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Rizvi_Zeba/ writes:
Dearest George,
To lose a loved one, is the hardest thing to go through for anyone.
Knowing how close you were with your mother, must have been even
harder on you. When one of my best friends passed away a couple of
years ago, I resented God for taking such a beautiful person from this
world. But after thinking about it, I realized that if he was to stay alive,

the pain would be too much for him. Where ever your mother is, I
would rest assured that she is pain free and very content. I know how
terrible it feels to lose a loved one and when people say that your heart
"breaks" they mean it. It feels like the world around you has crumbled
to bits, and your heart is just torn apart.
Death is a part of life, and lets just thank God she didn't have to suffer
any longer.
your fan & friend forever,
Zeba Rizvi
e-mail :
*************************** (Heather Rega) writes:
Hi everybody,

It me Heather Rega again and I wanted to say how sorry I am to hear
about George's mother.I could have been in his shoes a few years ago
when my mother had surgery for colon cancer.Fortunatly she is doing
fine. I don't know what I do without her. On a lighter note I hope things
go well for George again because he deserves good things after all the
bad things he went through.
I gotta go to class now so bye from Corpus Christi.
*************************** (Kirsteen McKenna) writes:
Hi there

I have just joined this listing so thought I would say hello and
introduce myself. I live in Glasgow, Scotland and work in Glasgow
University. I have been a GM fan since the beginning of Wham and
have followed his music loyally ever since, cos hes the best! I just
wish he would tour and let us appreciate his music live.

In answer to Jatin's question:

Father Figure - on Faith album
Freedom - on Listen Without Prejudice album

Somebody to Love - on Five Live EP only, as far as I know!!!?
Dont Let the Sun Go Down - released only on single, again as
far as I know!

(And on EJ's Duet's album. AG)

Signing off for now -
*************************** (Squeaky Nun) writes:
Hi yall...

Here's what I found out about the Star People single today...due to
the fact that I almost beat up a worker at HMV on the 4th of this
month when the single was supposed to be out but wasn't in the
stores, they promised to find out for me what's up. Well, according
to MCA Canada, the single will only be coming out on vinyl here in
Canada, I think. The girl/woman/worker at HMV said that MCA
thought the album was (and I quote here!!) "finished" and it isn't
worth their time or money to put out a single in any other format.
As you can tell I'm bloody pissed off about that...I cannot believe
that MCA would state something like that!!!

(Geffen declared the album "dead" in America after FastLove
tanked out, so I'm not surprised. My local import shop promised
to call me when the CD comes in, likely next week. AG)

Does anybody have any news on the US release??

If this isn't true, please don't blame me. I am merely passing on
info given to me. *sigh*

Loads of hugs
Kinga (very disappointed)
"What is destructive is impatience, haste, expecting too much too fast."
-May Sarton (1973)
"Przyzwyczaic sie do czytania ksiazek to zbudowac sobie schron
przed wiekszoscia przykrosci zycia codziennego."
-Somerset Maugham
Kinga "The Multitasking Queen"
*************************** (Haliska, Julie) writes:

There's going to be a party for GM fans at my place this weekend,
Saturday, March 22. I live in Mississauga (west of Toronto) (near
Square One). Everyone in the Toronto / Southern Ontario /
Northeastern US / is invited to attend.

(I'd love to attend, but alas, I am slated to be the host of a
Madonnathon that night... AG)

For your reference, Mississauga is about an hour's drive from the
US border at Buffalo, NY.

Please contact me at: if you are interested in

Hope to hear from you!
*************************** (Archie Medrano) writes:


I bought the Star People cassette single and 12" single at a
Tower Records this Saturday, but they didn't have the CD single.
I called a closer Tower today and they said the single doesn't
come out until Tuesday, March 18.

