Hi all, some notes:

1. I sent Elliot the First Annual YOGMAEL Honours and told him to
tell George he can have his Golden AE's the next time he's in Toronto.

2. Ęgean likes it when we talk about Jo Bryant.

3. There is a delay of around 2 weeks to post. Priority posts,
containing release dates or air dates go out as fast as possible, but
otherwise, be patient and you will see your eloquence in YM in good time.

4. I have been watching excessive vintage George lately, I really do
wish he'd grow his hair back...and his refusal to should be punished
by forcing him to watch Wham! on American Bandstand. I fell off a
chair--litrally--I was laughing so hard. But THANKS CHRISTIE!!!!!!

5. Lock your doors when you take a long jacuzzi and have a tendency
to sing in there. Otherwise your best friend will show up, let herself in,
and listen to you sing "WHAT'S NEW BUENOS AIRES?" at the top of
your lungs, call your other friends and tell them--while still at your place
no less--and then call and bug you about it later...

6. Wanna know what I look like? Check out:
The cute little guy on my lap is Boomer.

*************************** (Andrea) writes:
Hi Amanda and all Yogers,
I finished my project yesterday!!! It turned out pretty decent--it
was a 6 page newsletter I did on Yogmael. It was done in Adobe
Pagemaker 6.0. Tonight is my last night of class--for a week!
How are all of you students holding up?

(Nervous breakdowns all around...especially those of us who are
now in the home stretch to finals... AG)

Thanks Elliot!!!! Nice inside scoop!

(He's my new hero. AG)

I have to read back on quite a few Yogmael issues, but I read
something on an account for Cancer--in memory of George's mum.
I kind of suggested that on the chatboard--did someone find out info
on this? I would be more than happy to make a donation.

(Working on it, details soon. Just working out schematics now, like
the international contacts. Looks like we're gonna go cash and the
like to a trusted YM'er in each part of the world who will then forward
the money to me for final dispersion. George B has Asia and
Australia, I'll handle North America, Europe is as yet undecided.
There is the possibility we might get AEgean involved with this yet,
but no promises. AG)

I heard Star People at work--on Musak--like the music you hear
in the store. I was shocked! It was about 2 weeks ago--I think. I
have not heard it on the radio at all. I have not heard it at work
since--but we have not be getting a 40 hour week. So, all you
people get your picture taken at Olan Mills :)

(I have once. AG)

Thanks for reading!
Keep it up Amanda--go girl!
Do you know of any place where I can find the singles that have
"Tonight" and "Loves in Need of Love Today?" I know that the
second song, Loves in.... is on the Faith single but I am wondering
if it is still being made. Please help meeeeeeee.

(Tonight's on The Elton John/Bernie Taupin Tribute album "Two
Rooms". The other is now deleted. AG)

*************************** writes:
News flash News flash
George Michael and his fast love.
George Michael has fallen head over heels in love
With a jaguar

Just thought I would let everyone know about his love life

(Old news...he's had the XK8 since October. AG)

Better red then dead
**************** 10:25 AM
Dear Amanda:


Is there a fan get-together in London on April 5? Thought I saw that
in a recent issue. I'll be in London during that time and would like
to know more. Thanks. Best regards to you as always, Joy

(It's in London Ontario, but I'm sure someone up in your neck of the
woods will be getting a party together soon. AG)

P.S. A friend of mine in Paris who works for a radio station there
and is very tuned into the music scene (a good friend of hers is a
drummer for the artist formerly known as Prince) says she heard
George will be doing two concerts in London this summer, probably
in August. Needless to say, I will scour the town for news when
I'm there.
*************************** (Phil & Darlene) writes:
Hello all!
I was wandering if anybody knows if George win the award from
the BlockBuster awards show? I forgot it was on VH1 last night,
so I didn't find out. I tried looking on their website but couldn't find
anything out. Thank you for any information. I would also like to
send my condolences to George and his family.

(I don't think he snagged anything, it's based on US sales, which
have not been award worthy... AG)

Peace and Love Darlene
*************************** (Nancy) writes:
Hi everyone:

I just wanted to extend a word of thanks to everyone who has written
or ordered from me recently. I have had the unfortunate luck of being
sick with the flu, and now am working many overtime hours, coupled
with going to school at night for my Master's degree. As a result, I am
behind in answering my emails, as well as filling orders. Please be
patient. All letters will be answered and orders mailed as soon as
possible. Thanks for understanding!

(And on that same note, I too am behind I know, really, I know... AG)

Does anyone outside the US need to Star People single? I can
get CD singles or cassette singles for you. Just drop me a line.


Young Guns
Wham! Rap
Bad Boys
Club Tropicana
Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go
Careless Whisper
Last Christmas
Everything She Wants
Freedom 84
I'm Your Man
A Different Corner
The Edge of Heaven
Where Did Your Heart Go?
I Knew You Were Waiting (For Me)
I Want Your Sex (Uncensored version)
Father Figure
One More Try
Kissing A Fool
Praying For Time
Freedom 90
Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me with Elton John
Too Funky
Somebody To Love
These Are The Days of Our Lives
Killer/Papa Was A Rolling Stone
Jesus To A Child
Spinning The Wheel


Wrap Her Up with Elton John
Do They Know It's Christmas?
Careless Whisper Wexler Mix video (contains different and
similar clips to American video)
Calling You Live Concert Video
Freedom 90 (from MTV 10th Anniversary Special)

Write to Nancy at for more details.

Fiona_O' (Fiona O'Neill) writes:
Hi Amanda

Just another thank you for brightening up my dreary old day at
work. I just read the posting that Shirlie Holliman will be running
GM's fan club and i must admit that I was surprised as years
ago (again I cant remember the year) me and a friend went to
the launch of Pepsi and Shirlie's fashion collection in London
(this is when they released their album and became a one hit
wonder). Anyway they seemed really nice however when my
friend asked her questions about George she became quite rude.
I mean really she didnt think we were going to ask questions
about her, she became famous because of George and being
married probably looks like its been through the wringer).
If you like I can check out the label. Im interested to hear if anyone
knows about this. Actually from memory I think Pepsi was wearing
a shirt similar in the Wham in China video. Ill have to check it out

for curiosity sake and let you know later, if you like.

Keep up the good work. Oh yeh Is there a video of Wham The Final

(The concert? Yes, there is a bootleg. E Nancy. AG)
*************************** (Bo Andersen) writes:
Hi Amanda,

I have been working a little on my page. I have updated the page
with quite a lot new pictures and the Videos from Aegean-site,
which a lot of people apparently are having a real tough time
seeing!! Also included is a .mp3 - version of "Sexual Healing" from
the Mandela-tribute. Check it out!! I will be adding more audios and
videos in the future - slowly!


Take care!

rhee-at-Ra.MsState.Edu (Julia Rhee Black) writes:
Hi, I am a new subscriber. What happened to George's mother?
Was she ill for a while? When did this happen? Thanks for any
info anyone can give me. I live in Mississippi and we do not have
a lot of access to George info here! Keep up the great work,
Amanda! (And all you other wonderful Yog fans!) RB

(Mrs. Panos' cancer was a very well guarded secret that was not
made public knowledge until a few days before her death in late
February. AG)
To Wrap it Up:

"Never state, what you can't imply"

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