Yeah, I know, I'm late...I'm truly sorry gang, but after a really rough
my body decided to play a cruel trick on me and wake me up at 6am
everyday this week no matter how late I went to sleep--exhuastion kicked
in last night. Oh well, at least the weekend will be a bit more amusing.
This weekend is the first YOGMAEL mini weekend. Saturday evening
9 of us will converge at the home of James and Cheri Robinson for dinner
drinks and discussion. I'll be taking my camera, so watch for pix on the
web page in early May. And if I'm not back on Monday, I've been kid-
napped by crazed fans and they are busy running through my harddrive
looking for ANYTHING AEgean related...

*************************** writes:

Here are the bits that I managed to be able to hear - it's more or
less all of it:


C: No I'm not - I'm at the front, I'm the only one who doesn't get a
drink the whole afternoon

G: Ha, ha, ha, As a fan of your since the day's of TISWAS - yes
I know exactly how old you are ...

C: Yes, thanks George

G: I would like to say, firstly, er, did you ever get to snog Sally
James? ha ha

C: Well, I did actually, but I tell you what I didn't half get a slap -

G: Ha Ha - was there any footsie going on underneath that desk?

C: Certainly not - it was a children's programme George what could
you have been thinking of - please!

G: Okay, okay, secondly, why do you always talk all over the end
of my records?

C: Ha ha ha ... do you know - and I always ..

G: Do you know how long it takes to make a record?

C: I know ... how long to play them when we've got breaks and
things .. the thing is at breakfast time there's so much going on,
frankly, you know, to play them at all is a bit of a treat!

G: Well, next time you do it I'm gonna come up and give you a slap!

C: Ha, ha, ha, well er okay - a thousand pounds for that. Er couldn't
you, you know, listen I've played your records for ever, I've always
loved all of your songs, I've been very, very complementary about
your work over the years, cos I think it is splendid. But couldn't you
just make them equally beautiful, but shor....

G: ... but shorter! Ha ha, oh sorry it just doesn't work that way, Chris.

C: Oh, I am sorry, it is quite serious at breakfast time there's just so
much going on.

G: Anyway, anyway, I've one more thing to ask you, but before I do
that, I'd just like to tell everybody that's pledged, I can't believe how
much money they've pledged. I'm just so proud of London, so proud
of coming from this place, it's an amazing place, full of amazing
people. And, today, I didn't think I'd have a good day like this for a
long time, but I've had a fantastic day just listening to the radio.

C: Oh good.

G: Anyway, now onwards ... Chris, could you give me an
approximation of the entire total today?

C: Well, I can tell you about your record first, I can tell you that so
far already it's over thirty-five thousand pounds has been pledged, and
actually I'm looking at the screen its coming up even as I'm talking,
but thirty five thousand pounds already pledged. That means with
that with seventy from you that's over a hundred and five thousand.

G: Okay now have you got some kind of approximation of what that
is included with the ...

C: Well, I can tell you that at 3 oclock the total was seven hundred and
six thousand, its now 22 minutes to 4 oclock the total is eight hundred
and fifty thousand - ooh.

G: Ooh, okay, alright, Chris

C: Yeah

G: This last request. I will make u want you to
pretend, right, youre about a foot shorter than you are

C: What?

G: Right, I want you to pretend youre the highest paid actor in


C: Yeeees

G: And I want you to ask me to show you the money.

C: Ha, ha, ha, ha,

G: For one million pounds, Chris, I want you to humiliate yourself for
the next thirty seconds.

C: Ha, ha, ha, ha, George

G: Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

C: Ive always found you a very worryingly attractive man ....

G: Chris, Chris,

C: George, George, darling. What?

G: What do you want, Chris?

C: Id like you to show me the colour of your money

G: The colour?

C: The colour

G: Do you like Greek people, Chris?

C: I love them so much, if I may say to you, doobie, di, doobie, di,
doobie, di de di de di

G: Ha, ha, ha, ha. I need it louder, Chris, I need it louder

C: I love you very much, doobie, di, doobie, di doobie, doobie, doobie di.



