Hi. Quick note: When posting to YM, please DO NOT attach the issue
you are posting in response to. The download time is killing me. Also,
DO NOT comment by copying the whole document and adding in your
comments, it takes me too long to find what you post.

*************************** (Carolyn) writes:
Once again, VH1 is about to bring you an exclusive concert event you
just won't want to miss. For one night only, today's brightest musical
superstars will perform together at the 4th Annual VH1 Honors, a
benefit for music programs in the public schools. You've got a choice
of three ways to watch:

Live: If you're in the Los Angeles area, you can call Ticketmaster to
buy your tickets for the live concert at the Universal Amphitheatre on
April 10.

On VH1: The 4th Annual VH1 Honors premieres on VH1 Friday, April
11 at 9 PM (ET/PT).

On VH1 Online: From April 7-11, the VH1 Online team will be lurking
behind the scenes at the Universal Amphitheatre to get exclusive
rehearsal photos, interviews, and reports on the making of the concert
event of the year. We'll post our findings right here.
*************************** (Melanie) writes:
These are the times the show will be airing according to the VH-1
website. I assume they are EST.

4th Annual VH1 Honors:
The concert event of the year premieres on Friday, April 11 at 9 PM;
repeats April 11 at 11:30 PM, April 12 at 1 PM, April 13 at 6 PM, April
14 at 1 PM, April 15 at 12 AM, April 19 at 1 AM, April 19 at 9 PM,
April 20 at 4 PM, and May 3 at 10 PM.

*************************** (huntera) writes:
Hi Amanda,

I live in California in the U.S.A. and on April 12 on channel 7 at
11:30 p.m. the Brit Awards '97 will be aired.

Thanks, Denise
*************************** (Giovanni Mantilla) writes:
Giovanni Mantilla wrote:

Hi Amanda and YOG-a-holics:

I'm sooooo happy and up-beat today that i just dropped this email to
say that i love STAR PEOPLE, i just saw the video again on MTV!

Also, i'm subscribed to the INTERNET CHARTS mailing list
( ) and i got their mail yesterday and i was
pretty surprised by 2 things:

OLDER ( the single ) was dropped out the charts! :( It peaked at #55
after 5 weeks in the charts, it was -at- # 93 last week...

And in the list of the RUNNERS UP they listed THE STRANGEST
THING... as TIP # 43, does that mean it will be a single?? i feel like
they meant to list STAR PEOPLE but i guess that it's because
people vote their for their favorite songs AND/OR singles, anyway,
i would love THE STRANGEST THING to be the next single... i just
have the greatest image for a video of that song...

I'm sooooooo thrilled of Madonna's performance -at- the oscars, i love her
sooo much!! Celine's BYLM was great 2! i really wanted to see Natalie
Cole performing after barbra screwing up the whole show... i like her 2
but she should have been less proud and act a little OLDER, like

After listening to RED HOT + DANCE quite a few times i must say DO
YOU REALLY WANT TO KNOW is becoming one of my favs!! HAPPY
is good 2...

Finally, i've seen a lot of interest here about MULTI-LINGUAL mail, so i
must say that i speak Spanish too 'coz it's my mother tongue, and that
i'm happy to tell LILIANA MURCIA that it makes us 2 colombians here, so,
if you girl ever read this post, and need any advice/translation or just
wanna comment something on GM, drop me an E-mail...

In case anyone cares, i wanna post them? I sent 1 over a 9 days ago and there's no sing of it... and
this one was sent back to me by the server, are you having problems??

(There is a backlog because we all have better thingst to do than read

YOGMAEL. To keep up with the sheer volume, I'd need to run things
at the volume of the Madonna digest, which I hear is 30 KB every 30
hours, which is about twice the size of YM--average issue is 14K. And
the one that was bounced was likely sent in the 90 minutes I was w/o
an active AOL account on Good Friday. AG)
*************************** (Tilly Maertens) writes:
To reply to Julia Rhee Black about Yog's Mum....


George's Mum, Lesley Panayiotou, was diagnosed with Cancer in
Mid-December 1996 and entered London's Charing Cross Hospital
where she courageously battled with the dreadful disease until February
26th, 1997 where, in the Family's company, she passed away.
*************************** (R) writes:
The Blockbuster awards aren't based on sales at all, but rather on their
customers' votes. Every time someone goes into the store for, like, a
two week period, they can vote with no restrictions--just a big corrupt
popularity contest with no commitment at all--I work there.

(Oops, I ended up telling you about the Billboard Awards by mistake. I
really should begin proof reading my work... AG)
*************************** writes:
Hi Amanda,
I just got back from a nine day tour of the Japan and China

Fantastic places: Tokyo & Shanghai

And of course a George Michael story . . .

