At some point when I wasn't looking, the membership roster broke
the 600 mark...we're at 626 YOGMAELers and going strong.

From Ægean Records:
Dear Amanda

Thanks for your mail, and to answer your questions -

< recently? The rumour is causing a lot of negative energy towards
Ægean amongst the YOGMAELers, and I'd just as soon go straight
to the source and hear a yes or a no. No explanation needed, just
a quickie.>>

1 it is absolutely untrue that we had anything to do with the shutting
down of the Different Corner site, to the contrary George is a bit
miffed about it himself as he was a frequent visitor and wanted to
put a link to our site on their site. The last thing we need is
YOGMÆLERS thinking we are up to such things, we need your
support and not negative energy.

(Let's put all the rumours to rest! As I told someone else, if
George was getting so touchy about his cyber fans, he would have
shut down YOGMAEL and killed the other sites as well. AG)

< --as in from George or Andreas--would eminate from an
address? I've gotten two notes from AOL addresses lately, and find
them amusing.>>

2 Yes you can assume this, everything I send you has been given the
ok by George or Andreas.

(Right then, posers need not apply... AG)

< We have debated this like there is no tomorrow.>>

3 George is 6 feet tall.

(I know the debate will rage on, but I'm telling you, the equation involving
Paula Abdul, Andrew, and Shaq proves this to be true. Just a thought,
do you think when Elliot was hired as label manager he thought he'd
have to answer a question like that? AG)

I hope these answers are helpful to you

*************************** (Josh D'Lioncourt) writes:
Hi everybody,
I wasn't around much...and so now you're gonna have to put up with
a bunch of posts from me for a while...
OK...first, Amanda, I am going to do my damnedest to be at the YM
weekend here in LA and may be bringing a friend with me...the only
foreseeable problem at the moment is both me and
my friend are blind...but I am working on it. The San Fernando
valley...isn't that where you were talking about having the hotel? a
helluva taxi fair from Anaheim...but maybe I can work something else, anyway, the upshot of all that is...I will do whatever I can to
be there...and may have someone with me.

(Yes, I was thinking of the San Fernando Valley, what Alicia thinks I
know not, she hasn't talked to me since I mentioned it... The hotel
that gets the priviliedge of hosting is as yet undetermined. Good
luck on the transport, maybe you can solve some transport issues
via YOGMAEL. AG) yes, the Grammies...well, sure...I can't think of
a more suitable escort than you...unless of course it was George
himself...but, honestly, I'm not holding my breath. I love what I do but I
am not even comparable to George.

(Not to insinuate that your talent lacks any Josh, but have you seen
what's winning Grammies these days... AG) the time this gets posted, it may not matter anymore...but I
am looking for volunteers to help out with my GM page to get it done, if by the time this gets posted I still need help, someone
please Email me privately if you want to help.
On another note...I was listening to the "Fastlove" summer mix
today...there are some characteristics of it that I really like, that were
very much like the unplugged. I think George is brilliant when he is
stripped down a bit...and I was wondering if perhaps the "Summer Mix"
was the original version of the song before John Dougless came in and
90ized it. (Hmmm...just created a new word!)

(I tend to call 90'izing "F*cking it up"... AG)

I'm still debating...but I am leaning toward liking the summer mix slightly

better than the other version...though, both are really great.
After listening to the "Star People" 12" single several times, I can't
help but miss the WHAM! days a little...or even the Faith days. The
mixes are good, and I enjoy them...but I wish we could get just a few of
the can I word this...the more "thought out" remixes if you
will. I don't know how else to put it. Some examples are the extended
"I'm Your Man", "Young Guns", "Hard Day Remix"..."Monkey
Remix"..."Bad Boys Remix"...need I go further?
Anyway...that's that for now. Take care guys. Keep up the excellent

work Amanda. A tip of my hat and a kiss on the hand for
amaze me...I'd never be able to keep up with the YM's...Hell! I can't
even keep up with reading them!

