So I got to thinking it was time to dedicate another issue to someone,
and there is only one person I can think of at the moment. He's a real
sweet guy whom I will love eternally, so everyone please take a
moment to thank the diety of your choice for the birth of George
Bielinski. Yes, the man who got Ægean to e mail me and get us the
recognition we deserve, I'll even let him give you the latest good news
from Elliot.

Immediately below George B's latest, look for info on George M's

*************************** (George Bielinski) writes:

Hello to all YOGMÆLERS!

Hope everyone is hooked on YOGMÆL just like I am.

So the other day I was reading YOGMÆL #129, and what I saw
was just beyond my belief. Some PUNK with the address was trying to impersonate someone from
Aegean Records (I reiterate Aegean, not Agean, PUNK). Well, I
never really expected punks to read Yogmael... What sort of
imbecile would try to fool other Yogmaelers... The punk deserved
some flame mail, don't you think?

("Crazed YOGMAELers lynch poser who can't spell! Film at 11."

Besides, I am in contact with some people at Aegean Records
(the real Aegean, no the punk Agean), and as Amanda is
probably going to tell you, we are going to get some great info
about George (and JO) from them in the nearest future. So we
won't rely as much on gossip any more (and on punks). I am
just so happy that our Yogmael is getting better and better. My
eternal thanks to Amanda.

(Listen to the man gloat...I do so love a lack of modesty George.
But would you please remind Elliot--my new hero--that he has to
type my e mail address into the "To" box otherwise I am at your
mercy waiting for a forward for the latest "Dear Amanda and
George"--I like the ring of that...--and all you'll do it torment me
with soundbytes...I still want a FULL FORWARD of the latest.
Yes ladies and gents, as it stands now, it looks as like, even
though we're not official, our news will start coming from the
source. As Elliot has told George and I, YOGMAEL has the
support of AEgean Records. I can think of but two words
--immortalized by Madonna--"FUCKING AWESOME!!!!" Look
what happens when you "put your love to the test..." AG)

*************************** (Squeaky Nun) writes:
Hi guys!!

While perusing the Cybersleaze today (I haven't read it in three days
and just had to catch up), I found this most fascinating news:

"Kind-hearted superstar GEORGE MICHAEL has recorded a new
single just for a charity. Michael is to give new song WALK AWAY
DREAMING its first airing on London's CAPITAL RADIO this
weekend as part of its annual HELP A LONDON CHILD appeal. He
revealed the exclusive at the charity event's awards ceremony today,
where he picked up awards for best album and best male vocalist.
Michael himself has promised that for every time a donation is made
to the record station to get them to play it, he will donate double
that amount. But - concerned that one big donation could strip him
of his millions - he added, "If ELTON JOHN or RICHARD BRANSON
ring up tell them I was only joking." The former WHAM! star recorded
the song with TOBY BURKE, the first artist to be signed to George's
fledgling record label AEGEAN."

(Damn, I just wish we'd taken up the money for charity sooner... AG)

Ok..I have one thing to say: I WANNA LIVE IN ENGLAND!! (it's
Easter this weekend so I won't be able to tune in through RealAudio)

If this is true, it's incredibly sweet of George to do this. But then
again, we all knew he has a heart of gold, didn't we? *s* If anybody
hears it, can you let us all know what the song sounds like?

Just thought you'd all want to know this. :o)
Kinga (who's now off to prep for her Grade 10 Science class *siiighhh*)
"The hardest years, the darkest years
The roarin' years, the fallen years
These should not be forgotten years"
-"Forgotten Years" by Midnight Oil
Kinga "The Multitasking Queen"
*************************** (Connie) writes:
Hey Everyone,

I just found this from the Daily Mirror dated March 27, 1997.

SUPERSTAR George Michael yesterday poured out his grief over
the death of his mum. The millionaire singer, who cradled Lesley
Panayiotu in his arms when she died from cancer last month, has
penned a moving musical tribute to her memory.
The song, Waltz Away Dreaming, will be played on London radio
station Capital FM at 3.30pm on Easter Sunday.
Listeners will be invited to pledge cash to hear it - and the star has
vowed to match every pound given with £1 from his own pocket and

