Hello ladies and gents, hope everyone had a great weekend. Mine was
highlighted by a Madonnathon, which managed to mutate to a YogFest
at around 5am. They needed to perk me up at around that time so,
Andrew's Red Dress video was put on--my eyes lit right up... : )
Also notable: The Sunday afternoon phone call informing me my Star
People CD Maxi was sitting at the record shop--Dr Disc has one left
Hamilton brigade--for me, and then hearing a remix in McDonalds a
couple hours later.
Particularly notable: Walking home from McD's with a friend freezing
our arses off, and singing Buenos Aires at the top of our lungs...and I
was actually sober.

*************************** (Tom) writes:
Here is GM's whole discography:

Name Released Highest UK Position

Wham Rap (Enjoy What You Do) June 82 8
Young Guns (Go for it) Sept 82 3
Bad Boys May 83 2
Club Tropicana July 83 4
Club Fantastic Megamix Nov 83 15
Wake Me Up... May 84 1
Freedom Oct 84 1
Last Christmas/Everything She Wants Dec 84 2
I'm Your Man Nov 85 1
Last Christmas/Blue Dec 85 6
The Edge of Heaven June 86 1
Last Christmas/ Where Did Your Heart.. Dec 86 45

Fantastic July 83 1
Make It Big Nov 84 1
The Final July 86 2

George Michael
Careless Whisper July 84 1
A Different Corner Mar 86 1
I Knew You Were Waiting (For Me) Jan 87 1
I Want Your Sex June 87 3
Faith Oct 87 2
Father Figure Dec 87 11
One More Try April 88 8
Monkey July 88 13
Kissing A Fool Nov 88 18
Praying For Time Aug 90 6
Waiting For That Day Oct 90 23
Freedom 90 Dec 90 28
Heal The Pain Feb 91 31
Cowboys And Angels March 91 45
Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me Nov 91 1
Too Funky Jun 92 4
Five Live EP April 93 1
Jesus To A Child Jan 96 1
Fastlove April 96 1
Spinning The Wheel EP Aug 96 -

Info from George Michael by Joe Adair

Hope this helps!

Tom Wanless
*************************** (George Lewis) writes:
Hey all,

I'm the youngest person I know that it is absolutely crazed about
George Michael (14). This is also my first post to YOGMAEL!!!!!!!!

(A young 'un... There are indeed a handful of teenagers on here. But
it's us in our 20's who are really obnoxious and rarely shut up. AG)

I was wondering if anyone out there had a copyof Deon Estus's LP
(The one with the duet with George) and if so ,would they be kind
enough of making me a copy??? I would love you forever!! -)

(My tape is on the verge of moving on to that big disco in the sky... AG)

George Lewis.

(And B.T.W, does anyone know of any Wham! bootlegs, or George
bootlegs besides the Faith tour one????) -)
*************************** (Mark Boll) writes:
Dear Friends,

I have once again changed internet service providers. This should be
the last move since I have finally found a local provider in Enzan.


MARCUS-at-MXA.COSMO.NE.JP This is effective 3/16/97

Please update your address books and appropriate software functions.
I shall check my old mail only until April 5th, then all other mail to the
old address will be lost.

Thanks to all for your writing to me. I love you all. : )


Mark Boll
Very Truly Yours,
*************************** (Nancy) writes:
Hi everyone! I have some more STAR PEOPLE promo CD's with
6 mixes available, as well as the vinyl promo 12" singles with 4
mixes available. The CDs are $12 each, and the vinyl singles are
$8 each. Please write if you are intersted.

*************************** (Dan Robichaud) writes:
Hi everyone! This is Lise Robichaud and I'm back from my surgery
in Baltimore. I wanted to say a big THANK YOU to Franky Reyes,
Amanda, Debbie Miller, Elena Mavros and all the other Yogmaelers

who sent me cards and gifts while I was in the hospital. The very
hard two weeks in the hospital were definitely alleviated by the
wonderful support I received from you. You'll be glad to know the
operation was a success,(the old rods in my back were removed
and replaced with new ones, ribs were taken out to make my back
alot straighter in appearance, etc..and now the curvature is stopped
for good, so I cant get worst and I look better than I have in years!). I
have to lay low for2 or 3 months, not be too active,and I will wear a
brace for 6 months. The recuperation is going really well, *warm hugs
to everyone who supported me* !

