though it would help my father get over the loss of someone
he had loved for over 40 years"

If you have lost your mum or anybody close to you this song makes a
lot of sense and is very meaningful - I think the words are lovely but
unforunately not living in London I could not tune in to listen to it on
Easter Sunday, never mind.. here goes

(A re-run for anyone who missed it last week. AG)

She's got a song in her head and she'll sing to me,
She's got a laugh that reminds me of why she's in love with me,
She'd never let show she was lonely in case it had frightended me,
She was carpet and stone, independent, alone,
But her love always shone around me,
Every time ...........
Waltz away dreaming till your day begins again,
Free from the seasons and this state I'm in,
And oh, I can't hold it all under one love,
It was so long ago when we kissed in the streets,
Now you fly like an eagle above,
While I waltz away anyway,
I'll be waltzing my days away,
Searching for this woman I love.
She had a history of joy and pain in time,
And she chose to leave,
She had a thousand and one photographs,
That you would not believe,
She'll come to you in disguise,
She's there in your children's eyes,
Still our mother ...
She's still your wife,
(So let her ....)
Waltz away draming till your day begins again,
free from the reasons for this state I'm in,
And oh, (trust me, trust me, she ain't going anywhere)
I can't hold it all under one love,
(trust me, she told me, when you're ready she'll be there)
It was so long ago, (no don't let go of her)
When we kissed in the streets,
Now you fly like an eagle above,
While I waltz away anyway,
I'll be waltzing my days away,
Searching for this woman I love.
(And the moment you see me I will live in your life,
We will walk through my garden
I will see through your eyes),
I was in despair 'till she found me there,
Every grown man cries with his mother's eyes,
And when you're ready too,
She'll come back to you,
She's waiting
Father ...
She's waiting.

DAYVL001-at-GOSPORT.GOV.UK (Olga) writes:
Just wanted to tell Dmitry ( that his server
doesn't want to receive my mail. Dima, if you're still there, know it's not
my fault I don't answer your messages!
*************************** (Helen) writes:
Hi Everyone,
I have a few questions regarding the new single being released in
the UK. This is great for those over seas, but what about us North
americans? How the heck are we going to hear this song. Does anyone

know if it is being released only in Europe because it is a charity single?

(I'm waiting on an answer from AEgean... AG)

About all of the dissapointing comments on Older's failure in North
AMerica, what are the actual sales in the NA and worldwide. It couldn't
have done that badly, he is GM after all! Perhaps compared to previous
sales, its possible. The album, when compared to the other stuff played
in NA, is not really radio material. Its too bad. I loved hearing him on the
radio, on the charts, head to head with the others. I will never forget the
excitement over the sucess of Faith. I'm sure I'm not the only one
wishing they were in the UK for Olders sucess.

(George said the States used to account for 50% of his sales, Older is
at about 10%. Now I know everyone I know owns a copy, but in most
cases because it was purchased with me 5 feet away...not that they
don't love it now, but I must admit, Older doesn't click for most people
right away. AG)

Thanks for all of the info, everyone, I have always had to work
for tid bits on GM. If it weren't for Yogmael, I probably wouldn't even
have known about George's mum.

BTW, are there any more subscribers from the Ottawa Ontario area?
Bye for now, Helen.
*************************** (Sariane E. Leigh) writes:
I have mirc can i still chat, and if so what server?

(Yes, on Undernet. AG)

*************************** (RoadRunner) writes:
Great job on the digest Amanda. I envy your ability to do it....When is
the GM gathering in LA again? Thanks, I love the digest and hate to
miss an issue...:)

(July 25th to 27th. Better details will be available next month. AG)

I just watched the unplugged concert and cried, yes cried, througout it.
He is truly the only musician that can move me to tears by his soul, his
presence, his is soooooo nice to know there are a whole
lot of us out there like me...:) See, GM is worried about not having
anyone in the states come to his concerts, all he has to do is find us
all. There are plenty of us for a nice, cozy show...oh the thought...:)

peter_davis-at-Merck.Com (Peter Davis) writes:
I have just received my first YOGMAEL article (#128), and think that the
opportunity for fans all around the world to communicate about George
and his special artistry is just FANTASTIC!. Having been a fan like many
of you since the early 80s', I used to read up on George Michael/Wham!
info by religiously collecting Smash Hits, No.1 etc. each week, and
pouring through each section to see if the GM word appeared in any
paragraph! In fact to this day I still read the newspaper in this way! I
guess I can't help it, after so many years I seem to scan for George
stuff subconsciously!.

(I DO THAT TOO! I have learned the art of speed scanning, the names
George and Michael always catch my eye, as do two words that start
G and M respectively. Always nice to know I'm not the only crazy one...

