Hi all. My thanks to all of you who filled out surveys for me. Analysis
began today, so if you haven't bothered to do it yet, don't.

Also, about the donations, here is a reminder:
We are taking up a collection in honour of George's mum's passing.
From now until May 1st, donations are being accepted for "Help a
London Child" a cause Mrs. Panayiotou was proud her son supported.
We plan to send it basically anonymously, in the form of bank drafts,
so please DO NOT address your checks to the fund directly. The 2
gents I have chosen to help me collect are good friends and I trust them.

To donate to the fund please send cash or money order to one of 3 of us.
It depends on your geographical location. But please, send it soon!

In Australia/Asia:

George Bielinski
Email Amanda for address at

In North America:

AG Gardonyi
Email Amanda for address at

In Europe:

Tom Wanless
Email Amanda for address at

*************************** (Josh D'Lioncourt) writes:
Hey everyone,

I have to completely agree with you about 90izing things is...well,
f*cking it up as you say...can't we have a little 80's left? It seems
to me that creativity, and bare in mind this is coming from a writers
point of view, was on the rise during the 80s...and then dropped
several notches come 1990. Oh well. I think I've definitely decided
that the Summer Mix is my fave version of "Fastlove".
Well, that's enough for now. Take care guys.

Josh D'Lioncourt

The rich declare themselves poor,
But most of us are not sure,
If we have too much,
But we'll take our chances 'cause God stopped keeping score.
--George Michael
*************************** (Sari) writes:
Sorry for bitching about the site, but with the dodgey sentiments
about internet access floating around, I get worried about little things.
My question or proposal regards the demographics of Yogmael, From
just perusing the locals of the email addresses, I wonder what our
family is all about, i.e. gender, region, country, major, age, other
musical intrests and personal relationship to GM. If you or any one
else in your entourage have the time or utilites to do a demograhic
study of Yogmael, I think it would very educational and interesting to
learn about each other while still focusing on the primary common
bond, Illimitable love for GM. Tell me what you think.

(I think it's a great idea, and as someone who particularly enjoys such
research studies, look out for a survey in mid-May. AG)

Keep up the steadfast, diligent and amazing work to Yogmael

Washington, D.C.
*************************** (laura) writes:
Dear Amanda, this is the second time I write and let me say again that
you're doing a great job!!!!(never too much!!!).
First of all I'm writing to let the yoggers know that there is another song
that all of you did not mention in which George is singing the background.
It's Nikita by Elton John. It is on the album Ice on fire and he's singing
throughout the whole song but especially in the last 30 (or so) seconds,
so be very careful and enjoy's great!

(I know about that one. I have no idea what list you speak of--NO, I
don't actually read YOGMAEL--so someone was careless and so was I
for not catching it. AG)

Second, I must ask a favour to all uk members of yogmael: as I'm going
to spend the summer in London and I'd like to work in a translation
agency, is there anyone that could help me in finding the adres point and it's sccarrrry!). So I won't be able to

update the page for a while. Sorry guys! I will try to get maybe one
or two sounds on there next week, but it all depends on how much
prepping I manage to get done. Btw, the page is:

Thanks to all those who e-mailed me about the Bono/George post!!
Totally appreciate the thoughts you had to share with me. :o) And
many more thanks to all those who e-mailed me with the offer to buy
the Star People single for me!! :o) Wow...I was floored.

Ummm..and I think that covers it...sorry for taking up space with my
ramblings. Oh, and I'm totally thrilled beyond belief cause I finally got
the Older EP!!! Yes, I know I'm waaaaay behind, but hey, Winnipeg
sucks big time when it comes to imported George-Goodies!! *g* I
think AEgean should sell the stuff over the 'net. *g*

(I shall defintely pass that one on to Elliot, and Kinga my dear, YM is
BASED on rambling! AG)

Many hugs
Kinga (if ya wanna know about the Squeaky Nun thingie, just say so
and I'll explain *lol*)

"A university is an institution of higher yawning"
-Leonard L. Levinson
(if I've used this one before, sorry, but it was v. appropriate for this
Kinga "The Multitasking Queen"
*************************** (REHAN FARRUKH) writes:
Dear Friends,

Just wanna share two news:
1- George has sold his old car and just bought new car and his old
car is sold in pieces yes in PIECES in auction by his fans.

(I think this was already done. AG)

2- He will release his new album from Denmark very soon. Because
he thinks that people of Denmark know the TRUE MUSIC.

(New album soon? Not to the best of my knowledge. He's still got
to get the GH tracks done. AG)

Source of Info: MTV Asia (6:00 p.m. GMT, March 26, 1997

If anybody has more information please do let me know personally or
via YogMael.

Thanks in advance
*************************** (Yvonne) writes:
tell me where can i buy george michael: in his own words.

my all time favorite song by george is "like a baby" from his wham!
album make it big. i love the music and lyrics to that song. i wish i
could continuously loop it. other favorites are "jesus to a child",
"strangest thing","soul free".

