Hi. Possible bad news for some recent people who posted: The
computer locked Friday afternoon and I had to shut it down
without doing a save. Now I was doing a bunch of issues for the
week, and I think one might have been lost. If you fail to see a
post you sent in a week or two ago, please let me know. UNLESS
you sent it to, that address is the wrong one, and
those posts are not lost in space, but they are lost in'll
see them eventually.

And to those of you who ask why there is a 2 week backlog? That's
'cause you all just LOVE to make work for me. There are too many
incoming posts to be up to date.

First and foremost, it's time we begin to gather the money for
charity. Now I have not yet heard back from the Imperial people,
so I'm thinking we should help some London children instead.

Here's the deal as I know it: We trust each other enough to do
the cash thing right? So if you are in North America, send your
donation to me in the form of cash or a check in my name:
AG Gardonyi
email Amanda at for address

I will take all the cash and run up a back draft for the charity.

If you are in Australia or Asia, your contact is:
George Bielinski
email Amanda at for address

He'll do the same.

There is no European contact as yet. I'm working on it. Have one
for you by Thursday.

Let's pick an arbitrary date of May 1st to use as the cut off. Please
send your donation ASAP.
*************************** (George Bielinski) writes:

Amanda and fellow YOGMÆLERS,

I have some good news: Elliott from ÆGEAN is (hopefully) going to
update us fortnightly on what's GM doing and what's happening at
ÆGEAN. But why don't you just read it yourselves. Here it is:

(This is actually old news... AG)

Letter #1

>Dear George

>Thanks for your mail, at the moment there is so much happening
>here at Aegean that I would love to tell you about, so let me clear it
>with the big cheese (George and Andreas) and I will give you bi-weekly
>updates on whats going on here.

>Hope you are all well

>Hello to all YOGMÆLERS


Letter #2

>Dear George

>I got your mail regarding the donation, I think that if you guys are
>going to do this it is a very noble and great thing.

>I'm sure George will be touched when I tell him



So I think it is about time that we *start* collecting money for the cancer
research. We need volunteers/donors/whatever from all over the world.

*************************** (Saimon) writes:
Hi Everyone:

I just joined YOGMAEL yesterday and received my second newsletter.
It's fantastic!!
I want to thank to all of you who brought me so much information about
GM, especially Amanda -- thank you for letting me in. When I know I
can get in touch with all the GM fans around the world, I just can't wait
to open my e-mail box and guess I'll definitely do that every night from
now on, hoping to receive another great issue of YOGMAEL.

My name is Simon (Chinese name Ko Poh Shi), I'm an university student
from Taiwan. I've been a fan of GM since I was in junior high school.
Although I also enjoy many other artists' songs and voices ( like Chris
De Burgh who will hold a concert here in Taipei this 25th), GM had and
will always be my most favorite and admirable artist. Maybe many of you
don't know much about Taiwan. But in here, GM is always one of the most
favorite foreign pop artist, sometimes even rank No.1 and out score
Michael Jackson (you know how people often been obsessed by his fancy
dance steps rather than his songs). Anyway, I love GM, not his pop
image, but his songs and the ideas he expresses in his lyrics.

There's a whole lot more I wish I could talk about how I love GM, but
due to my limited English ability and the lack of information here in
Taiwan about GM, so I really hope that I can get to know him more from
reading this newsletter each day. Of course, if there's any news come up
in Taiwan about GM that's available, I'll post it on YOGMAEL and
hopefully it'll be useful.

thanx again!

*************************** (Phil & Darlene) write:
Hello everyone!,
I don't know if anybody else has said this or not , but I was in Tower
Records in Sacramento California and they had the cd single for Star
People in. I don't remember how much it was though. Just thought I
would let you all know. Peace Darlene

I just bought a 2-CD set of George Michael's performance on the BBC
in October, which I believe was also the MTV Unplugged special, along
with an hour-long interview with George. It is fantastic, of course, but I
am not sure if it is a bootleg or not. Any ideas?

(Bootleg it is indeed. And the BBC show was actually somewhat
different from the Unplugged. AG)
*************************** (GC) writes:
Hi Amanda and friends:

I just wanted to ask you people a few Qs...

I've been to the KTS Record Company Website ( ) and
this is what i found:

They just released an ' Acoustic ' record ( you guessed it right! the
Unplugged !! ) it has the same songs he performed on the MTV show t
hey aired, so it is 45 minutes long.

But the interesting thing is that in the COMING UP titles they listed
another GM record yet to be released:

KTS638 - George Michael - Free For Love

what is it??? Does anyone know anything on it?? track listing??