Anyway, I thought I might be bold and submit a question. Does anyone
know any details about the Muscle Shoals/Wexler version of Careless
Whisper? I had read in one of my GM books that this version did
appear on a limited number of pressings, prior to the version George
recorded in London.

(I know some people do, and so I hand the question over. AG)

Also, the version of Love Machine on FANTASTIC, I have always been
confused as to whether George actually sings this song on the album,
or whether another vocalist performed main vocals. It sounds so different
to the other Wham! material.

(It's him. AG)

Thanks for including me on the YOGMAEL list, keep up the great work
everyone, and special thanks to Amanda!

*************************** (Hatu, Tim) writes:
Regarding the Different Corner Site, here is the official response from
Asem (if you haven't already read it on my page) :

This is a message from Asem, WEBMASTER of the Different Corner
Page :

just wanted to say Hi and..

as you and a couple of others might have noticed my site has gone
down..there are a couple of reasons behind this which I really can't
get into..but it will be coming back even better, bigger, and stronger
so please stay tuned. The site has changed locations so please
don't bother bugging it's old place of residence..

I am still taking emails from fans out there, those who do remember
my site will know what sorta info I appreciated.. so please keep that
email coming..

Thank you very much for your support, your patience will be rewarded

with a smashing site...

Asem Atta
I have also noticed several queries regarding Pastime Paradise, the
only place I know of that has this song is in the self titled George
Michael video where he is shown rehearsing to play it live. It is not
complete but cool !!.

(That's the first place I heard it too. And then I spent the next several
months just singing those little snippets he teased us with... AG)

I will provide you with a full list of all GM sites (there seems to be a
fair bit now which is cool) soon - No I promise it will be sooner than
you think !! and perhaps it could be in the YM FAQ !!!!

(You mean the FAQ I have yet to write despite my promise I would
submit it like 6 weeks ago? End of May I promise. AG)

BTW: I liked your picture, and put a bit more on your page please !!

(Eventually I will... AG)

Chat with you later.

*************************** (Bahar Zaker) writes:
hello amanda and yogmaelers
(by the way, good luck to all the people taking finals soon!)
i'm just writing this in response to donatella's post which mentioned
the george michael and elton john live-aid picture that was for auction.
she mentioned that she wished she had bought it, but it was too
expensive. well, i think i know who bought it: the hard rock cafe in
san francisco.

it was my first visit to that hard rock cafe, about 3 years ago, when i
was in my "teenybopper" phase of george michael fandom...anyway,
we were seated at a table by the window but i didn't notice my
surroundings that much. then, my mum started pointing to the wall
right next to me and i turned and what was staring me in the face? the
live aid picture of george and elton with george's arms resting on
elton's shoulders and both smiling brilliantly!

right above it was another signed picture (a larger version of the picture
inside the faith jacket), some platinum records and his boots (from the
faith video?) the autograph reads, "I miss my boots"! very cool little
george michael corner. if anyone's around s.f. (unfortunately i live near
n.y. now) try to go to the hard rock cafe and get seated next to the
window! the only george memorabillia i know in a hard rock cafe.

(Alicia, I think I know where you're taking me for an early BDay
meal... AG)

hope this message wasn't too boring, but donatella's description of the
picture inspired me to write and share the memory. on a subsequent
visit, seated just one seat over, i managed to snap a few pictures.(if
anyone's intrested, i'm willing to give my copies to the first person who
e-mails me)

(They're do to come my way and they go up on the YOGMAEL
photopage, and I'll likely have negatives made. AG)

well, bye for now,
*************************** (Gary J. Davis, Jr.) writes:
This is my first time writing. I am so impressed by the "network" of
GM fans out there. I lookforward to many more nights of YOGMAEL
reading! Anyway, I noticed that there are a bunch of offers for cool
stuff that you can't get anyhere anymore. If anyone is interested, I
have a few things that are difficult to come by now:

GM - Listen Without Prejudice (Interview Promo CD)
GM - Live at Nelson Mandella 70th B-day includes: Village Ghettoland,
If You Were My Woman and an awesome version of Sexual Healing!
(This is a laserdisc that I have so I can video tape or audio tape it for
GM - Live at the Freddy Mercury Benifit Concert (again, from a
GM - Live in Italy (Faith Tour) with: Play That Funky Music and Lady
GM - Duet with Jody Watley (Learn to Say No!)

Send me a message ( and a I will get you my
address to send a tape and I will get you these! I am looking for a
video tape of all of the videos from the "OLDER" album. I have Jesus
and Fastlove, but Spinning the Wheel and Older have not shown in the
states! Also, is there a video for Star People or just the MTV thing?