(I never said *I* actually read them... AG)

Josh D'Lioncourt

The rich declare themselves poor,
But most of us are not sure,
If we have too much,
But we'll take our chances 'cause God stopped keeping score.
--George Michael
Recall a couple issues ago (#123) we got a post in Spanish, well thanks
to the bilingual set here on YM, here's what it said: (Julie Haliska) writes:
I can't help but offer a translation for Liliana in Bogota, since you

Hello. From the time I was in grade school, I dreamed of sending you
a message, or of telling you that your songs bring me so much joy,
Kissing A Fool, Praying For Time, etc. I would love to be able to
listen to your songs live, and it would be so great if you were to
come to Colombia. You really are one of the few artists who has
maintained (vigilence?, impact) for so long, and your songs have
such a (profound / deep) (meaning /sentiment). You are
spectacular in every essence of the word.

I'm sorry about your mum, but life goes on.

With love

Liliana Murcia / Bogota Colombia
*************************** (Marti Blesa) writes:
Hi Amanda, here goes the translation:

Hi. Since I was at school I've been dreaming about sending you a
message, or just tell you that I love your songs, kissing a fool,
praying for time, etc. I'd love to be able to listen to your songs live
and it'd be cool if you'd come to Colombia. You are realy one of the
few artists that can sustain his position for such a long time and
that makes lyrics with such a deep feeling. You're fabulous in the
whole meaning of the song.

I'm sorry about your mom but life goes on.

With love

Liliana Murcia

Hope it's well translated,

Marti Blesa
*************************** writes:

In response to Liliana's message!

Estoy de aquerdo. Me gusta los canciones tambien! Pero todos los
canciones son muy buena, en mi opinion. Escuche la cancion
"desafinado" es en portugues. Te gustaria mucho. (Hey AG, Im
sorta bilingual too!!! Multitalented of the sort!! :-) )

(Oh sure, torment me some more... AG)
*************************** (Gina Marie Flores) writes:
Hey Yog Fans,
I just came back from my spring break trip to Portugal. I
was very impressed at the exposer of GM in that country.
His songs were frequently played on the radio. Every
music store I passed had his CDs and many had his OLDER
poster posted. While walking the streets at night I heard
his songs coming from the different night clubs. My
point is that, it might be that I do not get out much here
in Virginia, but I must say that GM seems to be more
popular there than here. To hear one of his songs on the
radio here you might as well wait forever. Well, that's it,
I just wanted to say how impressed I was with Portugal's
good taste!!! Hope everyone else had/has a great spring
Gina Marie Flores
*************************** (Haliska, Julie) writes:
Does anyone have the George Michael Bandaid performance on tape
with good quality sound and video, preferably hi-fi? Generous offer
will be made, and if you don't want to part with it, I can copy it and
give it back to you.

(You mean LiveAid I trust? I have it, but I'm not sure which VCR I
taped it on, my stereo or my ancient. I'm not parting with it for any
reason though. AG)

*************************** (Tom) writes:
In reference to a posting in YM 123, I have the book GM: In His Own
Words - it consists of various things he has said to the press or
transcripts from Chancery Court and I can tell you it is well worth
the money! It is all grouped into chapters so you can find quotes
about anything whenever you want. I do not have Bare? What does
anyone think about it? Worth buying? Is it an autobiography or a

(It's both. BUY IT! AG)

Thanks! Keep up the work Amanda and when it seems just too hard,
like when those essays are mounting and it is 1am on Sunday night,
just listen to a couple of GM songs and you will soon be back on

(Advice that has been well taken all week! And probably this week,
and the week after too...yes, Amanda will be running on empty until
Mid April. AG)

I also love Soul Free, to answer another question from YM 123! It is

my fave on LWP!

Tom Wanless
*************************** (Robert Potter) writes:
"Hey suuuuuuuuckers!" (what the hell's got in-to you?)

Well I now have the TONY BISHOP remake of "Father Figure" on MD
and I must say it's pretty fantastic. It's fast. Check for it at a store
near you!

