Hi all. My thanks to those of you who have been returning completed
surveys. Would the rest of you in North America please do the same?

*************************** writes:
Firstly let me say, on behalf of all your fans in the UK George, how
sorry we all are to hear of your loss. I know how painful the loss of a loved
one can be but please realise that your mother is now in a better place
and free of pain. I know that the bottom seems to have fallen out of your
world, but you must be strong and help your sisters and your father
through this difficult time. Time is what you need at the moment.
My Prayers are with you.
Nick Ford.

Now for the YOGMAEL !

Since this is my first time writing in, let me tell you a bit about myself.

I am 29 and live in London. I have been a fan of George since the age
of 14 when my father bought me a copy of 'Bad Boys' while I was in hospital.
Following this 'conversion' I became a huge fan of Wham! and then later
George as a solo artist. My favourite George track is 'Careless Whisper'
and my favourite Wham! track is 'Everything she Wants'. I have seen
George twice live - once with Wham! on Christmas Eve 1984 at Wembley
Arena and the second time on his 'Cover to Cover' tour, again at Wembley.
Living in London it is good for hearing news about George both through the
press and also through a local radio station, Capital Radio, who seem to
have a good relationship with George - for example they played 'Jesus to
a Child' over a year before it was released to raise money for charity.

Something that may be of interest to all of you in the US - I am willing (
a short time only ) to send out copies of an interview that appeared in a
magazine here in the UK called The Big Issue. George gave his first
interview for about 5 years to this magazine as they help homeless people.
The idea is that registered homeless people can buy copies of this
magazine for 40 pence per copy and then they sell it for 80 pence on the
street. George seems to like this idea since it encourages self-help and
he seemed not to be too keen to give an interview to the mainstream
press, because of the way they have treated him in the past. Also, again
if anyone is interested, I am willing to record the Wexler mix of Careless
Whisper onto tape ( not sure if it was released in the US ? )

For either of these offers you can e-mail me at :

Also I would love to have an e-mail 'pen pal' to talk about George or other
topics. Please anyone let me know if you are interested ( e-mail address
is given above )

Well thats all for now folks !

Lastly I would like to thank Amanda for all her hard work producing
YOGMAEL. Keep up the good work !

( AG)

*************************** (Mariska) writes:
Hello Amanda,
Unfortunatly I cant' go to the GM weekend because of my financial
problems. A ticket to the States is much too expensive for me. Would it
be an idea to organise a weekend also in Europe? I'm sure a lot of fans

would be interested. It's just an idea but maybe we have an "Amanda "
in Europa too, so we'll have a really good organizer. Amanda, do you
know anyone like that?
take care, Mariska

(Well, I like to think I am totally unique, but I'm not. I have met a lot of
people on here that think a lot like I do... Anyone who's interested in
setting up a Euro YM Weekend '97 let me know, and I'll help you all I
can. AG)
*************************** (Frogette) writes:
Dear Amanda,

I wonder if you could do me a big favour by putting this in Yogmael?
Even though I'm not on it I still read your fabby mailing list. (My email
won't accept Yogmael. It doesn't like GM's beard.) I've put some GM
pages up on Geocities
( and hope
somebody reading Yogmael might visit them, even if just to tell me
how rubbish they are and point out the many many typos. They're not
finished but I hope to keep more up to date news than Tim's site. There
are some old interviews and articles too. Thanks very much!

(Hey now, watch out. Tim is my friend... AG)

*************************** (Rose Wagner) writes:
Hi Amanda,

yesterday I got a reply from Elliott from AEGEAN and I just wanted
to let you all know what he asked me to do:

From Aegean Records:
Dear Rose

Thanks for your mail, I've just checked out your site and I must tell
how impressed we are, I think having a a link to our site is an
extremely thoughtful thing to do , I just thought you might be able to
help us, as you probably know that our site is in it's early stages of
development and will be undergoing radical changes. Particularily in
the audio and video areas. The stages of development are being
planned and changes will be visible shortly, so please let your net-pals
know that if their patient it will be worth the wait.

George if very excited at having this communication medium with his fans
and is committed to making Aegean net the best it could possibly be.

Many thanks


Isn't that great!!!!!
I just wanted to let you all know!!!!

We always get the best from GEORGE!!!!

Please visit my homepage, if you didn't check it out before
it's constantly under construction since January 1997



you asked in Yogmael #126 who has got a copy of the OLDER
VIDEO. I have taped the OLDER Vid several times from MTV
London so the only problem is shipping and the format from
Germany. I don't know anything about that. Please let me know!

(I have arranged for a copy out of New Zealand, but thanks. AG)

Do you have a list for me from European, especially German und
Austrian Yoggers, please or can I find all them in the Header of
Yogmael or are there more? Maybe you could help me in getting in
touch with them. With some of them I am already in touch.

