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*************************** (Olga) writes:
Hello my YOG FAMILY,

Let me share with you some of my recent thoughts concerning men's
sexuality. I have noticed that gay men are *a girl's best friends*.
In other words, a girl can make love to a straight boy, but it is really
hard to stay friends; and while gay people are not convenient for
making love, but they are still perfect friends for girls! They are not
interested in sex with you, so they look only for communication &
friendship. And, as far as I know, gays are much more intelligent &
wise & polite & talented than other people - they are very interesting
to talk to. I respect them a lot for being 'not like others', facing negative
reactions and staying alive. Look at them more attentively, most of
them are the same human beings as you and I, not monsters hunting
young boys. They are very lonely because they often fall in love with
men who are straight or who simply object them, they feel the same
pain and suffer out of loneliness. They are totally different in everything.
Their feelings towards each other are deeper than ours, for the harder
you get love the higher you will appreciate it. And it's really difficult for
them to find the right person. I know all this because recently I met a
bi-sexual boy and a gay, and the two of them became my best friends.
I love both of them as brothers and feel quite happy just talking to
them (although my fiancee does mind a lot against our friendship, he
cannot believe in relationship between two sexes without sex at all).

Myself, I am quite straight, but I never, never hated gays. When I
considered George to be also straight, I loved him as a man and
wanted him and dreamed of romancing with him. But......... as the
years passed, I found some kind of helping hand in George. I used to
ask for his advice looking at his pictures, and whatever solution came
to my mind at that moment, I knew it was sent by him. He wasn't just
a man for me anymore, he was my angel. And having found out of
Anselmo and everything, I wasn't disappointed at all. Even more happy
I felt - because if he's kinda gay or bi, that proves his outgoing
personality and natural talents that every gay owns! Now George is even
a better friend of mine than he was before. And I wish everybody who
started feeling bad about George after THE BIG ISSUE article could
"reconcider their foolish notions" on the matter. It's not bad of him to be
like that - it's very bad of us, his fans, to "listen with prejudice"!!! You
should see something positive in every little negative thing, and then you
will not have to get hurt.

These were just several thoughts, maybe not on the current topic, but I'm
sure some of us still cannot take Yog's sexuality as it is. I hope it will
help to overcome some old prejudice claiming that gays are lost people.

(To just clarify, when I said I was shocked by the Big Issue, it had nothing
to do with gay prejudice, two of my best friends in the last few years have
been gay men, so I have no problem with homosexuality. But I will still
offer this warning to those ladies out there with gay male friends: at the
end of the day, they are still men. So they will still stand you up or show
up hours late and not apologize. But I love you anyway Dom! And please
guys, don't flame me. I'm not a psycho man-hater, I just speak from
experience. AG)


*************************** (chassagne) writes:
---------------------------------------------------------- unfair that George has to go through all these sad things. First
Anselmo and now his mother. George we're all here for your support.
Love, Katja
*************************** (Bianca) writes:
Hi Amanda (and fellow yogmaelers),

Just a couple of questions to you and the gang. After just reading the
#128 issue were somebody had a question about a book... (stupid me, I
have almost everything on cd but not ONE book!!) I was wondering, what
is the best book to start with?? For instance, what is the most recent
book?? And where can I get them?? I know, it's probably been in
a former yogmael issue, but there are so many issues (I can never get
enough though..) that I don't know where to start looking :)

I think the yogmael weekend is a great idea... I would love to be there
but unfortunately I can't afford myself a trip to the other side of the
world... but I hope next year it's going to be in Europe :)

(Ask Alicia... AG)

It's good to hear that George is going to start a fanclub, I can't wait
to become a member!! Great that he also discovered the possibilities of
the internet... Imagine him writing a weekly column for yogmael.. :)
Or we could actually talk to him live on IRC or so... oohhh wouldn't
that be great?? Is there a special IRC channel were yogmaelers get
together sometimes??

Oh yes... last question has nothing to do with George Michael, but since
most of us are all fond of the eighties music... does anybody know what
ever happened to Nik Kershaw, of course he wasn't nearly as good as
George but I kind of liked his music...

