Hi all, you all have to thank No Doubt next time you see them for
this issue of YOGMAEL, without "Tragic Kingdom", I'd have passed
out 2 hours ago and you would not have had any mail. Might I just
say, GREAT F(iretru)CKING ALBUM! Thanks for the recommendation

And on the order of Carolyn, who caught me online and ordered me to
"get to bed" I'm going to aim for a whole 7 hours sleep...

BTW: remind me to tell you about the "Snog w/ Yog thing" next week.

*************************** (Natacha DIRASSEN) writes:
Hi to all!

I would like to send my love and deepest sympathy to George and
his family in this really hard time. I just don't know what to say
because there is no word that can make up for a such awful loss.
I just hope time will help you to recover, George.
God bless you as well as your whole family.
May Mrs Panayioutou rest in peace.
*************************** (Tina Stem) writes:
To the Panayioutou Family,

My deepest sympathies & prayers go out to your entire family
during your time of sorrow. I know how hard it is to lose someone
so close to you. Be strong & cherish all of your wonderful memories.
Remember, your memories can never be taken away from you. Hug
each other often.

Lots of love,
Tina Stem - Shelbyville, Tennessee USA
*************************** (Diane Randall) writes:
Just a note to express my sincere sympathy to George and his
family. I hope he knows how many of us care. --Diane Randall
*************************** (Melanie) writes:
Amanda, I don't know if this is too long to post or even if it's
appropriate, but I really had to say something.

Stefan Kirchfeld had something to say that I found quite insulting.

<< Isnīt it a little exagerated that some of you cry when GMīs mother died ? I mean I know weīre all fans of his but COME ON ! Donīt you
have other, more serious stuff to care about than crying about GMīs
mother. I also think itīs very sad especially because she had cancer
but I think that reaction is a little exagerated. But thatīs just my
opinion. >>

I have been a fan since 1984 and I have followed George's career all
that time. While I have many "favorite" artists, I haven't invested the
time in any other artist but George. To me, George has always been
special--not only because he's a brilliant musician/writer but also
because he's a caring, compassionate human being.

I did shed a few tears when George's mother died. Although I've never
met George or any member of his family (nor do I think I ever will), I
understand the closeness George shares with his family because my
family also is by far the most important part of my life. I cried because
a beautiful and caring woman died so young, and I cried for her son
who loved her so much and for the family who would never see her
gentle, smiling face again.

Believe me, I have "more serious stuff to care about" in my life. But
how much humanity does it take to empathasize with someone who
has lost his mother? I'm not saying someone had to cry to feel sad
about George's mother's death. I'm just asking what's wrong with
feeling a small part of his grief? I have no shame that I cried for a
woman I did not know. You see, I saw the beauty of her spirit in her
son's songs.

Thank you, Amanda, for letting everyone send their condolences to
George. Ever since Lesley Panayiotou died I've been struggling with
a way to send my condolences to ;-) Anyway, we started to compare info, this

person seemed to know a few things about GM. The person asked
me what I looked like, I described, not giving it a second thought. This
person went on to describe. Male, 5' 10", 155/160lbs, short brown
wavy/curly/ straight hair, hazel eyes, Cypriot/ English. Does any of
this sound familiar, my yog family? The conversation was going along
first rate, this guy gives me details about GM"s heritage and his place
of birth. At this point, I've got to tell you, I'm really excited to find
another GM fan! And then I get the most disgusting IM, "Are you
horny?" The wine I was drinking nearly ended up on my keyboard! I
just couldn't believe it! I'd been had by a cyber sex freak! Jerk!, I'd
to kick him where it hurts! A word to the wise, beware of phoney GM
fans, they're out there and in greater numbers than we think! Too bad
though, he seemed to know so much about him, but Like Karen says,
it takes all kinds to make a world!
Feeling kind a foolish, but angry! Denise

(OK, now only because mum and dad are afraid of the computer and
never go near it, the man is no longer on YM, and because I am
exhausted will I share this with almost 600 of my closest friends:
Cyber sex is not always a bad thing. I once had a wonderful three
hour chat on the virtues of wet leather. We still keep in touch, and
he even sent me a valentine this year. AG)
*************************** (Nancy) writes:

I have the much sought after MONKEY 6 MIX PROMO CD available
for auction. The CD is in mint condition and contains the mixes: 7 inch
edit/extended version/Acappella/Instrumental/Extra Beats/Dub Version.
The inside cover lists some of the Faith Tour concert dates. Bids for
this item will be taken for 7 calender days from the date this posting
appears in Yogmael, and should be forwarded to me at
*************************** (Melissa Conwill) writes:

It's so good to find a place to find out info on George. Thanks, Amanda.
Here in Mississippi, all we hear about are tornadoes and country music.

