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A question for travellers: Does anybody on here have any bad
experiences with the Days Inn San Fernando Valley in Canoga
Park? Please let me know, it is in the running to act as my
base for YM Weekend '97.

Lastly, you all seemed shocked at my appearance. What did
you expect me to be? Old and bitter? Check back to the site
in late April for pictures of the first official YOGMAEL party.
Which is, by the way, April 5th in London Ontario. Contact
Jim ( for details. A car is leaving
Hamilton at 3pm, and I hear someone's looking to car pool in

*************************** (Brent) writes:
Hello all I just on Tuesday got the GM cd singles of StarPeople
and they are really Great!!!!! I love the Forthright club mix!! Ok I
just have to say what is up with the cover sleeve for StarPeople
Dance mixes??? How boring I mean no color just a bland picture.
I loved what the record company did with the cover sleeves for
Spinning the Wheel they took the picture from the CD booklet
and added a brownish tint to it and then for the dance mixes
added a blueish tint and I thought that was really cleaver and
it looked nice but with star people the regular CD cover sleeve
is fine nice shot of GM at the Unplugged but like I said the dance
mix cd sleeve is lame!!! Anyone agree or am I just being too
uptight?? Hmmm all I can say is are they afraid of a little color
or did they simply give up and just simply pick a picture and then
decided to throw it on the single??? Hmmmm oh well anyway I
am finished venting just wanted to see if I was the only person
who felt this way. Anyone feel the same or am I alone in my

(If I may--which well I guess I can...--the look on his face is so
amusing that I think that is meant to be the focus, you know, in
terms of a compliment to the song. As if "Just take the f*cking
picture so I can go home and walk the dog before she pisses on
the rug again." AG)

WOW I AM SHOCKED....well not really. Anyway, I thought I
would e-mail the radio staion in Milwaukee who started playing
Star People first (or so I thought they were one of the first to play
it) and ask them if they were going to play the radio remix version
of that song and they e-mailed me back and I am really
disappointed but I have to say it is true because my radio station
here was WAS playing starpeople but no longer is!! ANyway,
here is what the man at the radio staion wrote from Milwaukee:
"Bad news, the song just didn't work for us. We played it and
played it but it just didn't come through in audience research.
The same thing happened for the other stations that were playing
it. Geffen isn't even going to come with it as a single. Sorry. We
really wanted it to be a big record.
OK he is mistaken on one issue and that is the fact that the
single WAS released. What sad news. At least it charted
somewhat on the dance side. Hmmmm :( I have to say if they
would play the radio remix version/forthright edit I bet that would
do better... anyone agree with me on that?? That is why I
e-mailed them to beg them to give the remix a chance and it
looks like they wont be. :(

(Ok, regarding the remixes, my first reaction: "You know, they're
just shitty enough that they should chart." I love the song, but
the remixes are merely "there." AG)

Cheers! - Brent
*************************** (Christina Safholm) writes:
I just have to say that for Geffen to announce OLDER as "dead" is
a fricken insult days Yog...
*************************** (donatella casadio) writes:

Ciao Amanda and all Yogfans!

Before anything else, I just want to say that of course we all feel
sad for Mrs. Leslie's death. I've always thought about Mrs. Leslie
as an angel watching over George, looking at him with her sweet
shiny happy eyes, the same eyes as George's. I think in this
moment the best thing we can do is leave Yog and his family in
privacy and silence. I'm sure George knows we all care, let's just
not make a case of this whole thing, this is something which
belongs only to George and his family.

Coming back to Yogmail, I've only written once and I see
somebody is already missing me, my God, I can't believe it!!
Seems that 'bit' of 'The Final' I described was not enough, since
I'm receiving other questions, so I decided I will try to go back
in time and try to recreate the same atmosphere of that 'magic'
day again...

I arrived at Wembley Park Tube station around 10. The street
was crowded with people, fans moving over to the stadium, a
colourful crowd.
We had to sit on the stairs until 2pm when gates opened, but that
was the only occasion I really had fun while waiting: there were
dozens of guys dressed in denim jackets with earring and stubble
pretending to be George and almost the same quantity pretending
to be Andy..
Some of them were even gorgeous, even if not as gorgeous as
the Model.. The first thing I saw coming out of the dark corridor of
the ticket check was the dazzling view of the giant Wembley
Stadium opening before my eyes and it was EMPTY.
I could not believe my eyes, I could not believe I was there and I
started to run. I ran through the lines of security personnel
crossing the field, one line, another line.. when I stopped we were
sitting at approx. 20 mt from the front stage (which then became
15-10 after we stood up). Just to answer to Marti, Yes, I think
George and Andy got to the backstage with a helicopter and Elton
John played during 'The Edge of Heaven' and 'Candle in the Wind'
('This is a song which if you happened to be passing through
Leicester Square station about 7 years ago you would have caught
myself and Mr Austin Buskin. This is one of my favourites, it's a
number called 'Candle in the Wind'). He was first introduced by
George saying 'and now a large number of men bring on a large
white piano'. Then the piano appeared and soon after appeared
'Uncle Elton' dressed up like Ronald McDonald while during
'Everything she wants', at the opening, Pepsi and Shirlie came out
with giants 'bee-hives'!