(He and Elton did a track on the Duets album. AG)


*************************** (George Lewis) writes:
Hey all,

I just picked up my Star People maxi- single yesterday. Sadly, I am
to report I was not very impressed with it at all. The first 2 songs
which I wasn't very crazed about in the first place, are almost
identical, then the next 2 dance mixes I simply did not like, they
sounded the same also. Although, it was worth my five bucks for the
Unplugged version which kicked ass, along with a supriseingly good
live version of The Strangest Thing. Now, don't get me wrong, I am
not at all criticizing the great ones voice or lyrics, although I am
criticizing the the people who constructed the first four mixes. One
of which is Forthright, who I thought did a great job with S.T.W. I
even do quite a bit of DJ work, and still wasn't at all impressed
with the dance mixes. I dont think they did George or the song
justice. I also wanted to send my prayers to George, for his recent
loss, and I hope Star People does better than I percive it as. He
deserves it.
*************************** (Julie Haliska) writes:
Hi everyone,

Firstly, let me say that I am very impressed with the sympathy
message from Debbie Miller. It's perfect the way you put it in the
perspective of words.

""I find it quite ironic that in this time of sorrow -- when love and support is so important, there doesn't seem to be enough of or the
right words to say to the one man who has given so much to us
all with his own words.

I am, humbly and sorrowfully -- without words.""

Beautiful, Debbie.

Next, I just thought I'd share with everyone a little bit about how
George's music affects me in my daily life. Maybe you have similar

I work in a fairly large company, and I often have people from different
departments come to my area to talk to me. The first thing they
usually comment on is the wallpaper on my computer screen. I
change it regularly, but it's always a .jpg of George. I then proceed
to te something else! Can you imagine!?! I point out to her that she has
nothing to complain about, because I have 13 different CDs to listen
to, and there's enough selection there that we can listen to different
George Michael songs everyday!

I get a kick out of this at work. I'm proud to flaunt to everyone that I'm
a huge GM fan (not fat!, but huge nonetheless).

take care everyone

*************************** (Giovanni Mantilla) writes:
Hi Amanda and friends:

I'm just writing this to tell you that MTV has started showing the
video for STAR PEOPLE. As we all already knew it is the clip from
the unplugged and now there are no chances of the releasing of an
UNPLUGGED CD ( an official one at least ) because they list it this

George Michael
Star People ( Unplugged )
Director: Milton Lage

(note that they lister under OLDER )
Although there never were any chances of it, i was still hoping it could
become true...

Also, today i finally got my RED HOT + CD after 2 months of waiting...
I love TOO FUNKY, i had already heard it but only on the video and
there they cut out most of the start, so i love the whole song... DO
YOU REALLY WANT TO KNOW is awesome and HAPPY rules too!!
SUPERNATURAL ( by Madonna ) is really good and CRAZY ( by
Seal ) is pretty good too, and i can' talk about the rest, i haven't even
heard it all...

Could anyone give me the lyrics for George's songs or tell me where
to find them??

(I think I have them written down somewhere, I but I'm not sure where.
Sorry. AG)

That's it for now..

Thanks for any info

Giovanni Mantilla
*************************** (Francoise Gaspari) writes:

Now that Aegean has confirmed they didn't shut a different corner,
which i needed to be sure of too as many people had emailed me
they did, - and Amanda you're wrong to say other sites would have
been shut down too as this particular site had many pictures and i
doubt asem had the copright for them all so this was the main
motive i was getting in my emails.

(Despite copyright being a complicated matter, had AEgean shut him
down, they would have killed all the sites. Bo? Do you have the
official copyrights on the page you run--home of THE BEST photo
gallery. AG)

I can now reveal that i'm working on a huge website, i'm currently
scanning and scanning, writing and writing, and when it'll be ready to
be posted i'll let you know but it's gonna take a while as i've been
following his career since the very beginning. If anyone has very
recent pictures of George i'd appreciate to receive them via email;
credits will be given too.

Remember that my email is

thanks a lot in advance;

*************************** (Cherylyn) writes:
I just wanted to let you know...


I now have two new French PenPals via YOGMÆl!!

Bonjour, Alex et David!!

..of course they are very nice people and we will hopefully be able to
exchange a few notes on various topics about our favorite People....
George and YOU of course!!!

(Yes, I know you like to talk about me YM'ers...I hear some interesting
stuff... AG)

If you send any other questions over to ÆGEAN could you ask them one
for me.

I went to their page a week or so ago&It could have been longer. I no
longer have a sense of time. Finials and a full-time job do that to me&
ANYWAY they had a VERY COOL interview with George. It just kind of
popped up and started talking. AÆGEAN probably did not want people to
record it but&.What was my question???? Oh y Include="../inc/bottom-nav.htm" TAG="BODY" startspan -->
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