Hi. To clarify a joke I made the other day: It was a shot at a couple of
friends, not the renouncing of the male species in general. I rather
enjoy them too much to do that... ; )

Now about this issue, I know there is a backlog from hell, but I'm going
to break the rules tonite, because, well, I CAN!

*************************** (Josh D'Lioncourt) writes:
OK, once again, forgive me for over enthusiasm but I had to tell you this
Amanda, and feel free to post this in a future YM...I've never been so
excited in all my life!

(And to think, mail I got just 10 minutes ago... AG)

In the mail today I got a record contract from a company that wants to
use one of my songs on an upcoming album of various artists called
"America". I am SOOOOOOOOOO HAPPY!!!!!!! The song is "Where
Did All My Talent Go?" and the entire staff at Hilltop Records including
the executive producer Tom Hartman loved it. I don't know what else
to say but THANK YOU GEORGE!!!!!!!! And thank you Amanda, I
thought you should def be one of the first ppl to hear, in fact, you're
#3...I hope that you don't mind me sending this to ya.

(HELL NO! I'm pleased to hear we have you in our midst! AG)

OK...well, I don't know if you will post this or not...since it's only
remotely George related, but I wanted to send you the lyrics too, to see
what you thought of the one they picked. THanX again Amanda for
letting me shout this out to you.

(Ladies and gents, allow me to be the first to introduce you to future
Grammy winning composer Josh D'Lioncourt. Did I tell you I'm
chucking law school for Public Relations? AG)

The lyrics to "Where Did All My Talent Go?"...

Throughout the pages of my life,
I've always had a way with words,
For which I've sometimes had to pay.

But tonite when you kissed me,
I forgot all the things,
That I had meant to say.

Where did all my talent go
When I finally had the chance
To tell you that I loved you
With more than just a glance.

You just smiled,
As I looked down.
Well, I love you too,
Will "I love you" do
For now?

Different stages, different times,
Throughout the course of all my life,
I've always had to learn the hard way.

Please, don't misunderstand silence,
For I am more than sure,
Everything's gonna be OK.


Tonite the poetry won't come,
So forgive me for delays.
But I think that this song says,
Everything I want to,
How much I loved you...


I wrote this song about a week after "Older" came out. I hope you
enjoy it and if it's good enough you can post this note in YM. ThanX
Amanda...I couldn't help but Email you.
Josh D'Lioncourt

(I do so love the humble...congrats buddy! And remember that Grammy
promise... AG)
*************************** (R) writes:
Amanda, I've been getting quite a few people who "Reply to all" and I
have absolutely no interest in what they have to say or sell...ideas?
I've already sent them messages:

<remove me from your list--my name and address were for Amanda's
use only! Anything you want to sell to YogMæl's members should
first go through Amanda for her to deem worthy of our time. As a
fellow member, I'm sure you appreciate my position; any further
mailings I receive will be considered harassment.>>

What do you think?

(Well put. I have heard from many the person who is relieved by the
way YM is sent, rather than 25 messages a day--that's about what I
get--the identifying myself as a yogmael member was not to associate
myself with yogmael, but only to serve as a point of reference.
Amanda had no knowledge of my broadcast. I apologize for the


Second, to anyone who was upset about receiving my private
broadcast today, please accept my apology. My intention is not to
harass or badger anyone.

Third, anyone who wishes to have his/her name removed from my
private list may contact me and I will comply with that immediately.

Fourth, there's a good chance that I will not continue to offer my
service privately, but this is as of yet undecided. I will however
honour all commitments.

Fifth, any future offers, if any, would be posted through yogmael.

Sixth, There has been some confusion about my association with
Yogmael due to my unfortunate choice of words. The intention of
identifying myself as a yogmael member was not to associate myself
with yogmael, but rather to serve as a point of reference. Amanda had
no knowledge of my broadcast. I apologize for the confusion.

I have spoken with Amanda about this matter, and I have expressed a
sincere and poignant apology to her for the distress I've caused her,
and for the conflict which has arisen.

My intention was only to provide a service in response to numerous
requests from very enthusiastic fans and up until now I had not received
any negative responses. But, in an effort to address this issue
responsibly, I offered to post this apology and explanation. I would like
to thank Amanda for her understanding and for agreeing to post this
message immediately.

Julie Haliska
*************************** (Stefan Kirchfeld) writes:
HI everybody ! (Amanda, please release this before sunday 13th OK ?!)