Anyway, gotta go! Thanks and I hope to get mail from some of you
soon so we can each enlarge our collections!

*************************** writes:
I just wanted to let you guys know what I passed while browsing
through the net. KTS, is closing down for good at the end of April,
and this is one of their final releases. A little different than the Mtv
Unplugged, and a must for any collector.

George Michael
Free for love

kts 638 - Free for love
1. Everything she wants
2. You have been loved
3. Fast love
4. Praying for time
5. I can't make you love me
6. Freedom '90
7. Father figure
8. Strangest thing
9. Star people

Recordered live in: Paris Theatre, London 1996
Total Running Time: 53'04"

CD Price $ 22.00

A very cool note: Due to KTS's eminent closure, if you purchase 5
CD's, they're priced at $12.00 including postage and handling...

p.s. I am leaving for London at the end of April, can anyone
recommend any cool CD shops to visit and go bankrupt in?
*************************** (frogette) writes:
Dear Amanda,

thanks for putting my message in, sorry if it looked like I was
slagging Tim Hatu off cos that's not what I meant, it's just that I have
no life and so lots of spare time to waste on the net, not that spending
time on the net is a bad thing either, um, argh, you see what I mean?
(Probably you have forgotten and I feel daft now.)

(Ah that's OK, it prompted him to update the archives . AG)

Anyway, I wondered if you know whether Star People '97 (supposedly
the next UK release on April 28) is going to have its own video? And if
Waltz Away Dreaming really is going to be released in May like the
papers say isn't that a bad start for Toby Bourke's career, or won't it
clash with SP '97 and Toby Bourke's solo release which was pencilled
for March?

(Methinks we have a case of Madonna/Donna DeLory syndrome...
meaning there's a real good chance the superstar will overshadow the
up and comer. 'Course we could also see George emerging as a new
incarnation of Prince, frequent releases while still tending to his
proteges. Which tack will he take? AG)

*************************** writes:
what do you think on george's sexuality?

(I do so love this question... AG)
*************************** (Squeaky Nun) writes:
Hey guys !!

Ok..I've got a few ramblings. *shock*

I've been thinking all day about something that someone said a while
back: the Radio One Interview with Chris Evans. Somebody, I can't
remember who, stated that they were annoyed with Chris'
interviewing style and his interrupting George all the time. I actually
did like Chris' way of interviewing. I didn't think he was too much of a
push-over and actually got George Michael to answer the questions.
*g* I've heard interviews where he just goes off the topic and sort of
doesn't answer the questions all the time. *eg* So, I thought Chris
handled it well. But this is just mho.

(True, George tends to ramble and avoid certain questions. He should
go run for office in the next election... AG)

I've updated my page (the sounds one) with two new bits and I've also
resampled the two spirituality ones. So he no longer has this
"chipmunk" voice in those two. But I have noticed a difference in the
depth of his voice..I presume due to his 1993 he had a
much "higher" voice and in the 1996 interview his voice seems
"deeper". I know, I'm nuts analyzing this, but I really can't help
myself, I'm trying to get the best sound possible and I just noticed this.

(I noticed it as soon as I hear the clips from MTV News. Age and
yes, the smoking have deepened that voice. Smoking did the same
thing to my voice--I was 16 and being mistaken for my Dad on the
phone... AG)

One last thing: I'm looking for any George fans living in Japan. I am
leaving for Japan in middle of July and I'd like to get some information
onthe lifestyle there as well as the costs of computers, internet
access, etc. I'd appreciate if somebody would drop me a note, if
possible. Also, if anybody else has ever been to Japan, I'd be
grateful if you could e-mail me. I'm simply interested in getting
different opinions, as the research I've done so far is pretty good, but
I'd like more in-depth info and more information. I'll be in Japan for a
year, as far as I know, so I'd also like to know the availability of
George-merch/singles/stuff/music/videos in Japan. :o) I'll appreciate
any info. (And yes, I know that cost of living in Japan is much higher
than here in North America...but I'm looking forward to "spreading
my wings". *g*)

(Japanese YM'ers help her out will you? AG)

So, yes, you'll hear no more of me starting in middle July, or so. I
know I've just heard over 600 people give a large sigh of relief. *lol*

Oh, is Aegean subscribing to YM now??

(I have answered this a few times...kinda sorta yeah. AG)

Thanks for posting this Amanda!
Hugs to all...
PS..if you think of any other spoken sounds should be on my page,
please let me know,ok?
"Ability is nothing without opportunity."
-Napoleon Bonaparte
Kinga "The Multitasking Queen"
To Wrap it Up:

New signature line:

"Obscure is good." (Particularly the battle cry of North American fans.)

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