I was hoping to have a nice relaxing weekend with my work, but it
would seem there is some fairly important news to send your way!
So I shall merge the news with YM #141, and be taking Monday off.

Also, a few people have been asking questions pertaining to a former
YOGMAELER. I guess some damage control may be in order...
However, I do not publicly discuss private matters unless they are
anecdotal in nature.

*************************** (Tina Stem) writes:

I just heard at 8:35am CST that Geroge Michæl did a surprise walk
on performance with Stevie Wonder for the VH1 Honour awards. The
awards were taped April 10 & will air tonight April 11. I don't know the
time, sorry. I can't even check a time, we don't get VH1 yet only MTV.

They said that they sang "Living For The City". Hopefully this will
get to you & others in time for someone to tape it.

(And if someone does, I need a copy. AG)

Take care!!

Tina Stem
*************************** (Melanie) writes:
Dear Amanda,

I found this article in the PA News and thought everyone would be


"George Michael's Old Wounds Yet Not Healed"

111011 APR 97

By Kate Rider, PA News, in Los Angeles

Film stars and musicians united to celebrate the universal appeal of
music today - but singer George Michael showed that old wounds
had not healed.

The chart-topping superstar made a passing reference to his legal
wrangles with record giant Sony when he made a dig at his former
record company bosses in front of a 15,000-member audience at
the Universal amphitheatre in Los Angeles.

Michael, resplendent in a designer suit and shades, sauntered on
to the stage and quipped: "Do you remember me? I used to have
an earring and I had some hits in the Eighties.

Then I had a big fight with these guys in New York and I've had to
wear this disguise ever since."

Michael was appearing with other music superstars at the fourth
annual VH1 honours, presented by the VH1 television station, in

The gala was raising money to benefit the VH1 Save the Music
campaign, which aims to restore and sustain music education in
American schools. [It] is to be broadcast on VH1 on April 19.

Fans were treated to renditions of classic hits as Stevie Wonder,
George Michael and Steve Winwood took to the stage together to
perform Wonders Living for the City.
*************************** (Minh Pham) writes:
Hi Amanda,
I don't know if you've heard this, but here's whats on the Aegean
site: Thursday night 10/4/97-For the first time in 14 years George
Michael will be singing with Stevie Wonder live in LA at the VH1
Awards Ceremony.

From what I can gather, the show was taped Thursday night and
will be shown on VH1 today, Friday, at 9pm. Remember how great
Love's In Need.. sounded when they sung together? If this gets
aired, George is finally making the effort to attempt a comeback in
the good ol USA. The Unplugged was a good step, but it's not
gonna happen by releasing cruddy remixes of Starpeople here. I
find it strange that the UK gets GM's favorite remixes of Starpeople
which is not on the US version.

(I can assure you that was NOT his intention. AG)

If they thought Forthright's Spinning the Wheel couldn't make it
here, why would his Starpeople? Anyways, enough ranting and
keep up the good work with what you do. Oh, yeah, one more
thing. Did anyone in the UK make a dub of Waltz Away Dreaming
that they are willing to copy? What the heck did it sound like too?
******** will bring tears to any eyes!!

Hope everyone gets to hear it really soon!

*************************** (Squeaky Nun) writes:

Hi Guys!!

This is in regard to Jeremiah's question about George pages. I have a
listing of all the pages I know of. I will add Josh's address on there
today. Amanda, there's no need to make a whole new board with links
to George pages. :o) If you have a George/Wham! page and your link
is not up on my page, please e-mail me and let me know, ok? The
pages are listed in no particular order.

The url is:

Hope you like it and feel free to send me comments you may have.
"Ability is nothing without opportunity."
-Napoleon Bonaparte
Kinga "The Multitasking Queen"
*************************** (Kevin & Alisa Burke) write:
Does anybody want the Deon Estus & George Aids Benefit 1988
performance of Len Barry's "123". Some of you may already have it
but if not I would be more than happy to forward a copy to Amanda.

(I've already got two actually. But I am hereby retiring from dubbing.
People who I have previously spoken to are fine, but no new orders.
AEgean Records thanks you. AG)

This is my first contribution from sunny Singapore, I hope I've sent
this out to the appropriate people as I'm still a bit rusty on this internet
lark! Great fun though!

