Well hangover free, but with with a headache the result of too little sleep,
here I am to give you another sparkling issue of YOGMAEL! It's not all
that sparkling you scoff? WASH YOUR MONITOR YOU SLOB! : )

Anyway, I guess I should tell you a little bit about the party. But first
me apologize to Jim once more for those wretched directions to YM HQ.
And then for the ones Michelle gave you to get back to London. Hey Jim,
at least we're cute. : ) Anyway, for the handful of us who turned up--Jim,
his wife Cheri (A FABULOUS HOSTESS!), Shelley (who came up from
Indiana), Jewel from (Missisauga), my friend Michelle, Alicia's photo,
Spliff and I--it was quite the experience. No need to apolgize for talking
about George for 6 hours, a constant feed of George on the VCR, some
of the best Chinese food I've ever had--great batter fried shrimp!--could it
any better? Amanda thinks not. Even the minor fire in the living room
didn't dampen the festivities. And Jim, I trust you will not be making that
photo of me asleep a public document...or you shall find yourself on the
WEB pretzel boy. So ladies and gent did I match up to your expectations?


To donate to the fund please send cash or money order to one of 3 of us.
It depends on your geographical location.

In Australia/Asia:

George Bielinski
11 Hollydale Close
Berwick, VIC-3806

In North America:

AG Gardonyi
60 Carrick Ave.
Hamilton, ON
L8M 2W3

In Europe:

Tom Wanless
8 Poplar Avenue
GU20 6PL

Please send it soon, I'd like to stop collecting May 1st. SO SEND IT
*************************** (Sari) writes:
I am very upset that the Different Corner page has shut down, yeah it
was the tabloid of all the GM pages, but, how did some of us all find
each other first. THe Different Corner was the first real page where
mysterious GM impersonaters and family members gave us the low
down about GM's life, a real chatboard about Gm's life and music and
updated information from certified people. Also, the present "Official GM
site" isn't quite what we had all expected, therefore we have settled for
the less formatted alternatives (which I have discovered are quite good). I
hope that Aegean realized what they have deprived the GM community of,
and I hope that they hurry up and improve that so-called "Official Site".
Amanda, I hope you never leave us, or at least if you do pass it on to
someone who is equally or better than you. Respond with comments, I
am open!!!!

(Better than me? Hmmm, reserve comment on that one...but as I
promised last night, I won't leave w/o making sure there's a nice and
easy ListServ for someone to manage. And again, George didn't shut
Asem down. AG)

May the "Different Corner Page" Rest in Peace


Washington, D.C., USA
*************************** (Bonnie McCorkindale) writes:
hi amanda, this is the first time i've actually contributed something to
this posting but it's also the first time i really had anything to say
other than i (of course) love george michael. ANYWAY, i just got back
from buying george's new single star people and wanted to commment
on it. i love it! actually i bought both cd singles. one has five different
mixes on it plus the strangest thing live. and the other has three different
mixes plus the strangest thing live. anyways, it was money well spent!
:) thanks for all you do for us yog fans! love ya, Lydia
*************************** writes:
Hello there , this is Grim with a question . I was just reading the # 120
issue where someone mentioned about a complete video collection that
was available on two video tapes . I'm not sure if this person was selling
it themselves or if it was actually available at stores now .

(It's one of Nancy's homemades. AG)

I just read a message from Lise , and I'm wondering who Anselmo is ?
Also , was the version of 'The Strangest Thing' from the 'Star People'
single recorded during MTV Unplugged ?

(Anselmo was a dear friend of George's--we're not sure how, ahem, dear--
who died in 1993. And yes, I think that is the ST from the Unplugged. AG)

I just bought the single for 'Star People' today {I'm in a hurry to listen to
so this shall be quick} . There were two different 'Star People' singles to
choose from . One of them had three remixes of the song with the live v
ersion of 'The Strangest Thing' , and the other more expensive one had
five somewhat different versions of 'Star People' and the same 'Srangest
Thing' version . Does anyone have both singles , and is there much of a

difference between the two ?

*************************** writes:
Hi there, I'm newish to this list... and I'm wondering if any of the 500+
members here were part of a penpal chain back in the '80s... a bunch of
us George and Andrew fans would advertise for penpals in
Smash Hits/Star Hits magazine with pseudonyms like "George Michael's
Hairy Chest" and "Andrew's Left Eyebrow"... silly, I know, but I'm just
wondering if any of those people are on this list today. We'd trade tapes,
photos and stories, and friendship books. Ring a bell, anyone?

-- George Michael's Toothbrush
*************************** (chassagne) writes:
Hi Amanda & Yogcrew,

It feels good to post again, yes its been quite a while. I'm trying to
think positive because I just finished typing a nice long, and I thought
interesting Yomael post, but a friend of mine just had to start talking
to me and I got distracted and then....Oh no, my entire e-mail posting
was erased...Nice!