Sorry but today I can no longer write, the feelings I had that day were
so strong that now it's very difficult to recall something which in my
mind has come out of the memories to enter legend.... I'm sure you'll
understand. Anyway I've kept the love for Elton John since then and
now I'm always going to his concerts.

(I too am always off to see Elton... AG)

In 1988 I was in London when Elton sold out all his strange objects,
pieces of furniture in Artdeco style, Beatles memorabilia, clothes (I
really can't describe all the clothes I've seen, starting from the 'Carmen
Miranda' one, to Mickey Mouse) and before putting them on auction,
Sotheby's organized an exhibition. I had the chance to see it and
guess what I found? The original autographed picture of George and
Elton when they met during 'Live Aid'. I stood watching the picture for
15 minutes.. I wish I bought it, but the basis price was 250£.! Anyway
I'm glad I have a nice copy of it on the book 'Visual Aid', with pictures
taken by very famous photographs.

Did you know that when they were veeery young, at the times of
'Young Guns' George and David Austin posed for a photostory, one of
those funny things *************************** (Emily) writes:
I read somewhere that George Michael is going on tour this summer.
Can someone answer me and verify this? I'm really excited and I

MUST know.

(Believe it or not, I haven't actually asked Ęgean this one, but they
haven't mentioned it to me as yet. AG)

*************************** (Kimberly J. Kubiak) writes:
Just been listening to "OLDER" excessively lately and was
worndering what is new with ol' George. I know we don't hear of him
much, possibly because he may have pissed off the wrong people.
Who Cares?! I'm fluttered with joy knowing that he now has his own
record label "Dreamworks", and what a success it is with his new
album. "Dreamworks" knew it would be.

(Actually his label is called AEgean, DreamWorks is the US label that
distributes the AEgean material. And to let you in on a secret--OK, I
read it in BillBoard--George was not expected to have amazing sales,
they just needed a major name to lauch the label. AG)

I've grown to a respectful liking of George, for as long as I can
remember I've been an avid fan of his. I can still listen to WHAM!, and
could never give up "Faith" because it's just one of those great 80's
albums and I have fond memories behind it. But, my fondest of
memories came from Listen Without Prejudice vol. 1, a masterpiece
of work.

(Kimberly wrote more, but it must have been lost in transmission. I'd
love to read the rest if you have time Kimberly. AG)
*************************** (Jeremiah) writes:
Hi everyone. I'm a new commer. So if anyone out there knows of
other cool sites for me on this man please let me know.

(Try the official one -at-
I still need someone to run up a web site listing page. AG)

*************************** (Alan M. Dzarasov) writes:
Hi everybody.
This is Alan from Russia. I've started to collect GM's lyrics recently.
So I'd be very grateful if anybody advise me where to find his
additional lyrics, cos I have only OLDER's ones or send me it.

Thanks in advance for any info.
*************************** (Oscar Sapena Pastor) writes:
I am a George Michael fan since Faith. He is an expert lyrics writer.
I really enjoy his music.

From Paraguay,
Oscar Sapena Pastor
*************************** (IRMA PETROSELLI) writes:
Hi Amanda!

I want to know George, to meet him! Please tell his adress or where
i can find him! Please help me!!! Bye bye!

(I am not making his address public knowledge. He would get most
upset with me and tell Elliot to stop being so nice to me. I hear he has
a certain place he likes to walk Hippie though, maybe the person who
told YM that story can tell it to you. AG)
*************************** writes:
hi, not alot to say right now, but i'm looking forward to reading anything
i can on gm or talking with other gm fans. and don't forget the pics.
To Wrap it Up:

Guess what? Remember that survey for school I was telling you about?
It's back, please take the time to complete it if you have not already done
so in exchange for my eternal thanks. All responses are confidential.
A note: It is only going out to North America. : )

"Never state
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