Now, i have currently a brother in the UK and, since in my country i get
no singles, i was thinking of telling him to buy me some good ones, but
i'm kinda shot of cash right now, so, can anyone tell me what would be
the best choice for a GM single?? I already asked him to buy Madonna's
DCFMA for me, what do you think of it Amanda?

(I paid $10 Canuck for it, and I thought it was worth it. AG)

I've noticed you're a BIG Madonna fan, huh? So am i...

(For various reasons--mostly insulting--Madonna is one of my nicknames.
I even have my very own Niki and Donna... AG)

This is it for now!!

Thanks for any info...

*************************** ( LEBOIS David) writes:
Paris - France - March 20th 97
From YM #101, about the Aegean site:

> Does anyone else find it brings up another
> window and displays the real content in
> this - I find his really annoying - or is
> this perhaps because I use Internet Explorer?

Just try this...:

Then, you will have all the menus... and the
"Save As..." command.

Thanks again for all this work Amanda.

*************************** (Bea Alison Rumpelt) writes:

With regards to IRC chat:

> of these nights (say a Sunday evening at 8:00 p.m. Pacific Standard

Sorry, but at that time I have to get up to go to work on Monday
morning! ;-) Any other great ideas?

*************************** (Shawn Light) writes:
Star People was released on the 18th in the US. I found the CD single
and was disappoined that their was only one remix. BTW, the CD single
has the same track listing as the cassette single. However, my friend in
Florida called me and said he bought the maxi-single. It has the same
track listing as the 12". So both are now available in the US. If the
rumor about Canada is true, I could pick up some singles for those who
don't have access.

(Canada has them. So far all I've seen is the 6 track one. AG)

Those in other countries too, of course.

As soon as I find out I'll let everyone know how it does in its first week
on the charts.

Also, If anyone has the Fastlove maxi-single, the one that says,
"FastLove - The Remixes", could you let me know what remixes are on
there. Are they the Glove Mixes? I'm also interested in purchasing the
Fastlove maxi-single, if anyone has an extra. Same goes for the Glove
Mixes (if they are different than the maxi-single).

I heard that the maxi-single was very rare and only produced on a limited
basis. I wonder why.

*************************** (Richard Shoucair) writes:
Hi, i am glad to say the Star People singles on cd both came out on the
18th as they said it would and the record stores in Orlando, Florida is
overflowing with it. The single with the radio mix is much cheaper than
the other version with the six tracks. Hopefully they will show up soon
in your neck of the woods.
*************************** (Christie Calkins) writes:
Hi Amanda,

I just received in the mail a really great book. Its called "Read
Without Prejudice George Michael. Its 80 pages of great color pictures
and articles from Wham! until now. I ordered it from ESQ in New York.
Their phone # 315-252-2999, email The book

is $20.00 US. They are good people to deal with. BTW "Star People"
was released on the 18th.
Songs are:
Star People
1. (LP Edit)
2. (MTV unplugged Edit)
3. (Forthright Radio Edit)
The Strangest Thing
4. (Live)

Did I tell you Amanda you are doing a great job :)

(You have. And I thank you for all you have done for me. The promised
tape will be recorded as soon as I can spare a couple hours... AG)

Take Care
--- Christie Calkins
*************************** (K L Johnson) writes:
hey Amanda,

GM mentioned again in cybersleaze. At first I thought this was old news,
then I read it and realized they were talking about a new car...

(No, it's still old news, and its a bit inaccurate. There was a 2 year
waiting list for the XK8 if memory serves, and the other Jag was banged
up fairly recently. Of course, I could be wrong. AG)

Pop star GEORGE MICHAEL has spent $100,000 on his dream car, a
Jaguar XK8. The pop superstar, 33 - who had smash hits around the world
with FASTLOVE and JESUS TO A CHILD - ordered the breath-taking car
before it even went on sale last year. He was seen behind the wheel of the
155mph blue convertible as he left a recording studio in West London. A pal
says, "George fell in love with the XK8 before they went on sale. He put his
order in and was one of the first to take delivery. "It really is a beautiful
The new British-built motor replaces the former WHAM! star's old Jag, which
his chauffeur crashed earlier this year. The $80,000 car was sold off for
and George's fans queued up to buy a piece as a souvenir. The pal added,
"George also owns a Range Rover and a BMW but the Jag is his favorite.
The others are gathering dust now."

*************************** (dresse) writes:

Hi to everyone ,
I swap some stuff :

- A promo press pack of "OLDER" Album
- A promo 2 track CD to promote "Older" album
- A promo poster to promote Brussel's concert 1987 !
- Promo photos of GM & some of Wham .

For more infos,contact me.

To Wrap it Up:

"Never state, what you can't imply."

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