(Gald to hear all went well! AG)

I have to tell you I found out about Lesley the day I got home, I was
heart-broken. I saw Lesley and Jack at a GM concert in March 91, at
Wembley Arena in London. I did not meet them, rather they were sitting
not too far from me at the concert. My heart goes out to lose
Anselmo and now his mother, he must be devastated, the poor man.
What a sad, tragic loss..and a shock to me & my friends, we never knew
she had cancer. Can anyone please email me the address to "Mr. Jack's",
his dad's restaurant in Edgeware, London, if it still exists, I need to send
a sympathy card to him and I figure that's the best place to send it.

(It's no longer Jack's restaurant. AG)

For the next few weeks I can be reached only at this email.

*Big hugs*
Lise Robichaud
*************************** writes:

Listening to the club edit of FASTLOVE. WOW!! ! ! !!

I went to an Eighties party last week and brought my WHAM! cds with
me + FAITH. Everyone is standing around listening to this '80's stuff,
drinking and laughing. All of a sudden my request came on. WAKE

A collective scream of enthusiasm came rose from the crowd. Everyone
started to sing along and clap and dance. When it was over, they all
went back to their conversations, listening to the '80's stuff. What could
I do, George must save the day or at least get the party started.

Request number two: FREEDOM (WHAM!)
Karma Chameleon (Boy George)

The dance floor was shaking. We thought we were going to go through
the floor.

The next day in studio everyone is asking to borrow my George collection.
Helps me to concentrate on drawing

Yet another tale of a successfull evening with G questions ( could you , or someone else , give me the
answers ? )

The other day I watched (in a GM TV special) a bit of the song " Love“s
in need of love today " and I really liked it. I don“t know anything
about it , so could you give me some info ?

(A Stevie Wonder tune that George LOVES to cover. From the mid 70's
methinks. AG)

In the same program we saw a little of the acoustic rehearsal of " Hand
to Mouth " but it wasn“t included on the unplugged (MTV Unplugged , I
mean) Do you know if it“s going to be released in an E.P. as it happened
with " The Strangest Thing " ?

(May well be. But I know nothing for sure. AG)

My last question: I play the piano and I“m looking for a GM piano/vocals
book . Do you know where I can get it ?

(You can try getting the Older notes from:
International Music Publications Limited
Southend Road
Woodford Green
Essex IG8 8HN

Thanks in advance !

See you soon ,
*************************** (Alison Stewart) writes:
Re: the video list compiled of singles that George Michael has
released, you've forgotten Jive Talkin', a cover of the old Bee Gees
number on which he provided the vocals for his cousin's band in the
mid '80s. My copy of this single is in my parent's loft so I can't
remember what the group called themselves, but someone else will.
As far as I recall, GM wasn't actually in the video, but he did sing the


(The band was called "Boogie Box High" AG)

*************************** (Diane Randall) writes:
Hello Amanda & Yog Fans,

I have a question: Why are GM's parents, Mr. & Mrs. Panayiotou,
sometimes referred to as Mr. & Mrs. Panos?

(Jack shortened the family name sometime in the past to make it
easier to pronounce. AG)

Also, how do you pronounce "Panayiotou"? (Can you write it out
phonetically, please?)

(I'm running on 3 hours sleep, so no--I can't even prounounce the
bastardized anglo version of my own last name. But I know someone
on here has met Melanie, so could any such person step forward with
the proper pronunciation. I have no Greek friends to call and consult
with at the moment. AG)

Thanks! --Diane
To Wrap it Up:

Can someone in North Carolina--particulary the Asheville region--please
e mail me at

Also, if you're in the Los Angeles area and have nothing better to do
Wednesday night, Donna Delory is performing at the Genghis Cohen
Cantina on March 26. The address is 740 N. Fairfax Ave., West
Hollywood, CA and the number is (213) 653-0640. And takes notes
for me. Will give George product in exchange for anything really good.

"Never state, what you can't imply."

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