I just wanted to tell all Yogmail members that the second IRC George
Michael meeting was quite a success and was a lot of fun !!!!!!! The
only pity was that only about 7 members joined. But I think they can
affirm that it was great fun !!!

So come on! and join our next meeting ! One Yogger, Rene, supposed
that this could be an every week thing ! I mean I haven´t got time every
week but I think there will always be SOME members who could have
a chat !

Anyway, we meet again this sunday at 2pm EST (8pm CET) on
#Yogmail in IRC network UNDERNET ! For those who had problems to
"find" the channel : All you have to do after you´re logged in is type in
your status window of the IRC program: " /join #Yogmail" !(without
the inverted commas of course!) That´s all ! You don´t have to *find*
the channel !!!

(You are aware you are using the wrong spelling I trust... AG)

Since it was very funny and very nice last time (and we were just 6 or 7)
I again invite ALL Yoggers who have IRC to come for getting to know
each other, chat about great George or just about anything you like !!!!

Really hope to C U
*************************** (James Robinson) writes:
Hi Amanda, and a big hello to Michelle also.
I thought you ladies would appreciate a little public recognition for being
such a big part of our mini yogfest. Both Cheri and I were very happy to
host the evening. Cherished memories for both of us : )

(For us as well, for us as well... AG)

Thanks to Julie for making the trip, and leaving the CD behind for me to
tape! It's great, and you have to love it when an honest mistake creates
an opportunity like that.

A special thanks also to Shelly for making the long trek from Indiana. I
hope it didn't break your bank account. Guess it's our turn to do some
long distance travelling.

Oh yeah, and a big thank y
Hi Amanda,

today I read that George will premier his next single on a local English
radio-station this weekend. I can`t remember the titel of the single,
somethimg like "walking without...", but it is not on "OLDER".
Do you know the details ?

(It's a new track he wrote for his Dad in honor of his Mum, it's called

Waltz Away Dreaming. I'm trying to get some official news--meaning
stuff that I can share--from Elliot. AG)

Thilo, Germany.
*************************** (Tara) writes:
Hello Yogmaelers!

I will be creating a new mecca for George fans in the next three weeks.
There will be a chat board, a chat room, and much more!

The George Michael FAQ
Thanks Amanda, you're the best

*************************** (GDMILES) writes:
Dear Yoggites

(That sounds like some sort of, I don't know what.... AG)

This is my second posting to the yogmael list.

Haven't managed to find Star People in the record stores in Wellington,
NZ yet - when was it released??

(March 18th, but only in North America seemingly. AG)

Saw Hootie and the Blowfish here in Wellington on Wednesday night
there were great. I hope George will tour here in NZ when he starts his
tour - any dates yet????

(Read above. I get this question daily... AG)

Keep up the good work

bye for now
*************************** writes:
In a recent Yogmael someone asked if anyone knew the correct
way to say PANAYIOTOU . I just happen to have 3 good friends
that are from Greece . Anyway , so I asked them how to pronounce
PANA.....( I have no dea how to say it myself ) and it just so
happens to be one of their last names as well , who knew ! So here
is the closest way I could write it out from their accent . So if it's
wrong , hey I tried . But my friend Kristos swears by it . He also
pronounced KYRIACOS for me .

as in cookwear annoy Yo MTV Raps 2

as in : key see ya cost
The R is just slightly heared with a roll of the
toungue .

I hope this helps the curious ............. GRIMMMY
*************************** (Nancy) writes:
A funny bit of information...

A fellow co-worker of mine ran into George in Los Angeles last month
at a health resort in the Bevelry Hills area. He said George sings in
the sauna, and he likes to sing his own songs. Thought this was
rather cute!

(Thanks, I feel less foolish about the Buenos Aires incident now... AG)
*************************** (Squeaky Nun) writes:
Hi guys!!

This is in regard to the irc'ing:
Actually, two George channels exist already on irc. One is in Effnet
( and it's called #GeorgeMichael. Another is in Dalnet
( and it's called #gm. I suggest we all meet in those
rooms. There's more rooms right now than people who want to/have
the time to irc. If you have the 32 bit version of Pirch, you can be
logged into both servers and channels at the same time. I don't know
how this works with the 16 bit version of Pirch and I'm pretty sure you
can't do this at all with Mirc.

Just my two cents,
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