I'll just quickly address a few things. I read a while back that someone
was trying to find out what album the song, "Pastime Paradise," was on.
I was told by either a record store or heard from MTV source that it was
on the Soundtrack albumn to the movie, "Baghdad Cafe." Someone might
want to go on a scavenger hunt for that. I was on the hunt for that album a
long time ago, and I couldn't find it. So Good luck to anyone who
thinking about it. And please let us know if you find it...

(This would find the original, not George's. AG)

In the April 1997 US Magazine,(p.52) there is a little box with a picture
of Linda Evangelista from the Freedom 90' video and the column is titled
"Pop-Up Culture."
The article says:

Did you know George Michael is colorblind? You would if you watched
VH-1's POP-UP VIDEO (a new cycle begins March 22). The premise is
simple: Take a video (like Michael's "Freedom," with supermodel Linda
Evangelista, below, research all pertinent (and often impertinent) facts
and flash them on screen at varying intervals. "It's all about coming up
with a new angle on the artist," says co-creator Woody Thompson. Adds
partner Tad Low, "Watching videos, your brain goes on a little reference
ride, We guarantee you a good ride."

[Well if George is one of you *key artists*, then I think I'm already
enjoying the ride!*grin with mischievous eyebrow movements*]

"Now you and me, I guess we see things differently, We're like night
and day, a bad connection some would say, But I don't want nothing
to change" Martine
*************************** (Deb Taylor) writes:
Dear YogFans:

A friend in the UK who can't receive Yogmael, asked me to pass on
this message...

(Yes, YM actually can't be delivered to everyone... AG)

"Last night on the radio they played a mix of Star People and said it
was the one that George Michael likes. It's a sort of 70's disco funk
thing with an excellent bass line and some new, different lyrics. The
DJ also said that it had gotten mixed up in America. I've heard that
most of the US mixes don't have a lot of vocals. It's not a Forthright
Mix, definitely. Does this mean this mix hasn't been released in
America, even though it's really good and GM likes it? Does anyone
know what it's called?"

(The track is called Star People '97 AG)

Amanda, I would just like to say that I enjoy reading Yogmael..:o)
Everyone, stayed tuned for The Different Corner Site is on its' way
back. If you're still suffering withdrawal symptoms, you can come
and chat at our #gm channel.

Take care.
*************************** (laurie harbert) writes:
Hi fellow George fans,
Regarding how to pronounce G's real name phonetically, I have a good
friend who's Greek (speaks it fluently, even thinks in Greek, even
though she was born in Ohio) and she has taught me how to pronounce
his name, say a few things in Greek and how to made dolmathes
stuffed grape leaves), which is supposedily one of G's favorite greek
foods (mine, too!). Anyway, his name is pronounced: Your-yee-os
Kir-ree-ach-os Pan-ah-yo-toe. This doesn't allow me to let you hear
the rolling sounds that one must make with one's tongue when
speaking Greek, but it's basically accurate!

"But a name is a name and the truth is the truth"

*************************** (Anita Q Patel) writes:
Hi Amanda,

In response to the phonetic pronunciation of Panayiotou, Melanie said
the "P" is pronounced like a "B" and the rest i s as it seems so
phonetically it is "BUH-PUH-aan-ahh-yee-o-too" (six syllables with the

stress on the second syllable).
*************************** (Ann Chai Koh) writes:
Dear anyone who has the Star Ppl Single

I would like to exchange for the single for Spinning The Wheel Dance
Mixes or Older EP. Please mail me ASAP> Thanks
*************************** (R) writes:
Sorry I've not written in a while, but does anyone know where I can
get a copy of the Diet Coke commercial that George did? I remember
that it aired in its full-length version during THE music awards where
George swept (It escapes me though as to whether it was the
Grammies, or the American Music Awards.).

I want a dub!

(We watched this last night. It was the 1989 American Music Awards.
E me to work out details. AG)
*************************** (Vicki) writes:
Hi Amanda,

I'm interested in any sound play in chat rooms....Look
forward to hearing from you.

(I pulled all mine off the CD's myself. I recorded them from my CD ROM,
are there any sites with samples though? AG)

*************************** (Tina Stem) writes:
Hi Amanda & Camera Crew,

Just thought Iíd share a quick "funny" with all of you. Over the past
weekend I kept a friendís little girl, she is eight. On Saturday morning
while I was doing laundry, breakfast & dishes I popped my Music
From The Edge Of Heaven CD in, then I listened to my new Star
People CD. My eight year old son was singing to the top of his lungs
& they both were dancing around. When "A Different Corner" came
on I heard my son tell her that that was Mamaís favorite Wham! song.

Well on Sunday while we were driving around in the car we were
listening to "Monkey" & "Hard Day" from Faith. Out of the blue
Melissa turns to me and asks, "Where did you get all of these good
tapes & CDs?" I died laughing.

This past summer when she went anywhere with us in the car I had
the Older cassette going & she loved "The Strangest Thing". She
actually got to where she asked me to play that song with the neat
music (The Strangest Thing). She & Michael (my son) also like "Free".

I guess my point in all of this is, I think we can turn a whole new
generation on to THE MAN!

Thanks for letting me share,
Tina Stem

(Get 'em while they're young! AG)
To Wrap it Up:

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