It seems the Older Lp is very popular in Shanghai of all places. Also,
on our last night in Shanghai some friends went to a dance club. I
didn't, opting for a live jazz club on the Shanghai waterfront.

Well, there were a group of Red Army soldiers there taking a break
from whatever they do. (The dance club , not the jazz club.) Music is
playing, having a good time. So the story goes. Careless Whisper
came on , and on, and on, and on. They kept on playing it over and
over. It eventually turned into a karyoke Careless Whisper night. And
apparently the Red Army was leading the chorus. Guess they still
haven't gotten over the Wham! visit more than 13 years ago.

The Star People CD MAXI and CD SINGLE are not bad, but I don't think
that Wonderworks is really caring much about the songs GM is producing.
In fact I think that the British releases will be of better quality, such as

including the lyrics in the cover. HINT HINT GUYS AT WONDERWORKS.

(I'll have to forward that to AEgean... AG)

Just thought I would get that off my chest. Big shots piss me off. They
are good buisness men but they are not the aritst, they never get that into
their heads.

Any clue on what the new album will be called or sound like? Yes I want
you to look into your crystal ball and predict GM's sound. HA!HA!

(Bouzouki music with a disco apperatif... AG)

Looking forward to hearing the new single on Arpil 24th. What did that
sound like? Also, whats up with AEGEAN? I want to see some of those
videos. Any clue on when they will be ready?

(I'm waiting on a crop of official answers right now actually. Those take
longer because they need Andreas' and George's full approval. AG)

Keep up the great work. Thanks.
BYE . . .
*************************** (Andrea) writes:
Hi Amanda,
Just checked out your h Communications. I am a George Michael fan forever!!!!!!!!
Andrea :)
*************************** (Laura) writes:
This is in responce to the Wham! clothes...
The Wham! clothing line was out about 11 or12 years ago. I remember
trying to find them everywhere in Southern California with no such luck. I

was told Macy's on the East Coast carried it. I ended up in NYC the
following summer desperately trying to find, but alas I was a year too late.
I only saw them in a magazine also, never actually saw them on the rack.
Oh well... Laura : )
*************************** (MK) writes:
Hi ! ! !
First of all I have to say that I am quite new here on this
mailing list and what's more I am not even sure that I
am a fan(that word has always bothered me a bit since
I really can't deduce it's full meaning).

(Fan is a shortened form of Fanatic. It's not a particularly flattering
term all things considered... AG)

In spite of that I do have something to say. Since my
teen years I have known about George Michael and his
music(well, you couldn't miss his, could you??) - Wham,
than his solo career started and his fame has risen to the
stardom. Yet I have never felt that connection with his music
nor did I think much of him as a person or as an artist.
Yes, I find some of his old songs very good and exciting,
sometimes intriguing but never did I feel what I felt after
I heard OLDER.
That album has been given to me on promotion while I lived in
London and it made a profound impact on the way I percieve
George's art. It so strange acctualy to listen to the music somebody
created and feel like it's part of you, when you can relate to the
words and when notes go trough you and fill the void that you
feel inside of you. It's a great feeling.
I presume that you have discussed long time ago album
OLDER and tracks that it contains and I am sorry I wasn't
here than to hear what other people have to say about it
especialy those people who consider themselves fans and
who followed his career from the start. I would like to know
what do they think about OLDER.
Anyway, at the end of this little note I would just like to say
one more time that OLDER is something special and that
from now on I will look out for new creations of this incredible
artist. If any of you would like to share your thoughts or if
you have some comments on this subject please feel free
to write me on this address:

Thank you Amanda for making this list such an incredible

(It's not me who makes it a success, it is the contributers. AG)

*************************** (Gil J) writes:
Just picked up the Star People single today (3/31) for MB in Japan at
San Francisco's Virgin Megastore and it was racked with the Top 20
Singles as Number 3. Cool, huh! (Some chick single by Madonna
was number 1...)

(Chick single? Consider yourself cyber-slapped... AG)

But am kinda bummed at he 'B Side' - the same arrangement of The
Strangest Thing as on a previous single - or am I mistaken?

(Same for those of us who collect domestic and import, but not for
those who just buy the American releases. Older was not released
here in North America. AG)

Later - thanx
*************************** (Francoise Gaspari) writes:

I need several pictures before i can post my site : can anyone help me i
need some more pictures from certain videos from the "faith album" plus
"i knew you were waiting for me". Please help me quickly, i'm ready to
post the whole huge site now. Also all Shi
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