another £1 in memory of his mum.
George, 34, whose song Jesus To A Child raised £50,000 on a
pound-for-a-pound basis last year, announced his tribute at a
London hotel after collecting Best Male Vocalist and Best Album
awards at the station's Help A London Child charity lunch. His voice
full of emotion, he told the star-studded audience, including Noel
Gallagher and the Spice Girls: "My mother was a woman of great
compassion. "She was proud to be associated with what I do for
Help A London Child. Thousands of children still experience few acts
of compassion except through this charity." His new song, due to be
released on April 26, is a duet featuring George and unknown singer
Toby Burke - the first signing to the star's own record company,
George said he thought it would help his father get over the loss of
the woman he had loved for more than 40 years, and added: "I would
like to donate £1 for each £1 people pledge to hear this song. In
memory of my mother I would like to donate another £1. So every £1
you give to hear my song on Sunday is worth £3."
To a standing ovation, he joked: "The only proviso I make is a warning
to the girls at Capital who will handle the phone pledges. If Elton or
Richard Branson call up, tell them it's a joke."
George's cousin, Andros Georgiou, said: "George added his own
lyrics to the words Toby had written. It's the most moving track I've
ever heard."
Capital FM said: "This is a fantastic donation and a great tribute to
George's mum."
Award winners the Spice Girls also pledged £10,000 to the charity.
*************************** writes:
By Jackie Burdon, Showbusiness Correspondent, PA News

An emotional George Michael broke his silence about his mothers
recent death in a touching - and generous - tribute today.

Dressed all in black, the superstar said his forthcoming single,
Waltz Away Dreaming, was written to help his father over the loss
of his mother, Lesley, who died of cancer four weeks ago.

He thanked London radio station, Capital FM, for linking him and his
mother for 20 years, and pledged £2 for every £1 donated by a
listener who wants to hear the new track for the first time this weekend.

Michael spoke as he picked up Capital FM London awards for Best
Album and Best Male Vocalist at a gala lunch in London today.

He said his mother died exactly four weeks ago today.

"Very soon after she died, I went into the recording studio with an
artist that I very much respect, a new artist, and I recorded a song that
I hoped might help my father over the loss of someone that he loved for
40 years," he said.

He has donated first play of Waltz Away Dreaming, recorded with Toby
Burke, to Capital FM for its Help A London Child Appeal.

As with George Michael donated tracks in previous years, it will be
played when listeners have pledged enough cash, sometime this
Easter weekend.

Normally George donates £1 for every listeners £1. But this year he
said he would donate an extra pound on behalf of his mother.

Composed but with a catch in his voice, George told the VIP
audience: "My mother was a woman of great compassion, and she
felt much as I do, that we were living in a world that was gradually
being drained of that."

Grief-stricken George pulled out of appearing to receive the Best
British Male Performer award at the Brits Ceremony because of his
mothers death, and has not appeared in public since.
*************************** (Yvonne) writes:
I wish to give my heart felt and deepest sympathy to George and
his family during their time of mourning.
I ask God to give to you and your family His comfort,
encouragement, love and time of healing. She is with Our Father
in Heaven, and knowing this will help heal the pain of her absence.

My deepest sympathy,

Yvonne Gonzalez
*************************** (Gil J) writes:
Hi to Julie-

I saw your posting today, which reminded me that you might be a
good source for this inquiry.

I would really be interested in acquiring a GM video collection that
includes or is devoted to the live concert numbers - especially:

the Elton John duet of DLTSGDOnMe,
the recent gospel version of One More Try,
Killer/Papa Was a Rolling Stone,
and most importantly, Somebody to Love.

I don't even know that these all have been released as videos. I
guess most of them are from the 5 Live CD. I know I can get the
Freddie Mercury Tribute concert video - but am not that keen for
most of that very long tape. (I agree with Amanda that
Somebody to Love is probably his best performing moment. And
I would pay anything for a knock-off of that obviously
custom-made, glorious coral-red sport coat! Not something I'd

expect you to help with...)

Maybe you could dub an all-live collection and have a best seller
on your hands!

I'm cc -ing Yogmael in case Amanda wants to post the above for
other sources - but drop a line if you can help out.

As to Spanish pen-pals - have you tried Internet Chat? I usually
tell people that I've got George on the stereo or VCR while I'm
chatting, and inevitably, no matter where they are (Bangladesh!
this weekend) they'll chime in with "Oh yeah, I love his
_______ (whatever their fave GM cut is.)" You can recruit more

Anyway, thanks for any assistance you can render - no pressure,
any response anytime will do. And nice chattin' with ya!