(the only thing you need to do is send it to me. Replying to all will
only get about 100 of the close to 700 on here. The info has to be
sent in 8 different address lists. I do think I see Major Domo in my
future though... AG)

P.S. "Older" is definitely not dead!! and does everyone have the
"Waiting for That Day" picture disk which has the great track "Fantasy"
on it? George at his funkiest!! Let me know if you don"t & I'll get it to
you through the appropriate channels!!
*************************** (Ajay Vadher) writes:
Hi Amanda

Hope u can help me.....i met Sandra from Houston, Texas on the
Different Corner Page...we became e-pals..and i had a few technical
probs with my PC, thus was offline for 2 weeks....I tried mailing her,
but may have changed her address...her old address was

Can u help me?......

(She's not on YM on that address, and I don't know her on AOL, but
maybe someone else can AG)

Many thanx

Ajay.....(BIG GM FAN)
*************************** (Pooh2) writes:
Hello there!
I'm a recent subscriber to Yogmael and needless to say I have a
couple of basic questions...first, what is the significance of the name

(Tim, we need to add this to the webpage in obnoxioulsy large print:
YOGMAEL takes it's name from George's most common nickname.
Recalling that George was saddled with a Grecian Christian name at
birth--Georgios, which is pronounced something along the lines of
Yorgos--the moniker was shortened to Yog by childhood pal Andrew
Ridgeley. MAEL was originally MAIL, but while looking for a YM logo
several months ago, a couple of us decided to just steal George's.
There was only one other name ever considered for the list--and
should the need ever arise, we'll use it--"I Want Your Text." AG)

And to show my total ignorance, who is Shirlie Holliman and when
was she famous and why?

(She was the blonde Wham!ette, and then half of the duo Pepsi &
Shirlie. I'll try to weasel an interview out of her for YM when she
takes over George's fanclub. is the coolest and the best pop personality to ever
emerge from anywhere in this world. His work is perfection personified
and his originality is inspiring. My dream is to meet this GOD!

Kosturi Ghosh
*************************** (Melissa Conwill) writes:


I was just on Capital FM's website and found the audio version of
George's speech from the London Awards where he picked up Best
Male Vocalist and Best Album! Way to go Yog! It is the speech
where he talks about the "Waltz Away Dreaming" song, his mother,
and his commitment to Help a London Child. It is about 6 minutes
in length. To get to it go to
Select London Awards and then George Michael(on the left side) and
you're there.

I missed listening to the song on Easter Sunday. (I was off an hour or
two on the time difference between Mississippi and London.) Could
anyone tell me more about it?

by the way, I saw on a previous YOGMAEL that I am not the only
person who went to Mississippi State who is a fan of George. Are there
any other Mississippians besides Julia Black who subscribe to
YOGMAEL. Just curious?

Go Bulldogs!
*************************** (C Gibbings) writes:
Hey Amanda
I`m new on the Internet, only my second day and it`s taken me hours
but I finally found good info.on G.M. I would love to be part of this site
and intend on letting you know if I come across any info. I have a
question, do you know of any place (preferably in Queensland -
Australia) that sells G.M. prints or photos of the very large variety? If
not, I`ll just keep on asking.... Enjoy and see you. Cindy.

(I don't, but maybe someone in Australia does. AG)
*************************** (Oscar Sapena Pastor) writes:
Hello Yoggers:
I am very happy to be a yogger since last week. It's really
interesting to read about so many people that love George around the
World. I am writing from Paraguay. Paraguay is located in the heart of
South America between Argentina, Brasil and Bolovia. I must be the
first Yogger from Paraguay, if not please somebody let me know.

(I think you indeed are. AG)

I would like to know more about George Michael's Older tour.
If somebody knows something a will be very happy to hear. George
came to Brasil in Rock in Rio II but I was studing and couldn't go. Ok,
I am very happy to recieve mails every day there is a lot of movement
in George MIchael's unoficcial fan club.

Greetings from Paraguay, Oscar Sapena Pastor
a2412497-at-smail1.rrz.Uni-Koeln.DE (Thilo Fussen) writes:

I would like to sell the 12" of STAR PEOPLE, which I bought as a white
vinyl, because I also have it on CDsingle. If you are interested please
write to my email adress.

Track List 12":
1) Forthright Remix
2) Forthright Dub Mix
3) Galaxy Mix
4) Club Dub Mix
5) MTV Unplugged Edit
6) Strangest Thing live

Thilo, Germany.
*************************** (Shawn Light) writes:
Star People has moved to #5 on the Club Play charts, according to
Billboard the week of April 2 (US). Also it has moved to #8 on
Maxi-single sales. I thought it would debut this week on the Hot
100, but it might not be eligible until the next issue. We'll see, I guess.
It would be weird to be so high on Maxi-single sales, but not even on
the regular sales c
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