Cassette Single
Side 1:
STAR PEOPLE MTV Unplugged Edit 4:31
Side 2:
STAR PEOPLE Forthright Radio Edit 4:28

12" Single
Side 1:
STAR PEOPLE Forthright Club Mix 9:16
STAR PEOPLE Forthright Dub Mix 7:27
STAR PEOPLE Galaxy Mix 8:08
Side 2:
STAR PEOPLE Club Dub Mix 7:15
STAR PEOPLE MTV Unplugged Edit 4:31

Archie Medrano (
"A wise man can hear profit in the wind."
-- Ferengi Rule of Acquisition #22
*************************** (Nancy) writes:
For sale or trade for other George Michael items:

Hi everyone, I have a HUGE assortment of George Michael,
Wham!, and Andrew Ridgeley memorbilia for sale or trade.
Items range from autographs, books, magazines, buttons,
posters, vinyl, backstage passes, promo flats, puzzles, box
sets, to video and audio interviews and concerts. For a
complete catalogue, please write to
*************************** writes:
Are any of you aware of the track YOU SPIN ME ROUND by
Dead or Alive?? Well, I heard that GM does a cover of that song,
but it's under the group name of Infamy. The orginial Dead or Alive
version is a classic dance track from the mid-80's and it's very
good! Maybe GM's participation in this is along the lines of the
I remember about 6 months ago I was brousing through my latest
copy of GOLDMINE MAGAZINE and I noticed that SPELLBOUND
RECORDS out of the UK had a 12" single of SPIN ME ROUND by
GM. I never acted upon it because I thought it may have been a
misprint and I really did not want to make a long distance call just
to have my suspicions confermed. ANYWAY, If anyone does
happen to have this particular song, please e-mail me because I
am anxious to add it to my GM collection!

(I have no idea. Anyone else? AG)

"I crossed the ocean and fell into your arms" LIKE A BABY
*************************** (Sariane E. Leigh) writes:
Amanda, you are doing a 'fantastic' job and i hope that you have
continued success, i hope that the over burdening messages of
gm's mother isn't getting to you, well anyway my question is do
you or anyone else know where i can get a love is in need of love
cover cd single from. please e-mail me with the information i will
mail you a check with shipping charges if you can help me.


d.c., usa
*************************** (dresse) writes:
I swap :

- a promo press pack of OLDER.It's a nice AE black luxurious
pack with a green ribbon, the album on CASS & CD , A bio in
french , a promo photo.

- Promo french CD single to promote OLDER with album sleeve
& sticker. It contains You know what I want to (4.35) & Safe (4.25).

I'm looking for any promo press pack from US on GM, Celine DION
& Pet shop boys.
*************************** (L. Lowrie) writes:
Is the Different Corner website gone or is it me????
RIP to a great site. :(

(Rumour has it that the site was shut down by AEgean, but the other
George sites are still around, so who knows... AG)
*************************** (Frank Reyes) writes:
Hi Jen (mmitchell), Some of us do not have the web site. Is
there any way that you can post the Wham! and George Michael
disco-graphy on Yogmail to share with us email people. I would really
appreciate that a lot. Thanks so much in advance.
Keep up the good work Amanda and I can't wait to see you all for
the Yogmael Weekend in Los Angeles and I will be there to see you
all in July. It will be fun and it will be here quickly.
To all Yoggers, send me an email if you would like a current
Wham! and George Michael for sale list at
Good bye and take good care of yourselves.
Frank Reyes
*************************** (Victoria Day) writes:
Dear Amanda and all

Do you know anything about tour dates because a few weeks ago

(before his sad news) I heard that George will be touring maybe
between May - July and that is bad news if true because of your
YM Weekend (I shall not be able to attend as I don't think me
husband would look after our daughter and my 2nd baby is due
around 27 July. Have a great weekend anyway.... I'll be thinking
of you all having a great time whilst I'm in "labour" (ouch.. it hurts
thinking about it)

(No tour dates as yet. AG)
*************************** (Stefan Kirchfeld) writes:
Hallo everybody !

Since the yogmail-chat-sessions were always AOL-intern I wanna
suggest if we couldnīt arrange a chat meeting on IRC ! So what
about if everybody on this list who has got an IRC - client and who
wants to, joins a little internet-wide chat session ?
We could meet on the channel #Yogmail !
We could arrange a date and time an "Away we go" !

Anyone interested ?

*************************** (Tara) writes:

I've just updated the George Michael FAQ at Angelfire. The url


*************************** (Sa') writes:

I just heard a dub version of "learn to say no" and was wondering
where was this released, as I really need an original copy. Can
anyone help?

To Wrap it Up:

"Never state, what you can't imply."

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