(Your address is in "Euro 2", there is also "Euro 1". But both should
see both in the To and CC boxes of the list you receive. But to make
Thanks. AG)

And please send me or post the 3700 word/9 page
explanation about "deviant subculture society"in Yogmael.
I must read this!!!!!

(The full essay may well run in YOGMAEL Monday morning. 50 of you
have asked, so I may as well just let you all read it.

Thanks again Amanda for your amazing work, the hours of sleep you
sacrifice for your Yogmael-Family and the whole energy you put in that
project. It's all for GEORGE, the same to me with working on my page
and staying in touch with my net-pals in Europe. Because I admire him
as the great musician he is in our days.

(I'm just doing it for the perks--free CD's, insider info...Joking! No, I
lose any sleep anymore, don't worry. YM is now a science that requires
no more than 60 minutes a day. My personal mail is another matter, as
anyone who writes me knows...there is a 2 month backlog on that... AG)

Take care
*************************** (Sariane E. Leigh) writes:
Amanda, So far awsome work, I really like the honors bit.

maybe i have just totally missed some messages but how about a
mideast Yogfest, But if not how about (New York, Pennsylvania,
Washington D.C., Maryland, etc.) plan on getting together for a
Yogfest. If one has already occured forgive me.

(There is a possible full scale one in the works for early '98, a ski
weekend a la Last Christmas. LA gets the first major one though
this July. AG)

Also if you are down with Sade and Sweetback, you will know that
an artist named Leroy Osborne also does vocals for them. Well,

perusing the credits on the "Blue" single I discovered that he has
done background vocals for GM. Has anyone heard of him?

Washington D.C.
*************************** (DEBBIE MILLER) writes:
Hi Amanda,

Is there an e-mail address for Aegean? I wasn't able to find one on
their site. I wanted to try to express my deep desire to have George
tour in NY (or thereabouts) this or next year.

Not that I think for one minute anyone will listen -- but you gotta try,

I appreciate any assistance you (or any yogmaelers as Aegean calls
us) can give me.

Thanks for everything --
Debbie (

(I can't give the one I use at the moment, but you can give a try. I will also implore Elliot to tell me if George
has any intention of crossing the Atlantic for anything other than a
vacation or meeting with DreamWorks. AG)
*************************** (Jason D J Engel) writes:

My first time checking in whicha, but I thought I might say a
quick "hello". I've been listening in for a few, and now I'm ready to
speak up.

I've come across a friend in Italy who has a LARGE supply of
bootleg CDs of George Michael's MTV UnPlugged stint. It even
includes "The Strangest Thing" which was not a part of the original

The CD is selling for $35US. Let me know if you (or anyone
else) is interested. He also has a new set coming out with rare mixes
later on this month. I'll let you know.

(AACK! Sorry, just coughing up a lung on that price. Bootlegs are
never endorsed by YM. AG)

Thanks a bunch,

Jason D J Engel

PS/Why did Different Corner get shut down? Doe's GM not like
unofficial sites?

( Rose's post, or recall how Elliot said George was miffed
at the DC's shut down. AG)


Jason's Graphics
*************************** writes:
CORRIERE DELLA SERA, the most important
italian newspaper, writes that Robert Miles will
make collaborations with some artists,
and among them George Michael.

RM (real name Roberto Milani) is an italian artist
known all over Europe, but I think many friends
around the world hear of him for the first time.
His traks, CHILDREN and ONE O ONE, reached
the top of many european charts.
He is the leader of a music style called
dream-music, the softest way (the stupid way?)
of progressive-music.
He won the Brit Award as Best International
Newcomer, and got a nomination for the MTV
European Music Awared too.

I can say, but it's my personal opinion,
RM will make remix of some GM traks.

Hale Bopp Alessandro

To Amanda:
Thanks for the usual emandations I need.
*************************** writes:
It's been a month or so since I have been on-line , what a shock it
was to find out the horrible news about GM 's mum { and at such a
young age as well } . It seems as though George has had some
major crashes in his life . I only hope that this one doesn't make
him sink to the bottom . Everyones' responses have been quite
lovely and upbuilding . I never realised that the readers were so intense .
*************************** (George) writes:
Thanks for the Yogmael....its great!!!!!!!!!!! I just picked up the Star
People single CD and i love it.....i really like the live version of The
STrangest Thing....Any idea when Georges Greatest Hits cd is
going to be released?

(No definite date, but I'm thinking October. AG)
*************************** writes:
Dear Amanda, Please Post
Thanks for posting all those great messages.It is awesome to find out
people still love George as much as me. I was so sorry to find out
about his mother. I had no idea, being new on this internet thing, and
just now getting into george's web sites.
I would like to know if anybody out there has George's autobiography.
and could tell me where i could get it. I have been looking for three
years no end, and still none in sight.
I live in New York, which sucks because George is not so big in the
U.S.If anybody has any info. or would just like to talk, e-mail me

To Wrap it Up:

Tomorrow: George humiliates a DJ and hands over a cool million...

"Never state, what you can't imply."

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