A pal and I were checking CDs at a used book shop here in London
Ontario and came across a big WHAM!/GM picture book. It has tons
of old pics... How bout George and Andrew in the Club Tropicana
pool blowing on trumpets? Yeah. And Georgie in his bright yellow
rodeo jacket and shorts? Uh-huh. Did somebody say TOPLESS
snaps of George's then current gal and he poolside at what may or
may not have been his own house? Definitely! But the greatest part
of all is hidden inside the cover...George has personally autographed
the book! It says "To my dear friend so-and-so, hugs and kisses,
xx oo" I wonder what complete moron sold this book!!! My bud
bought it for a scant $4. Can you believe that???

(I think I have a sadly unautographed copy of that book in my vaults
somewhere, it cost me $25 8 years ago. AG)

Even more interesting is it's all, and I mean ALL inclusive Wham
discography at the back. It does say that part of their deal with
Innervision was that they receive NO profit whatsoever from the sale
of 12" singles. OOPS!

It mentions that Wham was originally a FOUR member group too.
There were two was Ridgeley's girlfriend (what a player!),
and the other was just some chick who had a car.
HAHAHAHHHAHHAHA!!! --Sorry, it all sounds so "Saved By The
Bell" to me. :) It also says that GM and Andy were "inspired" by
"Saturday Night Fever" and performed songs like "Stayin Alive"
during their days as THE EXECUTIVE.

(Inaccuracy, it was in fact his girlfriend who had the car...the girlfriend
was Shirlie Holliman... AG)

And more juicy tidbits: George was booed at the kickoff Faith
concert in Rotterdam because the crowd expected Andrew to be
there! Speaking of Andrew...OUCH! George says something like
"whatever Andrew does, be it acting or racing...I don't think he'll
be so embarrassed by his achievements because they'll actually
be his this time. He did nothing at all for Wham after Fantastic." lists "Play That Funky Music" as one of the many songs
George has covered. Good luck finding that one. :( Well, here it is
the 18th...has anyone got their hands on the Starpeople single yet?
And Amanda: how are things in Hamilton for music? Can you count
on any local shops to supply the imports or do you rely mostly on
yogmael? Do you guys have a Dr. Disc there? I know there's one in
Windsor and another in Kitchener. The one here in London is actually
VERY reliable. They got two copies of the Older ep as soon as it

(I rely on YOGMAEL to get imports, for about a quarter of the price of
Dr. Disc, which yes, we have in Hamilton. Though it was rather nice
to be able to buy new George product with a $20 bill and get paper
money back as change when I got the Star People CD at a shop.
By the way, on that matter, greetings to Leeanna, I did as I was told
and I thank you! AG)

*************************** (laurie harbert) writes:
Hello fellow Yogsters,
In response to the inquiry about the book George Michael: In His
Own Words, it's a compilatiom of quotes fron G taken from
various sources, interviews, press releases,etc. It is arranged in
loose sections, but is not a real "book", just the quotes. It is
written by Nigel someone, I can't remember his last name. It was
not what I expected when I ordered it, but it is impossible for
anything having to do with George to be anything but wonderful
and worthwhile!
Hope this helps!

(Nigel Goodall. AG)

"You're like a diamond, but he treats you like glass.
Yet you beg him to love you, when me, you won't ask."

*************************** writes:

To who's ever in charge.....might I say that I was just cruising the
internet and couldn't believe my eyes...what I about
George.....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You must be dearly congradulated because
you are doing a fantastic JOB!!!!!! Unfortunately, I am not an internet
user and neither is George.......but I know that he'll be very
appreciative of the work that is being performed....I will definitely
pass the word onto him...........:-)

I speak for myself ( as well for George )
Thank you dearly........

(Uh huh...sure you do. AG)
To Wrap it Up:

Also, if you're in the Los Angeles area and have nothing better to do
Wednesday night, Donna Delory is performing at the Genghis Cohen

Cantina on March 26. The address is 740 N. Fairfax Ave., West
Hollywood, CA and the number is (213) 653-0640. And takes notes
for me. Will give George product in exchange for anything really
good. Will pay cash for a bootleg. Seriously.

"Never state, what you can't imply."

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