G: Chris, youre still my DJ.

C: Thank you, youre still my main singer

G: And thank you very much, thank you very much and I hope
everybody who listens to this song appreciates what it means to me.
Okay, and thank you very much and Ill speak to you all soon.

C: Ohh, youve been absolutely extraordinary, George thank you
very much indeed from all of us, thanks very much indeed.

G: Okay.

C: Bless you, George Michael (plays Waltz Away Dreaming)

Shes got a song in her head and shell sing to me
Shes got a laugh that reminds me of why shes in love with me
She never lets show she was lonely, in case it had frightened me
She was carpet and stone, independent, alone
but her love always shone around me
Every time ...

Waltz away dreaming till your day begins again,
Free from the seasons and this state Im in
And Oh, I cant hold it all under one love
It was so long ago when we kissed in the streets
Now you fly like an eagle above
While I waltz away anyway
Ill be waltzing my days away
Searing for this woman I love

She had a history of job and pain in time,
and she chose to leave,
She had a thousand and one photographs,
That you would not believe
Shell come to you in disguise
Shes there in your childrens eyes, Still our mother ...
Shes still your wife, (so let her ...)

Waltz away dreaming till your day begins again,
Free from the reasons and this state Im in
And Oh, (Trust me, trust me, she aint going anywhere)
I cant hold it all under one love (Trust me, she told me, when youre
ready shell be there)
It was so long ago (No dont let her go)
When we kissed in the streets
Now you fly like an eagle above
While I waltz away anyway
Ill be waltzing my days away
Searing for this woman I love

(And the moment you see me I will live iin your life, We will see
through your eyes)
I was in despair till she found me there
Every grown man cries with his mothers eyes
And when youre ready too
Shell come back to you
Shes waiting
Father ... Shes waiting>>

Hope this is of interest, sorry if it's a duplicate of many, but as is said
before it's nice to hear him in such a good mood isn't it?

(Indeed! So there you go, it wasn't a full million he turned over, but I
think that it was still a very generous thing to do. Way to go George,
I feel exceedingly proud to be a fan. AG)

Love Denise
*************************** (Scott Benner) writes:
I was wondering. Word is out that George is going on tour. Is
this true? I need to verify this soon!!!

(No confirmation as yet. I'll keep you posted. AG)
*************************** writes:
------------ available only as imports. AG)

*************************** (Caroline) writes:

What is this LA weekend thing that i keep hearing about. i am in
Dana Point and i would love all the details, or any that you can offer
at this point.


(Big fan get together in Los Angeles scheduled for July 25-27th. I
have very little clue of what's going on beyond that at the moment.
I have had a large # of brochures fall into my lap--literally--out of a
FedEX box lately, so I hope to find some time to read them and
with luck, give full details May 15th. AG)


P.S. Yog is great!!
101637.1307-at-CompuServe.COM (John Bristow) writes:
please could you send me all the info, news, pictures and other
stuff on the aforementioned artist,
many thanks

(I can send you YOGMAEL. AG)
*************************** (Ben Hur Albergaria) writes:
hi ,my name is Alexandre,im from Brasil and i big fan of GM since
1984, i all cds,but in brasil is very difficult to buy a singles and
anothers itens like videos.i have a video of GM in RIO.its great if
you want,i will send to you.i like to buy the singles,FREDOOM 90,
dont let the sun go down on me. and i love to see GM on faith tour
or on the final concert.i think GM is the best singer of the planet
and my favorite song is one more try.PLEASE help me to get
anothers itens of my itens of GM that i have:CDS:
fantastic,make it big,music from the edge of heaven.the final,
faith,listen whithot prejudice,older. SINGLES: fastlove ,too funk.
VIDEOS;GM and wham in rio, wham in china,standy by me ,
Nelson Mandela concert,Freddie Mercury tribute. PLEASE HELP
IF YOU CAN. THANK you so much.
Alexandre Albergaria BRASIL
To Wrap it Up:

See ya Sunday night/Monday morning, probably w/ a hangover...

"Never state, what you can't imply."

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