I have a few questions about the FANTASTIC album. I own a cassette
and CD version. The cassette version contains a fun piano piece after
"Young Guns" and the CD version doesn't. Do y'all have any idea why?
I saw in YOGMAEL #119 there is a North American and International
version. Could that be the difference? If not, what are the differences
between the North American and International versions?

(OK, the little ditty is methinks called "Bar Music", and no, I have no
idea why, could have been something as silly as a lazy engineer. The
international one does--THANK AGAIN MIKE!--and it also contains 4
remixes, worth the $20 to import it if you're a diehard. AG)

Also, I have never seen the the "Young Guns" video before. Could
someone tell me more about it?

(I saw it once, some twelve years ago, it took place in a bar. BTW, I
saw a clip of the Older vid today, and ME WANTS!! Who's got a
decent copy to send my way? Will pay. AG)

*************************** (Zest) writes:
Hi !

Do you know on what album is the song "I can't make you love me"
from GM located ? I can't find it anywhere!

(You want the Older EP. Well worth the money! AG)

Take care,
(Dana Motovska) writes:
Hi everybody,

it is always interesting to read messages and infos about GM.
I live in Slovakia (do You know, where it is?) and I have ask me why I don't just say screw it and go to bed
w/o sending the latest? How can I disappoint the camera crew? AG)

Amanda, you asked for remixes of Hard Day, I have one: Its on vinyl

and from 1987. It is played on 33 1/3 Rpm and the first number is
called ... (The shep Pettibone mix) 8:31, the second is called
..(Radion edit) 4:11 The B-side is I Want Your Sex full version 13:12.

I dont know if that is the one youre looking for? If it is, I would gladly
make you a copy on cassette.

(I think I have both now, Sa' sent me one, along with some
Bananarama stuff, she's trying to convert me, I know it... AG)

Also I have a question: I have a vinyl record (45 RPM) with Deon
Estus called "Heaven Help Me" sunged by GM and Deon Estus,
produced by GM, do you know if GM produced the whole album
called "spell"?.

(No, he did produce and remix one other track, Me Or The Rumours,
but that's all. AG)

Again- thank you for yogmael, it has made my life full!.

(Mine too. AG)

Charlotte, Copenhagen Denmark
*************************** (Cherylyn) writes:
Hi Amanda,
I know you are very busy, but do you think...Why does every request
start with this?? If I really meant it I would not ask right?? :0) :0)

(How true... AG)

What I wanted was to find a French penpal. I am failing French
miserably and this is something that I have really wanted to learn for a
while. I thought that if I could start using the language on an everyday
usage level. I would pick up more of it. Also I love GM's music and no
one else around me does. Well, to make a long story short(longer)do
you know any one who would not mind a few E-Mails in very badly
broken French??? I do mean a few I am not going to subject any one
to as much frustration as I do my French teacher!! :0) :0)

(YOGMAEL has a decent French connection, I trust someone can
help a struggling student right? AG)

My second Question is Where and How are we sending our
contribution? Is there anything I can do to help in anything?? I read the
posting from the Imperial Cancer Research Fund:(yog118) so I know
you have the ball rolling. I just have not gotten to read my mail lately
and did not want to miss anything. We had a fund-raiser recently at
work for the American Cancer Institute, but I could not do much at that
time. No big rush just wanted to ask.

(No word from them yet, but already have some $ in donations. I'll get
back to them and get this settled. BTW, non-North Americans: Your
donations will be going to "Amanda's little helpers"--that's gonna go
over real well...--all this info will be fully available soon. AG)

Third question, The LA Weekend I believe is Friday, July the 25th to
Sunday, July 27th. I really want to go but finances are a major concern.
Can you give me a little info. I am trying for going down on Sat. Has
there been much response on this??

(Much? I have heard from about almost 2 dozen people so far I think.
No real info to give yet, Alicia and I disussed the matter a bit last
weekend--the details of which I am not allowed to share at this time,
but yes, I am looking at hotels in the Valley. And if Alicia lets me book
us in there, then I'll buy her dinner at the Newport Beach Hard Rock
Cafe--you'll understand after you read Details. But there won't be
anything definitely announced until mid May, when I have time to sit
down and talk to some travel agents and some of the YM LA
connection. AG)

Congratulations on your new job!!!!

(Thanks, I hope... AG)

Well as always, Amanda, you are doing a GREAT JOB. Hi to all the
Yogmael people out there(I could not get myself to type that other
nickname.) My thoughts and hope to The Panayiotou family and
anyone out there who is dealing with losing or having lost a lov U-Include="../inc/bottom-nav.htm" TAG="BODY" startspan -->
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