*************************** (Tilly Maertens) writes:
Dear Amanda,

How can I begin to express my sympathy for Yog on his losing his
mother, I wonder...I lost my father to cancer on December 8th, 1990
and we were unfortunately on bad terms when he died. That didn't make
it any easier..I remember being SO mad at cancer that I went back to
finish my high school. (I had had to stop school when I was a child,
for personal reasons). Needless to say, fueled by my rage at this
insidious and pervasive disease, I aced my high school and am now
pursuing a Bachelors of Science degree in Biophysics, at Concordia
University here, in Montreal...I'll get that Cancer sucker yet!!! I
plan to go into Cancer Research but, you must have already guessed
that, huh? I also write music, beautiful music. Though I'd like to say
Yog influenced my style, I'd be lying if I did as my music influences
were Queen, Elton John and Chris de Burg.

Forgive me, I seem to be babbling....Guess it's the Cancer....What's
happened Yog's Mom that's got me offtrack...It's bringing me back to a
dark, dark place in my mind. A place I mourn each day...I admire Yog
for his work, specially for what he gives away to the less fortunate...I
hope God will spare him
care of the little ones as they too must have swelled her with much
pride. Above all, be strong pouliakimou, be strong. God Bless. Will

light a candle for her. Kiss yourself for me

- Just an older stranger who got lost in your kind heart,
*************************** (JATIN GYAN SEEJORE()) writes:
Hello everyone,

The speech of GM yesterday at the London award was great and full
of intense emotion. He was himself emotioned as he spoke to the
VIP crowd gathered there. Generous as usual, he would give 2 for
every 1 donated to the Charity. His new single will be out
sometimes on his new record label and he said that he did not care
whether this song gets on air as it was meant for his father to alleviate
his grief.

Without any doubt I will be awaiting for 3.30pm on Sunday to hear the

(Sorry for old news... AG)

Bye for now
*************************** writes:

(Again, sorry for running old news... AG)

In today's Daily Mirror (London):

Superstar George Michael yesterday poured out his grief over the
death of his mum.

The millionaire singer, who cradled Lesley Panayiotou in his arms
when she died from cancer last month, has penned a moving
musical tribute to her memory.

The song, WALTZ AWAY DREAMING, will be played on London
radio station Capital FM at 3.30pm on Easter Sunday.

Listeners will be invited to pledge cash to hear it - and the star has
vowed to match every 1 given with 1 from his own pocket and
another 1 in memory of his mum.

George, 34, whose song JESUS TO A CHILD raised 50 000 on a
pound-for-a-pound basis last year, announced his tribute at a London
hotel after collecting Best Male Vocalist and Best Album awards at
the station's Help-A-London-Child charity lunch. His voice full of
emotion, he told the star-studded audience, including Noel Gallagher
and the Spice Girls: "My mother was a woman of great compassion.

"She was proud to be associated with what I do for Help-A-London-Child.
Thousands of children still experience few acts of compassion, except
through this charity".

His new song, due to be released on 26 April, is a duet featuring
George and unknown singer Toby Burke - the first signing to the star's
own record company, Aegean.

George said he thought it would help his father get over the loss of the
woman he had loved for more than 40 years and added: "I would like to
donate 1 for each 1 people pledge to hear this song. In memory of
my mother I would like to donate another 1. So every 1 you give to
hear my song on Sunday is worth 3."

To a standing ovation, he joked: "The only proviso I make is a warning
to the girls at Capital who will handle the phone pledges. If Elton or
Richard Branson call up, tell them it's a joke."

George's cousin, Andros Georgiou said: "George added his own lyrics
to the words Toby had written. It's the most moving track I've ever heard."

Capital FM said: "This is a fantastic donation and a great tribute to
George's mum".
Amanda, apparently this was also shown on the evening news and I
unfortunately missed, it, but a friend said it was quite sad as George very
nearly "lost it" whilst talking about his mum, but quickly composed
himself and carried on.

Not that I wanted to see him upset, but I would liked to have "seen" him
properly again, after what he's been through, just to feel a bit closer to
him - I know that sounds silly.

Love Denise
Ann_Hamilton-AAH001-at-email.mot.c sponsored by Carlsberg-Tetley's flagship lager
brand Carlsberg, and is understood to have the working title 'The
Carlsberg Concert.'

"According to sources, the eight-hour music spectacular, which starts
at 2 pm and lasts until 10 pm, will be shown on TV in 40 countries, with

72,000 people able to watch the show in the stadium.

"One source says: 'Carlsberg got a very good short-term result from its
Euro 96 sponsorship, and as there is no major sporting event in the UK
next year it decided to organise this concert.' Insiders say the concert
organisers plan to assemble the world's best session band, to attract the
biggest artists, and will use film footage of significant historical events
such as the shooting of President Kennedy as a backdrop to some of the

So -- is it true or not? Has anybody heard of this concert? I for one
would love to see George duet with some of these guys.

Happy Easter to you and your family -- hope you spend some time with
them this weekend instead of your computer!

(Ironically I spent Easter cuddled up with a Statistics textbook... AG)

Best Regards,

Ann H.
(I really MUST get to work now!)
To Wrap it Up:

"Never state, what you can't imply."

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