& Hi to Amanda, too.
*************************** (Sa') writes:
Hi all,

I think "Soul Free" is one of the best songs off LWP and grossly
under-rated, i love how george goes up an octave in the second

*************************** (Jonathon) writes:
Amanda - Thanks for the hard work. If it wasn't for you and all of
the other loyal Yoggers, I would be in the dark about the latest
GM news. I have one quick question: When and where is the
GM gathering going to be in the U.S? I have not seen any info
on it lately, and was just curious. Keep up the good work!

(YOGMAEL Weekend 1997 is slated to take place July 25th to
27th in Los Angeles, California. The venue has not been
decided on yet, but for various reasons, somewhere in the San
Fernando Valley looks like the winner. Carolyn and Alicia
understand why, something about early morning jogs... In May
some further details will be made available. AG)

*************************** (K L Johnson) writes:
Hey Amanda,

You haven't heard from me in awhile, but I have been enjoying
YOGMAEL none the less. Hope you are well. Thanks again
for the continual GREAT job that you do for all us GM fans!!!

Found this tidbit about GM. Don't know if you have ever read
"Cybersleaze" before, it is a daily gossip column at the below
address. GM has been in it numerous times before, I usually
check it out every so often.

The Vibe: CyberSleaze

CyberSleaze For Monday the 17th of March, 1997

Comeback superstar GEORGE MICHAEL is set to record his
next album in Denmark - because he will be out of the media
spotlight. The OLDER singer reveals in Danish magazine
SE & HOER that he plans to go back to the small
Scandinavian country and use the studios where he recorded
his first solo album. "It's wonderful to be able to take a stroll
in a supermarket without being recognized or at least without
a single person bothering you. "I believe Denmark is one of
the few countries in the world where a pop star can be left
completely alone and walk about just like any other person",
says the singer who picked up three Danish GRAMMY awards
last month. Michael says members of the ROLLING STONES
often chose the small country for a secret break away from the
eager eyes of the media. Not when we're through with it,
George!!!! See you in Denmark.
*************************** (Caroline) writes:
Well after receiving my first few issues i must say that i am
hooked. I have always loved george and i got an opportunity to
see him in concert when he did his faith tour. A very good friend
of mine new a ticket scalper in colorado so we spent $450 for
two third row center seats. This may sound bad but i could
imagine reaching out and grabbing his butt :-). Anyway, so we
hung around after the concert and actually got to meet him.
This issue about george smoking weed while composing really
made me remember this because my friend and i were out side
by the back stage door smoking. I guess george smelt it and
came out side. So what ended up happening was that me, my
friend julie, and george all ended up smoking a joint together.
It was quite an experience. anyway, I can't wait to see what's
in the next issue! Take Care, Caroline
*************************** (francoise gaspari) writes:
Hello all,

I've been away for quite some time, forgive me if i sound
surprised about certain things, i was in a place where i couldn't
reach any computer and therefore i didn't hear the news about
George's mother. I'm really shocked, because like the other fans
who were there since the early days, we all know what she
meant to George and we all realize how affected he must be,
after all the time it took him to find his own balance and

happiness in this business...We all know too what the family
means to all the Panayiotou gang, i think...

The second surprise , a lot less tragic of course, came from the
email from aegean. You all have to know i used to be a very big
fan of Shirlie, and i can't believe she's going to work for the fan
club...! To be honnest, so far i had still hoped she'd make
another record, but it seems she prefers to work more in the
shadow, and to work with people she cares about and trust...

Amanda, for the donation you request, how do i do because i
live in belgium, do you have an address to give to me? please
tell me what i should do, i 'd like to make a move too.

(We're still not sure yet. I haven't heard back. Details soon,
you will likely be sending to someone in the UK. AG)

re: "backstage section " of
does anyone have an idea when this part of the site will become
effective, please?

(I'm sure Elliot will let us know. He said Shirlie will step in soon
and have to deal with my mail and bizarre questions. And boy
have I got some good ones--they're of a rather personal nature
though, and won't run in YOGMAEL, but maybe in a future

thanks for the help,

nb: rumours have been growing that aegean forced asem axatta's
site to shut down, i'd like to know if there is some truth in it
because i really liked that site, and as i'm working on my huge
website, i don't want the same to happen to me when i'll be ready
to publish. Can anyone keep me up to date?

(A rumour Elliot has confirmed as false. AG)

All my thoughts being with George and his family,

françoise gaspari
To Wrap it Up:

It being a long weekend, I've decided to take a long weekend from YM.
Easter Greetings and all that stuff. Someone tell the Easter Bunny
that I would really appreciate finding Andrew Ridgeley hidden in my
Jacuzzi Sunday morning...

"Never state, what you can't imply."

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